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  1. _Average_Joe

    Tier IV Brawl MM is STUPID!!!!

    Obviously, some people are WG lapdogs.
  2. Let's see, we all know Tier IV ships have little to no AA, but WG is all it's brilliance decided to let CVs in the game. And one team can have a CV when the other one does not. How STUPID are the people making decisions at WG these days? Then, how about the teams that have a BB against a team that has no BB, just 3 CLs? I used to love this game, but lately.....
  3. _Average_Joe

    Update 0.11.8

    Exactly. And if you get your clan to have a weekly Ops night then you will be able to division up and choose the Op you play and at the tier you like. The guys that like to play DDs in certain Ops will get to do exactly what they have been doing. I do believe that all the Ops will gravitate towards T8 which may not be a good thing, especially for new players that have only reached T6. But the change allowing a player to select the same ship over and over will really help the guys that are grinding a ship. On a side note, who remembers what a beast Balti was in Cherry Blossom? I loved driving her in that Op and can't wait to do it again.
  4. _Average_Joe

    Changes to Raptor Rescue?

    That is a rare CV driver for a random team. Usually they just attempt to torp the BB and cause the whole first wave battle to be screwed up. I put the RPF captain's skill on Leander (and Perth) just for this Op. I'll call north or south spawn as soon as the BB from the first wave goes down. RPF also helps later in the game since the bots spawn different ships from different places depending on where the exit point is. I will say I believe that Raptor Rescue is the second hardest Op to 5 star, or even win, when playing with random teams. It's not hard with all clanmates on our weekly Ops night, but it can be a goat show playing with people who have no clue. I'm not throwing rocks here as I too was once new playing Raptor Rescue.
  5. _Average_Joe

    Update 0.11.8

    Posted today by WG: In Update 0.11.8, we have updated all Operations in our game so that players can participate in operations on more of their favorite ships and earn valuable rewards for it. Now, Tier VI-VIII ships will be able to go into battle together at the same time, and the final composition of the team going in will affect the strength of the bots and post-match earnings. In addition, the fee for re-entering the battle on the same ship will be removed. The economics of Operations will also change. Previously, after completing an Operation, a player earned a variable number of stars based on performance, the rewards for which could only be received once. Now, the stars will be removed entirely, and rewards can instead be earned by completing special daily and weekly combat missions specifically designed for Operations, which will give Community Tokens as a reward. Together with the update of the mode itself, three operations will return in Update 0.11.8: "The Ultimate Frontier", "Hermes," and "Cherry Blossom". In Update 0.11.8, there will no longer be an operation of the week. When playing with a matchmaker-selected team, the Operation scenario itself will be randomly selected. It will, however, still be possible to independently choose which scenario you play when entering as part of a division. This could really breathe some excitement into playing WOWs for me. I'm excited about the change. My clan has an 'Ops night' every Tuesday, and, quite frankly, playing Ops was getting somewhat boring (we had even started putting handicaps on Newport). Bringing the three old ops back, along with the other changes, will make for some great fun IMO.
  6. _Average_Joe

    Beating a dead horse, subs are terrible.

    Well said, @Taylor3006. I could not have expressed my feelings any better. WG can put my rental subs where the sun don't shine, I refuse to play them.
  7. It's all been said already, but subs as WG has implemented them make no sense in this game. Add to that the fact that their performance in no way reflects history and one has to wonder what WG was thinking when they were developed and rolled out. Never mind, I know, it's all about the $$$$$$. It is only my friends in our clan that keeps me playing, and I'll continue to do so until we find a new game. It's really sad, this used to be such a fun game.
  8. _Average_Joe

    In Defense of Perth at Newport Station

    Perth is my 'go to' ship for Newport. Short range, but deadly on DDs in the third wave. The torps are awesome for killing one of the 3 BBs at the end. And smoke when you need to.
  9. _Average_Joe

    You Broke It!

    Exactly. What we loved about the game before 0.8.1 was the fantasy regarding battles fought with surface ships without CVs being dominant as actually happened in WWII. It was really fun back in those days. All the tricked up ships in the game now, along with paper ships, even imaginary paper ships, have detracted greatly from the game we once loved. And now we have subs. sigh Today I still play the game a lot, but the 'fun' battles happen with a much lower frequency than back during the 'golden age'.
  10. _Average_Joe

    Defense of Newport Station

    Five wins in a row is a great record playing with random teams. My clan plays Ops every Tuesday night and we now expect to get five stars in Newport but I must admit we struggled when we first staring playing Ops together. Newport is very much winnable (and with five stars) but it requires a team that knows the Op, drives the right ships, and has decent skill.
  11. _Average_Joe

    Cherbourg - Port queen in co-op?

    Agreed. Which is why I think Cherbourg will be good in randoms. But it's hard to flank a bot in co-op since they sail directly at you. Maybe @Copperhead550 can share his secret for success.
  12. _Average_Joe

    Cherbourg - Port queen in co-op?

    I cannot make this ship work in PVE. The slow reload on the guns, along with not having torps, just does not work for me. I've rarely been in the top half of the team standings, and get sunk by the hard charging bots with torps more times that I'd like to admit. What do you guys think about her?
  13. _Average_Joe

    Red DDs not torping in Aegis?

    I was grinding Aegis yesterday as I was finishing up Dockyard and noticed the red DDs in the first wave are not launching torps. Was I just (un)lucky or have others noticed the same?
  14. _Average_Joe

    I am just going to say it...

    You may call it straying, Admiral, but I checked your stats. The PVP guys need to learn to fear the black dog when he goes hunting. Nice game!
  15. _Average_Joe

    Just say NO

    Good thoughts on this thread. I don't play subs or SS exactly for the reasons stated. But I need more reports. Eleven is just not enough with all the rental subs playing today.