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  1. _Average_Joe

    So what about your Karma?

    747 as of this morning. Just be friendly guys. If you feel the need to say something about bad play, tell the person what they could have done better, never attack them personally. Say hello to the forum regulars. When you see a clanmate in battle, comp him.
  2. _Average_Joe

    I missed a personal milestone (PVE Thread)

    Congrats on breaking the 30K milestone, @Admiral_Thunder!!! A win rate of 98.13% is nothing to sneeze at either. Hope to see you in game soon.
  3. I'm about to make it to my 69th birthday and I have to disagree with your theory. Older players are just that, older. Some are potatoes, some are unicoms, and most fall somewhere in between. Most of us my age had dads that fought in WWII (mine in the Pacific) and we grew up listening to these guys talk about their experiences aboard ship. That's what got me playing the game and many of us are very competitive. For me, I'm no gamer, so I was a real potato in the beginning. So I got me a gaming computer, watched videos, joined a clan, and have done my best to get gud. A few months ago I made it up to Average, and should be a 50% player by year end. I'm not sure where the journey will end, but I promise if you are on my team in a random match I will almost always carry my weight.
  4. _Average_Joe

    Notice to PVE Clan Members

    It is obvious you guys in PVE have a great thing going. The best clans are the ones that promote friendships and fellowship above all else. After all, WoWs is just a game, having fun with each other while competing is what is really important. That said, all hail to you Emperor Maximus Taylor! May PVE prosper and find oceans of oil under your reign!
  5. _Average_Joe

    WG please fix co-op

    No, I started back playing randoms so I could help my clan more in Naval Battles for XP. As for spending, I can't think of a single premium in my port that I bought because I thought it would give me a competitive advantage in PVP. As a matter of fact, I love driving ships like Georgia, Jean Bart, and Pom in co-op. That's why I got them, they shred bots and put a smile on my face. Which is another reason I can't understand WG not wanting to make co-op better. Lot's of $$$$ have been spent by co-op mains.
  6. _Average_Joe

    WG please fix co-op

    I understand that WG needs to test subs and that doing so in co-op is a good place to start. Few players care about their co-op stats and playing their rented subs in PVE helps them learn the mechanics of using a sub in the game. However, when over half of the green team is subs and DDs the other classes suffer greatly. The surface ships are all killed in the first few minutes of the game which precedes the boring part where everybody boat rides hoping to find the red subs. Those in BBs have gotten very little damage and will most likely lose credits at the higher tiers. It's a bit better for the CLs, but for the ones without ASW there is not much to do once the battle morphs into a red sub hunt. Why is it so hard, WG, to limit the total number of subs and DDs in a match? Are you so concerned about queue times for players in these classes that you don't mind taking all the fun away from playing a BB? Is testing subs more important than anything else? I played PVE only when I came back to the game, but the last several months I've learned to enjoy PVP play. That said, many players are co-op only, and the ones I know are really upset with the state of the game right now. For me, I'm playing very little co-op since subs have been added. For the almost exclusive co-op players they are forced into a game situation that is not much fun. WG, allowing this to continue speaks volumes about your attitude towards the PVE player base. The fix would be easy - limit the number of subs and DDs. Not doing so tells me you just really don't care.
  7. _Average_Joe

    5 DD and 3 sub match, LOL

    I would say that is true for co-op in general.
  8. _Average_Joe

    Newbies - Can we be nice?

    I got here late to the party, OP, and much great advice has already been given. You are playing co-op almost exclusively, so check out the PVE section of the forum. The co-op mains there are really helpful with advice and are great guys to get to know. If you decide to play Randoms, keep in mind that co-op positioning skills do not translate to Randoms. If you are in anything other than a DD and find you are out in front of all your teammates, you probably are moments away from swimming. As stated already, stick to the lower tiers (I still love Tier 4) and learn the basic skills of the game. I disagree with some here who recommend turning off chat. Sure you will hear some salt, but there is often some really good advice given. Most importantly, have fun!! You have found a great game and over time your skills will develop and the fun will only continue to get better.
  9. _Average_Joe

    WG is using Naval Battles to skew the spreadsheet

    My 2x NB contests have been for CVs every week since they started the multipliers. Obviously the same is true for the clans we have competed against during this time, so I am surprised to learn here from you and others that having CVs used for the multipliers is not universal. I agree that WG is focusing on subs to help understand what changes need to be made before they add subs to randoms. But I wonder, if we really wanted subs as a community, would it be necessary to add the incentive in Naval Battles?
  10. _Average_Joe

    WG is using Naval Battles to skew the spreadsheet

    My point was to not start an argument here. I would like to see new maps, bugs fixed, and the Ops that have been put on the shelf back. These things take developer time. Developers are human, and I'm sure they would rather be rolling out subs and premium CVs than working on what I, for one, would like to have their time (and cost) applied to. So they make an internal case that says "See execs, we told you the community would like what we've done". After 35 years working in a large corporation, half of which was spent in middle management, I know how these games work.
  11. _Average_Joe

    WG is using Naval Battles to skew the spreadsheet

    Keep drinking the Kool Aid. I doubt the execs at WG have a clue what Naval Battles are, but I'm sure they are looking for justification of all the development money spent on CVs and subs.
  12. In a effort to look good to their execs (the only reason I can think it is being done), WG developers are using Naval Battles to skew the spreadsheet numbers for CVs and subs. Ever since the 2x stars objectives were implemented these two ship classes have had a total of four 2x stars. The result is more players in CVs and subs in an effort to secure the stars thus making these classes appear to be more popular that they actually are. One would think that WG would like to make decisions based on unbiased data rather than skew the data towards what they want it to show. On second thought....
  13. _Average_Joe

    Coolest 5 star in Narai ever

    If you enjoy playing Ops, then this video is well worth the time spent. I was the reason one of my clan mates, after killing the transports, had to run all the way across the map to blap the CV. My excuse is in the comments. But wait, the battle does not end there for Alf. Enjoy!
  14. I refuse to play ranked this season. Not that I'm a unicom playing ranked, but I have enjoyed picking up steel in the past. They could triple the steel and I would still not bless their stupid subs and homing torps with my presence. Launch torps, hit ping, hit ping, hit ping. Repeat. That is not why I play the game.
  15. _Average_Joe

    Players Respond to WeeGee's Official Statement

    I have plenty of ships, there is no need to add to them. Once my premium time runs out, I will be a 'play for free' player. The wallet is closed until such time, if it ever happens, that the sleaze at WG is gone. Well said, OP.