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  1. Prinz Eugen great guns, torps 2 on each side with great torping angles, heals, hydro, AA and printed credits.. faced a benson which immediately smoked up and sent torps my direction. Enabled hydro and took him out with 3 salvos, like taking candy from kids. With the special camo it made 495,000 credits with each victory. It was the prefect ship for this format.
  2. temp1ar

    How to Counter Fighter Spam in 1v1

    Almost impossible to defeat cv's in a Prinz, I only won 2 cv engagements while ranking out in my Prinz. one was due to CV mistake and the other was just luck. I resigned myself to losing the cv matches and was glad we don't lose stars. not losing stars was the only thing that prevented me from getting angry with the cv meta.
  3. temp1ar

    New years Bonus code

    Box RNGesus was good to me! got a Soviet T8 Lenin. :) Thank you WG!
  4. temp1ar

    My Next Tier 10?

    Go up the Soviet BB line and get the crown jewel “Kremlin”.
  5. temp1ar

    With All the Focus on the Puerto Rico

    The base XP is very high, but sinking the 90 ships can be done relatively easily in co-OP. I'm thinking WG figured most of us would be knocking off snowflakes in co-OP where sinking ships is much easier.
  6. Will do the directives to get their rewards but aside from that not spending any money on boosters or spending extra time trying to grind them. Just waiting for the 26th till the ship coupon to renews and thanks to the snowflakes I now have enough steel for the better T10 supercruiser Stalingrad.
  7. Bought a 20 pack of Mega: ArcRoyal Le Terrible 10K dub coal flags
  8. temp1ar

    When is ranked 1v1 coming to the live server?

    1v1 sounds like the perfect battle scenario for the Kleber.
  9. Does anyone know how to get rid of the new features details screen?
  10. temp1ar

    Best ship line to hunt destroyers?

    Since you are already playing IJN dd, you can split off in to gun boat line of the IJN dd line. The Akizuki, Kitatakaze, and Harugumo are a beast and usually out duel most dd,
  11. temp1ar

    How to Kitakaze?

    It takes a bit of time to get used to her, the most important thing ive learned the hard way is not to be too agressive early, especially when capping. For me trying to cap early or contesting caps early usually resulted in a quick exit back to port. Kit shines mid to late games so you have to make sure you alive.
  12. temp1ar

    Enough Secondary Battery Missions

    German BB or Mass in co-op usually takes care of it in 1 to 2 games.
  13. Completely agree that these suggestions and limiting to 1 CV per side per match would solve most of the negative experiences right now
  14. temp1ar

    Can we get AA damage on results screen?

    I would like to know also.