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  1. Question, once you purchase a captain, can you assign them to a tech tree ship without retraining?
  2. Ranks 15-11

    Unfortunately the all powerful WR is not strong in me :(
  3. Ranks 15-11

    Got to R11 in 64 matches, than promptly dropped to R14 and took another 25 matches to get back to R12. My goal is to reach R10 play 1 match and stop.
  4. Which to buy First?

    Another vote for the Scharnhorst (especially since you have a 15pt captain already). I've thought about getting the Roma but with everything I've read and seen in video reviews, I can't get myself to spend that kind of cash for that ship.
  5. Research points help

    I skimmed through your posts and I really don't understand why you are posting in this forum. You don't like the game and want to uninstall it. I does not sound like you spent any real currency on the game so the only thing you really lost was some of your time. So uninstall it and go play a game you enjoy, no one here is forcing you to play this game. Now if you are saying you want to learn more about this game than this community if full of people that would gladly help and give advise. While we all get frustrated with this game at times vast majority of us are fans of this game and appreciate this game and the work the developers are doing. So if you are trying to garner sympathy for yourself, I don't think you will get it here.
  6. Upper tier Battleship play

    OP, I would recommend you play more battles in the mid tiers. T9 and T10 can be very hard if you don't have a good handle on gameplay and as you've experienced hard to make a profit. Chances are you will be alive longer in the mid tiers so you will learn the gameplay better and get more practice shooting. Yes, you can purchase credits in the premium shop with real currency.
  7. New patch

    The current Russian commander unique with buffed expert maintenance, master marksman and higher alert.
  8. Is it just me?

    Right now there is a combat mission to sink 3 IJN and 3 KM ships. That’s probably contributing.
  9. The additional captain skills might be coming in the future. The wiki page might have jumped the gun or is incorrect. Keep in mind that info in wiki pages is not always correct.
  10. OP, a simple question, how often do you check and thoroughly read the chats when you are engaged in a close quarters brawl with another ship?
  11. basics of survivability on cruisers?

    Thank you. Makes sense on SI over BoS.
  12. basics of survivability on cruisers?

    Trying to take advantage of the free captain skills redistribution and one thing I’m considering is taking BoS instead of SI? What are your thoughts?
  13. got the Texas bundle for $10, already had the ship in port so I got 5150 doubloons, port slot, 6 pt captain, and the special stars and strips camo. Not bad for $10.
  14. If there was only 1 dd left on a team than the loss was not the shima’s fault but the team. Can’t put it on the lone survivor.
  15. Prinz now has a heal, so now it’s definately something to consider. The only other T8 (outside of RN ships) is the Atago.