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  1. temp1ar

    What is the best level 10 battleship?

    don't doubt you decision, the Republique is a great ship and a very fun ship.
  2. temp1ar

    Need Advice on Next Tier 10 Bote

    It’s got great armour, hard to citadel, great guns both HE and AP plus Torps. Personally, I think it’s the most forgiving of the cruiser lines and you can play it similar to a BB. Zao is also a great ship, Henri is a distance sniper and Moskva lends to bow tanking.
  3. temp1ar

    Need Advice on Next Tier 10 Bote

    +1 on the Hindenburg. You can FXP the ships you don’t like in the line and end up with one of the best cruisers in the game.
  4. temp1ar

    The hardest two ship grind?

    Pre-Buff: FDG and Izumo
  5. temp1ar

    British DD's

    How do you think the Jutland will be in rank play?
  6. temp1ar

    Snowflake Steel Amount

    Question: if you grind a ship during the event does the new ship come with a snowflake? For instance, if at the start of the event you have a T9 and during the event you unlock a T10 and purchase it? Thanks.
  7. temp1ar

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Gift sent. Happy Holidays, @wirefly!
  8. Lets look at it from a different perspective, how many times have you instantly deleted or reduced more than 75% of a light cruisers HP, in a single salvo, in your BB? Should we than nerf BB guns to prevent such occurances? No because at the end ships balance themselvds out for ths most part. Its potato players, me included, that make bad decisions that creates game imbalances.
  9. That's what i thought when I was a BB main, but now playing DD's a lot am realizing how hard it is to start fires and get consistant damage with my guns in gun boat DD's.
  10. temp1ar

    PSA: New Code

    Sorry for the ignorance but how do you get the code?
  11. Bought a 12 pack, for the first 9 crates, got: 40 lurker camo 60k FXP 4500 doubloons 20 misc camo Than last three crates: atago b Asashio b Mass b My goal was the mass b so very satisfied
  12. Does anyone know the chances of getting a ship via Super Container?
  13. temp1ar

    so 4+4+4/3/2/1+1 builds?

    This is the exact spec I’m considering for my 19 pt Republique captain. Giving up EM and BOS.
  14. This was me, was going to wait for the Alaska, but had the coal so why wait for a ship that may or may not be released a couple to a few months when I can enjoy a ship now. If WG had a more definitive ship release schedule that stated the Alaska would be released around a set date than I would wait, but with no info decided to spend the coal and enjoy the JB. as of now no regrets
  15. temp1ar

    How to not be clueless?

    This is advice from a very average player trying to get better much like the OP. I started the game as a BB main because it was the most forgiving (with heal, armor and HP) you can make mistakes often and get into bad habits very easily. Sailing in a straight line show broadside because you can absorb mistakes. Thats why I was able to grind to the T10 Montana and was still a potato player. My aim, situational and map awareness was poor. It was not until I started playing cruisers did my play improve. Playing CA helped me with aim because With the faster rate of fire I was able to shoot more and thus practice and improve my aim. As a CA your situational awareness improves because mistakes are instantly awarded with a quick delete. You learn about terrain ship angles etc really quickly. I would recommend playing different ship types as it will help improve your overall play. If I had playing ca and dd earlier my play would have improved earlier.