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  1. Support allows up to 5 reversals of ships you sold, they will put the ship back into your port and take the credit value of the ship from your account.
  2. Secondary spec’d rupublique is very effective, but they come into play late game. As someone else mentioned it would be suicide to charge into secondary range at the beginning of any match regardless of ship.
  3. +1 for Hindi, hands down the best T10 crusier even with the reload nerf.
  4. My worst defeat, 262K damage, kraken, high caliber, confederate, ...
  5. This is so true, many frustrating tries until you get on the right team. 150 hits, Fiji was the perfect ship. 30 planes, New Orleans spec'd with fighter and defensive fire and hoping planes come my way. On a different note are you guys getting ship missions in the containers? Got all the containers from the missions and bought a 5 pack and no joy on missions. So sad.... :(
  6. Atago has heal at T8 and is a good credit earner. Plus has 10km torps with great launch angles. Did I mention heal at T8!!!
  7. It might be just my poor luck, but the American containers seem to be dropping less ship missions than the French. So far I got 0 missions.
  8. Keep in mind that with patch .7.6 Hindy will get a nerf (+1 sec to rof) and Moskva will get a buff to bow and stern armour (50mm from 25mm) Zao is also getting 12km torps.
  9. I agree with everyone else, keep what you enjoy playing if you can afford the credits. It's a good way to train up new captains and when you get on a losing run feel like your burning out with a grind, it's nice to go back to the lower tiers just to have fun and break the routine.
  10. What ships best up-tier?

    T5 Julio Caesar, T8 Missouri & Tirpitz & Prinz Eugen (with heal buff)
  11. Have to agree, that CE should be taken for the USN BB's. AFT high tier German and French BB's.
  12. PT 0.7.6 - T10 needs 500K XP?

    My main reason for playing on the PT is to try out the GK.
  13. PT 0.7.6 - T10 needs 500K XP?

    Thanks guys. Just took a look and found the T10's, in the Arsenal.
  14. Was trying to unlock the T10 Des Moines (looked at all the other T10's) and the XP to unlock is 500,000. Anyone else seeing this?