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  1. IOWA - Is it right to hate her?

    Actually that makes sense, as I have been play a lot more mid-tier games to build credits. I bought the Guilio Cesare for that reason and have stockpile a fair amount of credits. Second time through the mid tiers (5-7) I'm realizing that I'm enjoying it a lot more than when I was trying to unlock the next ship. The other factor is that I'm probably a better player now than I was then first time.
  2. IOWA - Is it right to hate her?

    The issue for me with the T9 BB is the service fees, it's not cost effect to play them.
  3. Free the Fuso

    IMO, a better DD killer is the French Lyon (16 guns). :)
  4. Free the Fuso

    Cesare for T5 all other BB's pale in comparison.
  5. French BB Effectiveness

    Very true, I'm looking forward to the Alsace (solid ship in PT) but I will be stopping there have no desire to get the France. 8 guns in tier 10 (even though it has 20sec reload) to me is too much of a disadvantage. I would have preferred 3x4 with a 30 sec reload. A 4x4 like the Lyon, now that would have been unreal. 😁
  6. Do I keep my premium Normandie forever?

    I can see your point. I too am enjoying lower tiers much more than high tier battles.
  7. Let's talk French Tier 7 Lyon

    Thanks, I'll give it a try.
  8. Let's talk French Tier 7 Lyon

    Need some advise on captain skills. right now I have the special Jean-Jacques Honore captain with 11 points (PT, EM, SI and CE). I was wondering if this is the best build or if I should change it before the free redistribute special expires. Thanks.
  9. Do I keep my premium Normandie forever?

    I would love to be able to swap out captains at will also, but the main issue would be the severe disadvantage to the players that are working their way up the line. A player that has just unlocked a T5 dd may only have a 6pt captain and would have to face other dd's playing with captains that have 10+.
  10. Let's talk French Tier 7 Lyon

    I'm slowly starting to figure her out and a below average player like me is having some very nice games. This ship is a cruiser killer and at close range will delete a dd with one salvo. For me, this ship is not a bow on fighter nor close quarters brawler; because to be truly effective you need to bring to use as much guns as possible. I'm constantly roaming and keeping my distance between 10-15K and focusing on cruisers first and broadside bb's second and if a dd presents itself I will definitely take a shot. In other bb's I have always hesitated on taking shots at a dd beyond 10K because my chance of hitting it is pretty slim, but with the Lyon with 16 shells why not, I have 16 chances to get lucky. But within 10k this ship is deadly to dds. last game I took out a full health dd who was trying to ambush be behind an island at 5K, so satisfying. :) Plus, she's got the best stock AA among all the T7 BBs. I've struggled to find a T7 BB ship I enjoy playing but this ship is definitely it for me.
  11. Is the Roma worth it?

    So it’s nothing like the Guilio Cesare? Cesare as a tier 5 imo it’s borderline OP and by far the most fun BB out there including the top tier ships. it looks like the Roma is gone from the Premium shop.
  12. Do I keep my premium Normandie forever?

    Ah, makes sense. Thank you for the explanation.
  13. Do I keep my premium Normandie forever?

    Chimera2, can you explain what you mean by unchecking and wasting it?
  14. French BB Missions

    I have a sneaking suspicion that you will get a higher chance of getting the bb mission if you get the premium containers. my 2cents.
  15. French BB Missions

    You will have to complete the French Addition combat missions or purchase the premium containers in the premium shop. But be aware that opening a container doesn't guarantee a personal mission for a French BB.