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  1. One of the secondary goals is to take out the battleship Fury, but the ship is named Furi.
  2. Alexandern




  3. Kryptronic

    Join OmniGamers United!

    We're still looking for new members to join the clan and community! We're currently 4/6 on all but the Academy, coal and steel!
  4. Kryptronic

    Join OmniGamers United!

    Here at OmniGamers United, we're a casual clan focused on gaming with friends. Not only do we play here on World of Warships, we also play on many other games such as Rocket League, Fortnite and others! Find out more on our website at https://omnigamers.net/. What we're looking for in new members: Be active in our Discord (https://discord.gg/Jvxp39C) Be open to join other clan members in matches (divisions in a match is more enjoyable) Be active in the clan (jump into matches on a regular basis) Be open to making new friends (that's why we're here!) Don't be a jerk (that is never fun for anyone) We play on the NA server and have no minimum tier restrictions. New players to the game are more than welcome to join, many of us have low tier ships to help make the grind more enjoyable! We have a mostly upgraded base, just missing the last clan size upgrade (at least for now). As for Clan Wars, we do have a few that play and are always looking for new members to join our competitive group! If this is something you're interested in, let us know in-game or Discord! To join us, either reply here with your in-game name, search for us in the clan search in-game and submit an app or jump into our Discord and let us know you found us through this post! Welcome to the fleet, sailor!
  5. Kryptronic

    0.7.9 Public Test Bug Reports

    Waiting for a match in Arms Race. Perhaps there is no limit on PTS, but waiting longer than the max time specified.
  6. Kryptronic

    How Does Kidd Hold up in the Current Meta?

    On the mention of CVs, it's great having Defensive AA with an AA build and watching as I do some good damage on planes. I don't shred through them like the Cruisers can, but I'm sure some CVs don't get why their planes disappear around a destroyer.
  7. Kryptronic

    How Does Kidd Hold up in the Current Meta?

    Thanks and you're welcome! I'm just starting to really post on the forums, so I'll try to post a bit more.
  8. Kryptronic

    how to drop torps better

    It takes practice to do a good manual job. A good way to figure out how far ahead to drop them is to look at the automatic drop. I try to get my aiming box to line up so the torps are in the water just as the ship enters the box. That tends to work well for most ships, but I do drop ahead more if the ship is faster. And since you're on the IJN line, you can do cross-drops so you can almost guarantee you'll get some hits. Yes, at T6, you can do manual drops which helps quite a bit. Until then, you just have to do what you can.
  9. Kryptronic

    How Does Kidd Hold up in the Current Meta?

    Against other DDs, the Kidd's advantage is the heal. I've held quite a few caps against one or two DDs because I could tank the shots knowing I could recover a decent amount of that.
  10. I keep thinking it would be so much fun to go in with a carrier since I play them. Hell, it would be interesting for a clan to have an option to go in with a CV or a BB. Then I realize it's a 7v7 match, with a change on a good chunk of Cruisers... and how much of a difference there is between a bad CV, a good CV and a great CV. That could be frustrating.
  11. Kryptronic

    I can't play this game due to toxic players.

    I don't get negative comments often anymore, a decent part of that is because I've gotten better. As a US CV player, I've recognized that I have to play defensive and spend more time spotting for the team then trying to attack (but attacking on solo targets). Every now and then, I get someone complain, someone who moved away from the pack in someway and was singled out. Either that, or the team is just being wiped out or I'm completely out-maneuvered by the other CV and there just isn't anything I can do. Then I just shrug it off. I get more annoyed at doing a ton of spotting/recon for the team and the team not fully taking advantage.
  12. Kryptronic

    The real problem with Carriers is they are on the map

    It's a cool idea and sounds like a version I would enjoy playing. The main problem is see is it would take the issue of a playstyle differences of CV vs other ships and make it larger. I would be to trying it out, but I guess we'll have to wait and see what the rework brings.
  13. Kryptronic

    Most fun way to grind credits?

    A mix of Operations with economy flags and playing my Kidd in Co-op (it's generally quick and easy). DDs are great in Co-op because I charge in, hide in smoke right outside of a cap (or where a cap would be), take out a DD or two and then charge in an torp the BBs within 3km or Cruisers if there aren't any BBs. I average 3 kills doing this per co-op match.
  14. Kryptronic

    How Does Kidd Hold up in the Current Meta?

    I don't have a problem with the radar meta as a Destroyer player. It's like what Zoup says, check the lineup to see how many ships have radar (I've learned a lot of the ships by talking with friends that way), taking an educated guess on the risk of charging the cap vs. skirting for spotting and planning an escape route in case that radar does pop-up. Understanding the ranges of the ships and judging on timing allows me to be mostly safe in any DD. I don't play the Kidd too often in Random as I've been focusing on Operations, Co-op (for some easy matches) or my T9 ships to work on T10. When I do have the Kidd in Random, I rely a lot on the Repair Party to last as long as possible and use my torps mostly to bluff bigger ships or make them turn around. If I hit, great.
  15. Kryptronic

    0.7.8 - Public Test Feedback

    World of Warships Anniversary Overall, some good incentives to work towards. The collection has some good stuff and the anniversary arsenal additions are also nice! I'm looking forward to the space commanders. The only negative feedback is I'm not into the fan service items. Like Dasha as a commander and the provocative patches. I get the understanding of having them in, fan service, but they are items I have any interest in having around. At least with the commanders, I don't have to get them. With the patches, it would be nice to have an option to toggle those on or off. I get having those as well since stuff like that was/is common in the military, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that would be uncomfortable seeing them. Ranked Battles Tier 10 again? I haven't been able to play that tier in Ranked yet since I don't have one, but I saw quite a few complaints about having it last season, and Rank 10 being locked in. I can't provide much feedback on it more than that, but it would be nice to be able to play more of Ranked past Rank 10. French Cruisers First time playing them. Seeing that the reloads were downgraded for Tier 8 and 9 to adjust for balance on the module, that hurts the game play. When I used the module, I was able to get 3 salvos out during the duration (first salvo, activate, two more). With how much of a cool down the reloads are with 8+9, that's a decent change in DPM for those ships. Yes, it's nice having the burst damage, but not sure if that's enough of a trade-off to grind to Tier 10.