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  1. I'm interested in joining for this event! I participated in the Maskerdo event and enjoyed having the chance to give back to the community.
  2. Kryptronic

    OmniGamers United

    Time for an update! We have quite a few spots open for anyone looking for a casual clan to join for Random, Co-Op or Operations! Especially if you and a few friends are looking for someplace to hangout together, we have the space! We can always use a hand or two to help with our weekly Naval Battles and build up a regular team for Clan Battles! Just reply here or send an invite request in-game! Today's History in Bits is about the USS Atlanta. A cruiser that helps me a lot training up new 19 point commanders in Narai.
  3. Kryptronic

    OmniGamers United

    We've had a few matches in clan wars and on the verge of getting out of Squall League. If you're interested in trying out clan wars and earning some steel, consider joining us! We're on Discord to make it easier to react in games! We also play operations quite often too! Starting a few feature to add some "value" to these bumps. History in Bits. Sharing bits of history on various naval ships featured in game! Starting this with the USS Kidd, DD-661, since this was my first premium ship.
  4. Kryptronic

    OmniGamers United

    We are looking for new captains to join us in Clan Wars! Jump in, earn some steel and make some new friends!
  5. Kryptronic

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    Yes, I'm familiar with that. The bug is that the icon sits there for quite a while. Looking at the distance the planes are from the CV, that's quite a while for them to be sitting around.
  6. Kryptronic

    OmniGamers United

    We just upgraded our Shipbuilding Yard to full, so we can now offer 15% savings on researching new ships. Officers' Club: 2/4 Dry Dock: 5/6 (-12% post-battle cost) Research Center: 5/6 (+4 XP) Design Bureau: 5/6 (+20% FXP) Coal Port: 2/3 (7% Coal) Academy: 5/5 (+10% Commander XP)
  7. Kryptronic

    OmniGamers United

    Welcome to OmniGamers United! We're a community of gamers and friends. What makes us different from the other clans out there? Our camaraderie. We've all met each other from other online communities and games and enjoy sharing and making new friends! If you're interested in joining, here is what we are looking for in new captains: Join us in Discord, voice communications makes it much easier to strategize Join us in Naval Battles and be actively regularly to help us earn oil for base upgrades Join us in divisions for Random, Co-Op, Operations and other game modes Be willing to learn, share what you know, and have fun Benefits of joining our clan: Make new friends, learn more about the game and ships Make more credits and XP A well upgraded base, Ship Yard and Academy fully upgraded, rest are mostly upgraded Play with reliable teammates in matches Join Discord to join us in other games If you're regularly active and looking for a laid back clan to work on your tech tree grind, join us in our Discord at omnigamers.net and receive a hearty welcome!
  8. Kryptronic

    Group of Players Looking for a New Clan

    I'll jump in. OmniGamers United is looking for new members to join our community! We have an active Discord, covering not just Warships, but other games and topics as well. We play a lot of Random and Scenarios as a team, and making a push to be more active in Clan Wars. Feel free to check chat with us in our Discord at omnigamers.net.
  9. Kryptronic

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    With the first screenshot, it shows that right after launch, the boost meter is empty. I've had this happen a few times, and when I use the boost consumable it then fills, which is the only way it will fill when this happens. In the second, it shows the icon of the rocket squad, even though there is nothing there and should have been cleared by the time the next squad arrived.
  10. Kryptronic

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    I've tried logging in at several different times starting Thursday, and all I get is the spinning wheel of doom at logging in. I'm using the stand alone client for this and it hasn't been an issue before. Just can't complete the sign in.
  11. Kryptronic

    Make me a: Map - 11th to 18th

    A minimal top-tier map. The center of the map is open, so anyone pushing the center better make sure to have support or they'll get singled out. The North and South ends are where it gets interesting. For Destroyers: The center allows for great spotting potential as there isn't anything the enemy can hide behind until they push North or South, and that early spotting will help your team move appropriately. Of course, if there is any long range radar (Russians, yo), I sure you can juke all the fire that will be raining on you. For later in the game, the center will allow for some great area denial with long range torps. The North isn't the most ideal spot for you as there is a good chance a cruiser will be camping and can use radar. The South is a good spot to ambush with more island cover to work around. For Cruisers: The North side is where you'll mostly want to go. With the low island cover, you'll have plenty of chances for long range artillery, but be careful since the low islands allow for counter artillery. These islands also allow for some radar coverage as you'll want to be prepared for a surprise push around the islands you hide behind. Going South allows for great support for destroyers to setup ambushes and for counter artillery to cover for any battleship charges. For Battleships: Be cautious of the North as Cruisers will want to go there to camp. If the team can provide good counter artillery, or you can move quick, you can easily make a push on the islands and take out any camping cruisers as the way the islands are angled, anyone camping won't see a push unless they are using radar. A battleship from this position would enjoy some good shooting angles for anyone near the base. For a southern push, brawling ships will be best as the island cover doesn't allow for many long range strikes. Make sure to have a cruiser or destroyer spotting torps for you! For Carriers: Lots of open space to move and plan attacks. For anyone going down the center, you'll provide plenty of fire for your team to the North. You can also spot any ambushes in the south for a charge there. Just make sure to not stay in spawn long as you could get spotted easily with a sneaky ship or two in the center.
  12. Kryptronic

    Make me a: Map - 11th to 18th

    This one would be a larger scale map for upper tier play. The idea is there is one large mountain in the center that blocks line of sight from spawn, forcing the teams to either split up or commit to one large push on one side or the other. For Destroyers: With the island cover, plenty of chances to sneak in close and prepare an ambush for larger ships. Of course, would need to be careful since someone could lay in ambush for you and the islands do provide a chance for heavier ships to lay in wait as well. Long range torps won't be terribly effective except at specific angles or at the edges of the map, so larger ships wouldn't have to worry as much about those. For Cruisers: With the island cover, some not as high as others, allows for good spots to camp and provide artillery cover (Worcester). Close up, the islands will keep you safe, but the lower islands won't help with counter artillery fire. With the island cover as well, can provide some stealth radar, but counter radar opportunities can happen as well. For Battleships: If they choose to go to the edges of the map (let's face it, quite a few do this anyway), it gives them great line of sight for targets. Especially if there is a push closer to the center, being at the edges allows for cross fire chances, and to punish any cruisers that have been spotted camping. Staying closer to the center provides some cover from artillery and chances for brawling, they'll just need support from cruisers. For Carriers: Will have to be careful on how they maneuver planes due to the high risk of cruiser camping, but will offer spotting for cruisers that camp. With enough space between islands, some solid torp runs can be pulled off and quick maneuvering around islands will help keep more planes flying. Carriers will want to keep a close eye on which side the enemy is pushing so they don't get caught out in the open.
  13. Kryptronic

    Make me a: Map - 11th to 18th

    I don't have any catch names for these maps, but I'll go into detail on the thoughts behind the design. With the first map, I see this being for mid tier. It's inspired by a map that is used in ranked (can't remember the name), with the exception that the southern (eastern side in the one in-game) area is closed off and the far side is open. The channel should be wide enough for two battleships to go through abreast. This gives more options than Two Brothers' channel. There are two options with the channel that offer possibilities. Either it's a straight shot which means both teams would have to be cautious going past as it's possible to be spotted early in game, and allow for destroyers to drop torpedoes. Or, it can be more of a crescent which breaks line of sight similar to Two Brothers. With the crescent, it allows for some sneaky play, but limits offensive possibilities. With the channel as large as it is, it gives teams a choice to either stay back and defend against an early push, or to push ahead to get the far cap. The B cap could be removed for Domination. For Destroyers: They could either scout the channel and spot for friendly artillery and drop torps, or push ahead to B for a cap. In a Domination mode, a limited number can push North to scout for a flanking group. For Cruisers: Can hold back for artillery fire for anyone spotted through the channel, or stay close to radar anyone trying to sneak through. The North side of the map offers cover from counter artillery fire and to provide artillery support for destroyers getting the cap. For Battleships: They could push through the channel in force since there would be enough space for two of them to go through side-by-side with a bit of room to maneuver. They'd have to worry about torps if pushed this way since there wouldn't be a lot of wiggle room, but if two battleships push through with cruiser support behind, it could make for an effective push to the base. Heading North doesn't give them a lot of options since the island cover would be great for destroyers to sit in ambush, but with cruiser radar, it's possible to lay some good covering fire for battleships to push through and brawl. For Carriers: They can spot the team early, but it may be difficult to pull off much of an early attack with the team group up. An early torp run would make the most sense unless cruisers are spawned on the inside to provide an AA barrier to protect the battleships. Could make an attack on the destroyers in front, but that would mean circling around to get a good drop. This map would also force a carrier to choose if they want to sit in spawn or move. With the chance that a team could make a push through the channel, if they aren't moving with the fleet, they'll get overrun quickly. With the island cover in the North, it gives them plenty of cover to not be spotted, cruisers and destroyers would also provide spotting coverage for anyone pushing through.
  14. I'm interested in participating as I've applied to the last four events and haven't been selected yet. I would much enjoy jumping in and providing a challenge.
  15. I haven't looked through all the posts yet, but had a question with how the tech tree will be. Since the odd tier ships are being pulled out to eventually return as a different line, for those who have already earned those ships (as example, I have the Midway and all 4-10), when the new line eventually is public, would I have to re-grind through those or since I have them all earned now, I would get those too?