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  1. I mean as long as a player can get obliterated in one hit, they will camp out back.
  2. SerynFate

    Can we have a separate forum for CV complaints?

    Oh I'm aware, but at least you can bite a Republique, the hell is my Donskoi supposed to do against a Kremlin? And yes I'm aware a Donskoi has to dodge because it can't angle, but one lucky shot that flies awkwardly enough and surprise, I'm out of the game or another hit from even 5 inch HE and I'm gone, and with a 1.3km concealment to max range difference....i can't even use my torpedoes to hit the bastard, so yeah...the biggest problem with the game ain't CVs are unbalanced, the issue is big caliber BBs, CVs are required to counterplay Anti-BB counterplay, HE spam from behind islands.
  3. SerynFate

    Can we have a separate forum for CV complaints?

    I could argue for the same of big caliber BBs (Republique being caliber cap) as you can't do anything except "Just dodge" in cruisers. No middle ground here, the 18 inches must go.
  4. That is inherently wrong, cruiser survivability is the cause of camping and smoke spam, the ability to be one shotted regardless of line by enemy fire is why they camp behind islands and spam HE, or from smoke if they have it.
  5. Play with my brother and rely on 10 people, or play without and rely on 11. Playing with him is leagues more fun, and guaranteed at least one match where we go from rational to meme.
  6. SerynFate

    The Atago is Worthless in a Tier X Match!

    Really? The more and more up tiered i am in the Atago the better I do, not just in XP but in actual damage and cap control. Plus, people get careless and i hear my Commander VO (Thank God for AL Collab) go "Ara Ara!" When I slam a full broadside into a stupid Minotaur player who thinks he is safe in his smoke punting shots while invisible at a BB.
  7. No, is not reliable, but first crate did give me Le Fantasque, and 3&4 gave me Jag and Guep, using Doubloons I had leftover, some people are unlucky, others aren't. Didn't mean to Lucksacc here but....I agree is flawed.
  8. I went into Randoms because I was with my brother, and he strictly doesn't touch PvE. So...the Co-op argument is valid, but can't be applied to this. Also, managed to have a Jingles-tier game on two brothers. 3 DDs, me and my brother in Anshans, and a stray Nicholas, vs a Nagato, Colorado and Konig all in the channel. The only one who survived was the Konig because we ran out of torpedoes. but a friendship was formed between us in the Anshans and the two T7BBs. Half tempted to post it here. Fear I may be accused of ruining a perfectly good match of 2 Bros. P.S. We won. Essentially whenever I get on 2 Bros, but that's OK barring the toxic outrage that TYPICALLY happens whenever I play it.
  9. Ah, you know your jokes. And you know them well, to be fair I fired HE for the first salvo of the game, took out half of a Vaquelin with it, so I mean, HE isn't totally useless.
  10. Fair, but my real concern is how extreme armchair Admirals will go, as I pointed out, when the Spee learned I wasn't listening, he fired Torpedoes at ME.
  11. For reference, due to accusations, the furthest enemy from me was a Lyon at 12km, closest during the entire engagement was a Leander at 2.6km, I spent most of the fight at 7-9km from my targets. Didn't eat a torpedo the entire time. As well, I made sure I was with my team and not overextended, and i stayed out of a crossfire the Toxic Spee sailed into
  12. SerynFate

    Magical Torpedoes Suck !!

    This isn't a *certain competitor* to WOWS, Torps need to be invisible else the user ships would blow. Imagine Asashio with Torps spotted as you fire them, they are already ultra deep water torpedoes. And Hydro and Vigilance exist. On top of knowledge of how to avoid them.
  13. I should take a nap, mistaken Quote for Edit, derp.
  14. Now, a few disclaimers. First, I AM ROYALLY TERRIBLE at Battleship play, but I got Frenchflakes to redeem for coal, so necessary evil, yadaydaya. Secondly, I'm Aware toxicity I'd an unfortunately accepted part of the internet, even I dabble in it a bit, much to my chagrin. Third, there is a difference between Advice and Armchair Admiraling, people are innocent until proven guilty. Lastly, no screenshots will be used to notify people of what match and who was involved in this kerfuffle. NOW LET'S BEGIN! I was queueing in the Arizona with my Lil Bro, he was in his Aigle, it was around when the match was starting his router started to die. He tried moving a bit, his router died, his destroyer Notsered, and he was unable to reconnect to the internet, the team was blasting him on Team AND All chat verbally to go spot and contest the cap (spoilers, a Vaquelin, Leander, 2 Fubuki and a Lyon were there with a Fuso approaching) and i explained to them his internet broke down, in the midst of them screaming at me for explaining this, I fired an HE salvo I had loaded at the Vaquelin, they started getting all REEEEEEEE mode and screamed out in all chat (3 of my teammates, out of a team of 12, not counting me and my now disconnected brother, cripes man) that a Battleship not only had the gall to load AP, but fired at a Broadsiding French DD instead of the 2 Invisible DDs, the invisible Leander in the smoke, and the two bow tanking BBs at mid-long range. Riiight. I switched to AP as the Fuso got greedy but only managed about half of his health to punish his broadside. Then everybody was screaming at me when I fired at the Vaquelin again because I had no targets due to islands....riiiiiiight, I can't just loop a shell over an island to a Leander 6km away...then when I did had a chance to hit the Leander, managed to AP shatter off his broadside, then they yelled at me again, thinking I shot at a *Destroyer*. You get the gist, it was a series of yelling, telling me who to shoot. Even though I never had a shot at hitting whatever they told me to fire at because of cover, not concealment, cover. And these people were a lightning storm, screaming at out Destroyers, our Carrier, me, the still disconnected Aigle....so much so the enemy team thought I was actually stupid due to all the All chat screaming. And they joined in. For reference, I didn't let the toxicity get to me, that's sadly normal, and I've dealt with worse in CSGO, the problem is the Armchair Admiraling, as when our Spee noticed I blocked him, he turned his torps on me and fired them at me at a range of 2km, rather than turning to stop being broadside on and use those torps on the Lyon, unfortunately, the Lyon killed me before the torps from the Allied Spee did, because I didn't listen to him Armchairing me with bad orders, because it wasn't advice, it was ordering me to do the impossible. And that's what got under my skin, people ordering me to do things that physically weren't possible and saying it was, there was no room for explaining to them they are wrong because they are too trapped in their own echo chamber to be reasoned with, fortunately, I had some sympathy from an enemy DD player who actually read the map, no, it wasn't the Vaquelin, he hated me for actually doing damage to his precious EA boat. Aaaaaand that concludes my rant. And my play session for the day. All in all, it was only one of 2 bad matches today, first in the Bad Zeppelin, second in the Arizona.
  15. SerynFate

    Research Bureau

    Isn't Kuznetsov dead already though? Sounds like you are already on board.