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  1. Sono_15

    ST 0.10.1, changes to test ships.

    Call me a noob but I love Hayate. One of my most played ships in the game, I really enjoy its playstyle. Must just be me though since I rarely see it in game. And with Deadeye, Yammie is quite a monster. Gives Thunderer a run for her money when played well.
  2. Sono_15

    Hayate or Smaland - which to choose?

    Preach brother!
  3. Sono_15

    Come on WG t8 clans and no CV?

    its not so much the dmg cvs do (which in itself can be broken) but more so the spotting that i have a problem with, they just pop a fighter over a dd, and poof, bye bye dd. Randoms in one thing, but competitive is another. They really need to get it right with cvs. If a cv wants u dead, ur dead unless ur a mino or wooster. Idk, i was grinding my teeth every time i saw a cv in ranked this season cuz i knew if we lost, they would be the one saving a star. They just go for dmg, kill secure, and boom, top of the team. Playing against cvs in competitve (and even randoms) takes the fun out of the match for me.
  4. It's extremely frustrating. Came on here to see if for some reason it was on my end only that the game results weren't showing or saving. Apparently, I'm not the only one. Played 2 ranked battles as well as 2 randoms with neither of them saving. WG, do something!