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  1. Greetings! Sick of having to join a clan where you are required to do a lot of things to stay in? Maybe you have to participate in a lot of stuff you don't have the time for? Never fear! The Guild of Lone Travelers was build with the Solo player in mind. You can either play with other members or continue your solo journeys having fun with the comfort of knowing GLT has got your back! We just recently revamped the guild and are starting to get back into World of Warships but it's new in Warships, help us build it! Interested? Be sure to find us in search and if you wish you can join our discord here: https://discord.gg/atMRSyx
  2. The Guild of Lone Travelers is a guild built with the solo player in mind. Not a fan of being forced to be constantly activity to stay a member in a guild or clan? Maybe you don't like having to jump through hoops to be able to be in a group? Well good news is that in this guild, you can remain being a solo player, with the comfort of friends ready to back you up when need be, without having to be forced to do some crazy stuff to have that comfort. More of a teamplayer? Not a problem! We have active users always willing to fight with friend in the battles of the sea, and in other battle across other games! We also have Discord RP channels! If you are interested, join our Tavern in the Discord link below! Have questions? DM SailorVolk23#1234 https://discord.gg/Hz5tV3c
  3. Howdy! Interested in being part of a newly established clan in World of Warships? Join Riley Company's Navy informally dubbed "The Sea Hounds". Riley Company is a big clan with around 300 members and still growing! Usually up to shooters, the clan has recently been established in World of Warships through the NA server, participating in Naval Battles, doing operations, and playing ranked as well as random! Clan battles will be a thing once we get enough members! Any level, whether you are new or veteran, is accepted! Join our discord through the link in our website https://www.riley-company.com/ Have fun! Looking forward to some naval action!
  4. Greetings Captains! Riley Company has recently deployed a Navy branch of its own in World of Warships for North America dubbed "The Sea Hound" informally! We have active players consistently building the clan, ready for operations, random battles, naval battles, and soon clan battles. Our Clan tag in World of Warships is RCN23, contrary to the usual Riley Company Tag in other games we are established in, RC. Are you interested in joining? Hop on in to our website and join us in Discord and if you'd like, be an official member of Riley Company today! https://www.riley-company.com/