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  1. Amfree

    WG Bot detection is horrible

    They are probably just playing for fun
  2. A 7 day T8 rental was what was offered to me the last time I took a break in 2019. I was able to keep the 6 point commander (wowzers!) that came with it so there is that I guess. I never even sailed the ship.
  3. Amfree

    Good Bye Deadeye

    Right, the new skill changes nothing in that scenario. Why is the Georgia captain competent and the DD is not?
  4. Amfree

    Good Bye Deadeye

    Not really, once they are spotted they loose the boost of speed. DDs will still see them first.
  5. Amfree

    Good Bye Deadeye

    To be fair, it did take "Control C" AND THEN "Control V" That takes time. Serious though, rehashing a DD skill for the tier 4 replacement skill is just bogus. Don't get me wrong, deadeye needed to go, but atleast it was an unique skill.
  6. Amfree

    Good Bye Deadeye

    French and Italian battleships will have to use tank build, just like all the other BBs now, since that's the only viable build left.
  7. Amfree

    Good Bye Deadeye

    Georgia will get over 40 knots
  8. Amfree

    Math behind secondaries nerf

    The Kitakaze has 12.5 main gun range, option for 12km torps and smoke. If he didn't want to take secondary hits he could have avoided it. He pushed into you (since all you have to do is W for secondary hits) knowing he would take minimal damage, he was ok with that risk since they weren't a threat.
  9. Yes USN are worse then what THEY were before but compare to other nations they are still better. Massachusett @ 10.8km Pommern @ 9.54km Less range BUT more dispersion At max range Pommern can get(with out flag) 11.45km its its slot worse For reference, a DM is 218M long. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Des_Moines-class_cruiser
  10. What ship? My guess is the Massachusetts, you use to post a lot of threads about it and due to the amount of shells. American secondaries still work well enough due to the fact that their improved dispersion only got increased to the old dispersion that normal ships got before the rework.
  11. Amfree

    Math behind secondaries nerf

    Wow So between this misleading value (heavy nerf), deadeye misleading value (bigger buff) and grease the gears misleading value (backwards implementation). I can't tell if incompetence or a big middle finger?
  12. Amfree

    Armada: Habakkuk

    This ship is awesome, I bought it and its in my port now. Not even a CV main.
  13. Amfree

    Interesting Sniping Technique

    No your not, I see about half the images/vids people post. Its been happening for awhile now for me. I use firefox, BTW. I've bug reported here in the forums section.
  14. Not really, I don't like having to play it this way. There are much better suited ships to play that way, anyways. I'll probably switch it back to the secondary setup I showed earlier. lol, it is more fun to play it as secondary, even if sub optimal. I must be crazy. I did get my highest damage record with it at 233k, it was the perfect storm, everything seemed to work out right. Its the adrenaline rush high I keep searching for in the game. Prior to that damage record was, Vermont at 200k, not the same kinda rush. With my play style it wasn't worth it. If you can get close enough without taking some damage, the skill could be worth while. 10% less reload right at the start of the brawl could be just enough advantage to win it. If you can combine it with AR it would definitely be worth it.