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  1. Leaked surveillance footage of WG server room. https://youtu.be/npc8t7dVNTA?t=90
  2. Amfree

    Hamsters die or something?

    Me too. NA server. Port works fine but hitting battle button brings up that message and kicks you back to port
  3. Amfree

    What are "incapacitations"?

    On that same wiki page, further down, it has this graph that shows which of those listed modules can get incapacitated (damaged/disabled). Maybe the wiki could switch "critically damaged or disable" to "incapacitated" to better reflect the game terminology. :shrug:
  4. Amfree

    Patch 9.4.1?

    How big a nerf did Odin take, I just had to download and install 29gb on steam.
  5. Oh look, your on fire. Imagine that.
  6. Amfree


    Has to be USN Baltimore, though if you can drop a few tiers lower to 6 the Pepsi Cola is a citadel tag printer. With the new improved turret traverse module, I'm having a blast with her again.
  7. Amfree

    I shoot back

    Fire and Floods are disabled for friendly fire now. When exactly did this happen months ago? Also, the damage they do to you will reflect back to them, so if you were in anything bigger than a DD, the Fletcher probably just killed himself.
  8. Amfree

    Ranked out in an Underated ship

    Secondary specced LoLardo, ranked out in 16 games with her. That ship just clicks for me. First ship I ever got greater than 50% WR on, first ship I bought perma camo for and now first time to rank 1 in a season, is with her.
  9. Amfree

    End Game CV Issue

    That scenerio has already happened to me. I was in USN cruiser Buffalo. Points were close and we needed another cap or the kill. I think there was 4-5 mins left, don't remember exactly, just remember seeing the time and dreading that it was so much left. Planes just kept coming, resetting the cap. Your dodging torps, rockets and bombs.Flipping AA sectors. You eventually get hit and have to start using cooldowns(If you have any left, end of the match you've use some I'm sure) . DCP, Repair party, Def AA, they go fast and seem to take forever to comeback under this pressure. And then you just run out of options and Hit Points. Game ends: LOSS. Kinda felt robbed and frustrated because there was nothing I could do to stop the onslaught of the planes.
  10. Amfree

    Buffalo — American Tier IX cruiser.

    I like the Buffalo, I play her a lot, but I think US CAs need a bit more of something. CAs just doesn't have the DPM (unless your intials are D.M.) I think Alpha damage is suppose to be their thing, but with the randomness (even a word?) of shell hits it just doesn't seem enough. In this video, I deal 9k damage (my full broadside) to a DD who decides to just pull right up to me at 4km away. I get 9 pens, 1 nonpen(wth), 1 richoet (another wth) and a overpen (what?) at 4km to a DD?! Me while he does 54k to me 3 torps and HE and AP spam from smoke. My computers not really good enough to play and record the replay, with decent fps, so if it bother you with the low fps I've included the replay of it to watch it that way if you want. https://replayswows.com/replay/40423#stats Later in the replay you see the DD torp rushes a Bismark too. Maybe the player is just really good, or lucky.