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  1. You misunderstand. In the situation being discussed, you are in a battleship shooting at a DD with dazzle, and as such you have a +20% dispersion applied to your shells when firing at him. As for the finding the rest of my claims not valid, its not up for debate. It's like finding that you need oxygen to breathe not valid.
  2. My guy it seems you dont understand how dispersion works. You cannot mitigate bad dispersion by aiming differently. Each ship has it's own sigma and maximum dispersion values, where the maximum dispersion determines (in an ellipse) the maximum distance from the point at which you aimed where the shells can land. This is the value that is affected by Dazzle's +20% dispersion of shells fired at your ship. The other value is Sigma, which roughly determines the likelihood of your shells falling within a certain distance of the center, with respect to the maximum dispersion circle. The only thing that dazzle does here is increases the area of which your shells CAN go to; the sigma will still determine where they shells will roughly go, and how grouped they are. To reiterate. You CANNOT aim differently to mitigate the effects of a dispersion debuff.