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  1. Joewho1000

    Music not playing, file are missing.

    Just checked today, thank you @Ban_CV_Complainers, I did not know this info, and my music is working again. Per where my original files were, it was in the res folder Outside of the bin folder. it's where I circle.
  2. Hello, I'm having a problem rn ever since its update in 9.6. because my computer security company thought something from the update is malware. Is the 'res' folder supposed to be empty other than the userMusic folder, because I tried 'check and repair' and still nothing. But I can play the game very fine, just without the music I picked despite the folder still in the file. what I'm supposed to do?
  3. Joewho1000

    0.9.6 PTS Bug Reports

    All the ships I had on the PTS are somehow gone (tier VIII - X) WITH the upgraded commanders, and premium ships that I had obtain within the PTS. Instead, for some reason, I have my Regular ships from the Regular server, and some tier I-VI ships untouched, despite touching on some of them. Did I do something wrong? Also my music won't play. I reset putting the music on /res/userMusic twice, reset the game twice, and nothing.