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  1. dolan49f

    Huanghe I have to say, quite a fun ship

    The concealment is pretty good, i used it a few times in ranked to support the dd. pop the crawling smoke and go from there
  2. dolan49f

    New ship announced - USS Congress

    They should of named this the Lexington. I know they are gonna they already have the plans for the releasing the Lexington BB.
  3. dolan49f

    What needs to happen tonight?

    Do nothing. Hey there is this awsome bar out in phoenix we could hit up.
  4. dolan49f

    CV ideas

    These are just a few ideas for thought. Please this are friendly suggestions. Spotting. Upon being spotted by an enemy carrier friendly ships of the carrier will only show the last known location on the mini map of the enemy ship. However, friendly ships that are within 10 km of the spotted ship spotted by the cv is visible to friendly ships and will be detected. For example, an enemy ship is behind a mountain and is 5 km from a friendly ship. The friendly ship can not spot the ship, but the cv's aircraft can spot the ship and the enemy ship will be detected to the friendly ship and other teammates. Secondaries. If ships have dual purpose cannons, they should be allowed to switch from ship targeting to planes. Time to switch from ships to planes should be a 10 sec delay. Pilots as a resource. Pilots suffer battle fatigue or become hardened a. when flights suffer great loss the pilots become battle fatigued and lose 15% of abilities b. when more pilots return from flights, battle fatigue is removed C. When more pilots return, instead of being shot down pilots receive the hardened status + 10% of abilities What those abilities are ill let the forum decide If you dont like that model how about this Pilots are given a status. a. Green, are new pilots that are used when planes are shot down. - 15% abilities b. Ready. are pilots are what you begin with a the start of the battle. green pilots can become ready after returning back from successful attacks. c. Veteran, battle hardened pilots + 10% abilities Formation Replenishment On the attack run it should take 2 seconds for planes to re-enter the attack fun formation. This is makes shooting down aircraft meaningful.