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  1. ItzYaBoyMe


    that is true and i do have my good share of flags and camos and i guess its always fun going lower to higher tier ships for the expierse
  2. ItzYaBoyMe


    I have not exactly 375k free XP but im like 50k away and im wondering should I go for it or should I wait to get like the new Italian cruisers or subs or anything (i like all types and have fun in them all).
  3. ItzYaBoyMe

    is vauquelin a good dd

    is vauquelin a good dd thats all i really wanted to know because i might get it
  4. ItzYaBoyMe

    How to redeem amazon credit

    yes i am i just want to know how to redeem it in premnuim shop
  5. ItzYaBoyMe

    How to redeem amazon credit

    what?? no i already got the email for the redemptions i just want to know how to use it...
  6. just wondering out how to use amazon credit because i dont know how to redeem
  7. i saw that it says there a chance to get gallant from the Dunkirk container in armory i was just wondering what is the chance of getting it
  8. ItzYaBoyMe

    leander and lighting

    i didnt mean that the torps were a gimmick just that each ship has its own thing
  9. ItzYaBoyMe

    leander and lighting

    Just realized that lighting has the same torps then Leander why is that? i mean there two tiers apart i know each ship has there gimmick i just think its weird too me
  10. ItzYaBoyMe

    Free xp decisions

    do you run premnuim time?
  11. ItzYaBoyMe

    Free xp decisions

    i do want to get to gearing and i think i will enjoy playing them and i dont have any other nations i feel like playing.
  12. ItzYaBoyMe

    Free xp decisions

    COOP i will loose my money in secands
  13. ItzYaBoyMe

    Free xp decisions

  14. ItzYaBoyMe

    Free xp decisions

    I am wondering if i should A. Save my free XP for nelson and just unlock Fletcher at stock hull B. Use my free XP to get full Fletcher hull B and Torpedo systems 2nd choice (i obviously don't have enough free XP to get to nelson but i am 1/3rd s there
  15. ItzYaBoyMe

    yueyang, gearing, khab

    ill probbally go for gearing it sounds like a decent torp boat and a fun support ship