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  1. NAfishyCaptain

    Location of the "Bonus Code Redemption page"?

    I got warknete, what were your answers?
  2. NAfishyCaptain

    Enterprise, after the rework

    true, i got your point. Thanks for sharing it with me :p
  3. NAfishyCaptain

    Enterprise, after the rework

    True, but I have an enterprise model, and I really don't like playing it, does that change anything?
  4. NAfishyCaptain

    Enterprise, after the rework

    So if you had to keep or sell, which would it be?
  5. NAfishyCaptain

    Enterprise, after the rework

    Estimated_Prophet, what do you think about it after the rework?
  6. NAfishyCaptain

    Enterprise, after the rework

    The 100% is my vote, plz tell me about your experiences
  7. NAfishyCaptain

    Enterprise, after the rework

    Do the poll first plz. Should I sell the enterprise? It seems kinda crappy now and I would love to go for the irian, but what do you, the community think?
  8. Can someone send a template to the following email: sluosydney@gmail.com as I cannot download it from the link. Thanks
  9. NAfishyCaptain

    WG I think your matchmaking is......

    It's true, I was able to gain more xp by playing my baltimore than my Buffalo with same signals, almost equal damage, both in T10 and same camo and everything.
  10. My Question is WG, Enterprise's planes and Kaga's, are they still going to be lower tier and have the special drop pattern? Or same tier and have no difference? I have both carriers and like the current play style of them.
  11. NAfishyCaptain

    The Complete Guide to Graphics Settings

    How do you allow the ship carousel view of up to 3 ships per column by changing the graphics settings? Its says I need higher screen resolution, I'm on at 1300*1034, plz tell me whats the minimum
  12. NAfishyCaptain

    Save Old Carrier Gameplay

    My first exposure to Cvs was WoWs Blitz. Now I have an extensive collection of them from Kaga to Enterprise to Ryujo to Indy, naming a few. Keeping a destroyer spotted is sometimes the least of your worries, especially when trying to defend yourself or your teammate from destroyers. Earlier today, I was forced to cross drop with my Zuiho! Obviously, other things were the least of my worries. If WG just gave destroyers a perk to Perma camos or a special camo like camo netting, it prevents all air detection, I could see something if the DD turns of its AA. But in all means, keep the RTS, tho buff the Midway's fighters back to T10 at least plz, now with the Hak's 3/3/2
  13. NAfishyCaptain

    Cossack vs Haida

    These ships are both good, it depends how you play them. You can fail miserably with Des moines close range, some of the YT CCs saying its a close range ship when its med to long. Why? The reload. It depends how you look at it. The haida is specialty, while the cossack is a gunbote with UK perks. It depends on ur playstyle.
  14. NAfishyCaptain

    CV Rework Feedback

    I did the test, it was fine, in terms of graphics, animations, cool, cool. But the main problem that it was boring, putting it shortly. Hell, I was playing my Zuiho, and had to take a DD down with auto drops, and I got him with a cross drop. Hell, u cant do that with the new cvs, not being able to contest air superiority, they did that during WW2 (calling it historical). Balancing would be nice, but this can be downright boring. I was midwaying, and there were 5 worcesters spread around the map. I couldnt hit the destroyers without losing 90% of my squadron. Think of that with Minotaurs and Des moines as well, and Zao is op in AA. When u play ships, it looks like a wall, when playing the cv, its pain. WG, stop plz.
  15. I once died unfortunately at lower tiers (BB shot), but my team conducted badly, so I asked them to do things I thought gave us the chance of winning. Spoilers, we won. I dont see that as a problem, especially if they are in a division and telling their mate the position of enemies lets say, behind an island.