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  1. munchtiger

    Stream Rewards Guide for 0.9.2

    Usually you can watch the eu stream and they announce the code it isn’t hidden at all (and it finds its way to reddit). You the redeem the code, no linking required.
  2. munchtiger

    Stream Rewards Guide for 0.9.2

    Im talking about the missions for European crates.
  3. munchtiger

    Stream Rewards Guide for 0.9.2

    There’s supposed to be four parts to the missions, but only three are called out in the schedule? @Hapa_Fodder how or when can we activate the fourth mission?
  4. No, it’s unfair against the CV if there’s anything that could reduce his strike. A better approach would be to remove all AA so the CVs can enjoy their game. Fighter planes totally need to go, and the only ship with AA should be the the CV to prevent sniping because that’s not fun for the CV.
  5. This is great advice, everyone should hide their stats.
  6. munchtiger

    Grind Goals for 2020

    Finish the last few silver lines. 1 at 7, 1 at 6, 3 at tier 9 already. Yamato (Nagato), Shimakaze (Minekaze?), Gearing (Fletcher), Grozovoi (Udaloi), Grosser Kurfurst (Friedrich der Grosse)
  7. Back then yes, but then they walked it back, they still aren't free.
  8. Back when RB/NTC was first announced it was also stated that you would remove premium consumables to level the playing field? Then nothing happened and Wargaming walked back on RB. Now that RB is back with legendary upgrades will premium consumables be removed again?
  9. munchtiger

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I am thankful for Wargaming adding Smolensk. I'd love to get a Georgia
  10. I signed up for the rewards, signed in got nothing, logged out, log in, still nothing. Signed out, signed into the game using my Twitch credentials, still nothing. Then I remembered that I started with Steam, so I started the game through Steam and presto! ship, doubloons and crates!
  11. munchtiger

    Penalty system is a joke...

    What penalty? I went pink three times today for random reasons (all my faults) and I lost a grand total of..... 100k credits and 25xp? Ooooh noooooo. Didn’t even lose karma. make going pink matter.
  12. Shoot more AP in Smolensk. Captain.... Thea