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  1. munchtiger

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I am thankful for Wargaming adding Smolensk. I'd love to get a Georgia
  2. I signed up for the rewards, signed in got nothing, logged out, log in, still nothing. Signed out, signed into the game using my Twitch credentials, still nothing. Then I remembered that I started with Steam, so I started the game through Steam and presto! ship, doubloons and crates!
  3. munchtiger

    Penalty system is a joke...

    What penalty? I went pink three times today for random reasons (all my faults) and I lost a grand total of..... 100k credits and 25xp? Ooooh noooooo. Didn’t even lose karma. make going pink matter.
  4. munchtiger

    Head back to High School - 11th - 18th

    Shoot more AP in Smolensk. Captain.... Thea
  5. munchtiger

    Event Pumpkin

    Check your inventory for the flag. Mine was automatic,
  6. Easy fix: add an email to your steam account, now install the regular client and play that way.
  7. munchtiger

    I want to BUY STEEL

    Both have already been sold. Christmas campaign sold Steel, Coal gets sold in loot boxes all the time.
  8. munchtiger

    The Great 8 Ribbons - 12th - 19th

    Hockey (#3) please.
  9. munchtiger

    Time to "baguette" a Win 29th - 5th

    French AP hurts.
  10. He is flat wrong. I equipped up the CB rentals just to buy upgrades on discount. This is also stated in the article.