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  1. Counter_Gambit

    Shima "Legendary" Upgrade

    1) So, the OP didn't start this thread to complain about something he is not upset about it? If someone isn't upset about something, they normally don't complain about it. 2) No she isn't a bad gun platform, but in no way would I say she was built to be a knife fighter. Not like Gearing, Khab, and Yueyang. Harugumo is iffy at best on the knife fighting because of weaker maneuverability, but is a far better knife fighter (mostly because of her 10 100mm cannons) than Shima is. Trading a few shots is not a knife fight make. Knife fighting means maneuvering to dodge torpedoes, then maneuver back to launch your own, or to get all guns back on target for maximum damage. Knife fighting is not: go in, launch torps, run away while trading shots. That's hit and run, not Knife fighting. Shima is far superior with Hit and Run tactics than straight up knife fighting. Of course, if you get the Torpedo reload to a reasonable level, and have that 7.2 second 180 degree turret traverse, her knife fighting relies more on torpedoes than any other destroyer. This legendary upgrade pushes her more into the role of hit and run tactics. 3) What makes it different for Shima, when it would have to position itself preemptively, with minimal knowledge, when it runs this upgrade? Other ships have to do it with minimal knowledge. Harugumo, with its slow turret traverse speed of the main battery, when compared to Gearing, that way it doesn't take so long for its guns to get on target. Battleships do it, and Cruisers do it as well, though cruisers try to position themselves behind an island near the cap, because it is predictable that the enemy will go near the cap. So again: What makes it different for Shima? Only knowledge: Enemy is directly opposite you, and they will go for cap, some will try the flanks, others straight down center, some will play defensive. Same knowledge as everyone else, RDF not needed to make that kind of prediction on enemy locations.
  2. Counter_Gambit

    (Not) Saving Transylvania

    It's annoying... every game thus far: 3 battleships 1 cruiser 3 destroyers... Sticking together doesn't help in this scenario, because there are way too many destroyers.
  3. Counter_Gambit

    Harugumo Verses Other Destroyers Unfair

    Harugumo gets down to 2.4 second reload when fully spec for gun-boat as well. 10 100mm cannons with base 3 second reload. Majority of all DDs in its MM Range can outspot the ship, and out maneuver it as well.
  4. Counter_Gambit

    Shima "Legendary" Upgrade

    1) The number of complaint threads I have read about this particular upgrade, since people have been obtaining it, says "Yes people are upset about it." 2) I rarely ever knife fight in a Shima, when I do, it's because I have support in a position that actually helps rather than hinders. Shima is more of a spotting vessel, than anything else. 3) Preemptive positioning negates the traverse debuff. How about a reload debuff traverse debuff, but a torpedo detection buff?... wait, that would defeat the torpedo nerf that the IJN received, never mind...
  5. Counter_Gambit

    Shima "Legendary" Upgrade

    Preemptive positioning is how a knife fight starts, once started, the maneuvering takes point. So you get one salvo of torpedoes off, and then because of all the maneuvering, you won't get another, unless you get extremely lucky. Shimakaze, isn't much of a knife fighter anyway, even without the LU, so I don't see why people are upset, that Shima is further removed from knife fighting...
  6. Counter_Gambit

    Shimakaze has been heavily buffed

    Yes, it is that noticeable of a change, making it easier for IJN DD to utilize their stealth far more efficiently, making them the stealth ships that they were meant to be.
  7. Counter_Gambit

    Shima "Legendary" Upgrade

  8. Counter_Gambit

    Surprisingly Accurate Banter

    I know. But I am not afraid to say, that I still have issues with my own salt levels, that I am trying to deal with.
  9. I see no e-mail. So guess that means this round of testing isn't my time. Maybe next round
  10. Counter_Gambit

    changing green team to red team

    you know, that player is probably wondering the same thing about you.
  11. Counter_Gambit

    changing green team to red team

    I am capable as well.
  12. Counter_Gambit

    Surprisingly Accurate Banter

    I've seen someone use that once before. My response to it was "You'll have to poke a hole in me, shoot out my turrets, and pray my fish don't find you first."
  13. Counter_Gambit

    Stop shooting... and win.

    Multiple people already pointed this out to you, but have another: The point of the OP is saying "The points are in favor, the clock is also in favor, silence your guns, stay alive = 100% sure victory." Good players, do not do what you just said they do. Good players know when to hold fire, and when to open fire. Bad players do not know. Selfish players, do not know. Bad and Selfish players will keep firing, and throw a game, for that damage, thinking it'll get them more experience, or because they simply "want to blow ships up, screw everyone else's fun."
  14. Counter_Gambit

    Surprisingly Accurate Banter

    not a bad game. Wasn't a complete steam roll. Almost had victory, things just didn't work out in the end. Some of the things that was said was certainly funny. Thanks for the share.
  15. Counter_Gambit

    Surprisingly Accurate Banter

    Before I get into it, I just have to say: I LOVE BANTER! Banter can make a game far more interesting, and it most certainly made this match more interesting. Once the battle starts, @Iron_Salvo921 (no I'm not naming and shaming, he's awesome) chimes in all chat "Good Luck Gents," which is nice, definitely sets a good positive mood; and then he followed it up with "now die," and that's what I'm talking about with banter. My immediate response, was a prompt "You First." THAT is banter, it may have been short, but it certainly help set the mood; the "good luck gents" made it positive, and the "now die," pretty much made it game on. I was put into a very good mood with that bit of back-n-forth, I was rearing to go. So thank you iron_salvo, for that. But it gets better. Shortly after that bit of banter, I spot the Baltimore, had to wait for my fish to finish loading before I can let them swim, but once they were ready, I launched two turrets at him. Shortly after third turret is launched at a Cleveland in hopes of either getting him to back off or dead as well. Next thing I know, I get a Devastating Strike and First Blood, and I happen to catch the name of the one I killed. I prompted the next bit of banter "Told you, you first," while simultaneously laughing at the coincidence that just occurred, putting me into an even better mood. Yet it gets better still. Iron_Salvo then goes on a bit of a tirade about how I must have magical powers to have predicted such an outcome with my banter; that made my play session. He and I then divisioned up for 5 battles, and had some fun in the lower tiers, since he just finished getting Acasta and wanted to use his new ship. I came very close to getting Kraken (I forgot to take screenshots before closing out of the game... whoops), didn't do all that much damage. But here's the replay, watch it fast, because 7.10 is almost upon us. https://replayswows.com/replay/33334#stats