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  1. That turns even a pleasure boat into a warship, because if the nation is at war, then so too are the people of that nation, regardless of their location...
  2. "under the command of an officer duly commissioned by the government " Every ship in this thread, except the one the OP mentioned, HAVE NEVER BEEN COMMANDED OR CREWED BY THOSE OF THE ARMED FORCES! So that very citation you provided, PROVES, the USS Cyclops, AND the USS Grasp, ARE NOT WARSHIPS!
  3. Counter_Gambit

    Chance or Coincidence?

    Strictly psychological.
  4. OP hasn't said anything after his initial post on this topic. He's the one who titled the thread with the statement "US Lost 1 Warship in WWI." So until he comes in and says something against his own title, I think he is of the notion "Auxiliary ships are not warships." So I wouldn't say he hates facts (at least not in the case of this topic).
  5. The funny thing is, the website they are using, doesn't even call USS Cyclops a Warship. Every Down vote in this thread, are by people who hate facts.
  6. Personal definition of Warship? Check a damn dictionary. Auxiliary ships are not designed to partake in warfare, which is why they had ESCORTS!
  7. No, they are still navy. Auxiliary Ships are under the full control of the US Navy Department, under the same regulations, but also extra regulations for being Auxiliary.
  8. Commissioned ship of the navy, still doesn't change the fact that it is not a warship. A Warship is equipped with weapons to partake in warfare at sea. It is an Auxiliary ship.
  9. Counter_Gambit

    WG- still missing payment options like paysafe

    Also missing a shopping cart option, so that multiple items can be purchased at once, instead of 1 at a time.
  10. Counter_Gambit

    WoWS Goals for 2019

    My Goals for 2019: 1. Cleveland to 19 points, currently at 16. It could happen this year, but in case it doesn't, here it is. 2. USN CA Line to tier 10, currently at Baltimore, but Baltimore is not in port. 3. IJN BB to tier 10, currently at Nagato 4. Yamamoto to 19 points, currently at 16 <---could happen before IJN BB reaches tier 10. 5. All lines not mentioned above, to tier 5. 6. Hopefully with #5 I'll start rotating my play between different ship types, instead of focusing on a single ship line, like I have currently been doing thus far. We'll see. Edit: This next set of goals aren't stuck to a single year, and may never come reality. 1. Enough port slots for every ship tech-tree ship, so that the only reason I would sell, would be to have a quick boost in credits for the next ship in a line. 2. Improve Clan Base, until it cannot be improved further. <--- this one will, unless WoWS dies before I can get it done. 3. Prema-camo for every ship that has it available.
  11. Counter_Gambit

    LOT's of important PSAs (Kizarvexis)

    I have calculated it out: If I complete 2 more today, then I'll get Dreadnought on the 31st completing just one a day. I'll likely do 2 today, 2 tomorrow, and 2 Thursday, to give myself a nice buffer, before returning to my normal play. And yes, I had to change how I play in order to get a buffer on the missions (sadly two days I only did 1 because I was so damn tired). Playing past midnight is not fun for me.
  12. Counter_Gambit

    Revisiting IFHE CL vs CA

    That's why he specified Gunboat when he mentioned IJN DDs. The only gunboats are the Akizuki, Kitakaze, and Harugumo. Shirahatsuyu is like a gunboat, but just doesn't quite make the cut, it's rate of fire still on the slow side, but is a nice transition ship into the Akizuki.
  13. Counter_Gambit

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    how did you come to the conclusion that 40 coal = 1 doubloon?
  14. Counter_Gambit

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    Extremely rare occurrence of CV = little broke... The Current model, is not getting new players playing CV, which means it is more than "little broke." Keeping too much of the current play-style, will not fix anything. The Current play-style IS THE PROBLEM! Believing it is not, is ignorant. So those times I sunk a ship firing from smoke, by tracing their shells to the source, means what? They didn't really die only faked it? Those times I sunk a ship firing behind an island, by utilizing the same tactic of following the shells back to their source... they faked their deaths? Torpedoes being easy to dodge by utilizing WASD hacks, and only those who don't know how to WASD complain about stealth-firing torpedoes, because they're ignorant... Yeah... Smoke firing and island humping, doesn't make them 100% safe. Stealth-Firing torpedoes, you're more area denial, than actually trying to hit anything (except potatoes, potatoes are always easy targets), and a simple torpedo screen makes it even easier to dodge torpedoes. The only thing you can trace back to the CV, are its aircraft. Considering the CV can be well outside even a battleship's gun range, CVs are closer to 100% safe, compared to other ship types who have to first get into gun range. I'd even go out on a limb and say CVs are 99% safe because of the range of their attack (literally anywhere on the map, regardless of ship location). A CV can literally slam himself into a corner, and strike a ship at the opposite corner. So it is not ignorant, or hypocritical, to claim that CVs have little to no risk involved, when it comes to attacking the enemy, when compared to other ship types.
  15. Counter_Gambit

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    Now consider the following: Those shells flying at you, indicates the location of the enemy. You don't have to see the enemy to fire upon them, just need to make sure your shells can hit, and you aim in the right location. So even hiding behind an island, isn't fool-proof. I've killed a ship I couldn't see by firing at the location the shells were coming from myself. So no, even hiding behind an island, they are not perfectly safe, and they put themselves in danger. Battleships firing outside of range of ships except battleships, they can still be fired upon by those other ships. CV again, unless you're right there, and able to see where the planes are launching from, or heading to land, you cannot fire upon a CV at all. A CV, hiding behind an island, launching and landing planes, you won't know where they are, and thus won't be able to fire upon them. The CE Nerf, also comes with a buff. Aircraft detection will be affected by the skill, thus making it harder to spot aircraft, making it harder to track landing aircraft back to the CV, making it easier for the CV to hide in the long run. On the test server, CVs have always been the last ships alive on one side, before victory is obtained. When this rework goes through, if you want to increase your survival rate, CV will be your best option to do so.