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  1. Not very many people have left, considering the number of players I see online, on a daily basis, hasn't changed. So either more new players are coming in, and making purchases, as all the previous money spenders left, or the whole thing is blown way out of proportion, and people need to calm the f-down and think about this, without projecting their biases onto others. Just because you see it as bad game design, doesn't mean everyone sees it as bad game design. There are people who welcomed it with open arms. There are people who are "meh" about the whole thing. There are those who are against it, but are reasonable about their approach to the conversation. Then there are those like @KilljoyCutter who are so against it, they think everyone else is being bamboozled, that I question why they are still here. Seriously, if you're someone who is against a company making money, that you wish to dictate what others are and are not allowed to buy, when it concerns that company, and are currently reading this sentence, why are you still here?
  2. Okay, this post caught my attention because of those three sentences... 1. Super Containers can get you premium time... so there are in game ways of obtaining, even if rare... ALSO, behind everyone else? How? I had 3 tier 10 ships before my 1 year anniversary (Harugumo, Shimakaze, Worcester [and I suck at cruisers]). In that time, no one gifted me premium time, nor did I purchase myself premium time. Any premium time I received, came from the game itself, either through collections (there was one that gave 24 hour premium time) or from super containers. In that same period of time, I got 4 commanders to 19 points. One of them started at 1-point, two started at 10, and the other was Yamamoto. The only reason I am behind is because of how late in the game's life I started playing, compared to other players who was there since year 1. 2. Super Containers can get you premium ships. That's how I got Marblehead, and Okhotnik. But while on the topic of Premium ships, some of them can be purchased for coal (Georgia and Musashi for instance, I purchased using coal before they were removed). Steel is another option, if you don't mind waiting for long periods of time. Super Containers drop Doubloons from time to time, 1000 or 2000, and that can be used to get premium ships too, all without making a single purchase. But despite all that, how is not having a premium ship equivalent to "being behind everyone else" sure, some ships have very above average stats, but as far as I can tell, every premium ships is 100% capable of being destroyed by a tech-tree ship... making this argument even more questionable, in its validity as an argument. 3. Again 3 tier 10s and 4 19-point commanders, in less than a year of playing, without making a single purchase. If I pushed myself, I could have easily done it again if I wanted to. And if others wanted to push themselves, they can do so as well. The time it takes to grind, is entirely dependent on the time you put into the game, and how good you are at the game (the better you are the more experience and free experience you get). Everything in that quote, is therefore: 100% [edited].
  3. Counter_Gambit

    Submarine deck guns

    It could be possible, during the current test iteration, the deck guns are cosmetic. But judging by the Halloween event last year, they were secondary guns, which is what they are likely to be on the live server. But I'm not in the testing, nor do I plan to be. So I only have the Halloween event to go by.
  4. Counter_Gambit

    Anniversary Stream Giveaway Link

    STOPASKINGFORCODESPLS Does indeed give 4x Anniversary Camos. I was logged into the game, when I used that code.
  5. Counter_Gambit

    Anniversary Stream Giveaway Link

    5x stream dream camo
  6. Counter_Gambit

    Cats Meow

    Cat is not in the room, which is why it is a faint meow.
  7. Counter_Gambit


    Already did the Marathon myself, now I just need to wait for my day to end, so I can drink the Rum (needing to drive places, sucks).
  8. Counter_Gambit

    Anyone gained 5 stars in Defense of Newport?

    There is one thing I always say, when it comes to operations: It entirely depends on the player, rarely the ship. All we can do, is provide helpful tips that may or may not work, your mileage may vary. Everything I have typed, is what helps me with obtaining 5 stars while playing IJN DD. That strat of mine, obviously doesn't work for Aigle or Anshan.
  9. Counter_Gambit

    Anyone gained 5 stars in Defense of Newport?

    As far as replay's are concerned, I delete them as the updates come out, because I also have to delete the old data, because of how little storage space I have left (I'll be getting another storage device tomorrow when I get money). So I have 0 replays to share, just the strategy I use to complete the game. It should be noted that I don't always survive the match. 3/5 of Hatsuharu's, I should mention, occurred before the CV Rework. all other ships were post-rework. 2 of Hatsuharu's and Fubuki's 5-star games I did not survive, while only 1 for Shinonome. 1: understand the limitations of the ship you are playing. Speed, rate of turn, speed-loss while turning, number of guns, reload of guns, number of torpedoes per turret, reload of torpedoes, total torpedo turrets, the range of your weapons. By keeping all of that in mind, I am able to prevent myself, from putting myself in a disadvantageous position. 2: understand, that bots are dirty little cheaters who knows to dodge torpedoes the moment you launch them. This means having to use the lock-on, to get a general idea, and then having to remove the lock-on, and then drop the fish, and not locking on again until after the first set has traveled roughly halfway to target location. Make sure you switched over to main-battery before locking on again. 3: Smoke is your friend. Bots do not launch torpedoes into smoke, nor do they shoot into smoke. If you're only able to mount one premium consumable on your IJN DD for this operation, make it the smoke generator. I even recommend Super Intendant commander skill, despite the fact that I myself do not use it, just to give yourself another use of the Smoke Generator. Seriously, Smoke Generator, best consumable for Newport, for DDs. Be selfish with it if you want. 4: Push past the defensive line, but do not stray too far from it. No further North than F, No further West than 6 (looking at Mini-map of course). That is the extent of a DD's area of operations on the map. This allows them to spot the enemy, and keeps them close enough to return back to base for repairs if they have to. 5: When you are at 50% health or lower, RETURN TO BASE AND HEAL UP! There are two vessels, near I8 and I9, that repairs your ship if you get into their area of influence. Use them if they are still alive. 6: Your team is still very important. However, Unlike Destroyers, they should stay inside the defensive line, and not push past it. It's not their job to be Destroyers. Remind them to stay inside the defensive line. Them pushing past the defensive line is either a death sentence, or being unable to help when the next wave of enemies attack. 7: PRAY that there is only one destroyer. Any more than that, and you can kiss that 5th star goodbye. 8: When the main attack starts, and the defensive line is no longer important, Treat it as if the line is still important, with the exception that your teammates now have the same operation range as you do. That's right once the main attack starts no further North than F, and no further West than 6, for all ships!.
  10. Counter_Gambit

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    E=.---- (found on bookshelf) A=.---- (found on ship blueprint pinned to wall behind desk) .----=1 in morse code. So that has to be significant too. Can someone check the lamp on the left of the table, behind the supply ship where you get your containers, I think there might be some morse code on the base of that lamp. But that could also just be the poor quality graphics I have to use, to keep my computer happy...
  11. Counter_Gambit

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    Anyone noticed what's on the wall? Just behind the ship, what looks like sound bites that's been printed onto paper? There's a big circular shaped one on the top row, that looks awfully suspicious... like an incomplete death star. On the very bottom row, on that same sheet of paper, there's another that looks a bit messed up, which to me, looks like an X Wing, as if looking from the bottom or the top...
  12. Counter_Gambit

    What's your birthday wish? - 16th - 22nd

    I have multiple fond memories. The solo warrior achievement. Detonating a Montana with Akizuki (yes it was with a torpedo he detonated, but it was still a shock to both him and I). The time I survived with only 7hp left. The time I made a very dumb play, but it worked so I guess it wasn't dumb. Then a funny moment with a teammate, in all chat that caused laughter to ensue. Another funny moment with all chat, but with the enemy. Hmm... *pulls out D6* *rolls D6*... 6 looks like I'm telling the last story. All the way back in update 0.7.9... and hey look, I found the post I made about it (I'll link to it in a spoiler tag). Banter can make or break a game. When done wrong (swearing, and getting angry), it can ruin the mood of everyone else. When done right, it can bring spirits high on both sides. Being set in good spirits is what happened here. Just as the countdown ended and we started moving; Iron_Salvo921: Good Luck Gents <---can't remember if anyone responded with a "you too" or anything---> Iron_Salvo921: Now Die Me: You First Moments later, I see a Baltimore and Cleveland, and let my fish (torpedoes) swim. I get a devastating Strike, and First Blood, and I caught the name of the person I killed, and it was Iron_Salvo921. Back to the chat, I immediately respond with "I told you, you first." Gotta love coincidences like that, but Iron_Salvo921 went on a tirade (in good fun) about how I must have magical powers to have predicted such an outcome. Link to the thread I made about it: Birthday Wish: Asashio.
  13. Counter_Gambit

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    It's a variant on the battleship game. Where instead of having 1 2space, 2 3space, 1 4space, and 1 5space, you have 4 1space, 3 2space, 2 3space, and 1 4space. I forget the name of the variant, but it is to be played exactly like battleship, if I am remembering correctly.
  14. Counter_Gambit

    CTRL+G no longer works for free look in port (No UI)

    I didn't even know that was a thing while in port, until now. So I tried and, and it's not working.
  15. Counter_Gambit

    Anyone gained 5 stars in Defense of Newport?

    DDs not the best ship? depends on the DD, and the player. For me the following three ships have done me well: Hatsuharu (5/5), Fubuki (3/5), Shinonome (2/3) numbers in parentheses indicating the total number of times I 5 stared versus the total number of attempts. The following ships are avoid using at all Costs (again, this is for me personally): Aigle (0/7), Anshan (0/5), Icarus (0/5) Any DD not listed here, is because I have not played them in the mission, because I do not have them (except Farragut, which I have attempted yet). Though if the two premium failures for me, are any indication. Fushun and Guepard, are likely not going to fair any better.