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  1. that could have been the very same guy I met a couple nights ago. refused to fire guns at a ship with 100hp... what the heck people. Don't waste torpedoes when a single gun salvo is more than sufficient.
  2. It matters not the credits you earn, credits are calculated differently from experience. Total damage also doesn't matter, because experience gain from damage is dependent on how much health you plucked from each ship specifically. As I said earlier, dealing 1000 damage to a battleship will yield less experience than dealing 1000 damage to a destroyer, and that is because 1000 damage to a destroyer is a larger percentage of its health, than that same 1000 damage is to a battleship. As for disputing FXP gains... you're completely blinded by your own [edited]. You claim you're not disputing the math, while simultaneously saying the FXP gain is lower than normal. MATH SAYS YOU'RE WRONG! Math says you're wrong, THAT MEANS YOU'RE WRONG! Disputing FXP gains IS Disputing the math. If you feel the FXP gain is lower than normal, THEN THAT MEANS YOUR EXPERIENCE GAIN IS THE PROBLEM NOT FXP! However, looking through the screenshots, literally NOTHING is out of the ordinary. The only thing wrong in this thread, is you thinking there is something wrong.
  3. because you're not doing the math properly yourself, and now you're taking it out on anyone who points this fact out to you. It isn't Narai that's the problem it's you.
  4. Let's look at all the bonuses, and see how they stack up then shall we? First Screenshot; Base: 1285 Modifiers: +50% (643), +50%(653), +3%(39) <---easily number crunched Standard Experience total: 2610 Base FXP: 1311 FXP Modifiers: +300% (393) Total FXP: 524 Second Screenshot: All numbers visible, and accurate. <---so many bonuses, wanted to get more in the meat of the matter quicker, hence why I'm not sharing those numbers. Great outcome though. Third Screenshot; Base: 1144 Modified Base: 1716 Modifiers: +50% (858), +50% (858), +3% (52) <---Numbers work off modified base Standard Experience total: 3484 Base FXP: 175 FXP Modifiers: N/A Fourth Screenshot; Base: 1235 Modified Base: 1853 Modifiers: +100%(1835), +50%(927), +5%(93),+50%(927),+3%(56) Standard Experience total: 5709 Base FXP: 286 FXP Modifiers: N/A 5th Screenshot; Base: 1692 Modified Base: 2538 Modifiers: +50%(1269) Standard Experience total: 3807 Base FXP: 191 FXP Modifiers: +100%(191), +300%(573)| total FXP: 955 6th Screenshot; duplicate. It's the first screenshot shared again. 7th Screenshot; Base: 1138 Modified Base: 1707 Modifiers: +50%(854) Standard Experience total: 2561 Base FXP: 129 FXP Modifiers: +100% (129), +300%(387) FXP Total: 645 Kut's Results; Base: 1491 Modifiers: +50%(746), +50%(746), +50%(746), +3%(45) Standard Experience Total: 3774 Base FXP: 189 FXP Modifiers: +300%(567) Total FXP: 756 DO YOU SEE IT NOW. MODIFIERS TO THE STANDARD EXPERIENCE IS HOW A SHIP WITH LESS BASE EXPERIENCE THAN ANOTHER, CAN OBTAIN MORE FREE EXPERIENCE, THAN A SHIP WITH A HIGHER BASE EXPERIENCE! SO CLEARLY ONE HAS MORE BONUSES THAN THE OTHER! If you can't understand this basic principle of how important modifiers are, stop playing this game. According to the numbers, NO ONE IS GETTING SKIMPED ON THE FXP!!! THE NUMBERS ADD UP, AND NO AMOUNT OF COMPLAINING FROM YOU WILL CHANGE THAT! There is nothing wrong with the FXP numbers. There is something wrong with YOU not understanding Modifiers.
  5. You may run the same modifiers for Free Experience, but what about standard experience? Looking at the Kut, you have +50% +50% +50% +3% for standard Experience. Looking at the 1707 after premium modifier, they only have a +50% modifier to standard experience. THEREBY CREATING DIFFERENT RESULTS! THEREBY HAVING MORE BONUSES!
  7. you obviously don't if you think there is a lesser payout in fxp, despite the math clearly showing that you are wrong, in making such a statement.
  8. Doesn't matter the grand total of damage dealt. What matters is the percentage of health you plucked off the enemy ship. Dealing 1000 damage to a battleship earns less base experience, than dealing 1000 damage to a destroyer. Same amount of damage, but one earns more than the other. So dealing a grand total of 187000 two games in a row, may not pay out the same experience. If majority of that was dealt to battleships in one game, but in the other, majority was dealt to cruisers, the game in which you dealt more damage to cruisers would see a higher payout in experience.
  9. First Screenshot: 5% is 130.5, which gets rounded to 131. Dividing 524/131, we get 4. Subtracting 1, and turning to a percentage, we see you have a +300% bonus. That's clearly Papa Papa Signal. Second Screenshot: We see two special signals, one adding +250% and the other +777%. Doing the math (all numbers are rounded UP to nearest whole number) we see that the math is correct. Third screenshot: 5% is 174.2, which is rounded to 175. We can see 0 modifiers, which means no signals are being flown (which I mean 0 that adds bonus) Fourth Screenshot: 5% is 285.45, which is rounded to 286, once again 0 modifiers. 5th screenshot: 5% is 190.35, which is rounded to 191. 955/191 is 5, which means there is +400%. Which screams, Papa Papa Signal is being flown, and the camo has +100% modifier on it. The additional screenshots in your later post, have the expanded view, which also allows you to do the math yourself. 5% of earned experience, then calculate modifiers, off the new number. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- so earning 1000 experience, you will see 50 free experience. If you are running Papa Papa, Hydra, and Oroborus(sp?) you then simply do the math 50+(50*13.27)=713.5, which would be rounded to 714... Drop Hydra and Oroborus, and you will only gain 200 free experience. The 13.27 is the total bonus, and is obtained by first converting the percentages into workable numbers, 777% is 7.77, 250% is 2.5, and 300% is 3; then adding those numbers together.
  10. Free Experience is 5% of experience earned, then the modifiers are applied. Oroborus (sp?) adds +777% to Free Experience. Hydra adds 250% to Free Experience. My Conclusion was indeed correct, you do not have special signal flags flying on your ship, just Papa and camo bonuses.
  11. You ran out of the special signal flags. You are only gaining the free experience bonus from Papa Papa, and the mounted camo.
  12. Akizuki - Good, bad, or meh?

    let me put it this way, and compare her across only tier 8 destroyers: Akizuki is King of island waifus... Akizuki is not an overpowered ship. Play to a ship's strength, and it most certainly will seem like it is overpowered. but that is true of all ships. Akizuki is not meant to be played in open water. Akizuki can perform well in open water, if in the right hands, but in the average hands, the ship sucks in open water.
  13. Yes, because it's pretty much true. That 5th turret of Harugumo won't change anything in actual combat. In terms of raw numbers, where the only numbers taken into account is listed damage, and reload, Harugumo will stand above all destroyers, with 240,000 DPM for HE, and 340,000 DPM for AP, putting it on top... again, that's just bare bones numbers, taking very little into account. Those numbers are meaningless, if you cannot penetrate the armor, which Khab has. Those numbers are meaningless, if you can't hit the ship, in which the speed and the deceleration and acceleration of the Khab, makes it quite difficult. The only thing Khab has, that really slows it down, is that poor rudder shift. 11.1 seconds from hard starboard to hard port, compared to 5.5 seconds of Harugumo. Though that means little, when Khab can out turn Harugumo, by having 760m turning circle, while Harugumo is 830m. People seem too focused on raw numbers, rather than the entire package. Khab is king of Open Water, when compared to Harugumo; while Harugumo is king of Island Waifus, when compared to Khab.
  14. I agree with this strategy. It never fails...
  15. I can't remember which thread it was, but after said unmentioned thread, I started tracking the output of the More Resource Container option. I created a spread sheet, where all you have to do is input what item appeared in each slot, by way of placing an "x" (without quotations), and the calculations are done automatically on a different sheet. The total of a specific resource, and the average obtained per crate is calculated. What is also calculated, is the number of times where coal shows up in all three slots, and the average for such a thing, as well as the number of times free experience shows up in slots 2 and 3. I have uploaded this spreadsheet (I love spreadsheets) to the internet, in which there is are two sets of unclaimed sheets, that are numbered, to show which sheet are paired with which. One sheet for the data input, the other for the number crunching. More sheets can easily be added, and if I set up the permissions correctly, anyone should be able to create their own sheets. Click here to view <--- all those who clicks this link should have proper permission to make edits to unprotected sheets. Grand Total Sheet is protected and thus only I am allowed to edit (at least I hope I am). Let's get these numbers to staggering heights I may also do one up for all the other container options, for the 3 free containers, with exception to try your luck, some time in the future.