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  1. Counter_Gambit

    Is there an ETA for Russian carriers?

    Yes, thank you, I did confuse the two.
  2. Counter_Gambit

    Is there an ETA for Russian carriers?

    This actually comes down to a rule, concerning transit through the Suez Canal. Carriers, are not allowed to transit through the Suez (this affects both USA and USSR). The USSR's Helicopter Carriers, because they were designated as a type of carrier, were not allowed passage through the Suez Canal, despite looking nothing like a carrier. The Kiev class, classified as an Aircraft Cruiser, and had enough aspects of a cruiser (the armament mounted on the ship and what not), were allowed passage through the Suez, despite the plainly obvious flight deck. The USA's LHAs were not allowed passage through the Suez, because of their resemblance of a carrier. our FF ships were free to move through the Suez. So I was more making a jab at that Suez Canal rule. I believe the rules have changed concerning the Suez canal, but I'm not entirely certain.
  3. Counter_Gambit

    Kagerō 16 torpedoes

    Git gud is not long gone, because I am a DD main who still actively plays randoms, and proclaim radar and CVs are fine in regards to DD spotting. Only time I'm ever caught, is when I screw up, which happens far more often than I wish it did, so I still need to git gud myself. I seriously wish they wouldn't bring submarines into the game, and if they did, put them into their own special gamemode, with another class of ships "Destroyer Escort." DEs weren't fast, because they didn't need to be. Submarines were slow, and the convoys they escorted were also slow. Two sides with slow ships, perfectly fine in my opinion. No need to artificially increase Submarine speed to make them playable.
  4. Counter_Gambit

    Is there an ETA for Russian carriers?

    Just because something was designed, doesn't mean it was built. The Montana Class Battleship was deisgned, but was never built. The Montana Class exists solely as a paper-ship. On another note: NO, the Soviets did not have designs for carriers pre-WWII, because they never saw need for them. They were mainly a land-nation, and thus had many landing strips for their aircraft scattered all throughout their territory. They didn't have need of carriers, until post-WWII, because of the stand-off between the USA and USSR. This is incorrect. The first carrier commissioned by the Soviet Union was in 1967... Granted it was a helicopter carrier, but still classified as a carrier.
  5. Counter_Gambit

    Who is the blue team?

    that was going to be my next inqury if the colorblind didn't pan out. Which btw, none of the options, for colorblind, produces blue and orange. So must be mod... or they're stupid... or you're being trolled... One of those three options it could be.
  6. Counter_Gambit

    Who is the blue team?

    would colorblind mode produce blue and orange teams?
  7. Counter_Gambit

    HSF has returned to the Premium Shop

    The 127mm/54 most certainly needs a buff on the Harekaze, to make it worth taking. As it stands, the 100mm/65 option is the best choice, and build the commander up as you would an Aki/Kita/Haru.
  8. Counter_Gambit

    HSF has returned to the Premium Shop

    Wish I had the money to get the HSF captains... and the Musashi Perma Camo. Don't care about the Graf Spee though... I am happy to see this back though, even if I can't do anything with it.
  9. Counter_Gambit

    Fix Halloween Event

    Yeah I never honor such truces. The three times I played, I always say the same "I am open season, I do not do truces. If you are red, you are dead. Good Luck, and have fun." Only one group of players replied with "not usually fun when one or more players not hold to the truce, so consider this team open season, until he is gone." I had my fun that match, and left as soon as the portal was open (479 filth I believe, can't remember), and wasn't going to risk death and losing all that filth I collected, so I chose to leave as soon as possible. My team appreciated that, as all players were practically right there at the portal.
  10. Counter_Gambit

    Rescinding Nerfs?

    These are the only two I can comment on, having played both of them: Shimakaze: Yes, her 20km torps were nerfed to the extreme, but they still have some viable use to them. I've used them effectively against CVs, after the rework, because no one expects you to carry 20km torps any more, so getting them past ships I don't want to hit, to hit the CV, is extremely easy to do. By the time they realize they are 20km torpedoes, it'll already be too late, the cv is eating at least 1. So her torps are surprisingly far more effective than people give credit, you just need to use them against the correct targets. Minekaze: 100% fine as is. She is still my favorite tier 5 ship to play, even going toe-to-toe against the Kamikaze sisters and winning on a couple of occasions. She is a sneaky girl, able to sneak up on seal-clubbing CV players in that damn Hosho.
  11. Counter_Gambit

    Naval Ops Warship Gunner, Commander, and WSG2 Discussion

    After a long, LONG time, I have finally done it. 100% game
  12. Counter_Gambit

    Naval Ops Warship Gunner, Commander, and WSG2 Discussion

    Yeah, I continue to modify the devastator Class. Devastator V Class, is the ship that got me through game number 9. Has a 36 Gun Broadside, 27 Gun forward, 30 Gun Aft. I decided not to put aircraft on future Devastator ships, because they have been completely useless. I am now on Devastator VI Class, which has a 42 Gun Broadside, and a 30 Gun Forward and Aft. You'll be amazed as to how much 3 extra guns can make, when it comes to destroying superships. 6 Extra guns on the Broadside, and 3 extra guns on the forward, compared to V, means faster destruction. Had to use smaller bridges, thus reducing radar range, in order to achieve this layout. As with V, VI does not have aircraft.
  13. Counter_Gambit

    Naval Ops Warship Gunner, Commander, and WSG2 Discussion

    Oh yeah, 2 more game clears, and I'll be good. The "Parts Developed" should have been called something else. With Game clear number 8, also came this beautiful Gem: I also made more modifications to my Devestator ship. So, say hello to the Devestator IV Class Frigate, which is the ship that got me through game number 8. It is possible I will tweak it some more, or I may not. All I know, is that this ship has reduced speed, for better radar, and more 280mm AGS. She has a 30 Gun Broadside, but only 24 gun Forward and Aft.:
  14. Counter_Gambit

    Stop giving me rentals I already own

    I'm okay with this suggestion. Who ever thought rentals were a good idea, should be fired. If the person who suggested it was not an employee, then hire them, then turn around and fire them.
  15. Counter_Gambit

    Naval Ops Warship Gunner, Commander, and WSG2 Discussion

    I am really pushing myself to get this game to 100% completion. Last night I completed the 999 Battlecarrier kills, and thus completed the R&D, so I now have the ribbon for that. I am now able to build using the Drillship Hull, or the Genuine Drillship Hull. 1497/1500 Parts developed according to the save menu. I know exactly what I am missing to complete this: 1. Jpn SDF Ship Secret Blue Print (999 Transport Kill Reward) <---right now Mission 150 Enemy Layout 1 is the highest transport count I have found, at 6 7 transports per play. 2. 999 Kill reward ribbon, which will be obtained once I finish the transport kills. 3. Ribbon for completing the game 10 times. Currently cleared it 6 times, working on game number 7. Once I get those, boom, 100% completion.