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  1. This is all I get from the lot of you "How dare people benefit from a SUPPORT consumable that isn't theirs." Also this "To heck with team play. This game is all about the individual." And this "How dare someone ask for smarter play." And this "How dare someone ask for team work, in a team based game."
  2. It's not that I turned pink, that's not the issue, I'll gladly take and work off the pink. a Yue Yang, decided to get between me, a Harekaze, and the enemy, instead of using his DWTs to his advantage. Instead the idiot decides " I am going to hinder my teammate who can't shoot past me, instead of using the advantage that DWTs provide." Didn't mean to hit him, just wasn't paying attention. But, that's what I get for believing that people are smart. So it is wrong of me to assume that a Destroyer will carry that which is more valuable to their survival? Tash and Khab: That's the repair party. IJN DDs: That's the Smokescreen. I'm a DD Main. If an ally calls for smoke, and I am in position to provide, I WILL PROVIDE! I've Smoked a New Orleans, making myself vulnerable, just so the radar ship can get into a better position for Radar use. Radar is for use by everyone on the team, not just the one who carries it. Smoke is for use for everyone on the team, not just the one who carries it. Hydro, is for use by everyone on the team, not just the one who carries it. DFAA is for use by everyone on the team, not just the one who carries it. THOSE ARE SUPPORT CONSUMABLES! A Catapult Fighter, though can help allies, will always stick with the ship that launched it. Effectively making it useful only for the ship that carries it. Same holds true of Spotter Planes. Repair Party, is also only useful for the one that carries it.
  3. Though it is likely that those who needs to read this never will, this is something that most certainly needs to be said: Two messages specifically: 1. If you're running Torpedo Reload Booster: INFORM YOUR TEAM BEFORE THE ENEMY IS SIGHTED! You may very well save a life. 2. If you have Deep Water Torpedoes: DO NOT GET BETWEEN ANOTHER DESTROYER AND THE ENEMY, UNLESS THEY TOO HAVE DWTS!
  4. RPF Question

    That feels like a trap, but my curiosity oh so wants me to trip the trap...
  5. Economical reward in US cruiser split.

    Here's how I understand the split: Cleveland in port: You receive Cleveland at tier 8. You receive Tier 6 Replacement ship. Receive New commander for Cleveland. Old Commander Stays at Tier 6. All permanent camo owned moves with the ship. Unlock Permanent camo for new tier 6 ship, only if the tier 6 camo was purchased. Pensacola in Port: You receive Tier 6 Pensacola You receive tier 7 replacement ship. Receive New Commander for Pensacola Old Commander stays at tier 7. All permanent camo owned moves with the ship Unlock Permanent camo for new tier 7 ship, only if the tier 7 camo was purchased. This creates a duplicate ship. In this case two Pensacola Cruisers. 1 Pensacola will be sold automatically. You will receive the value of the Pensacola in credits (not the half value for normal sale) at the new tier 6 value. Permanent camo would also be duplicated, so you will see a return of credits, for the 1000 doubloon exchange as well. What you keep after the duplicates are sold: Port Slot, Commander. So having Cleveland-Baltimore The following ships will be duplicated: Pensacola, New Orleans, Baltimore. Therefore, having all three in port, will net you three more port slots, and 3 more commanders. Having it researched, but not in port, only unlocks the ship in the tech tree, you do not get the commanders, nor the port slots.
  6. Pink - How you doin so far?

    screenshot, replay, send both to war gaming. Unless something happened without you realizing it, that shouldn't have happened. I personally would love to see a replay of the match as well.
  7. What is your Karma score right now

    having all that fancy stuff means nothing, if one doesn't understand game mechanics and how to exploit them. A player picks a line, and rushes to tier 10, will be a far worse player, than one who plays multiple lines at once, and slowly makes their way to tier 10. Having fancier stuff, does not give one the skills required to play the game. I had a match where a Missouri player, did not understand how radar works. He died not having used it once, despite the many opportunities for him to do so. "Radar isn't a magic kill button." was his excuse, despite the fact, that if used properly, it pretty much is. Having a 19-point commander, only gives those who has the skill to maximize that advantage an edge. Having a tier 9 or tier 10, only gives those who knows how to maximize the advantage an edge. For my evidence: Myself. I have the Yugumo, tier 9 destroyer of the IJN. I suck with her. Only reason I have any sort of win on her, is because the team had to carry my sorry rear-end. I still have a long way to go, before I get any benefit from tier 9 play. I don't even want to think about how I'll look in the Shimakaze once I get her. Shimakaze and Yugumo may become port queens collecting dust, for all I know.
  8. Fun and Enraging

    How the hell did I not notice that?
  9. Pink - How you doin so far?

    Achieved Pink status again just last week... whoops. Launched a last ditch torpedo salvo, died just after getting the second turret off. Ship I launched at died shortly after it killed me. 6 of my 8 torpedoes (was in Harekaze) crashed (1 into island, 5 into sinking wreck of enemy vessels). 1 torpedo slams into a Des Moines, but did not kill him, so I most certainly passed the damage threshold. Second remaining torpedo almost slammed into another cruiser, thankfully, it did not. Said my apology, and was done with it. Second battle, trying to work off the pink status, a friendly ship slams into me, not on purpose, he and I were both badly positioned, and we both just chose bad maneuver options, that caused us to slam into each other. He apologized for forcing me to stay pink longer too, which was nice. Though surprisingly, that battle still counted for Pink Status removal...
  10. Fun and Enraging

    wait? How is the replay too old, when you made this post only 45 minutes ago (at time I was typing this post)?
  11. Fun and Enraging

    Replay would be lovely. I want to see it happen. Assuming it is true, that this was caused by the scraping of paint: This is why I fully believe that this kind of damage should not count towards pink status.
  12. Larger numbers and symbols

    The only thing I can think of, that could help you with your issue, would be to try a different screen resolutions. The reason I suggest this, is because I personally, find it difficult to read everything with larger screen resolutions, as opposed to smaller screen resolutions.
  13. They have already implemented a method for Free Commander Respec. It's called Elite Commander Experience. 10,000 ECXP or 25 Doubloons per allotted skill. 10,000 ECXP may sound like a lot, but it's really not. I can respec a 19-point captain (190,000ECXP) in under 4 days if I really wanted to. And I only have three ships with which I can move my 19-point commander between, to maximum first win bonus... Oh yeah, you have to have a 19-point commander first, before you start collecting ECXP. In other words: You have to work hard for Free Commander Respecs.
  14. No I didn't. "Of ship types available in this game:" Just after the Battle of Coral Sea numbers.
  15. 2 Fleet Carriers 9 Cruisers 13 Destroyers 2 Fleet Carriers 1 Light Carrier 9 Cruisers 15 Destroyers Of ship types available in this game: That's the Battle of Coral Sea... USN the top set of numbers, IJN the bottom set. 3 Carriers 7 Heavy Cruisers 1 Light Cruiser 15 Destroyers 4 Carriers 2 Battleships 2 Heavy Cruisers 1 light Cruiser 12 Destroyers That's Battle of Midway. When realism is brought to the extreme, I want to see naval forces like this.