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  1. Counter_Gambit

    Anti-submarine warfare for carriers.

    ... You do realize, that because of how garbage AA is, CVs are near impossible to play against, right? How is it salt, when it is truth? Someone getting salty, means they are unreasonably angry for no reason at all. All this hate against CV is 100% reasonable, and they continuously blame the correct people: Those at WG. You then come along, and suggest the most infuriating ship in the game, gets to become more broken, by allowing it to attack a ship that will literally be 100% unable to defend itself from due to the literally lack of AA weaponry (that or literally 2 guns at the most)... Let's make the ship type that already breaks the game, even more broken... That's exactly how one goes about proper balancing... breaking something that is already broken...
  2. Counter_Gambit

    Anti-submarine warfare for carriers.

    this a troll? I feel like this might be a troll...
  3. Counter_Gambit

    Six Months of "More Resources" Containers

    Hehehe... was tired, last night, and realized my mistake today. some of those days, I didn't immediately catch the multiple combinations that were possible. Note for anyone working with numbers and spreadsheets; doing so tired, can cause many errors, lol.
  4. Counter_Gambit

    Six Months of "More Resources" Containers

    manual input can be very tedious. Anyway, 52 crates thus far almost all of Januaray has been transefered to my spreadsheet. If you were to look at the data you'll notice dates missing, and that's because for now, I have to skip them, as there are more than one worthwhile combination for that day.
  5. Counter_Gambit

    Six Months of "More Resources" Containers

    I have experienced this, yes.
  6. Counter_Gambit

    Six Months of "More Resources" Containers

    it does help, thanks. You mentioning that, now fully explains the "SC" and "Other" columns you have marked (which now makes me feel stupid, but I've been looking at these numbers for some time, before starting the record conversion, so my brain is likely fried anyway, lol). And to handle issues where the most precise grouping (like with Jan 1st and Jan 5th) us not easily known, I'm setting those aside, to wait until enough of the data is transfered, to attempt to match it as closely to the percentages already acquired (which isn't 100% honest, but when one is confident in the numbers already collected, it works, right?)
  7. Counter_Gambit

    Six Months of "More Resources" Containers

    Janurary 9th has incomplete data. You claim to have 3 sets of coal from 3 containers, which means it is the guaranteed coal only. You only have 1 FXP listed, and 0 ESCLs listed, meaning I can only complete one of the three containers for that day, unless I assume the missing information is ESCL (as that is a higher probability)
  8. Counter_Gambit

    Six Months of "More Resources" Containers

    Just got done looking at Day 2, and it shows just how easier it can be: Coal/Coal/Z Coal/FXP/ZH Coal/ESCL/NF or Coal/Coal/ZH Coal/FXP/NF Coal/ESCL/Z or Coal/Coal/NF Coal/FXP/Z Coal/ESCL/ZH Though there are three different combinations, because the third slot is all signal flags, it doesn't matter which one I use, as I lumped all signals in the third slot under a single entity "flag," for use in majority of all percentages. The numbers in which the flags are used individually, cares not about the grouping they belong to... Why couldn't day 1 be like this? Day 3 and day 4 are easy ones, there is one set of triple coal in each day, only way to make them work. After day 1, it got easy... how long until it gets difficult again? Day5 , 6 coal, 1 fxp 1 ESCL, and 1 additional signal, 3 containers total... hmmm... Coal/Coal/Coal Coal/Coal/<Either FXP or Signal> Coal/ESCL/<Either FXP or signal> Look a double coal and a triple coal. The problem exists with the FXP and Signal, in which case, it does matter if the FXP goes with the double coal, or the ESCL, but still easier than day 1 with half the choices available... Another easy one with day 6, two sets of triple coal, with a double coal. Day 7 is 3 double coals... I'll stop now... of the days I mentioned, days 1 and 5 are problematic, with day 1 being more problematic than day 5... I go now.
  9. Counter_Gambit

    Six Months of "More Resources" Containers

    I don't envy myself either, but it is a task I have set myself out to do, it will get done. I have decided to get as close to the percentages as possible, since all the data already recorded, pretty much does so, just seems more realistic.
  10. Counter_Gambit

    Disappearing Targets

    Let's assume for a moment, this is a hack... You forgot some key points when dealing with this: 1. Submit a support ticket, rather than proclaim it here on the forum, where these kinds of accusations have been seen so many times, that it gets old. When submitting a support ticket, be sure to include a replay of the battle in question. 2. REPLAY. Replays are saved automatically now, up to a default of 30 replays, before they auto delete. So you have no excuse for not sharing one. Replays can help others identify the problem. Look in the game's directory for a folder called "replay" or "replays" one of the two, or maybe it has the word replay in its name, I forget... 3. Don't use bold text for the entirety of your post. It does nothing to add to you claim, and in fact, detracts from it. I had a hard time reading because everything was bold.
  11. Counter_Gambit

    Six Months of "More Resources" Containers

    I go for what I am most desperate in need of. If I need Credits, I go the more credits option. If I need signals and/or camo, I go the more camo/signals option. For the most part, I'm fine with all three, enabling me to go mostly for the more resource option. My biggest need, right now, is a new graphics card so I can start playing again, ignoring the graphics card, I care more for collecting oil, than I do anything else, until my clan is maxed out on all buildings. The more resource containers, enables me to collect coal, which in turn can be used to collect more containers, by buying them from the armory, which in turn means more oil.
  12. Counter_Gambit

    Six Months of "More Resources" Containers

    Oh, and to explain the previous comment of mine, that quoted you, about a problem I saw: Looking at the first day you have 5 coal, 2 fxp, 1 escl and 1 jc. That can be given to you as the following combinations: Coal/Coal/JC Coal/Coal/FXP Coal/ESCL/FXP Coal/Coal/FXP Coal/Coal/FXP Coal/ESCL/JC Coal/Coal/Coal Coal/FXP/JC Coal/ESCL/FXP Coal/Coal/Coal Coal/FXP/FXP Coal/ESCL/JC So, going through each day individually, can help narrow down the spread, but there are still 4 different possible combinations, of 5 coal, 2 fxp, 1 ESCL, and 1 JC... So the delima I am faced with: when looking at my spreadsheet, do I only care for the first two rows of information (totals and averages), or do I guess at your spread, to try and get as accurate as possible, using the fact that everyone's personal data, is within 1-2 percentage points of the combined data's percentages?
  13. Counter_Gambit

    Six Months of "More Resources" Containers

    That is not the case. When it comes to the daily containers, you only get the oil when you physically collect it. You do not get any oil if you let it auto collect for you. All other containers, yes, you get the oil the moment the container is credited to your account.
  14. Counter_Gambit

    Six Months of "More Resources" Containers

    oooo an option to select prefered container, so that if I forget to collect the container for the day, the only thing I lose out on is the oil, but still get the container I am after. I like the sound of that 100%. So long as I still get to open them when I please; I want this slice of life improvement... even though currently because of my Graphics card starting to fail, I do not risk playing World of Warships at the moment.
  15. Counter_Gambit

    Six Months of "More Resources" Containers

    That is a big help. hopefully going through each day individually, will help with a tiny problem I am seeing trying to extrapolate the data out.