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  1. Counter_Gambit

    Huge nerf to T10 carrier legendary modules. Why?

    UU are supposed to be a: I sacrifice being able to do X, to instead do Y. Not: I take because it is superior in all aspects. So my question for you is: Why nerf that which is considered the standard for the UUs to be balanced around? Nerfing the standard, would automatically require a nerf in all the UUs simultaneously, just to keep the UU as "equal to" rather than being "better than." There are some UUs I am debating on grabbing. Whether I actually do or not, is a different matter.
  2. Counter_Gambit

    Huge nerf to T10 carrier legendary modules. Why?

    Why should they refund? One buys these things with understanding that changes could be made to them. To expect any difference shows great ignorance on the part of the buyer, and that is entirely their fault for not understanding the purpose behind the UU.
  3. Counter_Gambit

    Listening to the Player base

    Absolutely a synch issue between client and server. It happens, and it sucks when it happens. The best WG can do is optimize the game on their server as best as possible, but they have no control over their player's internet connection to the server. I still get the occassional ping spike to 3000, though thankfully that is now just called a "hiccup" rather than "this is normal." Over exaggeration on that last sentence, but in fairness, 1000+ back when my internet was garbage, was completely normal for me, and I had HUGE compensations I had to do, when firing my armament, so glad it is no longer the "normal" for me.
  4. Counter_Gambit

    1 Year of Super Containers

    I only track crates, to check numbers. As a result, I do not track my super container drops. If I did, it would be an elaborate spreadsheet, likely tracking numbers most people don't freaking care about, simply because I have an absolute love of spreadsheets (even if I don't know all the ins and outs of spreadsheets).
  5. Counter_Gambit

    Any Reason to Come Back

    I took a 2.5 year hiatus from the game myself. Came back, and having fun. The problem most people have, is they expect every aspect of the game to be fun. Instead, it's a matter of finding what you like, and having fun with it, while navigating in scenarios you may not like. I personally don't like CVs, but that doesn't stop me from playing them from time to time. I am rather meh with subs, but I still play them from time to time too. When playing against a CV, in a ship not designed to fight aircraft, I just think "this'll be interesting." Accepting the fact that these things are here to stay, is the first step to taking this game far less seriously. Don't take the game seriously, in the grand scheme of things, it is just an insignificant blip in your life. If you find yourself getting frustrated, take a step back, relax, do something else, then come back at a later time. Been working well for me, keeping my interest. There have been many changes in 2 years, so you'll have adjusting to do. First: Camouflage no longer provides any bonuses, they now exist solely as cosmetics. You can either use them, or sell them, no one is going to care anymore about a naked ship. Friendly fire is no longer a thing, so expect friendlies to eat your torpedoes more often. And if you do start playing again: Welcome back.
  6. I will always fall short on the grind, because I have no interest in the dockyard, since it requires the spending of money to complete proper. I get what I can from each phase, and that's just about it. If I get the mid-dockyard ship or not, doesn't matter. Only time I cared, was to get Huron.
  7. Counter_Gambit

    Who have you seen in game

    I don't ever see me and CVs ever meshing. Won't stop me from playing them, but that ship type and I simply do not mesh at all.
  8. Counter_Gambit

    "Learn your PLACE" He said.......

    I only add people that I have played with, and then put them into a group, so I know why I have them in my contacts. That way if I do a purge, I can go through my contact groups and go "I have no plans on doing this again," and then check my other groups, to see if a name is repeated, mark them in a list so I know not to remove them from contacts, and from there delete everyone in that group, that didn't make the list. Then repeat for next group I plan to remove. really makes, managing my contacts so easy, but time consuming.
  9. And now you're forever cursed to get only that tier 8 cruiser you didn't want, until you finally decide to keep it.
  10. and then risk getting the submarine again, the next time you win a ship from a container...
  11. 2 Surface depths, and 2 deep depths. Surface Depth in this instance being defined as: Attacks from artillery and aircraft can hurt you, along with depth charges. Deep Depth: Only depth charges can hurt you, you can only be spotted by another sub, or within 2km of active hydro. The four depths, paired by whether they are [surface depth], or {deep depth} [Surface, Periscope], {30m, 60m}.
  12. Counter_Gambit

    It's taken Years but finally...

    NICE! My clan has Dry Docks maxed out, and shipbuilding yard maxed out. I got the dry docks maxed out as a solo member of my clan. Then had people come and go. Then with three/four people Shipbuilding yard got maxed out (because I was nice and asked the newest member of the clan which of two upgrades he would prefer, and he wanted cheaper ships). Now we're working on building number 3, which will be the Academy. After that, Coal will get second upgrade. Then Design Bureau will get maxed, followed by War College. That's a lot of work for a solo player.
  13. Counter_Gambit

    Name 1 thing you'd change

    Yeah, the cap just happens to be in the way of killing the enemy. But if I get unlucky, and have no enemy to shoot at, and so capture a point as a result, I'm guaranteed to be at the bottom of the leader board, because I didn't damage the enemy. Caps being captured is merely a by product of how co-op works. So I was merely correcting the statement that caps are the main objective in co-op.
  14. Counter_Gambit

    Name 1 thing you'd change

    Unlike some people, I want it back in all its glory. Strafing, and manual drops, and RTS AA No Fly Zones, RTS AA Ranges, odd tier CVs, etc. I want to know though ...? Any other container option (except try your luck and super containers), is only but a 25% chance of getting 400 coal. That's an average of 100 coal per container. Try your luck, is 10% chance of 900 coal, for an average of 90 coal per container. More Coal, is a guaranteed 400 coal, with a chance of 800 or 1200 coal, bringing the average coal to 520 coal per container. Because it is guaranteed 400, even the unluckiest person, who only gets 400 coal, is already expected to have 4x the amount of coal from any other container... How much more coal do you want to add? Replays are kept automatically now, just go to the game directory, and you'll see a folder called "Replays" and you'll see up to 30 replays by default. I don't remember what I did, but my steam version keeps all replays until I delete them... seriously no idea how I achieved that. So not having a replay of the problem, is no longer an excuse for not sharing the replay. I've played enough co-op, to know that the caps are completely pointless in Co-op, and the only reason one side manages to capture anything, is because they were unlucky enough to not have the enemy ships, or very few enemy ships sail in their direction. Capping is the worst way to grind in co-op, considering how easy it is to win. As for what I would change: Shima's torpedoes back to their glory days.
  15. Counter_Gambit

    Buffs and Escort Duty Should Pay Off Better

    This comes down to the fault of people treating airship escort as just another random battle. Airship requires a completely different mindset, if one wishes to do well in that game mode. First, due to the danger involved, and the slow speed (even when at maximum speed), a DD should not be the one pushing the airship. Instead pushing ahead, and setting up for ambushes. Battleships should primarily be the ones pushing the airship, especially those Germans, because of their wonderful secondaries. Cruisers is a mixed bag, where some could help push or stop the airship, while others could go and help setup for an ambush. As for buffs in Arms Race, the risk v reward, in terms of base experience, absolutely isn't worth it. However, the risk v reward during combat, absolutely is. I wish this discrepency is fixed.