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  1. Counter_Gambit

    german H series battleships

    It was never intended to build a ship like the H44, it was a design study to see how a battleship had to be designed to be protected against all known threats.
  2. Counter_Gambit

    CVS Still deleting DDs ( Rant/rage)

    If they add subs, it won't be rock-paper-scissors, anymore. It would become rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock... don't know how it'll work, but there it is...
  3. Counter_Gambit

    Display cases instead of port.

    those with garbage graphics (like myself) will open the port once, to see how cool it is, and then never touch the port again until they get better graphics card.
  4. Counter_Gambit

    Post some ship namesakes!

    I know that. but if you go check the person I quoted, he shared a picture of New York City, which is what I was commenting on, and that I believe it to be sad, that it is the city that people think about when they hear the words "New York." Niagara Falls... Finger Lakes... Lake Ontario... But no, always that damn city, the first thing people think about, when the state is mentioned.
  5. Counter_Gambit

    And a gift full of love for you too.

    My cousin recently discovered that the tier 4 USN Cruiser has torpedoes.
  6. Counter_Gambit

    Post some ship namesakes!

    it's sad when people think of the state, the first thing they think of is that damn city. So many wonderful areas in New York, and all everyone outside of it can think of is that damn city.
  7. Counter_Gambit

    Daring and CV legendary mods

    You say that, yet Worcester came out with its legendary mod, upon its release... so that excuse for why we don't have them, simply doesn't work.
  8. Counter_Gambit

    Daring and CV legendary mods

    every legendary module one could possibly conceive of, will cause people to whine about OP CVs... Even a module not even meant for CV will have people whining about OP CVs...
  9. Counter_Gambit

    CV > DD? No: DD > CV, Carefree DD no Fear the CV!

    Yeah, I never had trouble, and every "DD is useless because CV" post, makes me ashamed to even call myself a Destroyer Main...
  10. oh, but where is the fun in using logic to solve my issues? The fun comes in when one purposefully disables the key-bind to turning off the AA, and just let the brain naturally absorb information, until it becomes king of not giving a crap about being perma-spotted. In all seriousness though, this is sound advice, and every DD player, should actually take this advice to heart. Seriously, unless you're being spotted by something other than aircraft, there should be no reason your AA is turned on... Or unless you're in smoke with allies able to keep the aircraft lit up for you (I did get 30 aircraft shot down in a Shimakaze once)
  11. Counter_Gambit

    Revert Nerfs (Kaga/Belfast/Kutz)

    "Free to play game" = "Free punch to the face"... How does that head of yours work to even make such a stupid comparison? Changing the way a video game plays, is nothing like punching people in the face, and for you to even make such a comparison, you're just not worth reasoning with. All I can do is tell you to sit down, and rethink this. A game striving for balance, changes must be made, not only to the game mechanics, but also to individual ships. Ask yourself this: Why is it okay for some ships to be changed, for the sake of balance, but not for others? When a change to the game's mechanics occurs, why should certain ships be excluded from that change, when it is easier to do a global change and not worry about individual ships?
  12. Counter_Gambit

    Revert Nerfs (Kaga/Belfast/Kutz)

    It was a Global change to Carriers as a whole, that affected Kaga and Saipan, not a directed individual one, at the two ships. So my point stands. The way Sub_O mentioned "global changes will still affect premium ships" the global change to carriers, will continue to forever affect Kaga and Saipan.
  13. Counter_Gambit

    Revert Nerfs (Kaga/Belfast/Kutz)

    Global Nerf: is one that affects a game mechanic (smoke firing mechanic), or a specific ship type as a whole (a change that affects cruisers, affects all cruisers). Individual Nerf: One that affects the ship itself, and nothing else concerning mechanics or the ship type as a whole. Does "ship changing tier" affect game mechanics? No. Does ship changing tier affect a ship type (cruiser, carrier, destroyer battleship) as a whole? No. So even if you were to change all tier 5 premium ships to tier 6, that would not be considered a global nerf.
  14. Counter_Gambit

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare testing and premium ships status

    well that sucks. Victory for the whiners.
  15. Counter_Gambit

    Revert Nerfs (Kaga/Belfast/Kutz)

    They clearly stated premiums will still be affected by global changes to ship types, or game mechanics. So Ships with smoke, were affected by the smoke firing mechanic change. That is not a direct nerf of the premium ship itself. Only when those ships are individually affected by the change, would you have had an argument, but since they weren't individually changed, and changed with the rest of smoke carrying ships, you have no argument. Kaga, like all other carriers, were affected by the Rework. The rework did not change just the Kaga. Once again, no argument for you to stand on, because it was a global change to the entire ship type, rather than an individual ship. THESE SHIPS WERE NOT TOUCHED INDIVIDUALLY!