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  1. Dan_1607

    Random, Houston we have a problem

    Not sure that the CVs on either side did that much. One on your team placed 2nd and the other placed last. On the enemy team they placed 4th and 5th. The enemy CVS did sink a lot of sinks but they must have been ships that were crippled already by gunfire otherwise they would have placed much higher than 4th or 5th. The Teams were even and the high achievers on both teams were still Gun ships and not the CVs. I hate to lose probably more than most, but I like the mix of Matches were some have just Gun Ships, some have 1 CV, and some have 2 CVs. I like the variety. In my last 20 Random matches, I would estimate 12 were All Gun Ships, 7 had 1 CV, and 1 had 2 CVs per Team. I like the mix.
  2. Dan_1607

    The Battle of Denmark Strait, May 24th 1941

    Too Much Luck to believe it was just Luck! You make great points about the Bismarck battle(s). I have read everything about the Bismarck that I could get hands on since I was 8 years old and built the model. “Battleship Bismarck” by Baron Burkard Von Mullenheim-Rechberg was probably my favorite. My Grandfather brought back from WW2, along with earning The Purple Heart, a small Book that was given to German Soldiers that contained 3 German Naval engagements, the invasion of Norway, the voyage of the Bismarck, and the Channel Dash. That book made me learn German in HS. I had to read up on Otto Von Bismarck because they named the ship after him. The Prinz Eugen was leading the Bismarck because the Bismarck’s Radar was knocked out from the blast of Bismarck’s guns. The British mistook the Prinz Eugen for the Bismarck because the Prinz Eugen was huge. At 697 feet long, the Prinz Eugen was longer than the 684 feet long US BB South Dakota Class Battleships. I am not sure how much this impacted the outcome as I believe the outcome of the Hood was always going to happen, just at which salvo from the Bismarck or from the Prinz Eugen for that matter. Anyway to your points about all the luck in this 3 day battle to find and sink the Bismarck, why didn’t the Bismarck turn and sink the crippled PW after destroying the Hood? The Tirpitz was actually closer to completion of her trials than was the PW. Imagine if Tirpitz teamed with the Bismarck! The Tirpitz was not on this mission because Germany was not as desperate as Britain. Britain was Extremely desperate and in the war alone against Germany. Just the fact that the Bismarck was in the Atlantic was enough to stop convoys. And convoys would have to wait to have Capital ships escort before sailing. We can be Monday Morning QBs here, but at the time, Admiral Lutjens did not realize how powerful British Radar was. German Radar told you a ship was somewhere in front of you. British Radar told you how far and a better defined direction. In addition, the PW had hit the Bismarck several times and one of them hit an oil fuel bunker and the Bismarck leaked valuable oil that could have allowed her to steam at full speed to France. The oil shine on the water was also visible from the air. As a Monday morning QB, I believe if the Bismarck stayed to sink the PW, the question is how fast could the Bismarck sink the PW. It might have been a mistake as the PW was already retreating toward Iceland, shore based aircraft, and the approaching KG5, Repulse, and Victorious. If several hours of fighting was required to sink the PW, that might have put the Bismarck 100 miles closer to Iceland and 200 miles closer to Admiral Tovey on the KG5. Now if the PW was sunk, Bismarck escaped, and Prinz Eugen, free in the Atlantic, Britain may have sued for peace as most Britains, like most normal people, were really tired of war, and nothing so far in this war was going right. So that would have been a gamble. This will remain one of History’s Mysteries. The PWs hit on the Bismarck oil bunker did her in because it reduced her range and prevented prolonged high speed. The Bismarck had to find Port. If she would have topped off her fuel tanks in Norway, she would not have had this problem, even with the hit on one of her bunkers. More bad luck? Maybe combination bad decision and bad luck. For what ever reasons, the Prinz Eugen filled her tanks in Norway and the Bismarck did not. Since the Bismarck can not shake off her British Tails, Lutjens realizes that British Radar must be better than German Radar, so he turns and attacks the shadowing Cruisers and PW, and releases the Prinz Eugen to go raid convoys. More bad luck! Captain Lindeman orders the Bismarck to make wide S turns to shake off the Tails and eventually succeeded. Admiral Lutjens does not believe they have shaken the British Cruisers and gives a long Radio message to Berlin Explaining the power of British Radar. The British triangulate the Radio signal, but report the wrong position to Admiral Tovey. Tovey and KG5 sail in the wrong direction. A US PBY Flying Boat on Lend-lease to Britain follows the oil shine on the water and discovers the Bismarck. The KG5 is low on fuel and changes course to intercept. But even though the Bismarck is cruising at a lower speed to conserve fuel, Tovey needs something to slow the Bismarck down. As you point out, if the Prinz Eugen was with the Bismarck, the combined AA might have prevented the “Stringbats” Swordfish from getting any torp hits on either ship. And I absolutely agree with you. But also, even if the Bismarck did sustain a damaged rudder, if the Prinz Engen was with the Bismarck she could have acted as a compensating tug boat until the Bismarck reached German Fighter Range. Remember the Prinz Engen was a huge 20K Ton Cruiser. More bad luck for the Germans, the Prinz Eugen‘s convoy mission ended without any success. There are plenty more cases for Lady Bad Luck. The Ark Royal’s Swordfish were armed with Magnetic Torpedo Arming systems. The Swordfish crews were told they were the last chance to stop the Bismarck from reaching the Port of Brest and team up with other German BBs. They were told they had daylight for only one mission and they were told the only ship East of the Ark Royal was the Bismarck and she might be in disguise with canvassing over her guns to make her look like a British ship. So the Ark Royal’s Swordfish took off and found and attacked the British Cruiser Sheffield, because of their instructions and the fact that the Sheffield did not Radio her position to Admiralty. The new magnetically armed torps were defective and exploded when they hit the water. Because of how quickly the planes found the Sheffield, there was just enough Daylight left where they were able to return, rearm, and attack the Bismarck with older Contact Armed Torpedos. If the Sheffield was mistakenly attacked so soon after take off, when the Swordfish reached the Bismarck, their torps would have exploded on contact with the water and done no damage. More importantly, there would not have been enough Daylight for another attempt. Want more luck? The Bismarck State of the Art Anti-Aircraft Systems were not calibrated for planes that could travel at speeds below 100 mph. In all the air attacks on the Bismarck, not one Swordfish was lost from air attacks from the Victorious or the Ark Royal. Local Controlled gunfire would have been more accurate. I don’t know about you, but I have trouble believing it was all bad luck. Some might say the Germans had good luck in hitting the Hoods Magazine. If you study the ballistics of German 380 MM Rifles versus 406 MM Iowa Class BB Rifles, you will discover very similar armor penetration due to the similar shell weight and velocity which is caused by the amount of powder charge and length of the barrels for the expanding gases to accelerate the shells to top speed. The Bismarck’s Electrically Welded Armor and High Velocity Rifles were a generation superior than Hood’s Rifles and Rivoted Plate Armor, that buckles when hit. The Hood was a cruiser killer and should not have been in battle with the Bismarck. This was not luck, sinking the Hood was just a matter of time. The Admiralty new this and restrained the Repulse and Renown from engaging the Bismarck for the same reason. In addition, the KG5 remained with the Slow Old BB Killer design Rodney to engage the Bismarck. From what I have studied, my opinion is all the luck was against the Germans. When the Brits made a bad decision, “ luck” overcame that mistake. Nothing but a stuck rudder could have stopped the Bismarck from reaching Brest. And that is what happened. When I look back on History, there are many such miracles that have changed the outcomes. I have had enough Probability and Statistics along with Calculus, Physics etc. to get 2 Degrees and become a Professional Electrical Engineer. I believe there was some kind of Divine Intervention that took place in May 1941 just as it did at Dunkirk, and on Dec 7th at Pearl Harbor when the fuel takes and dry docks were not destroyed by the Japanese. Each person can make up his/her mind, but this Battle, like so many others, had too much in it to be called Luck. Dan Dan_1607
  3. I don’t think there should be a mercy rule in any type of Battle, but not for the reasons listed. My point is what about Clan Naval Battle Scoring? What about the guy trying to get his damage up, capping Areas, and spotting the last enemy ship so he/she can get enough XP to get a Clan Naval Battle Star? I have had cases where I am firing at a full health enemy enemy ship, and the match ends, only to miss getting a star by a few XP. This is not Tee Ball League or Tee Shirt Soccer League for youngsters. There is no mercy in a Naval Battle.
  4. Dan_1607

    Serious and Sad Real Life Stuff

    Glad about that Captain, just getting used to reading your thoughts on this blog every day. Thanks for helping me out in the past and answering my game questions.
  5. Base XP is a really fine method of determining how a ship performed in a Battle. WoW has gone to great lengths to develop a method of evaluating how any type of ship, DD, CA, BB, or CV does in a Battle even though each ship type has different battle capabilities and responsibilities. Then if your Team Wins the Battle, WoW multiplies your Base XP by a Bonus Factor and you get rewarded further for your Team Winning the Battle. But for Clan Naval Battle Scoring only, the Battle Winning Bonus Factor should be left out. Presently, you can play a battle really poorly, but you lucked out and got on Flambu or Notsers Team and your Team Wins the Battle, and your Base XP exceeds the 900 XP Bar for a Star. Likewise, you could play a really good game and be on a terrible Team whose armor seems to be made out of quick dissolving Alka-Seltzer, and not make enough Base XP to reach the 900 XP Bar to get a Star. The Battle Winning XP Bonus Factor is something like X 1.5 for a Random Battle. This means that a guy who gets 600 Base XP on a Winning Team will clear the 900 Bar and get a Star for his Clan. But a guy who gets 899 Base XP on a Losing Team, will not clear the 900 Bar Star. I think that the Base XP Battle Winning Bonus Factor should not be used for determining Stars in Clan Naval Battle Scoring. So I am asking for a simple modification to the scoring of only Clan Naval Battles. The first Star Bar level could remain at 300 Base XP, it seems fine for both Random Battles and COOP Battles. However, the 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 Bar Levels for next higher Stars could be lowered by 1.5 because the Battle Winning Bonus is not used. Therefore, the Star levels without Battle Winning Bonus Factor included could be 300, 600, 700, 800, and 900 for every ship Class / Country type. What does everyone think? Please read a couple times before commenting because I want you to be sure you understand what I am requesting. I think people will like this because it makes scoring Clan Naval Battles less frustrating. Thank you for your consideration and for the best game I have played. Dan
  6. Dan_1607

    Clan Naval Battles

    I like your idea StormSurgeAlpha, I have been frustrated before when I got a great score in battle and only cleared the 300 Bar Star and then later got on a bad Team and even though I did ok, I could not clear the 900 Bar second star because the team lost. I like your idea of your highest score not being wasted on a 300 Bar Star. However, if the Base XP did not include the Battle Winning Bonus and requirements for the Stars were scaled down to reflect that the Battle Winning Bonus was absent, hence 300, 500, 750, 900 for stars, this would be an improvement. I say this because you could have your best game of your career and your team still lose the battle and you do not clear Stars you would have, had your team won. That is why I say the team battle winning bonus should not be used in Clan Naval Battles.
  7. Dan_1607

    Clan Naval Battles

    Also I don’t think this would be a large Programming change for WoW to make as they already calculate Base XP for every ship at the end of every match. For for the sake of Clan Naval Battle Star Base XP Levels, simply don’t add in the Team Winning Bonus to the Base XP value and adjust the Star Levels of Base XP accordingly. Recently, the Clan Naval Battles were scored by Ribbons. This doesn’t work because all you do is get a Battleship and rush into battle and get a couple hundred Secondary gun hits. This requires no skill. Conversely, a Destroyer might sink 4 Battleships and only get 12 torpedo hit ribbons and 4 sunk ships and not make the lowest ribbon Bar of 25. Before that, Clan Naval Battles tried scoring with Damage and this really doesn’t show the true battle importance of Capping a strategic Area or Spotting Enemy Ships and keeping them Spotted so your Team could damage them. So that is why I think Base XP is the best all around Factor that determines a players contribution in a Battle, but only True Base XP, without adding in the Winning Team Bonus. This is how I think WoW should score your Battle Performance when used in Clan Naval Battle Scoring.
  8. I would like to start a discussion on how to improve Clan Naval Battles. Presently, the scoring of Stars is based upon Base XP from a match that you play and you have 10 attempts. But the amount of Base XP that you get from a Match is greatly effected by how well your team in that match does. The first Star comes in at 300 Base XP Bar. The Second Star for the same Nation and ship type, comes in at 900 Base XP Bar. Getting 900 Base XP if your Team in the Match wins is very easy even if you hardly did anything to contribute to your Teams Victory. And conversely, you may have had a really good battle and been the best player on your Team, but your Team lost, and you may not reach 900 Base XP and fail to get a Star. What I think would be an improvement is if WoW would only use TRUE Base XP WITHOUT adding in the Team Winning Bonus, for scoring during Clan Naval Battles. And if WoW would also then change the Bar Levels to each ship category for the Stars to something like: 300 Base XP for the first Star 600 Base XP for the Second Star 900 Base XP for the Third Star 1200 Base XP for the Fourth Star i think this would be a real improvement to the scoring and take the luck out of being on a good Team or a bad Team. For example, the Base XP values that I am referring to are the Base XP values you get when your Team Loses a Match. There is about 750 to 1000 average Base XP different between the winners and the losers. And why should your Clan be punished because the luck of the draw had you on a bad Team versus the luck of the draw had your Naval Battle enemy Team get on good Teams? What do you guys think?
  9. Dan_1607

    Dont mess with the CVs, fix the DDs

    Yes, you reinforce my point. But the ORP Piorun was only 1 of 5 Destroyers (also trying were HMS Cossack, Sikh, Maori, Zulu) who tried all night long to hit the Bismarck, the Biggest Battleship in the World at that time, at night, and Bismarck’s rudder was stuck, and could only make ~10 Knots. And no matter how many middle fingers were shown to the Bismarck, no hits were made on her. The only finger that counted, was the finger of God, which guided the Swordfish pilot to drop his torp and guided that torp to hit the rudder of the Bismarck. The real problem in the game is that a tiny aircraft can be detected and shot down at 8,000 KM by ships, but a DD as long as a football field cannot be detected until within 6500 KM. Yes it is a game, and no one dies, although some are taking it too seriously. But In my opinion, making it more realistic, makes it better. For example, German and Japanese gunfire was much more accurate than Allied Navies until Radar improved Allied Fire Control. But not in this game. In this game German gunfire is terrible. The rate of fire for the Bismarck was a broadside every 22 Seconds. Allied Navies were firing at 30 Second Broadsides. In the game more guns is better, in reality, having one powder and shell elevator per gun increased the firing rate. No other Battleship could compare with the amount of tonnage firing rate at enemy ships as the Bismarck class ships. 8 X 60/22 = 21.8 rounds per minute versus for KG5, 10 X 60/2 = 20 rounds per minute. Actually Bismarck’s rifles mechanically could fire at 3.125 shells per minute, but did not do so in battle. With increased firing rate, (the 38CM SK C/34 German Rifle data, 800 Kg , 820 m/s , 35.6 KM range ), comes improved firing accuracy and number of shells on target. Instead of being least accurate, as in the game, these German rifle systems were the most accurate until radar controlled firing systems were made available on Battleships. These facts are readily available and if WOW puts the historic names on these ships, then they should do a little research into how the ships were designed and the features were used. For example, the 406 mm rifles on the Rodney/Nelson were even more powerful (had the highest Kinetic energy and could puncture thicker armor) than the 460 mm Japanese Naval Rifles on the Yamato/Musashi Battleships. These slow Rodney/Nelson Battleships were designed as Battleship Destroyers. Their high velocity shells were designed to punch through armor at close range. To fight a Rodney, you kept it far away. These are the kind of things I’d like to see in the game, the historical facts. That is why I offer a suggestion as to a DD either being a Flotilla of DDs or giving up its life to get a torp attack in on a BB.
  10. Dan_1607

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    As someone who likes playing BBs and CAs, my opinion of these make believe DDs is that Destroyers ruin the game. Any Sailor who can not see a 100 meter long ship at 10,000 meters, would never pass his physical to be in the Navy. CVs were the only counter weapon to the Star Trek Cloaking Device unlimited Torpedo firing DDs. So it is the DD that is ruining the game. The DD can fire torps up to 20KM away wait a minute and fire again. CVs are apart of history and it makes the game realistic. DDs are a phantasy ship that belongs in a science fiction game. British DDs tried all night long to get a torp hit on the Bismarck, at minimum visibility and the Bismarck had a stuck rudder and could only make 12 Knots and the DDs could not get a single torp hit on the Bismarck. In this game a single DD played by a skilled player can sink the entire enemy fleet. And in the hands of an idiot, DDs can still do lots of damage and sink ships. The complaints against CVs are by DD players who can only have fun when they can not be spotted. WoW would have a much better game if the DD represented a flotilla of DDs and the DDs would take losses as the approached for a Torpedo attack.
  11. Dan_1607

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    So who are these " Top Players" ? I don't like how the CV play has changed, I think the old play was more realistic. It was a little more boring, less exciting, but I believe it was more realistic with probable outcomes of hitting ships rather than relying on a Skipper to fly each plane. My point is that anybody who CAN NOT see a 100 meter long DD at 10 KM, would not pass his physical in the Navy. I can pick out each of the 5 X5 inch gun turrets of the BB Alabama from 6 miles across the Mobile Bay, as I drive across every day. In addition, this is May, the Aniversary of the Sinking of the Bismarck. Crippled by a CV air attack, no less. But all night long a British Flotillia tried to torp a rudder damaged Bismarck, huge target, AT NIGHT, no success. If anything needs nerfed in the game it is DD play. I don't know who these Super Good players are, but I bet they drive DDs. As I always see the Shimmys at position 1 or 2, in the standings at the end. And I personally don't consider shooting torps across the map every minute as skill.
  12. Dan_1607

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    WOW has been nerfing CV play since it was changed because of complaints like yours and only allows the CV Skipper to control 1 Squdron at a time. There can only be 2 CVs in a match and these 2 CVs can not be in the same Division? Ask the CV Skippers if they think CVs should be nerfed more, I believe they will say enough is enough. I suppose as a "good player" you would resign CV play to only spotting ships? Because at this moment in Time, a Tier 10 CV Squadron attacking 2 Tier 10 ships within 3KM of each other is committing Suicide with that Squadron. Enough is enough, DDs need the nerfing! Shimmys firing 15 Torps every minute across the map, hoping they get a hit. There is no skill there. Wake up and look around. If a CV player is in it for himself, he might get some high damage. But the CV player who spots the ships that need spotting and sacrifices torpedoe Squadrons into enemy smoke screens hiding DDs and Minotaurs, will be the CV with the higher win percentage.
  13. Dan_1607

    Do you pay money for this game?

    As much time and enjoyment I get from this game, I don't mind opening my wallet and increasing my game enjoyment and supporting those who have done such a great job in coding it for us all to enjoy. My concern is that WOW listens to cry babies too much and departs from the true characteristics of the ships appeasing the cry babies.
  14. Spoken like a true DD skipper who's only fear is being spotted by planes. Just like the Japanese DD trying to return to join his fleet, that was spotted by lost Enterprise Dive Bombers looking for the Japanese fleet. BBs and CAs hate DDs much more than DDs hate CVs. I play them all and CVs are the only weapon that makes the game playable against Star Trek Cloaking device equipped unlimited amount of rapid firing Torpedo Destroyers.
  15. Dan_1607

    Legendary Upgrade for Hindenburg

    I can only tell you I played a match, 1 match, one match, uno match, yesterday, in my Tier 9 Kronstadt against a Hindy and it was a Naval Battle for me. So I had to take this match seriously for doing damage. So take it for what it is worth. The Hindy had used the blind starting couple minutes to turn his ship around 180 and approach my team in reverse. I caught this right away and thought this is going to hurt him because I see what he is doing and can gauge he can only be going 1/2 speed. I missed, he didn't. We get closer and closer, I keep missing and he keeps hitting. Range gets down to where I should be getting Multiple hits and I am still missing. With this being a Naval Battle for me and I have to get 10,000 points of damage, I figure there has to be something special that WOW gave this Hindy that I don't know about, like the dancing Des Moines CA. So I figure I am taking too many hits for what I am dishing out and should move on, only to see my CV coming up behind me. So now I have to think, is my loyalty to my Clan more important to my team in this Battle? Something in me said I have to defend this CV. So I keep firing and trying to distract the Hindy. The Hindy Driver sees the CV behind the island and thinks I am chump change. He starts destroying the CV with my Kronstadt between them. By this time I am relieved to see that I have made my Clan Battle bar ofv20K damage. But my CV is almost sunk. I am further relieved that a Jean Bart has joined me in this gunfight against the Hindy. But I soon find out it doesn't matter. The Hindy sinks my Teams CV, then it sinks me, as the Hindy finally retreats, it heavily damages my teams Jean Bart. I know that the Russian game designers hate Germans. And my Gruber Kurfürst Tier 10 unique upgrade is worthless because who would give up 5KM firing range for the ability to reload 3 seconds faster? Using this unique upgrade on my Kufurst makes my BB in range of CAs that I can't reach out and touch. But whatever the unique upgrade is for the Hindy, it works like a 15 % shell dispersion for incoming shells. I read all the other mail and can say, I was firing HE from my 12 inch guns at the Hindy, thinking I should be able to penetrate and start fires. Never struck a match on the Hindy.