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  1. SunKenBaum

    Ribbons in the Air - 23rd - 29th

    Was a fun one , one of my favorite lower tier dds
  2. SunKenBaum

    Tier 6 Trouble - 15th - 22nd

    Not high scoring but for the fun factor i like how the ship handles , though its taking to getting use to with the smoke . I got it in a crate and it has left an early impression on me . It does what it should do and it was fun
  3. SunKenBaum

    Ship that Tip! - 8th - 15th

    For me its the Alabama Something that has differences from the main line and make for a well rounded BB. For this tip , the best tip would be to always keep angled and while that is important for any ship , this one is key to what you are facing tier 10. For all the Battleships i play , i feel turning is much safer.The rudder shift time might be bad for some ,but with its length being shorter it feels great to maneuver with torps or repositioning without giving to much broadside.
  4. Hell of a good Alsace game you screenshot for savage sinking.

  5. though i dont play often i picked up to playing this alot ,along with the others. Good armor to survive to win this one
  6. SunKenBaum

    Revenge of the Red - 10th - 17th

    All loses were higher damage and one i win , the team helps carry . It was a hard fought game.
  7. I would say russian dasha was a combination of importance and a personal favorite for when going down the russian cruiser and now the russian bb line. Good voice to hear while on the seas. Otherwise i would go with Prinz Eugen just based on the design and colors , just has a good design thats not as fan service compared to the others.
  8. Georgia Siegfried Thunderer Smolensk Slava Colbert Id say due to play style and ships i play the most. Any BBs would be of interest even if im unsure if ill get it , still fun to see it used. Then seeing the newer types of cruisers.
  9. SunKenBaum

    Remember the 'Mericans - 27th - 3rd

    First premium ship i bought , has been a go to for credits even if its a tier 8 facing mostly higher tier.
  10. Long as I can get the day off. Never know what other players are from Connecticut as well. There are probably a few other places to visit in the future.
  11. It is tempting , never been to such a place . Though it is about 2 hours drive from the other side of Connecticut.