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  1. regopark

    Naval History in Photos: April

    All the photos were pretty good, until you get to the photos you posted of Yamato. The first one, where she explodes after capsizing, is the only one taken on that day, April 7. The other three aerial shots of her were taken during the Leyte Gulf battle, either in the Sibuyan Sea battle where Musashi was sunk or the following morning off the Island of Samar when the Japanese ran into Taffy 3's baby carriers. Just check the number of anti-aircraft mounts on the ship's side. There were two covered 25mm machine gun mounts in place during Leyte Gulf; that number was increased to 5 mounts per side between December 1944 and March 1945.
  2. Your retelling of the elements of the battle are incorrect in that Hornet's dive bombers completely missed the battle. SBDs from Yorktown and Enterprise made the first attacks on Kido Butai, battering Kaga, Soryu and [edited] Best's single bomb hit on Akagi which assured her destruction. And it was Yorktown and Enterprise's SBDs that crippled Hiryu later that afternoon (again [edited] Best planted his bomb on Hiryu's deck).
  3. regopark

    WoW Legends

    Yo, Ruthless, thx for the response. I've already gone to the dev with my complaints/praise; one of them steered me to the right place. And you're not being rude at all. I'm just sorry (and glad) to hear the minimap issue has been addressed but nothing was done about it. Let's keep fingers crossed!
  4. regopark

    WoW Legends

    Adding this to my first posting, after much more gameplay (playing, not testing it) I realize all the icons that surround the screen are too small to see. If you were playing this on a PC then, with your face almost right up to the monitor, everything would be clearly visible. But playing on a flatscreen TV, from some distance away, you need a pair of binoculars to see the icons, some of which are crucial to the action. And, again, I will add suggestions for the mini-map. As I said (and I am guilty of repetition) the map needs to be moved to the lower-right side of the screen, made completely opaque to prevent background scenery from blocking out details. Having to click back and forth on the full-screen map and the battle scene has cost me many ships since at times things are happening so fast that even a split-second distraction can mean the difference between life and getting blown up. During a furious battle you need to see where you are and who is around you so you can judge the actions you need to take, and having the minimap clearly visible is crucial. What I didn't say in my first post, but I'll say it here, is that Legends is growing on me big time. In the five days since I've downloaded it I've only touched the PC version of the game only once. Legends plays better, has far better graphics, but as it's still in its "infancy" stage it definitely needs improvement in some areas. And, of course, playing it on a large flat screen TV kind of makes you feel like you're more a part of the action than on a 21-inch computer monitor!
  5. regopark

    WoW Legends

    I just acquired Legends on my PS4, and I like it. I do really like the PC version and have put in (or wasted, whichever) enough money on the game for ships and supplies, so I am in no way prepared to toss out the PC version. But my main reason for writing this is as eager as I am to play Legends, there are certain things that need improvement, in my opinion. The first is the mini-map. It is located in the upper left corner of the screen, is semi-transparent, and very difficult to see. Unless I haven't discovered it yet, there are no settings for this map as in the PC version. I think the map should be made non-transparent, a little bigger and relocated to the lower right of the screen. But, that's my opinion. The next is the after-battle screen. The Personal Score comes up only. There is no Detailed Report as in the PC version. I feel this does need to be added as it tells you what ships you sank or damaged, and how. Now, this game, unlike other PS4 games, has no ability to make changes to the viewing screen, e.g. the gamma, which will lighten or darken the playing screen. Right now the playing screen is very light, and unless I go into my TV settings and adjust them, it will stay that way. The only screen segment in the game's settings is for those who are colorblind. Others elements need to be added as well to the game. These seem to be the only "complaints" I have about Legends. I played it for four days without even touching the PC version! If I find anymore things to report I will make another post.
  6. regopark

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    I will say that as far as the update 8.0 is concerned I really don't have big misgivings over it. I play using surface ships only, I'm a surface ship slugging it out freak and have no desire to use carriers, though I have tried them and do not like them. So the main "gripe" I do have with the overall game, which I've addressed to the powers that be, is changing the way of acquiring ships, and the conversion of "funds" and XP. As of this writing I have a total of 15 million credits. Wouldn't it be nice if I could go into the tech tree and have the ability to buy the ships I dream of 'owning' using my acquired credits? Why can't a person be able to convert credits for doubloons or XP to allow you to research or purchase desired acquisitions? And why can't credits be used as a purchase tool just like coal, steel and even doubloons in the Arsenal?
  7. regopark

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    I just wanted to add this - the game's prefs should include EVERYTHING, not some things and the minimap other things. Centralize all of the gameplay preferences. You sure as hell wouldn't find Photoshop or InDesign with prefs in more than one location now, would you?
  8. regopark

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    While I do not play using carriers, and I thank God after reading all of the above items that I don't, my only issue here is trying to retrieve the preferences I had the game set at with the previous versions. I used to have all the ships in the scene named, their last known positions when they suddenly disappear, etc. A lot of those were acquired through the minimap box, but upon trying them with 8.0 they didn't stick. And I'm sure as hell NOT going to sit there with one finger on the ALT button so I can get that information. You had to wait for the game to get going before you could access the minimap prefs (CTRL-Mouse) and then click the buttons at the bottom. Done and they didn't take. FIX THIS PLEASE!
  9. Below is the window for converting XP files. Nowhere is it explained how you do this, and at the risk of sounding dumb, I don't want to screw up anything in my game by doing this without knowing what I am doing. Can someone please help?
  10. After the end of the First World War, Japan was given a mandate over the Marianas Islands for her part in hunting down the German commerce-raiders Scharnhorst and Gneisenau (not the subsequent battlecruisers) in the Pacific, her only contribution to the war effort
  11. There is one other interesting fact about the attack. One of the midget submarines actually did fire its torpedoes, one missile striking the Oklahoma and one striking West Virginia. If you look at one of the photographs taken by Japanese pilots, looking towards 10-10 Dock, you will see the conning tower of the sub broaching the harbor's surface. This has been documented. This sub did manage to escape the harbor - if you read accounts of the attack you will notice there is one midget sub missing
  12. Excellent article, however, there is one mistake has been made by many historians concerning the Arizona. She was NOT hit by any torpedoes. Over the years detailed examinations were done of the hull and it was confirmed that no torpedoes struck the ship. The explosion in her forward magazine was due to the hit of a converted 16" shell from the battleship Nagato, the plane originating from the carrier Soryu.
  13. Ok, the battleships I've had (or still have): Kongo - incredible ship, she really fought her butt off! Fuso - the same, especially with her 10-gun broadsides! Scharnhorst - Okay, she's got small guns but she's a plucky, hard-hitting warrior, and the love the fact she has torpedoes! Massachusetts - I've been on board the real ship so many times I just had to have her send out and shoot 'em up. She's awesome! New Mexico - This is one great battlewagon. I had her after New York, deleted her after I got Fuso, then when I got Scharnhorst and Massachusetts bought her back. All of my battleships (New Mex, Scharnhorst, Massachusetts) are on constant Kamikaze duty, though they don't always get the opportunity to ram. Sometimes just a knock-down, drag-out gunfight is sufficient
  14. Also, the Japanese Kii was, I believe, the tentative name for the fourth Yamato-class battleship had it been built. The keel had been laid down, but no work was done, and it was scrapped to make way for the construction of suicide boats later in the war.
  15. Fluffyfatcat is right, although it's an iffy thing about the Montana. The Montana-class were designed as replacements for the Iowa-class, but owing to the nature of the war plus the introduction of the Essex-class carriers the Montanas were cancelled before their keels were laid down.