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  1. ToXlc_AVeNgER

    Best Battle: results of first stage.

    I got #1 in T5 BB. Did I win soemthing?
  2. ToXlc_AVeNgER

    Update 0.10.2 - Bug Reports

    logged in fine got to port got marco polo, went to play first game, stuck on loading screen could hear myself fire and my horn but only could see the map and teams. closed out and restarted game now doesnt get past logging in. removed all mods restarted computer, ran fix and repair, still stuck on logging in video...
  3. ToXlc_AVeNgER

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    and just like that CVs are 35 million dollar spotters... at least for the 1st five minutes then they are just cruise ships with no planes.
  4. ToXlc_AVeNgER

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    having trouble getting it to work with steam version. what is the bin folder number?