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    If Slava had the same armor as Kremlin, the forum would be full of idiots crying about "rUSsIaN bIAs". The ship has vastly more range than Kremlin and much better guns, with their only downside being their lack of 30mm overmatch. At the ranges it is meant to be played at, it has no need for Kremlin's armor layout.
  2. Renamed_User382592742646

    All about cruisers

    "Best" cruiser line is subjective. That said, if I had to pick the easiest tier 10 cruiser to play, I'd say Hindenburg. It is the best at farming damage, it has long range, quick firing guns, the second best HE penetration, a decent fire chance, good armor, good AP shells, good close quarters capacity, and it gets an extra heal compared to other tier 10 cruisers. It also has a very easy play style. The USSR cruisers are good, but they have their flaws. The heavy cruiser line (The tier 10 being Petropavlovsk) is quite poorly armored up until tier 9. Their guns are mediocre to average (though they have excellent flight times) until tier 8, where their AP penetration goes up as does their calibre (Tier 8 being 180mm, tier 9 and 10 being 220 mm), though from tier 8 and up they all have atrocious mid to long range dispersion. Petropavlovsk is the best armored tier 10 cruiser with the best AP shells of any tier 10 cruiser short of Stalingrad. Its citadel is quite exposed when broadside, like all other Soviet cruisers. What makes it somewhat difficult to play is the fact that it has to be played close to the enemy, which for players new to cruiser gameplay is quite hard. Having high map and situational awareness is quite critical, so I wouldn't recommend this line if you're new. The light cruiser line (Tier 10 being Alexander Nevsky) are poorly armored full stop. Even the tier 10 has poor armor, though by light cruiser standards it's better off than the likes of Worcester and Minotaur. Unlike the heavy cruisers, the light cruisers can rely on both AP and HE shells starting from tier 9 and they have standard dispersion curves at all ranges. Alexander Nevsky has 19km of range as standard as well as the best shells ballistics of any light cruiser and most heavy cruisers. The shells have a decent fire chance and the ship is very fast, so it's good at stopping pushes of enemy battleships and cruisers from far away. It is capable of farming a lot of damage, but it's not as good at it as Hindenburg or Henri IV. It's also not as well armored as either of those two, so you generally rely on dodging enemy shells more so than being okay with tanking some of them. It's very fun to play, but again it requires a degree of map awareness to use efficiently, so I wouldn't recommend it either. The other line I would recommend along with the German cruiser line is the British heavy cruiser line (the tier 10 being Goliath). Personally, I do not like the line because I find it extraordinarily boring to play, but it does have its plus sides. Firstly, the ships at tier 9 and 10 have incredible HE penetration (59mm base) and fire chance (24% base) due to their 234mm guns. Even the tier 8 with its 203mm guns has a respectable 17% base fire chance. They also have large health pools and get heals at an earlier tier than other lines. Their heals starting at tier 8 are similar to the heals used by the British light cruisers, so they can be hard to kill provided you aren't citadeled. Unfortunately, the tier 8 is quite easy to citadel from any angle. The tier 9 (Drake) is more resistant when angled. The Goliath is also very resistant to citadels when angled, but still can take a lot of damage and usually won't be bouncing any battleship shells, especially from the plethora of 430+ mm guns at high tiers nowadays. TL;DR, go for the German cruisers. They're the easiest to play and have the highest damage potential, especially at tier 10.
  3. Renamed_User382592742646

    No more DDers complaining about CV Rockets :<

    I was going to take this post seriously until I realized the OP is an extremely new player with most of his games in low tier carriers. Obviously I'm not going to stat shame or anything like that. New players need time, but what I will say is that rockets are far far far more powerful at higher tiers than tier 4 and 6. It is not uncommon at all at tier 10 for a Midway or Audacious to remove half a destroyer's health bar with one flight of rocket planes. And this requires little skill to do with how much health tier 10 planes have and how completely ineffective AA is even at tier 10 with only a few exceptions (Halland, Worcester, Colbert). Of course all the CV mains on this forum will completely deny the fact that CVs are broken and call it a "vocal minority" (<--- WG quote right there), but simply watching CV interaction at high tier should tell any person who isn't a CV main that they're an unfair class. The ability to damage almost every ship from over 30km away with precision while also spotting them for the team for often over the duration of a radar charge is inherently too strong. This is compounded by the fact that AA is entirely reliant on flak, which is way too easy to dodge and is based entirely on RNG. That means that ships under attack from a carrier can only turn their ship to "mitigate" the damage. There is no outplaying the carrier because they will 90% of the time always get damage on you. Especially if the target is a destroyer. Multiple times I have personally been aped by a CV whilst playing a destroyer. As I am "supposed" to do, I angle towards the rockets, keep my AA off until I'm about to be spotted, sector my AA properly. Result? 1 plane shot down and receiving 3k damage only for the rockets to come back and do it again. And keep in mind the DD has to dodge shots from the multiple ships that are benefiting from the carrier's spotting. Destroyers and cruisers (and with how potent F.D.R. rockets are, even battleships now) have every right to complain about rockets and carriers in general. They have no counterplay. It's a common theme amongst all the overpowered ships in the game. Smolensk, Thunderer, Smaland, etc.. There is no sure fire way to fight back against them unless they make a massive error. If you're in a battleship getting farmed by a Thunderer, what do you do? Your only hope is to run and hope that he can't get spotting on you. If you're fighting a Smolensk, what do you do? You run and hope he runs out of spotting (though Smolensk is way easier to deal with now since its guns have limited penetration on cruisers). What do you do against Smaland's stealth radar and incredible DPM? You simply die if you're in a destroyer or get farmed to death if you're in a battleship while hoping your team (lol) can kill him. Carriers are exactly the same, but worse because you can't even damage the carrier when he strikes you. And more often than not, your AA will be completely worthless. So yes, they are a very broken class despite what CV mains and the idiots in the WG development team say. And one more thing that has to be said. High tier destroyers and cruisers, particularly tier 9 and 10, are WAY bigger ships so are easier to strike. Harugumo, Khabarovsk, and Kleber are comparable to tier 5 cruisers. Other tier 10 destroyers are like tier 4 cruisers in size. Henri IV is bigger than some tier 8 battleships. Des Moines and Salem are only about 5 metres shorter than North Carolina, a tier 8 battleship. That makes striking these ships way easier.
  4. Renamed_User382592742646

    Gun Sound Mod

    Yes. There are no sound mods in the Modstation that revert gun sounds to their pre 8.8 settings.
  5. Renamed_User382592742646

    Gun Sound Mod

    I am not a modder by any stretch of the imagination, which leaves me in a bit of a predicament. To cut to the chase, I'd like to know if there is a mod that can revert most of the gun sounds in the game to the way they were in 2019 before patch 8.8. I was never a fan of the new sounds in general, especially how they were all standardized. I'm sure it's probably not a mod that's easy to make or possible to make, but it's worth a shot asking if such a mod exists.
  6. Renamed_User382592742646

    Alexander Nevsky or Minotaur

    Frankly if you're playing Minotaur, you know what you're getting into. You should know how to position yourself in a way that you don't get dev struck. I normally run radar Minotaur and its been a while since a battleship or cruiser has one shot me. Sure, I've gotten citadeled. But one shot? No. As for Neptune, as far as I can tell the only thing it has over Minotaur is its tier. Tier 9 gets the best matchmaking, but other than that it just seems worse in every way.
  7. Renamed_User382592742646

    Best T9 cruiser -revisited

    Alaska is by far the best followed by Siegfried. It's not really a contest. Alaska has improved pen angles, good concealment, good handling, radar, and decent armor. Siegfried is slightly less versatile, but it has a literal battleship's guns with better accuracy than Alaska does
  8. Renamed_User382592742646

    Alexander Nevsky or Minotaur

    Alexander Nevsky is far better at locking down a flank's push due to its flight times and range. But I'd say Minotaur has the potential to be the more influential ship over the course of the game. Especially if you run Minotaur with radar. All that being said Minotaur is by far the harder ship to play. If you're an average or below average player, go for Nevsky. It's much more player friendly (though Nevsky's armor is not strong. It's extremely easy to damage and dev strike as well).
  9. Renamed_User382592742646

    Kremlin OP?

    Currently Kremlin's dispersion mixed with its atrocious AA means it's not really that good anymore unfortunately. When it was released it was super strong, but whatever they changed about its dispersion really killed it along with the AA nerfs. Like any tier 10 battleship, you can get good games out of it. But compared to the best tier 10 battleships, Thunderer, Ohio, Yamato, Shikishima, and Republique, it's honestly not as good. Thunderer is the best of them all unless you have to brawl in it, Ohio is far better at brawling than Kremlin, Yamato's guns are far better at all ranges, same with Shikishima, and Republique is better at brawling provided it's a 1v1.
  10. Renamed_User382592742646

    Carrier up-tier must stop

    Imagine playing a ship and feeling completely helpless against ships you have to fight. Sounds like how the rest of us feel when we come across CVs. Deal with it like the rest of us have to deal with you.
  11. Renamed_User382592742646

    Marceau opinions

    That's simply not true. It's like saying landing shells with Des Moines is just as hard as landing shells with Worcester or even worse, Colbert. It's just not the same. In practice air drag makes a huge difference. Landing shells with Montana is clearly harder than doing it with Republique for the same reasons.
  12. Renamed_User382592742646

    Marceau opinions

    Sorry, but you're objectively wrong. Go to the WoWs fitting tool site and look at the shell trajectories of each destroyer at tier 10. The only ones worse than Marceau are Gearing and Yueyang (which use the same guns). All the other destroyers are much better. They might have high arcs in some cases (like Daring), but even Daring is significantly better in terms of air drag than Marceau is.
  13. Renamed_User382592742646

    Sap for Russian DD

    Small correction. Shikishima is the design A-150 battleship that was being developed by Japan by the time the war ended. But since most of its blueprints were destroyed, WG basically just had to assume that it was more or less a Yamato with late war AA and 510 mm guns, which the design included.
  14. Renamed_User382592742646

    Sap for Russian DD

    I'm really confused as to how the OP managed to confuse Paolo Emilio with a Soviet destroyer. Like, I know people in this game really like to believe in non existent Russian bias, but this is kind of ridiculous. Unless you're referring to DD-R10's armor piercing shell, which is named SAP-42 and is the same shell used by Grozovoi and Smolensk. However this is not a SAP shell. It's an armor piercing shell. Khabarovsk's armor piercing shell is named SAP-46. No ships in the game besides Italian cruisers, Paolo Emilio, and the upcoming battleship Impero have SAP shells. So basically only Italian ships get them.
  15. Renamed_User382592742646

    Why did you wreck the Yamato

    All of the Soviet ships have incredibly weak broadsides that are easy to citadel, so you likely just need to work on your aim. As for Yamato, the only way another ship can damage its nose with armor piercing rounds is if the ship firing at it is another Yamato, Musashi, or Shikishima. Or if you weren't angled properly and they managed to hit the cheek under Yamato's front guns. Yamato hasn't been nerfed at all. In fact its turret traverse was actually buffed some time ago, so if you're having troubles then just keep yourself angled. And as for secondaries, the reason they don't fire immediately is probably because they do have to take time to traverse towards the enemy ship and reload before they fire, which gives the enemy ship enough time to maneuver and make them miss. Not to mention that secondaries have a flight time too and have a poor sigma value, so they'll generally not always land on the targeted ship unless you have the manual secondaries skill (which you shoudn't have on a Yamato).