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  1. HMS_Fireball

    I have 4 tier 10 DD's and they're trash now.

    I agree being a dd is just trash now. Between radar and having to keep aa guns on cuz of all the rockets just gives you away 99% of the time. Cant hide in smoke cant seem to never not be spotted. I spent money on world of warships not world of planes this is just trash.This update is trash and i will not be making any more purchases till this trash is fixed. I cant understand when beta testing was going on how players even though that this style of play was going to be good. World of Warships has been broken in my eyes and about all players who play in game all say how they hate it, fix this garbage make it about ships again not planes. Also the damage that rockets do to dd's is way too much. You took away a popular class called dd's for cv class ships and made it all about that class now, its so unbalanced. Again this update is just trash!!! listen to the players....
  2. HMS_Fireball

    ranked battles

    There has to be a better way to do ranked battles. For 4 days I have been on rank 5 get a star to lose a star deal over and over and over. The issue I have is this the way it is now is no way of representing yourself as far as skill etc. What I mean is to rely on other players does not show your on skill nor should it reflect on one's own rank. I would rather have ranked battles to be with bots as a team then the [edited] cry players we all seem to get, or the players who go afk cuz they get upset in the game or the players with no skill and shouldnt even be in a ranked battle to start with. Again if this is a ranked battle for someone to get a rank shouldnt they have more control over there own rank, and not to rely on other the players that shouldnt matter or refect on your own rank? There has to be a better way then this.
  3. HMS_Fireball

    Harugumo, Khab fire rate too high.

    Harugumo is my fav ship but to say its in need of a nerf as far as reload time thats stupid. The ship cant turn, its slow, and is very easy to spot. The torp reload is 2.5 minutes and if torps are sent towards the ship chances are it will be hit cuz it cant turn. Cv's eat the harugumo up due to its lack of being able to turn, so just cuz it can spam reload quickly doesnt mean its a fierce damage ship. I mean without that reload time the ship would not be playable. Also example 40% of shots fired do nothing of any damage as well just saying.
  4. HMS_Fireball

    Akizuki is just terrible

    well said to be honest
  5. HMS_Fireball

    Akizuki is just terrible

    alright I will give it a try thanks for this info
  6. There has to be some kind of a miss with this ship. First the speed, well it cant get out of its own way. The second is the guns do next to nothing at all for damage, I mean its terrible to the extreme. The third is with factoring in the first two issues, the torps you get a whole 4 torps to fire off, then a cool down. So I get the rate of fire is 3 seconds on the guns but it does nothing for you cuz the guns are so bad. I have been waiting for the next 2 tier ships but they have now been saying soon forever now. This ship is not well thought out at all, to be just a joke. Its not a dd all it is a blow up river raft thrown into a ww2 simulation. Please there has to be some give with the ship to make it at least some what playable. For all that it costs to get its so , so, so bad. Its like a tier 2 ship pretending to be a tier 8, its that unfun. its a joke!!