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    In my experience bots are pretty reckless, but also clairvoyant, especially when it comes to torps. I don’t even think that is controversial,. The argument would be how often they use their hydro superpower. But I agree with many others on this thread....that is just the beginning. Had a match just yesterday where without being detected at all, I WATCHED a Minotaur TRACK me with its guns, and then open up the INSTANT I came into detection range. That gave me a good laugh. I was saying aloud to the bot what in the F are you looking at behind me? Since 0.8.0 it seems the bots are also avoiding being ambushed much more often. Had a match, think the day before yesterday, where a Cleveland, without detecting me at all, beached itself instead of staying on course into my ambush. I am used to this beaching behavior, but rarely before being detected. Seems almost normal now. Think they also tuned up other bot behavior a bit for 0.8.0... Had a lot of instances of capital ships running from one end of the map to the other, away from me (near where they spawn....from a to c or vice versa ) if I score too many points early. Sometimes it seems as though they are making sure no one can hog all the xp. This spawn kiting behavior seems completely new to me with 0.8.0. Overall I’d say they are a little yes yolo too (B is no longer a near certainty for a brawl). I welcome most of these changes, but I do get annoyed by the OBVIOUS clairvoyant stuff. Anyone who has played this mode enough has to know there are all kinds of shenanigans “under the hood.” If there weren’t you would have people chasing 99.999% win rates in co op, because let’s face it: they’d be too predictable. As is they mix some garbage with some “RNG” and the outcome is most people have the same functional win rate. If you get too far outside of it get ready to be loaded up with an all bot team who then proceeds to die quickly leaving you in a nearly impossible situation. From the discussions with coop regulars I’ve had, this is a completely normal feature of the game.
  2. AttentionOnDeck

    PSA- Capt. respec is over

    Don’t hold your breath. As far as I know, they are planning on bringing bot CVs back to “our” lowly realm in 0.8.1, but won’t be opening free respec again until 0.8.2 or shortly after (2 months give or take). Before the respec closed I reset all my potential AA ships, will need to look through secondary sources for advice instead of testing builds myself.
  3. AttentionOnDeck

    Cap the # of destroyers in Operations

    I would be ok with a cap of 2 DDs. However, this is because most op DD players do not know how to play their DD in a particular op, and do not care to learn. Also, the role of the DD is diminished when there are 3, and the diminishing returns are usually consequential in terms of hurting the farm of the other DDs. I love to bring DDs to almost all the ops. 15-20 minutes for 5k XP Is better than what I earn in Co-Op (where I exclusively play basically). Right now I am grinding Hatsuharu, Akatsuki, and Minsk for at least their daily bonus, and I also regularly farm elite captain XP in Sims and Farragut.
  4. AttentionOnDeck

    When TK torps are a DDs fault...

    I never really understood this. Obviously everyone is responsible for all their own shots. However, being downrange of any ships line of ordinance is dangerous and caution should be taken. Sometimes torp shots are taken that are reckless and/or greedy. Sometimes maneuvers are made that are reckless and/or greedy. Sometimes mistakes are made. Sometimes people go out of their way to turn someone’s innocuous shots into a mistake (friendly bots will travel half the map to do this). No one, green or red, owns the sea. If this is that important an issue than the game mechanics should be used to circumvent it (eg. stiffer penalties). Beware if you think that just because you are there you can use your ship to secure farming potential. If I can torp in a way that will just draw a warning, 95% of the time I will. If I’m in a bad mood (i.e. didn’t score enough) sometimes I will chase down and take reckless or long range torps just to spite others, conversely in the same circumstances I will sometimes take ridiculously greedy or reckless shots. I will virtually never do either purposefully if a win is on the line, but still then there are cases where torping with a teammate downrange Is the way to secure the win.
  5. AttentionOnDeck

    Fun question! Most fun ship for coop?

    I am near exclusively co-op. So far the most fun ship was a secondary spec’d gneissenau. It really dominates the bots, and races to high damage and kills very well. Not a minute of it felt like a grind.
  6. AttentionOnDeck

    Narai Operation

    Had 332k in the Gadjah today. Torping Iron Duke can done in between placing AP salvos into the Emerald, or even before depending on how long it takes the team to finish the Wyoming. Doesn’t matter the DD...Minsk, Jervis, Mahan, Sims, or Gadjah...if I don’t get 220k, I had a bad outing (or the team was just good). This does not include significant damage from the transports since I never go for them with random teams (might take a couple shots at them after Mo is dead).