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  1. AttentionOnDeck

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    now i see why they changed it lol (u broke it hahahaha)... will it continue now that they changed back phoenix and atlanta?
  2. AttentionOnDeck

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    nice that thing is nasty, let me know how the changes in narai affect ur averages :)
  3. AttentionOnDeck

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    my new personal high, but the game wasn't anything special just good rng
  4. AttentionOnDeck

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    nice...thx to your route, just had this happen Gonna have to start asking to see ur detailed reports here lol
  5. AttentionOnDeck

    Two Humans, Seven Bots Co-op Battles

    fantastic thinking. If I actually cared to get a piece of 2v7, I would help walk this down. right now all 2v7 does is further erode any meaning in COOP
  6. AttentionOnDeck

    PSA. WG apparently ...ed up the BXP for Newport News

    nice games. its always nice to see that throwback stuff too because it predates me. I never had the chance to run T5s. newport with the cv finish was harder, but besides that newport difficulty has ebbed and flowed for me...wg likes to tweak the routes a fair amount, and under some of the old routes I did secure handfuls of 300-315k Farragut games (my max in newport being 325k+ in ryujo rts), so I could surmise how a monaghan or other high torp thrower like fushun or the swedish one can dominate right now.... add in the gimmick reload booster and you can really maximize the versatility in a farming path I agree credit is due. I say to each their own, and all that matters to me in the end is the screenshot (or recollection if I trust you). I don't care how you swindled the bots or your team, all that matters is you have the receipt imo. I try to seperate out what I find tasteless versus what I don't respect as a fellow bot-smasher., because somewhere down the line it is just to pot calling the kettle black. I fully respect this work, and find it nearing absurd they care so much to blur their ship, but I can understand given that wg is always right around the corner with the nerf hammer, and people will "sample" his route plenty over time. You are right to note that newport bots cant quite be spawn-ambushed like kw, but with torp reload booster and a couple "chosen targets," I can see exactly how one would strategize and pull of some exotic stuff as he has here, and in those moments where you are using that booster, it is very much like kw spawnfarming where you are going as fast as you can flinging ordinance within seconds to get way with it. I have a slight recollection of seeing him on a farming run recently, when I also ran Farragut. I remember because I was pissed when he had me by a couple exp... I said to myself NOONE puts baby in a corner.... then I noted to myself that I would not be interested in his path because though it may be a high individual score and allright for the team, but it doesn't have a plan for dealing with some of the key enemies (the second wave dds, the third wave aoba and dds, and then the last wave maass-myoko-sometimes nurnberg combo). If you play a ton of newports, a super high risk-reward run just isn't as fun a farm to me as a guaranteed 3-5 star run REGARDLESS of how bad your team is, so in addition to high damage I want as near to a five star average as can be "balanced" with my personal glory. That doesn;t mean I dont want to throw in a completely selfish run here and there just because. Of course I am assuming a lot on an imperfect recollection, and maybe he broke it open another "moar fun" way. Just like in the "full game" you can't really measure impact as tangibly. That said if you methodically follow a script or whatever like I know some of them do, and you really get it perfect, it doesn't matter, you will in fact carry no matter if you are a sucker punching fool or not. I imagine that Farm Fresh has in fact kind of transcended here and knows it, and just wants to enjoy it until it becomes more standard. I personally want to thank him since every time they change routes to counteract farmers they open up potential ways I can get Farragut back to its old glory, and if he continues to make a mockery of Newport (as he has made a science here), they will likely do just that. I just get sick of being gaslighted by WG's "we didnt make any changes" spiel
  7. AttentionOnDeck

    Cvs in Aegis.

    it took years for me to finally realize people (including me) have this op all wrong in kw ppl will risk all 5 stars to brawl, but in aegis, even though there is no requirement to exit, you just cant get people to fight the last waves in a10 if people did, they would see that by pushing that last wave, they actually go defensive and hold back, so even the most miserable yolo has a better effect on objectives than what we see now i have given up thinking pugs will ever understand this within the op, but in built divs we have been within three ships of killing all enemies....if we ever get a full div of pros I am sure we will conquer it entirely, or we will see the most hilarious of endless wave spawns as for cv routes, here is the secondary weser I currently employ 1) first torp smith, you will knock him off his path and he will smoke early and to the side, this will get most of the allied ships out of your route to the fight and will screw up the torp soup strat of the enemy. as a bonus you will hear the squeals of pugs 2) meta drop another set then go torp the rearmost ships (torp planes are valuable dont lose too many), launch dive bombers and try to get a couple cits as you prepare to drive your cv thru the torp soup....apply your secondary focus on dds and meta launch on targets of opportunity if you want the farm and have had good aa rng 3) dont stop steaming, after you smith and akulov kill the first wave, and the pug team is cowering two clicks back and south, launch either torps or ap rockets and go attack the lead ship of the escorts, you are trying to kill this ship before it comes to reinforce the second wave...if kumas use ap rockets, myokos use torps, anything else its users choice (but i suggest torps unless kumas) 4) continue steaming, but do a check on your team, you may need to abandon secondary mode if your team is getting wrecked (do this by hiding in the islands if necc, its honestly an easy and fun farm from here if your team does blow it, my 356k game was from this location on a busted ryujo run doing this SAME thing), but otherwise after that first escort is dead attack the front escort of the far end while you steam towards the enemy behind it. it will take some clean manuevers to ensure you win/survive any close engagements....if you are to come abreast of an enemy dont fret just stay close enough that any torps dont arm 5) now turn towards a8, but do not get into firing range of the aa cruisers coming to kill the balti UNTIL the balti is about to be engaged by them, laucnh ap rockets and go focus a single kuma that will be harrasing the baltimore....if no kuma get out of ap rockets after a salvo or 2 depeniding on opportunity, and then work in torp rockets on any shira if present yet (no matter focus whatever ship you can frag, including fuso if the team has it close) 6) right before balti is in range it should be safe to start steaming towards where fuso is heading, now the fun begins 7)at this point you would play one way if you are looking to just do you, and another if you were looking to CONQUER AEGIS (defined as killing all ships there), I will just follow through with the "you do you" version.....launch the best available damage dealer and continue to harras the aa reinforcements up there.....make clean manuevers as you drive towards the fuso 8) ram the fuso or just giggle profusely as your secondaries wreck stuff and PUGS SCREAM GET BACK (most often fuso is long gone at this point, and its actually ishi and the second spawned shira that you are on)....make manuevers in between farming from up close....if you are that close in there will be 0 threat to transports as the cpu understands where the "battle line" is 9) in any case you will likely have kicked so much butt that akulov survived, and maybe balti too, now scream at pugs to get involved and shake your head at how the playerbase doesnt quite understand that there is no benefit to not brawling at this stage (in fact if they arent trying to draw fire all they are doing is risking transports and or akulov if he is still alive and derping towards them) *) if at the conquer aegis step you want to help your team have the time to kill everything, then start torping the transports so that they dodge torps instead of leaving (one can buy 1-2 minutes or more for the team to farm at the end at the cost of letting your flattop get sunk usually)....this aint field of dreams though, you can build it, but they wont come....pugs just cant seem to get it, and actually get offended if you plead with them to fight....
  8. AttentionOnDeck

    PSA. WG apparently ...ed up the BXP for Newport News

    Yeah he forgot to blur his blurred background, so one can make out the ship if they try. I don't think many people would ever try to recreate what he does, even if he was doing 400k, because if it's anything like his KW farm, it's just too routine and consists of sucker punching spawns asap in a way I find disturbingly boring (but to each their own) I would love to have a t6 reload booster for ops, but no chance I am buying any ship less they bring back the lost ops...Farragut can get close enough as is (280k+ ish)
  9. AttentionOnDeck

    Two Humans, Seven Bots Co-op Battles

    The thing is we can never know what wins in coop are quality wins or losses, then when it comes to damage they will also run bots away and/or hivemind focus anyone trying to yolo up all the exp early (they non-linearly react and it has an effect of keeping things egalitarian AND interesting because otherwise the battles would be over way too quick in 9v9)... ..between the two of them it basically confounds things to the point coop stats are even less meaningful then they have ever been (which wasn't ever much at all)....I started seeing the real demise of coop back at the Puerto Rico event where they migrated pvp'rs over for perpetual objective farming I think they said: if we cant make them leave pve str8 up, then lets try making pve worse by saturating it I reckon that anything that further devalues coop has an effect of driving ppl either to pvp or back to pvp, so from this overall hatred of pve perspective it would make sense to me. For any of you not believing that WG manipulates COOP matchmaking, try keeping 100% in a ship, you can sign on when the servers are brimming with coop players in q, and abruptly you will be put into extreme bot carry situations inexplicably. From WAY TOO MANY GAMES HERE I can basically estimate how long it will be (and it is boring AF getting there), but generally after 20 str8 wins you really start asking for it, and by 60 you should be getting pummeled with bot games. I imagine that underneath the surface in their spreadsheet they have some reason for injecting 2v7 to who is enjoying (or not enjoying) them happy bot smashing (except 2-10% of the time)
  10. AttentionOnDeck

    0.10.4 Operations XP/Credits Bug

    this is exactly right... I actually farm damage from transports and even let the other pugs have the kills and the shrimp since it doesnt appreciably change my farm amounts (except it prints karma) if the achievements give any more base in ops one coulda fooled me, including torpedoman, major contribution, natural selection, etc... I think we all just seem to feel that since the good games we have are adorned with badges....later we will start to see it didn't matter. I bring up the kill thing too, since going all the way back to Dynamo, it is better to pump up damage numbers than to get high kills of the shnel boats. If people want to continue to get this wrong it should only benefit the rest of us who keep their eye on the prize so to say. However, the person suggesting something to the "CHIEF" was also considering that stars were basically being ignored now, and that would be worth looking into, and could plausibly be the culprit. The fact that someone could do the test right now independently of WG adds to its truth-value. Not sure what is being discussed in the in game ops channel, but those guys are smart enough to figure most of it out quickly In any case I blame WG, they are openly hostile to this mode, and they have made PvE of all types less fun whenever they can. I have to imagine they do some testing before patches, and they are letting happy little accidents like this roll. To their credit it sounds like they are willing to give us back this inch, wonder what foot they will come for next?
  11. AttentionOnDeck

    0.10.4 Operations XP/Credits Bug

    perhaps, but the previous nerf was admitted....we are an abused playerbase over here in ops....can't blame us for flinching change it back and we will go back to semi-silently smashing bots
  12. AttentionOnDeck

    PSA. WG apparently ...ed up the BXP for Newport News

    if anything Newport not immediately dying should show WG just how much ppl want this mode but for real WeeGee you got ops trolls on the inside not sure how much it is interplaying with COOP/Training room AI scripting changes they have been doing for several weeks in a row, but a hawk like bandi would be able to verify an economy change like this in 2-5 games the war on ops continues
  13. AttentionOnDeck

    Two Humans, Seven Bots Co-op Battles

    By happenstance I played some coop this week and not once did I even see one green bot. I said to myself: Well that answers the question about whether the skill rework hurt coop participation. Seems more popular than EVER. Who in the heck is getting significant amounts of 2v7 with population numbers this high? I am not surprised. It sticks with the motif that WG needs to make PvE more meaningless. I also imagine they are trying to alter their PvE spreadsheets for whatever reason. There is simply profit motive for them manipulating things, and my bet is that they are willing to walk right up to the line of what is legal and/or ethical insofar as they can plausibly deny the manipulation (or just ignore it because the biggest source of revenue dont care as much about things not PvP) I do want to note somehing. I see one pattern personally, and that is you can damn near guarantee you will get one of these low human games ( 3 or less) after ~20-40 str8 wins, and you will get them in higher proportion as you win them (and ESPECIALLY if one maintains 100% in a ship). Seems like you start seeing the high bot or all bot games like 20% of the time until you get that L they are looking to give you. And before anyone gets too excited about that, realize that they like to bring these battles right up to the crux, and when you make a winning move and turn the battle, all of a sudden your other green bots will start getting amazing rng and it wont be much of a farm. Over the years and thousands of battles against bots I think I have their hive mind behavior pretty figured out (not entirely, but close). In context it makes sense from both the 1) hatred of PvE farmers perspective, and 2) non-linear difficulty that actually helps keep the battles interesting (its all numbers based). I am ok with the second part of that, but the fervor which they pursue #1 (including 9v9, and perpetual objective farming) has made coop an absolute TRASH game mode for me....what I find nowadays if #1 or #2 dont work to keep my numbers down in a game, they will just rng me the best they can and/or run the bots away for no good reason There are many reasons I quit coop, and think it is a trash mode, but it hasn't always been as bad as it is now. Between these manipulations of COOP and the actively hostile posture they have for Operations, I think it is as you say in another post....it does'nt take an insider to know...just someone who plays a lot over the years and pays attention.
  14. AttentionOnDeck

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    fantastic games....nice fiji route...saw u in a game the other day when I was shira, and was excited to help you up the cv side to see what the hell you were doing differently... After seeing that one could in fact do the bretagne-new york combo like that had me set up for the 600k club the first time I tried (even in a built div).... at the moment of truth when the bretagne spawned...my game lagged out for 30 seconds :( oh man Weegee u better change up spawns before the next time it's Narai of the week! I would almost bet on it u sharing these lol
  15. AttentionOnDeck

    "Earn 2 heroic achievements"... in COOP?

    I think people misinterpret the business model this game employs. A meaningful PvE experience would probably undercut their more profitable side....in other words a PvE experience that "meant" anything would be a competitor (and one that offers more for less at arguably a modestly higher cost) PvE Mains like us can relish in the fact that someday (even if it is our grandchildren) someone will produce what we want. Right now WG simply has the market monopolized and sadly their evil side would rather engage in exploitation. In their defense this exploitation is likely more profitable. I personally do not feel entitled to anything from them, but I do hope someday that they embrace that being state of the art should foster a desire to have a good legacy. Ultimately these artists are defiling themselves and what they could have achieved. Capitalism is like democracy, it's bum, but the best we got one day