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  1. AttentionOnDeck

    What ships are best for what operation ?

    This is a bit of a preference thing. I have very skilled ops friends who can do things with ships that I certainly never would've thought of. It also matters if you are running with "built divisions" or "pugs," and what experience you have with certain premiums (for instance I can't say Perth is the best wherever because I don't have one). Finally it also matters whether you are considering best to carry, to avoid needing to carry (support), or just raw damage (base exp kinda a poor measure since it doesn't get awarded fairly). Below I kind of pick the best based on all things considered plus my own fun factor. That said I think the best (Bold, followed by honorable mentions)are: Narai- Fiji, Atlanta, Sinop, Gadjah Mada... Raptor Rescue- Leander, Farragut, Arizona, Dallas, Trento, New Mexico... Aegis- Gallant, Ismail, Ryujo, Leander, Icarus, Budyonny, Farragut Newport- Farragut, Leander, Izmail, Ryujo, Fushun (actually most DDs) Killer Whale- Ryujo, Izmail, Furious, Trento The REMOVED :( Ops ....well I can't really say, because my recollection isn't all that great, plus I am way more experienced now than I was back then, but I'll still humor you. Hermes: Atlanta, Fiji, Lyon Cherry Blossom- Edinburgh, Cleveland Frontier- Atlanta, Fiji, Sharnhorst, Gadjah Mada, Mahan, Sims, Gneissenau, Either CV
  2. AttentionOnDeck

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Here are a couple Gems Not my record in Farragut ( had a 305k-ish game but didnt capture the screenshot); also missing are my high 280kish Aegis games (Gallant or Ismail forgot which one, both can get up there)
  3. AttentionOnDeck

    CV Balance, what would you do?

    I'd revert to rts, get rid of fighter strafe, and give planes fuel. However now that the new cv's are finally clicking with me I might miss the reworked cv's too
  4. AttentionOnDeck

    Revisiting the 9V9/Mercy Rule/Falling Sky...err Stats Issue

    Personal stats are not important to me in deciding what 9v9 has done to CoOp. I could simply play smolensk and harugamo and pad my stats to show a pretty significant increase, or just go afk/throw to show a decrease. A deeper analysis into serverwide stats is what matters, and it's work that I simply don't want to...Would be interested to see what server wide stats are though if anyone wants to share. That might start to make the picture clear one way or the other (however I honestly don't trust WG one way or the other, they've been accused of using bot accounts in the past, so they could manipulate anything they want anyway) I've already found my refuge to get the difficulty I want. That said the experience in 9v9 CoOp is quite clear to me: mercy rule kicks in way more (now that snowflakers have left, a little less, but still way more than 8v8), losses are reduced (having one extra human player for the addition of one more "co-op difficulty" bot means the chance of having a "good" game where you get to carry is even fewer and farther between), the outcomes are more "egalitarian" (basically the love is spread....fast mercy games means there isn't much time to differentiate, and both poor and yolo play is "smoothed" out by the increase in strength of the green team) (On this topic I actually believe the scripts that WG uses are even more nefarious, but these would be pretty wild accusations, and really: who cares? CoOp performance is basically meaningless) and when they do "want" to give you a loss, the ability to stack your team even further with bots, means "epic carries" are even harder to achieve (like when in the middle of a bunch of battles where a green bot is nowhere to be seen you are all of a sudden placed with one other human and 6 bots who then all proceed to play miserably, leaving you with a superhuman feat to win) I am not surprised that the new format is benefiting some, I certainly expect to see higher win rates for all, and depending on whether you are being smoothed up or smoothed down, your average damage will follow. Mine has been a significant decrease unless I choose to play ships that I know can quickly dominate (those ships feel like an increase, but I do not find coop fun just playing a couple ships to chase meaningless CoOp stats....what I care about is the experience and having fun across my entire active fleet)
  5. AttentionOnDeck

    New Features PTS

    Ive been told by others that regularly play CoOp on PTS that the bots there are often higher difficulty, but that will be unlikely to ever make it to the live server (because it never seems to). Other's here have told me when it did, CoOp players hated it.
  6. AttentionOnDeck

    What is the main reason for CO-OP?

    People play for their own reasons, regardless of mode. Unless I am playing with friends to fulfill some specific objective, my purpose in coop is to wreak as much havoc as possible...REGARDLESS of whether a green is in my way. Cooperating with other humans is far down my list, unless the bots have "taken the lead," then you will find me hypocritcally whining about why you aren't winning. I personally wish there was a way to play stand-alone, so that the allied team was always just bots also. Then I would just whine about why my bots are so much worse than the enemy bots. I suppose the only reason they have any PvE modes at all is the segment of us who would have NEVER stuck around and spent ourdiminished "target" amounts of money... ...because sometimes I wonder why it is there at all if they treat it's players like "second-class citizens" Personally, the new 9v9 format has basically killed my desire to play co-op much. It's taken everything I didn't like about coop and made it worse. You'll only find me there to complete objectives that can't be done in scenarios nowadays. P.S. WG if you're listening: please bring back the forgotten operations (The Ultimate Frontier, Hermes, Cherry Blossom, and Dynamo). Just throw in some beefy BBs or use higher tier carriers and balance by weakening some of the enemies (if needed)
  7. AttentionOnDeck

    Obnoxious unremovable Dockyard blinker asking for money

    damn shiny things, more mind games
  8. I want my PR to be half built, to have stats that reflect its stage of being built when the even ends, and for it to rust in my port while taking up a port slot. I never want to forget the s***show that was this event As for a scrapyard, perhaps I could send my GoREEEEEEzia there
  9. AttentionOnDeck

    More Fun than the PR Grind - Narai, Daily

    Fiji best Narai ship
  10. AttentionOnDeck

    Results of 40 Santa Crates...sigh

    rofl, dude is complaining about a GC? this has got to be a troll post
  11. IMO it has been shown that a few people have gotten this "mostly" free....which is close enough to free to me to call it so. If someone spent any money on the game they are basically in the non-f2p camp, and parsing out what of their warchest is from free play or not is futile. It's up to each persons honor to say what they put into this mission. I'd see using 25 premium flags way different than using 100, and I'd see using 100s of millions of credits buying combat flags or paying tier 10 service costs as way different as someone who just grinded as they normally would. In my case, looking back, I wonder what the single booster would have done, because imo it would be fair to do a moderate grind combined with 6k for a unique ship. I wouldn't consider THAT mostly free, but I would consider resources that would cost $10 or less as such (like say some premium time and burning through some of your creds and flags/camos)
  12. did it deplenish your flags and camos?
  13. AttentionOnDeck

    What Premium Ships Did You Get Out of Santa's Gifts?

    None. I’ve opened many free crates, and as expected, nothing worth even talking about. However, I do find it suspicious my whale friends have scored as much as they have. I am not talking a ship here or there, these guys have cleared upwards of a half dozen ships. I hope someday this will be regulated.
  14. AttentionOnDeck

    Directives: How far along are you?

    Finished up 3, and that will be it. The rest of the directives are for PvP’rs only (and insane ones at that).
  15. AttentionOnDeck

    I have NEVER seen Co-op games go so fast as this AM

    the confluence of snowflakers, directive grinders, and 9v9 have RUINED coop. This is no accident either, because WG doesn't want you to play "demo" mode. miss the days when you might occasionally lose to bots.... what we have now is a chase to the mercy rule where everyone scores about equal, and the dumber you YOLO the more likely you will get a tiny fraction more than the pack. absolute junk.