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  1. AttentionOnDeck

    CV's in ops

    I spot the wave quickly almost every time (but not too quickly as not to meta drop). 7 people to do something as easy as aegis is overkill, and I got damage to farm. Not waiting around. Also when I am in Ismail I like the cv spotting early since i go north and can hit the BBs north of the first island; if the CV doesn't spot I rarely get the chance. 90% of the games are steamrolls and often akulov and smith do better than most pugs. In the ten percent of the games akulov dies, either the convoy picks him up or it is a chore (ironically the better you do and the further he charges, the more peril you run of not getting him if people dont pay attention). I personally don't care if he drowns as if we only lose one star on a tenth of games, then so be it, but I'll pick him up if it is half convenient or makes sense. The more painful star to lose for me is if none see that's the north is top heavy and that they should break off towards Fuso. This star is lost far more often in games I play than akulov drowning. I'll make a deal, if someone guarantees they go Fuso, then I'll hold off spotting the first wave
  2. AttentionOnDeck

    Coops at their worse

    An event this size means that once my "snowflakes" are cleared I am siting this one out. They can keep their t9 permacamo and their 100fxp. I am not angry at other players who come to coop to objective farm, I am annoyed at WG who purposefully stifles their own game for monetization. Even late at night right now you have full PvE ques that get filled in less than 30 seconds (and the types it's filled with arent your average Gilligans, instead it's hungry YOLO PvP'rs who know how to swallow up a lot of damage) It seems like they will try every chapter of the PsyOps handbook to get people into PvP, including making CoOp excessively boring and nerfing the rewards of the few Operations left.
  3. AttentionOnDeck

    Would Asymmetric Battle be a good mod if it is in Co-op?

    It would be fantastic to go up against those "smarter" bots asymmetrically WG is not EVER gonna do anything like this that detracts from monetization (aka this years "emphasis on PvP") instead they have to make sure that CoOp and PvE stays sufficiently unsatisfying I imagine that they run these events 1) for their stated purpose, and 2) to test things they know are cool, but can't currently be monetized to the tune they like to hear
  4. AttentionOnDeck

    California vs 3 x Hak's

    imma bet this was low skill bots?
  5. AttentionOnDeck

    Special Commanders & 0.9.11 Update

    no surprise they announced this the same day they are giving away supercontainers
  6. AttentionOnDeck

    Potential huge change to commander skills

    The number one thing that will help fend off the changes as proposed is if people point out how this tends towards P2W. Free players will have massive grinds to play catch up to people who bypass using money...it is not a difference in kind right now, but it is a serious difference in degree. My bet is WG will scale this back a little, but that's a good tactic. Start off with insane and settle on unreasonable.
  7. AttentionOnDeck

    Asymetrical battles- The Zerg meta

    I wonder if WG is just hoping to shut people up about how fun this could be by being rigid about it. Instead of 4v8 they should do a bunch of different spreads and you dont know what you are gonna get going in...1v3, 2v4, 3v6, 5v8, 5v10, 7v11, 9v12 they could also just do 7v7 (or other combos) with one team being one tier higher. As others have noted having more numbers is much stronger than having a higher tier (though some jumps in tier are pretty noteworthy like tier 1 to 2, tier 3 to 4, tier 7 to 8, and tier 9 to 10) If only we could have a battle space where there was a timer to pick your ship and your "side" and adjust rewards accordingly (where you could actually get more rewards on the losing side if you outperformed what might be expected). what is 100% for sure is this game has a lot more potential than what is realized by its current monetization (though at the end of the day it is a business_ Right now you can do this in training rooms for no rewards, and it is a blast. Umikaze versus Yamato, etc...
  8. AttentionOnDeck

    No more AFT for cruisers?

    They have figured out the way to rebalance around premium ships. Even if they have a respec period (and it would be criminal if they didn't), expect global changes later that arent followed with free respecs Biggest crime planned: resetting 21 skill point commander 500,000 elite commander xp (should be 210,000). This is another element of WG's Pay-to-do-better model
  9. AttentionOnDeck

    QE should I FXP or.....

    I try not to free XP even the worst t6's or 7's...premium time and operations are the answer imo
  10. AttentionOnDeck


    I'd take 50 frosty firs no problem...SC's are usually just flags for me, decent camos are not a letdown from where I am sitting
  11. AttentionOnDeck

    Why Do The Allied Co-op Bots Always Lose To The Enemy Bots?

    This happens occasionally too... it is basically the converse of what you will be on the receiving end of if you win too much. Sometimes it seems like when the "coin is in the air," and the CPU determines that you are in a position to carry, then all of a sudden your bots start mopping up all the exp,
  12. AttentionOnDeck

    Why Do The Allied Co-op Bots Always Lose To The Enemy Bots?

    WG doesn't like PvE, but they tolerate it. WG Coop matchmaking is purposefully herky-jerky: If you play cautiously you will score a lot less on average, but if you YOLO you will have less chance to carry bots/teammates in those semi-rare cases they throw hard. IN ANY CASE. If you win with a ship too much, the Coop MM will start throwing you in with high numbers of low skill green bots who will leave you hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned. Noone can maintain a 100% (unless they are div'ng) over a large number of games. From the many games I have played, I have noticed that about 1 in 20 games will result in a "challenge" However if you go undefeated in a new ship for about 40 games, the MM will start putting you in the "epic carry" territory more often One of the easiest ways to notice this is if in the middle of the day where TONS of people are on, and you haven't lost yet in a new ship.... and you suddenly are the only human, then get ready for your bots to be low skill and enemy bots to be medium and/or high skill. I have personally witnessed and been the victim of near terminator type behavior out of the bots, where every single RNG element went in their favor and they literally just steamrolled str8 towards me just melting any other greens as an afterthought (as if they knew exactly where I was and knew how to time flanking me on both sides at the same time). Point being If WG decides you should lose, you might bash your way to a victory once or twice, but for the most part you are going to take your medicine.
  13. AttentionOnDeck

    Can not connect to server.

    I got on at like 1:30 am pacific and no warning of update...I even considered opening a WG box to get a day of premium, and knew what happened yesterday since it didn't come back up at 4:05, so decided against it. At 3am I was kicked and went immediately to the portal and saw the update warning (that is an after the fact warning) ...pretty disrespectful of WG...though noone has ever accused them of being respectful
  14. AttentionOnDeck

    Can not connect to server.

    they are flubbing it again, also didn't seem to be any warning...
  15. AttentionOnDeck

    Cuss like a sailor....CHAT BAN!!!

    not a simulator