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  1. Homing torps was a mistake. Subs being more tanky than dds was a mistake. Pretending that a sub can be hunted if they orbitate en enemy ship was a mistake. Deep charges doing so little damage was a mistake. Even thinking of letting them repair underwater, or at all was a mistake, let them flood for eternity. Lets say all that implemented, even then 3 subs on lower tier its cancer as f. At the very least limit them to 1 per... never mind, dont let them at all.
  2. Admiral_Hanvil

    Camo Should Do SOMETHING

    Are you really arguing about camos buffs and not sth like, selling AL Azuma and Azuma virtually identical but each one with a different set of camos, same with Arp Musashi and Musashi, even worse the case of selling a tech tree as a premium with ARP Yamato. Instead of arguing about what a camo should give, ask yourself how they have been using camos as a way to sell inflated replicas of tech trees or premium ships here xD. Literally discussing the color of the door when the house is burning. Sad thing to read.
  3. Some day they will decide to do something with the butchered type 93 torps on shima, yoshino and now iwami, 2,5 km spotting range and 15 second reaction time is dead, just blind dead.... until then keep let us keep lying to ourselves that they are fair to compare (At least you can choose to not have this torps on shima and yoshino) ).
  4. Admiral_Hanvil

    Subs are now quite underwhelming? Don’t you think?

    It doesn´t matter how much you narrate your experience since its from coop. Not because your time is not valid, but because from a balance and meta pov pvp is the way to go, not only on this game, but on all games. Hear me again, bots yolo rush mate, you cannot make an argument on ships that needs times and objective behaviour to shine, even less in a 5-8 minute match. A good sub playing against HUMANS can do things like this. (Demandatory video for the luls) My friend, i have received torps from subs in a lot of different ships. I have tried to hunt sub in many dds, have eaten some homing torps while doing so. Have seen them withstand more than 16 bombs to no avail, have seen the wonky bubble when they ping (not when the ping reaches you), yet its not even accurate. I have been one shoted in a BB from a div of 2 enemy subs that were never spotted in all game. They can bully smoke and stationary positions so much its not even funny. Of course you see a problem against coop, they are not a ship to stop a yolo rush. But whenever you start playing with players you will surely understand.
  5. Admiral_Hanvil

    Subs are now quite underwhelming? Don’t you think?

    I doubt you know how to play them. Complaining about speed when balao reaches 28/29+18% or 26/31+18% for the U-2501 without flag, is potato salad. RPF does not work on them while submerged btw. Positioning means every ally within the concealment of the aforementioned dd following you is a safe zone. I´ve seen 2 kinds of subs. The potatoes that explode at 17:00 and the chad ones homingtorping dds while retreating in a chase and landing them. Also, dont want to be rude but I dont trust people with more coop battles than random battles, complaining about balance. Even less when they are all coop. Even less when we are talking about 176 subs battles mainly on tier 6 against bots. Game balance escapes the scope of coop sadly. https://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1018618602-Vego_Mohenjo/!/pvp/overview/
  6. Admiral_Hanvil

    Subs are now quite underwhelming? Don’t you think?

    Too many people not knowing how to play subs complaining how weak they are. A good sub knows how to position, will never be spotted, will use efficiently his underwater time and will spam you torps until dead. They are overpowered by aimed torps and speed right now. Maybe even too much health or bombs doing not enough dmg. Its so easy to punish dds following you and its really hard to counter them unless at the end of stage and not a lot of support around them.
  7. Admiral_Hanvil

    Azur Lane: Fourth Wave

    I missed the third wave back then, so was looking forward to complete it. Was it so hard to separate commanders into wave bundles again? I feel robbed having to have duplicate commanders and pay extra to complete my third wave roster, way to encourage people that spend money here :c (At least on the other bundles you get doubloons back, but duplicate commanders are not reimbrused u.u )
  8. Admiral_Hanvil

    Lighthouse Auction: Gremyashchy

    Refresh my mind. Why did this game turned into a casino?
  9. Admiral_Hanvil

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    buff the secondaries already
  10. Admiral_Hanvil

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Im just here to remind the like/dislike ratio of this thing. It really doesnt feel good to think that the best dps ship is locked behind this thing, not mentioning the upcoming ones.
  11. Admiral_Hanvil

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    I really cant believe some people defending this idea with the "this is not aimed for you", "its totally optional". How blind can you be to have that opinion? Locking content through a regrind system, with a 50% credit loss in the process is absolute cow sht. Not to say the lamest and laziest way to deal with excess credits , revive low tiers or add replayability. If those were the intentions of this whole thing, you would do something with the cost of port slots, and add more low tier events, but this is not the case. I assure you if they get something like Slava in the RB all of you would be agreeing :/ locking content in some optional infernal task that NO one wants is sad to say the least. Its not that i hate the game and like to talk sht, its the contrary. Its that I dont like where they are taking the game, and how they dont listen to us. They are rather inclined to believe in some numbers than in our opinion or a really high dislike ratio (cough cough), monetizing everything in the way. Sad sht indeed.
  12. Admiral_Hanvil

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    Rip CVs u.u, Rip info about AA auras in the minimap