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  1. NoobieDude

    2 Double Strikes in 1 Battle.

    He's a TROLL... Ya gotta stop feeding them.
  2. NoobieDude

    Ya Know What?

    Don't worry dude. This is just WoW's forum. They have been coddled too much and aren't used to WG methods yet. Yes what WG did here is a crying shame. But like i said Its the same on all there (WG) platforms. I just play for free now. Ive spent nothing here on WoW's and wont ever. I learned my lesson in Blitz. 1500.00 was a tough lesson after 3.hate 8 hit. And prem tank preferential MM went away also. So i just quit spending money and stopped b i t c h i n g about them. There is a lot of content to play for free so life goes on.SO until there is at least a 55% playerbase participation in all of there genera forums, WG will keep the majority of the playerbase ignorant to there sh it feeding and greed.
  3. NoobieDude

    New players, salt and toxic behavior

    I agree. But unfortunately its a generational thing. Entitlement begets entitlement.
  4. NoobieDude

    New players, salt and toxic behavior

    Q times dude. There is not enough players on the NA server to do it properly. everyone suffers a long Q time and its bad for WG bizz..
  5. not really trying . But it seems you don't like common sense advice huh? Myself would of answered the #2 ( Yeah dude I'm committed now that i spent the money.) Not a childish remark of YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT TO DO!
  6. NoobieDude

    New players, salt and toxic behavior

    this^^^ This is how WG makes there money now. New players can by there way to the top of all WG games. WoW, WOT, WOT Blitz. I'm new to WoW's. but a long time player of blitz and wot. And just like the downfall of the playerbase in those games it has come to WoW also. So many good players have left the WG genera due too the casuals being able to play in high tiers now.
  7. NoobieDude

    I thought there was a update to fix this?

    MM also is effected by Q times. What i mean is server population. The time of day you're playing can make a difference.
  8. NoobieDude

    Ya Know What?

    Fun 1: going outside enjoying the natural world. 2: calling a friend/friends meet up and actually socialize. 3: go to places and actually be aware of your surroundings also make new friends. 4: do all of the above with out keeping your eyes on your smartphone and constantly checking your social media.
  9. Maybe mom needs to take the credit card away for a while then. 2) money doesn't grow on trees and good advise must not be within your grasp.
  10. NoobieDude

    Tiltify Charity Stream Broken / Bugs?

    I donated for the sake of donation. gift....will see... no biggie you still have the tax deduction though.
  11. I think a few of you here are part of this problem just by what you posted. But its not surprising. SMFH... Trash begets trash ...typical responses from trash and you know who you are.
  12. NoobieDude

    Ya Know What?

    Agree. But were talking about real snowflakes and SJW's safe spaces and entitlement with some tribalism thrown in also. This is what our country has become and its on a short fuse to hell if we don't get some common sense fast. All blame starts with the hover parents and guardians of the last 2 generations. Social Media also. And this is a generalization. It doesn't apply to everyone of said generations. Some of these children were raised properly.
  13. i know facts hurt. Sorry...
  14. NoobieDude

    A plea to the community

  15. NoobieDude

    I will not be buying premium anymore

    This^^^^^ +1000!