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  1. We appreciate you reporting this and we'll look into the functionality.
  2. Release date for Graf Zep?

    There is no confirmed release date at this time, but we'll absolutely let you know!
  3. Please keep posts constructive and review our forum guidelines if you aren't familiar with them. Thanks!
  4. Forum changes

    Thanks for catching that! We've removed that functionality. Please use the login at the top of the page which will take you through the normal Wargaming account flow.
  5. Forum changes

    Yup sorry about the confusion on that, the name has been changed.
  6. New Forum Changes

    The positive responses will continue to provide reputation and the negative/neutral will not. We have not introduced negative reputation.
  7. New Forum Changes

    Greetings Captains! You might have noticed a few changes as you visited the forums today, and we wanted to take a moment to outline some of the new functionality. First, you probably noticed we have a new header, which will fit various screen widths and provide a more optimal experience when loading the forums. You now have an option to hide this header by clicking the upward facing arrow in the top right corner of the page. Next up, our forum skin was a little dated, so we’ve added one which is more modern to improve the look and feel. We ask you to give it a chance but if you aren’t a fan, or you prefer a “Dark” version, scroll to the bottom and click on Theme to change it to the Classic version. Many of you may have also noticed a few changes to the reputation system. It is our goal to provide a constructive and enjoyable forum environment for everyone and with this new system you’ll be able to more clearly react to posts. Whether it’s Cool, Funny, Boring, etc… it’ll be much easier to let folks know how you feel if you don’t have time for a well worded post. In addition this update fixed a number of bugs and optimized various systems that you don’t see which should provide an overall improvement. We definitely want your feedback, so please let us know how everything looks!
  8. As stated in previous threads, this really isn't a topic that is going to produce constructive conversation. I believe the poll will remain active, but we need to lock this before things get too heated.
  9. Forum changes

    We absolutely appreciate the feedback on the recent changes. Please do continue to provide us your thoughts!
  10. 6.14.2 Patch notes.

    If this is still an issue please let us know!
  11. This could have been do to latency or other technical issues which didn't necessarily register correctly. If that experience continues please let us know. There is also a small possibility your ship is haunted. We at Wargaming North America take spectral ships extremely serious and recommend caution in their usage.
  12. 2M XP in one ship

    That is a pretty impressive amount! I'm assuming this is your favorite ship?
  13. Folks while I can certainly understand the sentiment behind this post, this really isn't a topic that is likely going to end well on the forums.
  14. My WoWS Christmas List

    We of course have things planned like every year, but who knows what the holiday will bring? Ok obviously we do because otherwise how does it get there? Just stay tuned!
  15. Cyber Bullying

    It feels like this got really off track so we're going to close it before it gets worse.