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  1. Radar_X

    Community Manager Project

    We'll need more context but feel free to drop me a PM and I'll be happy to answer what I can.
  2. Thanks for these suggestions, and yes we of course do care. We've all had games where we've felt let down by other members of the team whether it was poor play or inexperience but ideally this should be more the exception than the rule. While the game can put in a number of mechanics to address spawning, matchmaker, etc... there is always going to be a player skill element which remains a bit more challenging to compensate for. Selecting spawn points would definitely shake up some battles before but may present a lot of concerns like "What if all the DDs spawn up north and all the AA ships in the south?" or "What if a player doesn't know where they want to spawn?" It would create a little more strategy but in the current system everyone is on a level playing field in terms of that control. The seniority idea is also pretty interesting but remember a lot more battles doesn't necessarily mean a player is more experienced and good at the game. Someone with 2,000 battles in BBs may not necessarily provide sound advice to a CV, or have the cap point insight of a regular DD player. Again thanks for putting up these idea points and please do keep discussing them, we do want you to have a good experience when playing.
  3. Radar_X

    WG surveys

    We regularly do send out surveys, and while some are game related (how you felt about your last battle, or a new mechanic) others definitely cover areas of your additional interest. This type of data helps us paint a better picture of our average player in this region and identify not only potential advertising but areas of potential collaboration.
  4. Radar_X

    More REAL ships please

    Hey Jan_Van_Galen, the development spends a considerable amount of time crafting both real and experimental (paper) ships for World of Warships. I assume you are referencing Rogue Wave, and the reward for the Benham actually has a standard camouflage that doesn't reflect the post-apocalyptic visuals . We've released ships this year like the RU BB line, the Alaska, the Benham, and many others who fit more of a historical theme. Events like Scifi Battles, Rogue Wave, and our Halloween events could continue to fall outside this realm but are only for a limited time. They certainly aren't for everybody, but a lot of folks have reported having fun in between other modes of the game like ranked, random, etc....
  5. Radar_X

    Tech Tree Ships for Sale? No Big Deal.

    Both initiatives were planned and launched independently, there was just coincidental overlap.
  6. Radar_X

    Spotting range questions

    As others have mentioned you are definitely taking advantage of spotting that other ships are doing for you. DDs, aircraft, and other industrious players will many times be ahead of you on the map and give you a peek at enemy locations. In ships with exceptional range, this provides an opportunity to throw a few shots safely in their direction with lower risk to yourself. Definitely watch the video (it's a great explanation) and head back and ask more questions if you have them.
  7. Radar_X

    Tech Tree Ships for Sale? No Big Deal.

    The timing around NTC the announcement really was coincidental as this promotion had been planned for awhile. This particular package doesn't give anyone an advantage in terms of power, it simply shortens the time from T7 to T10. As Zoup states we expect most purchases to be from veterans who are interested in USN Cruisers but not necessarily keen on grinding down the entire line. Even if a new player were interested, this doesn't differ much from purchasing a Tier 8 premium so no major precedent is really being set here.
  8. Radar_X

    An Open Letter to Wargaimng

    We appreciate your thoughts on this @Thirsty13_CCW! What you are addressing here covers quite a few topics we've talked about in recent months but let me see if I can speak to the major points you bring up. With the NTC, we announced this via the Development blog to solicit the type of feedback the community provided us. The purpose of this Blog is to let you guys know in advance what's being worked on and changes being considered for Testing. We took everyone's feedback into account and now this design is back for a rework. I would call this particular feature more atypical of what we tend to promote such as balance changes, new ships, new modes, new map, etc... In terms of the GC, the goal was to provide balance to a ship that was performing a little better than it should. There were potential implications of other ships, but these efforts were around a single ship and we eventually saw this was not something the Community was interested in. With respect I don't think bringing the balance issue to the community would have changed the overall outcome as a number of you were actually ok with the balance changes. We spend quite a bit of time communicating with our Community Contributors and a number of them were flown out to St Petersburg to see these changes and provide feedback to the team. Myself and other members of Wargaming also interact daily with members of the program. In the particular example you give, LittleWhiteMouse did not have as much time to review and digest the changes as some of the other CCs and we're going to do our best to ensure this doesn't happen again. There are instances where CCs do receive some information ahead of the public and their feedback is always welcome and a vital part of our process. Communicating upcoming changes and taking feedback is part of our development process. We're committed to continuing this process and if a change doesn't work based on feedback or data from our testing, we make changes. For those of you who provide feedback (such as yourself), we're always going to appreciate it.
  9. Right now the NTC is still in a significant redesign and the Ohio and Colbert still in testing (albeit publicly) so it's a little early to make concrete statements on how these will look when they go live. As you know ships can stay in testing for awhile and go through numerous iterations before release. As we get closer to the release of this system and it's rewards we'll certainly release more information about them. As we've stated previously it is never our goal to release an imbalanced ship because it's just not overall good for the game.
  10. Hey there! Hopefully I can provide a response to a few of your concerns if I might. Thanks for raising these questions and let me address the following: Based on the data we have from the last 6 months, CVs aren't quite as popular as they were right after the rework, there are certainly more folks playing them than there were prior to it. While sentiment may have wavered over time (the AA changes in the last update weren't performing as we liked), for the most part CV players seemed to either enjoy the new system or have adjusted. There is animosity from some surface ships towards CVs and while I'd argue there is certainly more is that because of the rework or is that because there were a lot more CVs? Was that animosity lowered after the AA changes in 0.8.5? Your third point I'm afraid is not accurate. A good chunk of what our team does every single day of the week is read through every single thread and post we can on Reddit, Forums, Twitter, Facebook, etc... and determine common threads to promote to the development team. We do have to take into account people don't like change (it's our nature) but it doesn't dismiss general sentiment. The changes made at this time with DPS and upcoming AA damage aren't really addressing counterplay but more consistency with interaction between planes and surface ships. Upcoming Sector changes will add that additional layer of counterplay. It's not necessarily meant to provide a complex system but will give you more freedom in how your AA interacts with aircraft. Again in 0.8.5 the AA changes addressed an issue but we're a little too strong prompting the addition of some health to each plane. While yes 6 months has passed this was a major mechanics change that will now allow us to make more incremental changes until we get CVs where they need to be. We'll continue to announce these changes as they make PTS and we look forward to your feedback on them.
  11. Radar_X

    Conqueror Kremlin

    This particular change is in testing and will impact not only the Conqueror but the Monarch, Duke of York, and King George V. Yes it will have a larger citadel to bring it in line with other BBs, but it's being offset by an improved Repair Party to mitigate some of that damage.
  12. Radar_X

    My 1st Rogue Wave ships just showed up?

    Hey @MakersMike in order to participate in Rogue Wave you needed to complete 70 battles in any game mode and it sounds like you just hit that threshold. It'll still be available for a few weeks so there is still time to get in quite a few games. We're glad you are enjoying it! It's certainly not for everyone but it let's you take a break from the day to day Ranked/Random/Clan modes and let's you jump in for really short sessions.
  13. Radar_X

    Epicenter needs to be removed

    Let's assume there is no poor play from either team involved. Outside of that what is it about the mode which concerns you the most?
  14. Folks, we appreciate the fact you've noticed this new video from Magui! If you do live in North America and Spanish is your primary language we're hopeful this can provide an additional opportunity for you to learn about our updates in this language. We definitely were not holding out, we just pushed promotion of this to folks in South America where we are certain Spanish is the primary language. Also let's be sure the responses to this are within our guidelines please. If you have thoughts let us know!
  15. Radar_X

    WG i'm NOT spanish

    Hey @HyenaHiena thanks for bringing this to our attention and our apologies you were targeted with messaging meant for Spanish speaking players. We're reviewing our process for this to ensure it doesn't happen again.