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  1. We are notifying our community to let everyone know about small changes to our Privacy Policy, which will be effective on May 25th. These changes reflect additional transparency requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Wargaming has always placed how we protect your personal data as a high priority, and provided details of how this information is collected and used in our Privacy Policy. Today we are announcing minor enhancements to the Privacy Policy which will clarify and provide additional information about your privacy rights. Further information regarding your rights and how GDPR affects you as a customer can be found in our FAQ. As a reminder, please do not provide your personal data or the personal data of a third party here because we might be unable to protect such data in accordance with the Wargaming Privacy Policy.
  2. We very much appreciate your feedback! The team has done some balance changes which will arrive in the next update to address these concerns.
  3. Closing this up as it's off topic for off topic. Please keep gameplay related topics in the gameplay section. Thanks!
  4. Premium Ship Review #100

    Congratz on hitting 100 and well done on your choice of review!
  5. replaysWoWS.com broken

    Have you tried a different browser? Let us know if the issue continues, but it appears to be working at the moment.
  6. There was a lot of feedback around this and the team made some changes. Hopefully this will help make the transition a bit easier for everyone.
  7. We're actually looking for folks to test things out and "kick the tires" to ensure there are no issues for the larger audience. We do extensive testing internally and with our Super Test group but there is no substitute for the entire community play testing something.
  8. You can only participate in one permanent collection at a time. You of course can switch between these at any time you choose.
  9. How I phrased it is pretty confusing so apologies on that. The patch notes are accurate, but my larger concern was communicating the transfers may not exactly be 1:1 in terms of skills.
  10. We'll have more information available before the update, but your Commander will stay with the ship they were assigned to or as otherwise stated in the patch notes. Any additional ship you receive will have a Captain with 1 point per tier based on where it is the tech tree. This does not necessarily mean there will be a 1:1 translation of skills but it will be as close as possible. There are not plans to offer a respec at this time.
  11. As a reminder, our forum rules do require posts should be constructive. Thanks!
  12. Come on WG really 0.7.5/0.7.6?

    All these questions (and more) will be answered before these ships are available on Live servers. Hang in there!
  13. Come on WG really 0.7.5/0.7.6?

    These ships are split between updates for a few reasons, but mostly to allow proper testing and iteration from the development team if necessary. Please refer to the upcoming Public Test notes for more details about what's in 0.7.5.
  14. GDPR - Will WG make changes to be compliant?

    This is a bit off topic gameplay wise so we are going to move it appropriately. Rest assured our legal team is reviewing GDPR legislation and we will provide any necessary statements soon.
  15. Is this a new UI item?

    As mentioned above this was in update 0.7.4. Let us know what you think!