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  1. Radar_X

    For Wargaming: The straw that broke the camel's back

    Folks while we very much always appreciate feedback, this is off topic for the Off Topic section given it is gameplay related. Please be sure to put topics in appropriate sections when posting and keep posting constructive. Thank you!
  2. Radar_X

    PSA: Steel Rat

    Dear Players! It was discovered today that the Steel Rat ship (from Twilight Battle mode) has incorrect settings which result in extremely high XP earnings. To prevent excessive influence on the game's economy we have to remove this ship until the fix is ready. We will also have to investigate the impact of this bug, and will inform you if any other actions are required to reverse any damage done. In the next few hours the Steel Rat will be removed from your accounts after you play a battle with her. When we have a working and tested solution, we will make Steel Rat available again. In the meantime, you're welcome to play Twilight Battle on other ships. Have fun and please excuse us for any inconvenience. World of Warships Team
  3. Radar_X

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    Folks there are clearly some very strong opinions about the new line (which are still in heavy development) but we have to ask you keep things on topic, constructive, and without poking other posters. Thank you!
  4. Radar_X

    Update 7.12.

    0.7.12 is on the way but it won't be this week! There will be plenty to do over the holidays so hang in there.
  5. The good news is, Paysafe is currently an option available for purchase on our site. The bad news is I'm not quite sure why you aren't seeing it available. Please drop me a PM so I can gather a bit more information.
  6. Apologies folks, we do always appreciate feedback but this has been skirting off topic for a few pages now and is reflecting a number of previously closed discussions. We do thank everyone for their thoughts regardless of where you stand on the topic.
  7. Folks while we do understand this is a pretty controversial topic, let's keep this relevant to World of Warships, non-political as possible, and without poking each other. Thank you!
  8. Radar_X

    3 vs 3 Tournament this weekend ??

    Are you referring to Shipstorm? If so, yes they will be involved. Article: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/causin-a-shipstorm/
  9. Radar_X

    What happened to my Steven Segal Captain?

    Folks giving this is getting a bit political, we do need to close it. As mentioned earlier in the thread, this captain has been replaced as our contract ended with this promotion.
  10. I'm afraid you might be overestimating our involvement in drop rates. The crates were launched today as is and won't be touched the rest of the month because there is just no major upside to doing so unless something breaks. Either way good luck on your RNG. I've seen some great drops today (including a few containers I opened personally) and some disappointment from folks. We just remind you that there is value in each crates, but if you are looking for something specific it may be harder to get it.
  11. Congratz on your gift haul! Sounds like you've been very good this year.
  12. Best of luck for you! I've seen some incredible luck today and a little bit of heartbreak. There is great stuff in them that not everyone needs necessarily but it's still pretty awesome.
  13. Radar_X

    Has the Warships wiki been overlooked?

    To add to iKami, I have to pleasure of working with these guys regularly. There are so many changes they make and a lot of the work they do is created while we are still balancing the ship. In order to make this information available day of for new ships requires a lot of organization and time investment.
  14. Radar_X

    Is It contagious?

    Folks feedback regarding the game is always welcome but per our guidelines please keep topics constructive and avoid personal attacks.
  15. The Graf Zepplin will not be available for certain. Others we can certainly discuss if they are requested when a team wins.