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  1. All Wargaming Products

    Closing this up. As a reminder, please keep posts specific and constructive. Thanks!
  2. Now...THAT was traumatizing!

    I can understand the reasoning but we can't make exceptions.
  3. Now...THAT was traumatizing!

    Playing in a Division is ok, Sync dropping is not. Corgi captains should refrain from this to avoid disqualification.
  4. This would actually be pretty challenging to measure definitively but there are certainly higher populations on the weekend and likely a higher percentage of newer players. It's a good time to teach folks and find some new friends if you need them.
  5. Finally Topped 50%

    Congratz on that! 50% is just a dream for me personally but it's always good to see folks making it.
  6. Test server question

    Anything on the Test server is subject to change and both missions and rewards typically do vary.
  7. Please keep posts constructive an on topic, but as mentioned in the notes the only change being made is to the voice over and image. The captains skills will remain the same.
  8. This is precisely why the thread is remaining open. I'm asking those who aren't, to shift away from poking each other and keep this about the topic.
  9. Folks let's ensure you remain constructive when posting so we can allow continued discussion. Thanks!
  10. Closing this up for pretty obvious reasons (if you REALLY don't know feel free to PM me).
  11. What...if I don't WANT to wear shoes? We wish Niko the best, he's been great work with and I'm personally excited to see where his new adventure takes him.
  12. shhh, it top serect

    First rule of secret video is not to talk about secret video!
  13. Historical Mod... just gone

    Closing this up as it's gotten a bit too political. Mods which are compliant with our guidelines can be submitted and approved through our normal process and live here on the forums. Mods which are not can still be utilized, just not promoted here on the forums.
  14. It's definitely meant to catch the eye but we're looking for feedback on it so let us know what you think!
  15. So far so good WG

    Glad you are enjoying it! 600 battles is certainly a pretty decent investment in a game and we're glad you've stuck around!