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  1. Radar_X

    update ??

    0.7.10 we tried something new and allowed many of you to pre-load the patch yesterday. Much like the "Day 1" patch you'll see on new game releases there were a few additional things we wanted to add that weren't ready when the last build was completed.
  2. Radar_X

    CV beta postponed until Oct. 18th

    There are a few technical hiccups that delayed this so apologies for having to move it. We're as anxious as you guys are to roll it out so hang in there!
  3. Radar_X

    No boxes from Hall of Fame again?

    We're currently looking into this and verifying rewards were distributed as they should be. Thank you very much for the reports and your patience!
  4. Look for the new halloween stuff later this month!
  5. Wargaming and the World of Warships NA Team are headed to TwitchCon 2018! If you are attending the Con (or just in the neighborhood), you're invited to chill with us at our off-site Happy Hour! We'll have lots of food and drinks to go around, plus World of Warships trivia with prizes! Come hang out with the World of Warships Community Team and streamers. Want to learn more about the event? Head to the World of Warships website for more information! Here is what you need to do to join us: Post here and we will send out Eventbrite links to for you to reserve your ticket (tickets are limited). Make sure to fill out and complete the Eventbrite registration completely to receive your email invite. Note: All attendees must be 21 years of age to attend TragicLoss: Tickets are at NO COST to attendees.
  6. Radar_X

    Update installation concerns

    A lot of folks are currently patching which may impact overall speed but if this issue continues please do let us know.
  7. Radar_X


    Glad your next ones faired a little better for you! Operations can honestly be intimidating and a litle confusing for folks who haven't invested a lot of time into learning PvE mechanics. You aren't always going to be with a team that will work your way through every one, but a good chunk of the time it's usually someone given it a honest try. The rest...well sometimes that happens too. I'm not sure how much a Tutorial is going to help folks who don't want to try and learn.
  8. Radar_X

    Beta test for CVs will require WGC.

    We appreciate everyone taking the opportunity to help test upcoming CVs! As the OP mentioned it will require the WGC which quite a few of you have been using for some time. This is the perfect opportunity to go ahead and try it out and see it shouldn't cause any damage to your PC.
  9. Radar_X

    A Sincere Commendation for the WoWS Devs

    We really appreciate you taking the time to post this! Usually folks that are happy with the game are playing away instead of making forum threads, but know the team is passionate about making World of Warships a great game. We can't do that without you guys, the community. We will ensure your sentiment is passed along to folks and again thanks for sharing it!
  10. Radar_X

    PSA Halloween event

    There will be plenty of opportunities to take on spooky objectives and earn some neat new Halloween items and stuff from prior years.
  11. Radar_X

    Black ships... No thanks!

    Howdy folks! A few clarifications we'd like to provide to you on these B ship versions: These versions of Tirpitz, Atago, Asashio and Massachusetts are identical to the original Premium ships both in terms of gameplay and economy. The only difference is that they have special black permanent camos, with the same bonuses that existing camos have. In other words, the differences are only visual. The stats listed in the Dev Blog for our Black Friday camouflage refer to a consumable camo. As you know, we regularly introduce thematic consumable camos, and this will be available within the Black Friday event. Please accept our apologies for not being clear enough about that. Black Friday will come with various discounts, and deals with significant bonuses for all kind of players. Our main goal in Dev Blog is to give you a heads-up about the upcoming game content. So, please follow the news on our website to learn all the details. A publication will come closer to the event and will provide you a lot more information. Please continue to provide us your feedback because it's always welcome!
  12. Radar_X

    well this game has got me to surrender now

    Folks I've seen some really good advice listed in here and hope you will continue to provide that. Everyone has run into some type of wall when playing World of Warships and sometimes scaling it requires help from the community which you many of you have been absolutely great about! Let's keep this as on topic as possible and avoid any personal insults.
  13. Radar_X

    Season 11 start date?

    The Upcoming Ranked seasons are going to be a bit different this time around. You'll find more details with the upcoming 0.7.10 patch and we hope you'll find it a little more relaxing but still challenging!
  14. Radar_X

    Black ships... No thanks!

    We do understand there is some controversy around this and really do appreciate everyone's feedback, especially on what you'd like to see Black Camo for.
  15. Radar_X

    Sometimes it’s Good to Take a Break

    World of Warships can be a lot of fun but everything in life requires moderation. If you aren't having fun, definitely take a break and come back when it makes sense. We'll still be here!