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  1. sharonasbar111

    Co-Op and Training

    Most co-op battles I payed, we get 2 carriers and they get 2 battleships. Unfair trade off Haven't won a round yet.
  2. sharonasbar111

    Bot programming

    Does anyone know how bots are programmed to fight? I play co-op a lot cause I'm not a great player. In every battle with an enemy carrier, Planes consistently fly past teammate ships (battleships and cruisers) straight to me. Doesn't matter what ship type I have. This is happening every time I play. Several times on a battleship I never get to shoot because turrets move to slow and I'm constantly dodging and getting pounded by torpedoes and bombs. I like to play, but this is taking all the fun out of it. Also why do bot ships with several other team mates within 5 miles shooting at it turn their guns on me 10 miles away When I haven't even fired on them? I'm sorry about complaining about this, but I've stuck a lot of money into it and I would like to have some fun once in a while. I have practiced the moves I have leaned from videos about broadside and bow on approach but they still hardly ever miss and their fire is devastating, scoring 3000-7000 hit points. Maybe it's just me, but it's getting discouraging.