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  1. Confirmed it is caused by torpedo launchers. I played three matches in the MAYA. One i didnt use torpedoes, another i did use torpedoes, the other i used torpedoes in the last half of the game. Match without torps, no bugs or crashes, match with torpedoes had plenty bugs. Using the torpedoes in the last half of the match caused bugs in the last half only. So....
  2. Having the same issue. Did some digging into. These are my scores. Yamato = 0 bugged games Kongo = 0 bugged games Kaga = 0 bugged games Ark royal = 0 bugged games Lexington = 0 bugged games Atago = 100% of games bugged Myoko = 90% of games bugged Blyskawitsa = 70% of games bugged ARS NOVA CRUISERS (Nachi, Takao, and Maya) = 100% of games bugged ARS NOVA BATTLESHIPS (Haruna, Kirishima) = 0% of games bugged From my tests, it definitely seems like torpedo launchers are the problem. Emphasis on *launchers*. I play a lot of CV game play and ive never had this bug in a carrier. Either im lucky, or it has to do with the launchers themselves, not the actual torpedo. Because my Arial torpedoes have no issues. Thats the data ive found. All of this was running on Low for testing (besides shadows cause a game without shadows is yucky) Photo below to show the kind of graphics i tested on.