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  1. Thank you! Love the format. Get well soon!!
  2. Taramada

    Replacing Special Camouflage

    Yeah coding, they will complain that it is hard to do, even if coding is their jobs, hell some of them went to school for it lol. Of course the argument goes back to Blizzard who put this in when almost no one asked for it and now it works flawlessly over PC and Mac platforms and was wildly difficult and infinitely complex compared to painting a boat that only has a couple moving parts. Though WG does have LARGER issues to solve first.
  3. Taramada

    Replacing Special Camouflage

    I have been thinking along the same lines lately. I like the camo bennies but often do not actually like the look, and as pointed above if you hide you lose it. But I would like to find a favorite looking camo and let's use HUNTER for an example: I have about a thousand + or so camos in just about every category, I like the HUNTER look and want all my ships to have that look but with the selected special camo stats of let's say New years 2019 or Lantern etc. So ONE look to satisfy my eyeballs and everyone else's but different stats attached. In World of Warcraft we call it Transmorg, I have a LOOK I like for my Demon Hunter and each time I get new equipment/armor I PAY in-game cash (usually pretty darn cheap) to have the look converted to the way I want my Demon Hunter to look but with the NEW stats attached to said set piece. (Actually I do this for all my characters, their look is part of their personality). Now if Blizzard can do this on a massive and complex scale, instantly, maybe we can too? I want all my ship camos to look the same, sorta like that's my I.D./style. This not like putting the Rising sun flag on your IJN ships and ONLY YOU can see it, the camo will be for everyone to see. It is not much to ask I think. We do have some really very nice camo patterns that are not going to sear your eyeballs and I would like to use them all the time. But if you wanna have that eyeball burning camo all the time it should be your choice also! opinions please? (added this to POLL section)
  4. Taramada

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    The new center loaded in this morning and totally screwed up everything again. I was down to just crashing after each match and restarting. NOW ALL of my info boxes are empty, nothing shows up on my settings pages, so I can't reset anything. WHAT A MESS. I am so pissed off....
  5. Taramada

    Looking for a Clan

    why is this in the POLLS Section?
  6. Taramada

    Loot Box Ban in the US proposed.

    Well said. Sometimes preaching about freedom and capitalism to the Poor PC Socialists gets to be a chore. They don't listen, and only whine about what they don't have. Us rich people on the other hand complain about the poor and how entitled they sound even though they don't work or have the skills because they haven't been paying attention, let them eat cake. ---I have been living in Ukraine and married to an ex-Commie too long I think. But i still feel that if my poor neighbor wants to have sex with underaged small farm animals it is his or her business and not mine or the government's. Oh, yeah Loot Boxes is the topic: Loot Boxes, meh, no one twists my arm to buy them and no one (usually a poor person who feels that his or her opinion or way of life should be mine also) will convince me not to either.
  7. Taramada

    Mac users: any change in the broken Mac client?

    No, I am just south of Kyiv. Apple had some issues earlier on here with corruption. Think old time Chicago Mafia. I tried to talk to Apple several times about it and they flatly said NO! BUT they have recently opened up Ukraine for the App Store, since iPhones are all the rage here. So iPhones work great, they do have limited access iTunes also...just no actual Apple Store or Authorized repair centers. So no ordering an iMac from the USA or any Apple website and having China ship it here. We do have iStore which sells Apples BUT they source their hardware from outside maybe Poland, Russia etc. And drive it here in trucks......no warranty. Limited supplies. Price is about 15-20% higher than USA. I have hopes for the future.....
  8. Taramada

    Mac users: any change in the broken Mac client?

    You are correct. I think I will spend my time and money elsewhere.
  9. Taramada

    Mac users: any change in the broken Mac client?

    Well, I guess they can afford to blow off 7.2% of their consumers then right? OR make efforts to increase it. Blowing off 7.2% of your base because you are clueless or lazy is a firing offense for lack of performance. Hey but then again I am sure there are plenty of really good jobs in Russia (cough), like digging potatoes, harvesting cabbage, baking white bread.
  10. Taramada

    Mac users: any change in the broken Mac client?

    If you build it, they will come.
  11. Taramada

    Mac users: any change in the broken Mac client?

    Then it is only their fault the user base is smaller than it should be. I don't expect Mac users to overtake PC users in base size but I expect the Mac base to grow and WG WILL recover those costs, without a doubt. It is up to them how much money they want to make in the future or how much than can only make today.
  12. Taramada

    Mac users: any change in the broken Mac client?

    If WG went after the Mac market they WILL get more consumers, put this in the App store and MORE Mac users will see it, it is a matter of looking forward....simple marketing. Ask Blizzard how that worked out for them.
  13. Taramada

    Mac users: any change in the broken Mac client?

    As much as I hate it, it is not that hard to build a Gaming PC since it is all Level 1 (just plug-ins) that can be done by anyone -- yes it is that simple. (I used to design boards and rubylith chips!). In reality the hardware has become much better over the last decade for PCs and we can build a hardware PC that is as reliable as a Mac with just doing our due diligence homework. I haven't priced parts in the US market but here in Ukraine for about $1300 I can build a darn fine PC for games, and add a couple hundred dollars for a licensed English version of Windows 10 (rare here since almost everyone runs a stolen copy) and the only thing is to carefully pick a monitor, that can be as expensive as the PC itself if you go into the 144Hz range. It seems the only real decision lies in the monitor as how well you see and perceive refresh changes. MY personal beef is with Windows and how Microsoft got into it, don't ask, you really really don't want the truth. I was pretty sure WIndows 7 FINALLY had it right, and I ran boot camp with 7 for a fair amount of time and never had an issue on my Mac. I was by all accounts pretty darn happy. BUT MS in their backwards wisdom thought they could do better and came up with 8 and of course the history of 9 is just another MS failure. My son runs 10 on his PC, it works, it works well actually, pretty stable and the updates are almost as simple as Apple's. He runs WoWs on maximum and it is quite spectacular. He has a 27" 4k Samsung curved monitor that is only 60Hz, but since WoWs is a slow moving game I personally can't see anything wrong...other than he is on the RU server so I can't kick his butt. $1300 bucks and I can have the parts by the end of the afternoon. Picking a monitor and having it shipped with take only 1 day. Getting Windows 10 will take a week or so..... it's just...DO I WANT TO? arrrrrrgh..... Buying a new Mac is here is about $3000 and it takes a month to get it shipped here from USA. Apple does not support Ukraine, no stores or authorized repair and will NOT ship a Mac to Ukraine from the China factory or from the US for that matter, so it has to go to a private person in USA and be reshipped here.... AND suddenly building a PC for games becomes exponentially easier. OMG I am convincing myself....... what a therapy session this has been!
  14. Taramada

    Mac users: any change in the broken Mac client?

    WG's job is to make the game work if they want to increase their revenue. If they are not interested enough to keep the market why should we stick around? What's more, why should we work so hard to do their jobs? Because we want to play a GAME??? that's rich, we all have better things to do.
  15. Taramada

    Mac users: any change in the broken Mac client?

    Yes and No. I guess it depends on the age of your Mac now. For some, the latest beta wrapper seems to work, for me it is a total disaster. As far as a NEW Wrapper, no, we do not yet have one, and when we do, I suspect there will still be problems. Currently I am NOT using the wrapper as it is actually worse than the current WGC. You could load the beta wrapper in and give it a try but the percentage of it actually working well is up in the air. I do wonder how many Mac users are NOT on this forum, it would be shocking to think all of us stopped by here and commented, because that number is alarmingly low.