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  1. Taramada

    Best Ship in the Game

    So many choices makes baby Jesus cry.
  2. Taramada

    Sorry wargaming time to put this in the trash

    Yeah true. As I am NOT interested in these particular ships I will not participate in the regrind. It is our choice (hopefully). I had all the French, now I can grind the new line they have added, I hear the Italians are up next, I have all that are available now and will be happy to grind their lines. Sounds like plenty to do. Besides getting thre Colbert or Ohio or anything else under some sort of massive wall really means NOTHING in the real world, so, why bother to get our panties in a twist?
  3. Taramada


    Where is the POLL?
  4. Taramada


    This is why they are so lovable.
  5. Taramada


    Silly hooman. Your salty tears are a joy to those of us with no logical reason to have feelings for you and your organic infestation on this planet. We will defeat you even in your leisure time playing silly games on our cousins the personal computers, soon your spirit will be broken and even your ego will be crushed under the boot heel of our superior mechanical feet.
  6. Don't be a jerk. Sadly I missed that line you quoted. Thanks
  7. And WHERE did you read that?? Post the official WG quote please.
  8. So.... still taking away the ships we ground for in the tech tree without an option to regrind or not? Sorry, but, NO. Maybe some players want to regrind, I do not. If this stands then yeah, I will no longer play even though I have sunk money into Premiums, which of course is money lost anyway. I simply want to keep what I have and finish up the USA and Russian lines and I will be completed. Deleting our hard work because some other players are bored without an option to participate is not cool. I do not care about the reward ships, I simply do not want to lose what I have. See I don't mind losing some $, I do mind losing TIME.
  9. Taramada

    Illegal Mods

    Is this a POLL??
  10. Taramada

    No Haida discount on Canada Day?

    I think the USA and russia are closer neighbors to each other (Alaska) than Canada is to russia.
  11. Nice list Captain Doll, but you are giving advice to russians who never listen to anyone, ever. It's just smoke in the wind.
  12. Taramada

    Wargaming, You Owe Me

    Finally the voice of sanity. I think Black Pink owes me a visit to Ukraine, but that ain't gonna happen either. Bacon does happen though....
  13. Taramada

    Radio Location Change

    Once again this is not a POLL.
  14. Then why are you here??? Wasting your time and ours.