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  1. I am not joining Twitch on a service that does not work in my area (Amazon Prime) so NO Anniversary for me. KInda stupid.
  2. Taramada

    Weekly Combat Missions and New Rewards

    Sounds like fun, but NO MORE $ for you from my wallet.
  3. After years of asking to opt out of the rental ships WG has done NOTHING. They listen so well.
  4. Taramada

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    Ohhhhh it's not a NERF it's a "FIX". I think in Russian FIX and NERF are the same thing.
  5. Taramada

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    When Update 0.10.5 goes live, VI Erich Loewenhardt, VII Nelson, VI T-61, VII Haida, VII Z-39, VIII Asashio, VI Admiral Graf Spee, and VIII Lenin will cease to be available. The ships will be taken out of the game due to a combination of their popularity and combat efficiency. To maintain the proper level of diversity in teams in terms of the ships they are made up of, these ships will no longer be available to obtain for an indefinite period of time, but they may return in future. NOT taken out of our collections, just out of the store correct??
  6. Taramada


    Did ALL of that. Still stuck on Authentication. Check and repair no errors, WG Check no errors. Frustrated as it only started during this patch.
  7. Taramada


    Tried that, was good for three games and then disco errors again. Only on Warships, no other problems on anything else. Appears to be their problem not mine. Pink games are adding up!
  8. Taramada


    Same here. I have amassed so much pink I have enough to paint all 300 ships pink. Going to have to not play until issue is fixed.
  9. Taramada

    Sorry wargaming time to put this in the trash

    Yeah true. As I am NOT interested in these particular ships I will not participate in the regrind. It is our choice (hopefully). I had all the French, now I can grind the new line they have added, I hear the Italians are up next, I have all that are available now and will be happy to grind their lines. Sounds like plenty to do. Besides getting thre Colbert or Ohio or anything else under some sort of massive wall really means NOTHING in the real world, so, why bother to get our panties in a twist?
  10. Taramada


    This is why they are so lovable.
  11. Taramada


    Silly hooman. Your salty tears are a joy to those of us with no logical reason to have feelings for you and your organic infestation on this planet. We will defeat you even in your leisure time playing silly games on our cousins the personal computers, soon your spirit will be broken and even your ego will be crushed under the boot heel of our superior mechanical feet.
  12. Taramada

    Illegal Mods

    Is this a POLL??
  13. Taramada

    No Haida discount on Canada Day?

    I think the USA and russia are closer neighbors to each other (Alaska) than Canada is to russia.
  14. Nice list Captain Doll, but you are giving advice to russians who never listen to anyone, ever. It's just smoke in the wind.