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  1. Taramada

    Premium Ship Review: USS Missouri

    Best FEXP I ever spent. Sadly it is no longer available :-(
  2. Taramada

    WG Please Stop Ending Co-Op Games too Quickly

    Somedays you just wanna grind those machines down a little extra just because they are unfeeling 4th class citizens, who don't even qualify to be in the back of the bus. Well, because they are the bus.....
  3. Taramada

    Is everyone having fun?

    'Cause I am. Just sayin'
  4. I am a Mac user, have been since BEFORE the Mac was released. I have a lot of disposable cash, as most Mac users do. I mean if we can afford Apple we can afford being a whale once in a while. However, with the lack of support or even caring on WGs part, I can just as easily drop $300 a month on EVE and have just as much fun on a more stable platform. WG wake up. Get gud and support the Mac, call Apple if you need help, get them on board, get it supported in their App Store....watch your profits soar. Or go back to reinventing the wheel and leave the same spokes broken or missing........
  5. Of course there is controversy, when you have about 10 million players with multiple characters (I have 22) there is bound to be a few toes stepped on, but in the end it still works.....the sad part is that both Eve and WOW are far more complex than WarShips and seems to have much more trouble with their base players per capita than CCP and Blizzard. I guess that comes from trying to reinventing the wheel every 3 to 4 weeks.
  6. CCP's EVE treats you very well. Blizzard's World of Warcraft (WOW) bend over backwards to get things right. BOTH have HUGE annual conventions, Iceland for EVE and Irvine for WOW......by scale WG is rather small.
  7. Taramada

    Giulio Cesare poll

    That was one of the meat staples in Leningrad during WW2....along with humans.
  8. Summed up in 50 words or less. Well done!!
  9. Taramada

    Alaska Feedback: Underwhelming

    Like I say FRP. Lord Nelson would poke out his other eye if he could see this game.
  10. Taramada

    Alaska Feedback: Underwhelming

    Everytime I hear/read "Behind an Island" I have to remind myself that this is a FRP and in no way mimics actual US tactics.
  11. Taramada

    Do Bots cheat?

    They do not cheat ... Their Abilities Are Not Of This World.... Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to defeat these mechanical monsters and save our world. So, harden the frick up and do your duty. Hooman.
  12. Taramada

    How many 19-pt captains do you have?

    9 with several more at 17-18
  13. Taramada

    Is There Any Way to Get a bIt More Steel?

    Sacrifice a virgin at midnight in the middle of a cross road in central Romania, while it is raining? Or was it no rain? I forgot.
  14. Taramada

    Wait... how long has this been here?!

    Agreed, I felt cheated because I was playing PvP length games and getting only PvE rewards. Also I felt sorry for the bots because they were forced to run by a programmer, not running out of actual human fear.