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  1. ExecutiveToasterOven

    Submarines - revised

    I'm not sure about the concept of EMP given their historical relevancy and realism, but I do agree that the spotting system does need a rework, and so does the depth mechanics. Mines could work but it adds more mechanics to a game that already has a lot going on in a battle. The cutoff for splash damage immediately at 6m should slowly cut-off, at the very least. I do also like the idea of AP causing flooding, since AP is all but useless against a sub right now. Personally I think one of the biggest issues right now is CA/ BB counter-play against subs, there isn't much you can do when they're lower than 6 meters. Due to the very nature and concept of submarines, I'm not sure what else they could do other than making HE splash damage deeper, maybe depending on gun size. Lets hope they fix the "C-tapping" because being able to bob up and down immediately is quite infuriating. We'll see with time. I like the suggestions.
  2. ExecutiveToasterOven

    Upcoming Charity Stream Guide

    If we put a space after the username and before the server region will we still get the flag? I only noticed afterwards that it said to do it exactly like that. For instance, I wrote "ExecutiveToasterOven, NA" but was I supposed to write it without a space (i.e. "ExecutiveToasterOven,NA")? And if so how long does it take for the flags to be credited (I assume after stream like other in-game items)?
  3. ExecutiveToasterOven

    The 8 price points for the Puerto Rico. Take your pick

    I really don't know what to pick between these either. I already had 4.5k doubloons so I purchased 2k so that I could buy the 6k booster. After that I got the gorizia to help grind the early directives (fun ship too). If I were to get to directive three, then use the doubloon compensation of 8500 to buy booster 2 (after directive 3 has come out) would it still be feasible compared to just buying booster 1 and 2 outright?
  4. ExecutiveToasterOven

    Fundraiser Results – Vote on How to Get Hayate!

    I'm actually super glad that 100% goes to the campaign, and even more impressed that items such as missouri are included. Nice job WG. Shame I'm too poor to afford that, I'll just stick with my $5
  5. They (Wargaming) are considering a cruiser armour change/ normalization that defines what subclass a cruiser is, whether it be light or heavy. If this does get implemented I assume all cruisers that fall under the "light" cruiser classification will receive depth charges. Take a read here (IFHE is also one of the changes) But who knows, that's just one of Wargaming's proposals EDIT: Link to notser video that better explains it I know this sort of deviates from the original topic question but if wargaming does implement changes like this then I assume cruisers of light armour under the new system will be impacted and receive depth charges.
  6. ExecutiveToasterOven

    Submarines are Coming

    Well I'm sorry that people are getting bored of the same content over and over. I just love new and unique content, hopefully it improves upon the game.
  7. ExecutiveToasterOven

    Submarines are Coming

    This is going to be a breath of fresh air for the game, I mean we're talking about an entire new class here. This is either going to make or break the game, it depends on how weegee will execute it. For now lots of people are complaining that they seem kind of OP. If anything this is part of balancing, make the submarines have everything you want them to be able to do, ie citadel with torpedoes, and then balance it from there. We're going to need lots of testing, but I can see submarines as a great part of the game, unlike CV (depending on your view). It will change up the meta and I think that it'll be a good refresh of the playerbase.
  8. Some of us have bad games, and some of us enjoy the game without trying to be a super unicum with top stats. Streamers have an audience and they need to remember what impact they can have with a live audience. This person's just trying to play a video game.
  9. ExecutiveToasterOven

    WG-CC Arsenal creator codes

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean but thanks for the comment.
  10. ExecutiveToasterOven

    WG-CC Arsenal creator codes

    Greetings captains, I have been thinking about implementing something that I think would be a nice addition to the game. That is, creator codes. The concept is really the same as... dare I say it... Fortnite (hold on, let me explain). The Idea: I am proposing the introduction of a creator code program into in-game stores such as the Arsenal. Content creators will have their own unique code (or just their username) which any player can enter into a section of the store (eg the Arsenal). For every item you purchase from the Arsenal, 5 or so % of the resources you spent will go to the creator who's code you entered. This lets content creators receive a minor flow of additional resources from their fans. The reason I would like to see this implemented is so that fans/ followers of channels and creators will have a chance to support the content creator, and in turn, content creators get more resources which they can use to test out new items so that they can make a video, or a stream on them. In order to reduce spam with "use creator code ****", these should only be given to official content creators within the CC program. "This just makes the game easier for CC's and is an unfair advantage" Well to be part of the CC program there are guidelines and decent requirements, most of these creators are genuinely trying to make useful, helpful or funny content in the game that benefits us all. I think that giving back to them is a great way to support them and let them create content faster on newer implementations. CC's aren't always doing what they do just for themselves. Remember, this would be a very minor % of resources! What do you think? The biggest issue I see with this is the possibility of people using it to ease through the game, but I think that if you're already in the CC program, your followers should have a way to give back. Yes, streamers have donations and subs, but this is an in-game method. :)
  11. ExecutiveToasterOven

    WoWS Goals for 2019

    - Try and not spend money - win the lottery get the Mighty Mo in a supercontainer - Grind IGN DDs/ get into DDs (I don't really play them... ever)
  12. ExecutiveToasterOven

    Mighty Mo No Mo - theoretically

    Honestly if I was the kind of person who had a ridiculous amount of disposable income and brought the Black Friday Armada bundle for $600, and then got lucky and rolled a Missouri in a supercontainer (Apparently this is the "easiest" way to get it if you're lucky) I would want its credits multiplier. The credits gimmick is what makes this ship much more special than any other premium, if this was nerfed or removed it would just be an Iowa with radar. Still though, if I already had it I would definitely mind because I already purchased something that said It would print credits. If I were to obtain it afterwards and NOT get the credits boost, I suppose I wouldn't mind too much, but would prefer the credit boost.
  13. ExecutiveToasterOven

    Shell Strike Sound

    I'm pretty sure SFX refers to the system sounds, eg 50% hp remaining, module broken, scoreboard announcements etc. But I think that impact sounds such as explosions and citadels also fall under this same setting, so if you turned it down or off it would effect ALL sounds in this category. EDIT: No, I don't believe there is a way to turn off penetration and explosion sounds without turning off general game sound effects
  14. ExecutiveToasterOven

    Russian Armor Comrade; Is Balans

    Is pure balans stalinium steel from motherland comrade, blyat
  15. ExecutiveToasterOven

    Reduction of Flood mechanics

    It's almost like Fire 2, instead the way to get the status effect is to eat a torp or get rammed. Flooding has been toned down and modified and is now very similar to fire (at least there is no more 60% BB hp bleed now).