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    Whales are going to defend the system and the advantages their position in the system brings like plugged folks in the matrix. "we don't need you" Who's we Zoup? I unsubbed ofc. I'd like to buy slots or a great number of other things but lets be real. Wows core gameplay needs the monetization ripped out. How's Path of Exiles growth doing? How's your's? The monetization model is half of that problem. My friends with other games took one look at your shop and GG NO RE. I can tell them all I want about gameplay but all they see is your prices. Then there is in-game shenanigans. An Example. Even if the price is ridiculous there needs to be a credit demounting option next to doubloons for modules. Demount with doubloons or pay XXXXXX credits. You can still sell credits Maximum credit loss in coop = 0 I'm grinding modules for my Seattle and I'm not sure how much damage it would take to pull out of negative but -100000 or more every other game is unacceptable. Try racking up damage with 3 Benhams in front of you in coop. You sure as hell ain't going to run any premium consumables. I'm not going to buy a premium camo or premium time just to fix one boat. I'm not. Made that mistake getting my Conqueror premium camo. It's also why I still only have 1 tier 10 and 2 9's(Iowa and Seattle). Demount all signals. Well a modder just did that for you cause you couldn't be bothered to do it for us. I've been around since 2017 and players were asking before then. This list could go on and on but you wave your hand and dismiss us and we'll still be on the fence whether this relationship is worth saving or maybe it should all just die out. Along comes a whale to tell me how "we don't need you". Eat me, Zoup Wargaming spends too much time trying to monetize "what they've got" and not enough streamlining to make for broader growth. Notice I didn't mention lootboxes. That's because the problems go far and wide beyond that particular mechanism. Just a semi-casual here, but I could be so much more. Stat shame if you wish. These are small gripes but they all add up to my current disposition almost 3 years into the game and why I'm exactly one of the people Zoup was talking to directly.
  3. I don't care if coop XP sucks Wargaming. I don't care if I can "Make Money" in coop Wargaming. I do care if I am going to lose my [edited]on what little credits I do have just because I choose bots for a few hours because I have 2 others using bandwith on my connection and I'd prefer not to sail in pvp with 200-300ms base. Make MAXIMUM penalty -0 credits in coop games only. If a match says I lost -120,000 credits. Zero that out. If I make 120,000 Reduce that to 0. Grind cash in lower tiers, stop murdering new people trying to get modules and whatnot above t8.