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  1. littlejo1983

    Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

    You're right that it's not supposed to be easy but 42 wins is a lot to get between rank 12 and 1. Not saying that there should be an irrevocable rank every other one or anything. It would be nice if say rank 5 was though since it is about half way. Honestly I think the lower ranks could use a few less irrevocable ranks but that's just me. The main reason to have an irrevocable rank after 12 (more than 1 would probably make it too easy) is because if you get some bad teams, or just have some bad games, you could fall back down so far that it doesn't even feel worth it to try to climb back up. The highest I've gotten in ranked is 5 and I stopped there because, 1 it was the highest I'd ever gotten, and 2 I was afraid of falling back down to 12.
  2. littlejo1983

    Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

    There really should be an irrevocable rank between 12 and 1. Rank 5 was for a while and I think it should be again since it is 22 wins to get from 12 to 5 and 20 wins to go from 5 to 1. Also are yall really having ranked battles at the same time as Clan Wars or do I have my dates mixed up?
  3. Hey @Femennenly I'm still interested if there are any slots open.
  4. littlejo1983

    Thoughts on Vanguard/ Wichita (Bundle Today)

    Both can be fun but you do have to play them right to do well.
  5. littlejo1983

    Are IJN cruisers worth it?

    I tend to get too aggressive with them and over extend but they are fun ships when played right. Great for kiting and flanking.
  6. littlejo1983

    Can we get in game replays?

    Yeah I know where the replays are but I can never find the wows.exe file. Still it would be so much better to just be able to watch them in game.
  7. I know that we can enable replays for our games, though using Steam I have yet to figure out how to watch them, but could we get an option to watch those replays in game? I think it would be awesome to be able to finish a game and then be able to rewatch the match without having to get out of the game. I'd also like an option to submit the replay straight to WG whether to show a glitch/bug or just a great game/torpedo dodge or something for the videos they do from time to time. Mainly though I would just like to be able to watch the replays in game.
  8. littlejo1983

    Who have you seen in game

    I saw @NoZoupForYou in ranked sprint earlier. I barely survived a Scharnhorst in my Belfast only to run into a Flint (zoup) and a Belfast together.
  9. littlejo1983

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    I still don't want to have to regrind a whole line that I have already spent so much time and effort into grinding. Apparently now the buffs wont even be enough to make a significant difference which makes it even less appealing to regrind a whole line.
  10. littlejo1983

    ST: Priority Air Defense Sector

    It basically sounds like every ship is getting a version of DFAA. I'd rather have key bonds then camera controlled but I'll have to wait and see how this all works.
  11. littlejo1983

    Akagi if is possible?

    Since the Kaga is T8 I would assume the Akagi would be as well. I would love to see the Akagi in game especially as part of a battle of midway set.
  12. Definitely second this. I have heard and watched shows about it but just started reading the book.
  13. littlejo1983

    So how has the Georgia been in actual gameplay?

    The Georgia is interesting. It's shells hit hard but they also seem to be slow with a high arc. She also has the same armor issues as most USN BBs meaning decent if angled right but screwed if not. The secondaries and speed boost are fun though.
  14. Yeah I hate the T4 CVs. AA should be stronger on some ships but if they nerf the damage CVs can cause then even fewer people will play them. I'm not a CV main but I do like playing them now and then.
  15. littlejo1983

    ST: New ships - Hayate and Thunderer

    Did @LittleWhiteMouse change her name when I wasn't looking? Funny how an April fools review is turning into a real thing. I hope they do something with the guns otherwise I don't know how fun it will be, though I do like the Vanguard.