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  1. Blorgh2017

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    You could try equipping the gun on Bremy, and then going into her limit break section, and watching the preview of her barrages. If the shells are red, then they're HE; conversely if they are blue, then they're AP... and if they're yellow then they're just regular(?) type. Yeah, I know, it's weird how this game has a naval shell type that's non-HE and non-AP, called "regular" shells, but it is indeed in the game... lol. As for SAP, that's considered a unique shell type that's found only on few Pasta shipfus... lel. As for the Roon gun, it's one of best guns for CA's. It's a bit slow on firing rate, but it packs a punch. Or you could go for the other best CA gun, which fires HE... I forgot which faction it's from, but it deals less damage per salvo but fires much, much faster. I'm actually thinking of switching my Roon's gun from the AP "Roon gun" to the aforementioned HE gun, because she has a skill that switches the shell types of her normal salvo, at every 2 salvos. Plus, she has a very powerful barrage, which fires both HE and AP, and I would like to trigger it more often. Anyhow, if you're in doubt, I say you should just give it a shot on the map 1-1 or something. Just take Bremy alone in a vanguard, and see what color shells her barrage shoots out... lul.
  2. Blorgh2017

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I believe barrages have their own fixed shell types, regardless of the equipped gun. I don't think there's any barrage in the game that changes its shell types, based on what's equipped. I could be wrong (there might be an exception somewhere), but AFAIK, all barrages are like that.
  3. Thank you for the link. I am happy to see a Pekora voice mod on the Asia forum. Her laughter is a stuff of legends, lol. Now, if only there were a Korone voice mod... that would be perfect, lol. I personally would love to see voice mods for other vtubers, but that's just me. I see your point about demands in NA forum, so I don't want to force you to publish them here as well. In any case, once again, thank you for the link. I'll definitely check it out.
  4. Blorgh2017

    Nitpicking Bismarck Camo

    Oh... never mind then, lol. I thought you didn't have the collection, lel. Well, I doubt WeeGee will alter any of the existing old camos. I guess your only choice now is mods... though I have no idea if there is any mod that adds the Iron Cross to the standard perma camo. Just saying... lul.
  5. Blorgh2017

    German CV's inbound

    I'm starting to think that they might need strong Secondaries... not for memes, but to survive against any DD attack. I heard that these carriers get AP rockets and AP bombs, which means fighting DD's might be a bit difficult. Maybe they're meant to avoid chasing after DD's... but I would say no DD would pass up any opportunity to chase after a CV. In this case, these carriers would need something to fend for themselves, and since one of the things that the Germans in this game are known for is the strong Secondaries. Thus, I honestly see "why not" for them to be similar to Graffy Zeppy in this regard.
  6. Blorgh2017

    Nitpicking Bismarck Camo

    Yup, the perma camo with the yellow turrets certainly do have the Iron Crosses... lol. There're actually TWO perma camos that you get from completing the "Hunt for Bisko" collection-- "The Last Conquest - Biscuit" and "From the Bottom of the Ocean - Biscotti." Both have the Iron Crosses... though it's quite fuzzy and worn out on the latter... lel. Here are screenshots of them on my Bistro. OP, if you like the look of "The Last Conquest - Biscotto" camo, and want it, then you can spend some coals for the "Hunt for Bismuth" containers in the Armory. It's only 1000 coals per box... lul. My personal favorite, regardless of the presence of the Iron Cross, is definitely the Unsinkable Mr. Lert Sam camo. I say an image of a mean and angry looking cat that reminds me of Mr. Lert is certainly better than the Iron Cross... lal.
  7. Blorgh2017

    Nitpicking Bismarck Camo

    Doesn't the standard perma camo for all German BB's missing the flag painted on bow and stern? My GK doesn't have it, so is my FdG, and I believe my Gnei, Shiny, and Tirpy too. Bayern and PEF as well. I don't remember for the rest, but I suspect the same, lol. As for why WeeGee left it out? I have no clue, and I doubt WeeGee will give us a straight answer... lel. That being said, AFAIK, Bisko does have another "historic" perma camo that matches what she wore on her voyage to Atlantic... the one with yellow turrets. Now, that camo has the flag painted on the ship, IIRC. So maybe another 5000 doubloons from your pocket? LULULUL.
  8. Blorgh2017

    Caption the profile image above you.

    "What good is a beauty or riches, if I'm still stuck in this wall?"
  9. Blorgh2017

    Forum Game - Word Association

  10. Blorgh2017

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    It's not that surprising, if you ask me, since all the galz, except Marblehead, were quite a powerhouse in their own right. Poor Marblehead... lol. So even Usagi sensei rates Casablanca so high. I knew it. Hue hue. Cooper and Reno are a bit low, but at least they made it onto the list. TBH, I thought our "superhero enthusiast" Reno would rank at least Tier 2. I guess not... lel. As awesome as Intrepid is, she wasn't able to dethrone both Enty and Essy. It's also not surprising, given how she's a "tanking CV," and we all know how this game values offense more than defense. Even then, being tanky isn't as good as Enty's absolute immunity for 8 seconds... so I guess her ranking is understandable. She still did very, very well. Kudos for her.
  11. Blorgh2017

    German CV's inbound

    So the conversion would be a De Grasse conversion... under a German flag. I see. If she becomes a reality, would she have a French Speed Boost? LOLOLOL. Imagine a German CV darting around a map at 40+ knots for 2 minutes, running away from sneaking enemies. I think it would look comical... lel. If Europa is that big, then I can see that she would fit better at Tier X. It kinda makes me wonder why WG didn't just use her for the upcoming Tier X German tech tree CV.
  12. Blorgh2017

    German CV's inbound

    Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if the Europa conversion shows up as a Premium German CV at some point... maybe at Tier VIII? Perhaps like a bigger GZ with actually sizable and usable air group, in exchange for not having any meme Secondaries... or something. Just saying, lol. I also heard something about a planned conversion of a captured French cruiser? If that's not in this new CV line, then I would think that she would also show up as another Premium German CV at some point... probably at Tier VI? As for the phantasy fake Tier X one, my money is on WeeGee saying that it's a what-if conversation of either Gneisenau or Bismark hull... just saying, lel. My 2 Stukas.
  13. Blorgh2017

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Well, @HazeGrayUnderway said he got her from B1... and the wiki says she's available to drop from B1, B2, D1, and D2. I rarely do hard modes, because I'm just a casul, lololol. Ever since I got 100% and 3 stars on B3, I've been running B1 ~ B3 repeatedly... lel. Meh, I'm just acting stingy, cause reasons, lul. She's only 2k tokens at the shop, and I got over 13k tokens. So I'll probably just end up just grabbing her from the shop and call it a day... lal.
  14. Blorgh2017

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Congrats. See? Your faith in RNGesus has finally paid off... lol. Now if only he would do the same for me with Casablance. Maybe I should just buy her from the shop... lel.
  15. Blorgh2017

    ST, changes to test ships

    Isn't it obvious, Admiral? When it comes to "balansing" any German ship, the No-Fun Police always gets involved... along with a Russian historian who specializes in the Operation Barbarossa... lol (/s). Poor Agir. Really.