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  1. Blorgh2017

    Pommern? Tell me about it!

    For me, she has pretty much became the go-to ship, lol. I feel like she might be even better than Kurry, in geneal, for the PvE play. She's pretty much built for brawling, almost perfectly. I like that very much. I don't even bat an eye, when her torp launcher gets knocked out, because it happens way too many times with other German BB's with torpedoes, like Tirpitz. I got so used to it, sometimes I even begin to wonder when it doesn't happen... lel. Her armor really stands out, just like FdG. Even better than Kurry's armor, TBH.
  2. Blorgh2017

    ★ Arknights Discussion Thread ★

    YUS, praise the RNGesus! So this time, I got the rarest and coveted Top Operator tag, in the Recruit. I paired it up with the Healing tag, and crossed my finger that the former tag won't get crossed out. Thankfully, it didn't, and I got... I wanted Nightingale for quite a while, and was hoping to see her in the certificate shop at some point. Well, not anymore, lol. So I read online that if you need someone to mitigate any incoming Arts damage, then Nighty is the gal for you, lel.
  3. Blorgh2017

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Courtesy of AL reddit. This has actually made me laugh. Well done, lol. Source. Poor Hippah... lel. But you know what they say: flat is justice, and flat makes a noice landing deck... lululul. It actually would be noice, if Weser gets made into the game as a light carrier. Just saying, lal. Why a light carrier? Because some hard mode maps have the light carrier requirement, and I can't meet it without using a non-Ironblood ship girl. Dat'z wuy, lol. Ya know what? TBH, my hunch is that Manjuu is probably thinking of something like that already... so I personally wouldn't be surprised if we actually see Weser in the future. I could be wrong, but still... just saying, lel.
  4. Blorgh2017

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Every time that I see Z2, I always think about when we'll ever see her in the EN version... sigh. If you ask me, she's waaaaay overdue for her appearance in the EN version. So much for "catching up" with the CN and the JP version... lol.
  5. Blorgh2017

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Darn right, Desuland... lol. I'm sensing a deja vu from her statement, something about an overused meme that I used to post a lot here... lel.
  6. Blorgh2017

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    *clap clap clap* Well done. If I were you, then I would first get the three latest addition to max MLB, since that would be easiest and quickest. As for getting Prinny to 120... only if you really want to invest in Ironblood. Then maybe going for Mainz or Odin... but wait, getting the PR ships also counts towards the fleet tech, so maybe you don't have to get Prinny to 120. Get either Mainz or Odin, and they'll contribute the needed points for unlocking Mama Freddie. That's just me though. I don't know if you want to invest in Ironblood that much, since I don't know of your long term goal... lol.
  7. Blorgh2017

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    So how much fleet tech points you got for Ironblood now? Just curious... lol. Maybe you can start on Roon, Mainz, or Odin? Mama Freddie might still be a little out of reach yet... me thinks. I'm not trying to pressure you or anything... I was just curious. Take things at your own pace please.
  8. Blorgh2017

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Here's the latest BB gun meta list, from Nerezza's Equipment Guide: Aaaaaand I was wrong about the USN gun being the bonafide default and standard for any BB. Sorry. The USN gun is just for pure damage... and if you don't know which gun to give to a BB, then it's rather the purple IJN twin 410mm, that's a default standard. It's got good reload, good damage, and easy to acquire and upgrade. So it can go pretty well on just about anybody. It only gets trumped by the Mama Freddie's gun, but that gun is PR only so kinda hard to get.
  9. Blorgh2017

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Well, if you want to stick with the whole "fun thematic setup," then whatever you like, lol. I used to do that... until I realized that the upgrade plates are quite precious, and I kinda stopped... lel. But I still kept the Bisko guns on my Not-Ugly sisters because, as I said earlier, I already have too many Bisko guns at +10, and didn't want to make them go to waste... lul. It's not a bad gun, but a tad low on the damage side, even with the bit faster reload. Plus, it's an AP gun, so it doesn't do so well against light armored enemies and bosses, who are far more common in this game. Just to note. TBH, the USN gun is the bonafide standard and default, for any BB gun. It's easier to acquire and upgrade, and can deliver a great performance, so you can't go wrong with it. I mean, after all, you can swap it out and keep using it on someone else, once you're done with the current user. Just saying.
  10. Blorgh2017

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Problem with 150mm SKC is that it's a horrible gun as an Aux gun, with the exception of Bisko. As a main gun? Yes, it's got great DPM, no longer top tier but still competitive to be used a lot... but the shell spread is too narrow to catch the yoloing suicide fire botes. Believe me, I tried all kinds of guns for the Aux slot, and there really isn't that many guns that can perform so well. Most others have some kind of an weakness to make them less desirable. The 150mm SKC works for Bisko as her Aux gun, since she gets a skill to extend the range. In her case, her Aux gun is no longer a defense weapon, but an extra offense weapon, taking pot shots at any enemy that crosses the white line. For that purpose, 150mm SKC is great... kinda like an extra CL strapped to her side. If you want speedy shooting with AP shells, the Bisko gun is alright. I personally do have other better guns, but I stuck with the Bisko gun for pretty much all my BB's, since I have quite number of those guns at +10... lol. Otherwise, the purple USN triple 406 would get you a better mileage in the long run. But it's gonna feel painfully slow, compared to the Bisko gun. If I were you, I would plan for either the German prototype twin 406mm (Mama Freddie's gun) or triple 305mm (Odin's gun). Much better choices, while fitting with the whole German theme.
  11. Blorgh2017

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    For me, only thing that I kept in line with history/WoWs was the German twin 380. Otherwise, I went British twin 152mm for Aux and German 105mm for AA. As much as I wanted to keep it all-German and close to either historical or WoWs-like configuration, some equipment just simply suck so badly in this game. It's a shame, really. The British twin 152mm is one of cheaper yet still-great option for Aux guns... since nobody uses Aux guns outside of shooting the suicide fire botes (save for few exceptions like Bisko or Odin). You really need an insta-fire gun with some kind of a fan-shaped spread, and reasonably fast reload, along with it being AP gun (so that it can pierce and hit another bomb bote, while having fastest shell speed to catch them)... and you're not gonna find many options for having all those, save for the Prototype AP CL gun and the British twin 152mm gun. The prototype CL gun is best saved as a main gun for a CL girl, so the next best thing is the British twin 152mm.
  12. Blorgh2017

    Captains speaking Japanese

    Those captains are special collaboration captains, whose specialties are the Japanese voices. If you set your language setting to Standard or National+ (note the + sign), then their voice lines will override your setting and you'll hear those Japanese voices, when you use them in battles. AFAIK, there are two ways to prevent the override: (1) set your language setting to National, but without the + sign. That way, you'll hear the default national voices for the nation of the ship that you're playing. Or, (2) at the bottom right corner at the port, there's a tiny cogwheel menu. Open it up and disable (or toggle off) the "collaboration theme" that corresponds to the captains. When you do, those collab captains will be converted to a generic standard captains, with their special voices turned off as well. Hope that helps.
  13. Blorgh2017

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Congrats. You're getting closer, to start executing your own version of Plan Z, lol. Now you just need the awesome Not-Ugly sisters. Have hopes and don't give up... Victory to Ironblood!!
  14. Blorgh2017

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I kinda like those ideas. Well, something, or anything, to make the subs more relevant would be nice, in my book. They don't have to be mandatory, just useful and relevant... lol.