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  1. Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    WOLFB will be expanding to 10 more members in a few days. We do CB regularly and welcome new people interested in CBs. Rented T10 is OK.
  2. March break? too many kids playing I guess.
  3. You Lost my Money DUE TO LAGGY Glitching

    you must be kidding. WG support is completely useless. They always tell you "just go away" in a polite way. Try it yourself :-)
  4. This is WG way to say - play CV :-). 2 kills may be a problem with CV too, but can be done.
  5. Reporting the same issue. It was impossible to direct fighters to attack red planes. Old issue with Ctrl-A disabling auto-pilot is still here.
  6. Last two games very choppy

    Over time you will learn that WG don't care. I believe they think they are monopoly. Maybe it's true
  7. Have the same issue today a few times. Can it be related to overload on servers? on my PC I had low CPU and GPU usage and plenty of RAM. It seems no help from WG became a new norm now.
  8. No wonder people are less and less interested in playing CVs. CV at tier 7 and up is tough by itself because of premium CVs and increased AA, but now in addition we have all these weird bugs all around.
  9. Had the same issue yesterday for the first time. Was able to move CV, but not planes. All my planes were circling around CV. Got countless "a**hole" from my team in chat :-) Somehow managed to resolve it by pressing both Shifts a few times, but it was too late... No help from WG is usual :-(
  10. Last two games very choppy

    The same issue here, started around 5 pm EST. Before was OK, now it's almost impossible to play. On top of that game crashed when exiting to port after battle.
  11. When playing CV I use autopilot a lot. Recently I noticed that once you set autopilot and later on use Ctrl-A command, autopilot switches off and CV continues to sail with current speed and course. Very annoying, especially around islands etc. Update: the issue is not for CV only, other ships are affected too
  12. CV Mini-Map Broken

    +1 and also have other issue, will do separate post for it. WG, did you laid off your Quality Control department ?
  13. Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Sounds good. I'll apply in game as soon as system let me do it. I am on hold till Thursday. Please reserve one spot for me :-)
  14. Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    I'd like to join Lone Wolves who do casual Clan Battles too... Any advise?
  15. Detonation Change in 7.2

    Not sure about stats shown above - 1 detonation in 57 games. I played about 10 battles with T7 DDs today and was detonated 3 or 4 times. This is the first time it happened so often. I guess new client version is a reason, it was updated last night.