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  1. I agree, wholeheartedly, absolutely, 110%, you could not be more right... ....on a totally unrelated subject, when does my Iowa get its active-radar assisted aiming and nuclear-tipped tomahawks back? How about the Super Heavy Shells with the same pen characteristics as Yamatos' 18"ers? Because she actually had all that stuff(two of the three during the WW2 era) and I feel they would be less game-breaking than this nonsense.
  2. nocturnae_incarnate

    A factual analysis of the infamous Alaska Airstrike clip

    Unreliable against a cruiser, light cruiser, or destroyer. Against a t9 or t10 battleship, no not really. We cant affect much direction change in 13 seconds, especially if we have NO knowledge a direction change is needed until the sky is LITERALLY falling on us(like in this exact situation). But you are right, the bow tanking BB meta will die, and if we show our broadsides, we die, and if we snipe at the back we are useless...hell, with an 11km range, that invalidates the ENTIRE german BB line, hurts the russians badly, makes the americans too much of a risk, and limits the japs, frogs, and pastas to rear-edge/max-range HE sniping (oh yea, and thunderer). Basically, so long as this exists in ANY recognizable form, BB's become crippled(or completely useless) in nearly all forms.
  3. nocturnae_incarnate

    "Just dodge" - a new level of cancer Dutch Tier X

    Full disclosure: I'm something like 95% BB-main... To my eye, this is just another way to nuke battleships. Yes, if you are a C or DD hidden in smoke or behind an island or otherwise immobile, you are pretty much screwed. But those ships at least have some defense, they can turn out of the way if they are already mobile. But a battleship: ESPECIALLY a T9 or T10...no way. Even if we are moving we are still screwed, we cant turn fast enough and we are long as hell for the target. Picture pointing this at a yamato trying to avoid by moving or turn at full speed...not gonna happen, he's dead. Furthermore, since the range on this is what...11km. Thats about the same range as focused secondaries...so those dynamic, brawling, secondary builds that they just nerfed nearly to oblivion? Nope, they're now completely useless. This knocks out the ENTIRE German battleship line and horribly cramps the Russians as well. The higher American line is a midrange shooter...which turns them into a HELL of a risk since they dont hit their sweet spot for ap gunnery until about the 15km range, and this is death at just over 11...that's a 4km range bubble to work in while piloting a ship that don't turn and can't run...nope, they're out too. Too much of a risk. So basically, the japs, the frogs, the pastas...and thunderer....and all of them must now sit at the VERY edge of the map and snipe with HE...exactly what everyone HATES. On a side note...if this goes into play anything like this, i want my money back for Massachussetts....just saying.
  4. As a primarily battleship captain, my defined role is to "destroy enemy ships with heavy artillery fire" I believe, is the quote from the loading screen. 30 second reload time therefore i have to make my shots COUNT. Prepping a shot, see a cruiser or BB below half health that has temporarily given me his broadside...hit the delete key on his a** ...teammate yells at me about "stealing kills"... Same rectum-hat would be the first one to complain if he lost the fight due to "no support"
  5. nocturnae_incarnate

    Unsporting Conduct

    Oh yea, not worried about it, the penalty was stupid low. As I said, was one of them rhetorical questions that popped into my head. Call it a W-T-F moment for the devs.
  6. nocturnae_incarnate

    Detonations are still [bleep]

    Fun fact: When IJN Yamato died, she suffered a detonation. The blast was so large it produced a mushroom cloud that could be seen from the Japanese islands over 400 miles away. Definitely agree with you....
  7. nocturnae_incarnate

    Unsporting Conduct

    So you can classify this as a rhetorical question if you want... I've had a few battles where i got nailed for unsportsmanlike conduct for damage to a friendly player. Ok, I totally agree. Just one problem, one of the two times: steaming west to east on western side of the map in IZMAIL. Friendly cruiser off my port aft quarter at about 1.5 km, we're trading shots with two battleships at close range. My secondary gunnery crew apparently had too much vodka that day because i SEE one of the secondary battery shots actually connect with my escorting cruiser. Second situation: In Montana, circling the bottom after dealing with the east flank, i move south to cover our carrier during reposition against a republic and the enemy carrier who is gunning for him. Smoke the repub, the enemy carrier jumps on me with torp planes, my carrier launches planes during their attack run (he was pretty close to me). Friendly planes get caught in the flak i'm putting up against the enemy torp bombers. Rhetorical question time: I can't aim my secondaries or my AA, so how are either of these my fault and unsportsmanlike on my part?
  8. nocturnae_incarnate

    What was your best salvo ever?

    Pure Luck shot USS Massachussets, about 17km out on a broadside cruiser. First volley of the game. Dev strike, dead cruiser 1 shot. Once again, pure absolute luck given the ship I was in. Kinda felt bad for the guy.
  9. nocturnae_incarnate

    Any plans to make DD's relevant again?

    Ok you just missed the forest for the trees. We aren't talking about a fear or lack thereof of a game, we are discussing the "relevance" of a particular class. To that end, you just proved my point. Experienced BB players have intentionally modified their playstyle so as to minimize the effects of a single class of ship. Which means the largest, toughest, most heavily armored class of ship in the game, whose sole purpose is to support her team by tanking hits and providing heavy artillery fire, will intentionally surrender a possible optimal firing position on enemy ships and in fact likely wont even LOOK for that position, except as a secondary concern, in order to protect itself from a ship which MIGHT be there and MIGHT shoot at it with a specific weapon. And they likely will not advance, even if it is tactically sound to do so, until that ship is gone. Once again....Destroyers are VERY relevant.
  10. nocturnae_incarnate

    Any plans to make DD's relevant again?

    ummm... This. This is SOOO true. I will freely admit I am a distinctly average player with overaggressive tendencies and I prefer battleships (about 85%+). That being said, I hear ALOT of complaints at the tier 9-10 level that boils down to "Why are the BB's all way in the back?!?" Well, because of the DD's...at lower levels: say, below tier 8, destroyers are a threat but not overwhelmingly dangerous. By the time you hit tier 9-10, destroyers are so lethal with their insane number of torps and stealth and our rediculously, hilariously, HORRIBLY slow maneuverability, we simply CANNOT get anywhere near a location that even MIGHT have a DD. Think about that, not the CONFIRMED presence, not a DD hiding in a smoke screen, the simple POSSIBLE presence of a destroyer will prevent even 4 or 5 battleships from approaching at the higher levels. Because if we try, our lifespan is measured in seconds. And without the BB's pushing, the cruisers wont either(and rightly so). So the simple POSSIBLE presence of a destroyer can prevent an entire flank from approaching. And you wonder why we shoot the DD's first? If I load a battle in a tier 9 or 10 BB, the first thing i look for every time is how may destroyers. I don't give a damn about the carriers. 1 carrier or 5 carriers i dont care. They're annoying, but they wont prevent me from doing my dang job of tanking and pushing into the enemy. But if I see more that 2 destroyers in the lineup I visibly wince at what is about to come... ...and you want them MORE relevant?!?
  11. nocturnae_incarnate

    Ok, What am I doing wrong

    Got it, so hold range ( that might be a bit hard on massachussets, but i'll get it), dont over push ...oh, and stop missing do my best, thanks guys, dont feel quite like committing seppuku now
  12. nocturnae_incarnate

    Ok, What am I doing wrong

    I probably should have mentioned, the first shot is usually from a blind position where i dont know they are there. But basically, what you are sayiing is, my first instinct should be to turn AWAY from them and use my range, not into them, that right?
  13. nocturnae_incarnate

    Ok, What am I doing wrong

    Ok, my primary ships are Massachussetts(secondary build), or Iowa and Montana(mostly concealment build). Scenario: Me: Fighting Venezia with red colored shells: somewhere near by step1: venezia shoots at me and hits me broadside (4.5-7k damage) step 2: i angle toward him and shoot, he dodges step 3: he shoots with me angled (4.5-7k damage) step 4: I go bow on, he shoots (4.5-7k damage), i shoot back, he dodges again step 5: i turn away and angle while running at max speed, he shoots(4.5-7k) damage The moral of this story, no angling seems to matter against the italian cruisers, if they are firing those d*** red shells then it REALLY doesnt matter. Even Yamato, the biggest guns in the game cant achieve such consistent damage against me and i can angle to protect myself. But i've quite literally had a venezia take me from 100 to dead doing exactly this and i couldnt get away from him, or get close enough that he couldn't dodge my shots...MORE THAN ONCE. Simply put, i feel like a BB is absolutely helpless under its guns, and that makes absolutely NO sense. So here I am. Is this ship just complete [edited] cancer/aids or am i doing something very wrong? To be fair, if I manage to hit the dang thing, i mess it up REAL bad, but that only happens if it tries to hold still near an island like a mino, if it's moving, i can count on 1 hand the number of SHELLS i've connected with, it's turning radius is ludicrous.