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  1. I hate when that happens. That being said, about a year ago I go in a close quarters battle against an Atago and Tirpitz. I was between them and it was a torpedo soup: the missed me and killed each other with a combination of team damage that was also reflected. It was so unexpected as I was convinced I would die, but ended up taking the cap. Still one of the two or three funniest things I’ve seen in the game.
  2. No mods running. I needed to shut the game down and then it wouldn't restart until I rebooted the computer. Really odd as everything else ran fine and there was plenty of bandwidth. I don't think this is the case as the camera was complete frozen. Sound worked fine and I could control the ship's throttle and steering with the WASD keys, but the screen itself remained frozen. No mods running. Lots of bandwidth. Hopefully this is a one off.
  3. Not sure what happened here, other than my ship went missing from my view (and the view had not changed for 45+ seconds). The game then stalled and I couldn't get back in. Really bad way to get a loss since my ship took off and YOLOed on its own. PS. Seems we lost, I got a disciplinary penalty and a few negative karma. Really?
  4. Giving out XP for the factors that contribute to your teams victory = tyranny? Really? The game ‘rewards’ people already for a specific type of behaviour (not always contributing to winning), so how is changing the formula for awarding XP any more tyrannical?
  5. I actually thing that WG could reward team play. If you take a look at the stats you can download with the API, there are lots of data points available that would allow you to reward the behaviours that drive team play and the teams performance (e.g. winning). Some relatively basic data science could do this analysis and then the XP system could explicitly reward teamwork (and even punish bad play). I would welcome this as I didn’t enjoy the 18 friendly torps that went into my CV last night. Self killed the DD and pretty much guaranteed a loss for us.
  6. pallas_2

    How are teams decided MM?

    Agreed. If MM balanced by win rate, everyone with enough games would be end up at about 50%. Good players would be paired with equally good players, as would had players. Teams would be generally equal. Since that’s not the case (think about the number of one sided games that are effectively over in 5 minutes), MM can’t balance WR.
  7. pallas_2

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich or Graf Spee

    I’d go with the Graf Spree, but be aware it has a totally unique play style (although I find it conceptually similar to the T10 Yoshino). That being said, the best T6 German premium is the T-61. I think it’s the best generally available premium in the game.
  8. pallas_2

    So how far did you get?

    Managed to get the PR for 15,000 dubloons ... pretty satisfied with the final price and the directives made me play a few lines and classes I’ve been avoiding. Taken as a whole, I liked the year-end event.
  9. pallas_2

    whats the best aa platform tier 5

    Also, Exeter has a good heal and quick rudder shift. Not only does it shoot down planes well, it can heal rocket damage and does a good job dodging torps and bombs.
  10. pallas_2

    whats the best aa platform tier 5

    Exeter is very good. I managed an AA Expert in a 2 CV game with 38 shot down planes.
  11. pallas_2

    thunderer or Salem

    I have both. They are good ships but I’d go with the Thunderer if you like BBs. The 18 inch guns are LOL accurate, it’s the only BB that I’ve ever had 3 dev strikes in a single game. You play it a bit like a super cruiser as the armour is weak and the heal isn’t as good as the Conqueror. I’ve stopped playing the Conqueror since getting Thunderer. I like the Salem as well, but it’s really a damage over time type game. The heal is better than they the DM and that gives you better staying power. As far as T10 cruisers go, I like the Henri better and don’t really play the Salem that much.
  12. pallas_2


    I’d like to see faster rudder shift and acceleration as a special power ... maybe activated after first blood or capturing a cap.
  13. pallas_2

    Santa creates

    Welcome to the pixelated future. All digital, all the time.
  14. Congratulations. If you like this, you’ll love the 19pt captain in a secondary build Grosser Kurfürst with the unique upgrade. A game like the one you just played would have done 250k of damage and left a swath of T10 destruction (and you are always top tier). Enjoy.
  15. pallas_2

    Who Says MM is Bad?

    I had a T10 game with a T8/6 div. Nothing says stupid like playing a T6 CA against A T10 CV and BBs. Ha.