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  1. pallas_2

    How Do You Deal With Losing Streaks?

    If I get on a losing streak I now start to focus on staying alive. Although some time it’s a team loss, I do find that my loss rate goes up when I get stupidly aggressive. Focus on staying alive (and doing some damage) brings the aggression level back into balance.
  2. pallas_2

    Premium Ship PREVIEW - HMCS Yukon

    My house is between John Candy’s childhood home and high school (where he got started in acting). Since I live on the Candy Trail, I agree with this. Although I’d go one further and pick a character, Vice Admiral John E. La Rue.
  3. Nor do they count potatoes per side.
  4. pallas_2

    Can a shell hit two ships?

    Thanks for all of the feedback. I’m going to assume that a few shells went between the gaps in the superstructure, funnel, etc and that the weird visual scaling when in close obstructed my view, but not that of the turrets. Still, I will try this in the training room; likely with a small enough second ship to full be behind the one in front.
  5. pallas_2

    Can a shell hit two ships?

    Might need to test the Deadpool shot and see if I can get three ships hit with a single shell.
  6. Yesterday I got into a short range brawl (~3km) and put a full volley into an Iowa from my Pommern. It seems three shells overpenned and, after exiting, they hit a friendly Seattle for full pens. Given the placement of the ships I can’t come up with another explanation. Is this possible with the game mechanics? The Seattle was fully blocked by the Iowa so even awful German dispersion isn’t an alternative explanation. Seems like an odd way to go pink. Has this ever been tested in the training rooms?
  7. pallas_2

    So if you torp a friendly at 9K is it really your fault?

    Normally I think you responsible for anything you hit, but there are exceptions. One that comes to mind is a Le Terrible turning around, hitting speed boost and becoming so fixated on the enemy he ran into Italian torps I’d launched over a minute earlier. When the ship is faster than the torps, some responsibility has to be taken for sailing right into them.
  8. Or a whole team of Khabarovsks and Kleibers. Not a lot of stealth or spotting, but they are fast while being ineffective.
  9. Depends on how they die. Every so often you get a wall of random blind fire torps from a pair of Shimas and a couple DDs get dev struck with little warning. Driving a DD into a cap protected by radar cruisers is, on the other hand, criminally stupid.
  10. pallas_2

    Cruisers - Heavy AP Skill?

    It’s good on the Siegfried.
  11. pallas_2

    Conqueror Special Repair Teams (SRTs)

    And remember, damage from ramming is 100% repairable. With a ramming flag you can just ram the heavy cruisers that you can’t overmatch!
  12. pallas_2

    Leander: Her guns hot, her torps swift.

    And then comes the Fiji. Maybe my favourite ship in the game (although not when I first started playing).
  13. Is there a reason to play this instead of the Atago? Smoke vs heal + better guns.
  14. pallas_2

    Win rate, skill, and random MM modeling

    Great article I missed when it was fresh. If you ever rerun this, I’d be fascinated to see the impact of (1) good players playing more games, and/or (2) the impact of gaining skill over time, coupled with player attrition. Apart from being skewed left, I’m not sure what the distribution would look like (e.g. fatness if tails).