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  1. BismarckKriegsmarine

    WOWS MALTA OP is a joke!

    at the end of the day the game is so far out of whack every class of boat has something that is OP and ruins the fun for everyone WG do it deliberately to try and drive people to get the OP ships with more game time or buying dubloons and the micro transactions and all the other crap they try to foist on people, and its pissing a lot of players off, me included. I now play a hell of a lot less because its just not what a game should be and thats fun. If it really pisses people off that badly walk away for a while, WG dont care what we think and weather or not we enjoy ourselves as long as we pay, in some form or other, keep that in mind if it pisses you off.
  2. BismarckKriegsmarine

    WG: You are driving players away.

    Its as simple as Wargaming have F@#ked a really good game out of share greed
  3. BismarckKriegsmarine

    Russian CVs are bull

    Hey guys a quick heads up I pulled the pin just had another [edited] over match with subs' Russian CV' and Super ships' the game isn't worth playing as far as I'm concerned it is now completely play to win with severe ship bias. Hope you all have better luck than me I've gone from a reasonable T8-T10 100k player to a crappy 50-60k player and I refuse to pay to win. thanks for your input and opinions, have enjoyed reading you comments and discussions best of luck in the game.
  4. BismarckKriegsmarine

    Russian CVs are bull

    just got slaughtered by Pobeda in a Massa with a second Massa as my offsider 40K gone in 2 salvos and a constant barrage of planes the moment they drop an endless supply of planes, 2 AA BBs and we got torn to shreds and basically did no damage. The game isn't broken I call BULLSH*T! Good job WG you've screwed the game!
  5. BismarckKriegsmarine

    Can you pull submarines now

    theyre total [edited] got hit 70k in one round and couldnt even see the sub it total crap
  6. BismarckKriegsmarine

    Russian Carriers

    I just got slaughtered in my GK by one of these make believe pieces of crap good job Weegee couldn't even see the carrier just an endless stream of bloody planes my secondaries did nothing too as long as this sort of garbage keeps happening I won't even be getting premium Ive had a guts full of power creep and new OP Russian garbage!
  7. BismarckKriegsmarine

    Help me understand the direction of this game....

    this game is a waste of time for cruisers if you want to play t10 in anything other than Smolensk Worcester or Minotaur. Im over the pay to play mentality this game used to be fun.
  8. BismarckKriegsmarine

    Bugger the CVs Im outta here!

    Im over the CV overload 3 T8 CVs in a T7 cruiser WG you're MM is a joke! Keep it up and you can keep your game not paying for Premium to get the crap kicked out of me every damn day!
  9. BismarckKriegsmarine

    German BBs Diasappearing

    I have been playing the German BB line for the last year and have noticed they have all but disappeared above T7, am I right? And is it because they are so badly nerfed for the current game style with CVs and a lack of brawling opportunities and crappy MM(ie T8 constantly in T10 Battles where they either can't up AP or the HE is ineffective) they are virtually pointless, raised the issue with WG and got the same old chestnut if it looks like it needs fixing we'll fix it and need feedback from players blah blah blah! I would of thought there obvious absence would be a hint! What do you guys reckon?
  10. BismarckKriegsmarine

    Is WoWs approaching balance?

    Not even bloody close just played My FDG hit Bismarck midships 3.3 km he was stationary and got 1650 HP WG keeps saying theyll adjust if needed all the German BBs are bottom of the Stats tables and it a bloody joke!
  11. BismarckKriegsmarine

    Update 0.8.2 - Feedback and Performance

    My feedback is the game is now a joke I have a gneis that has all the aim ability of a potatoe thanks to Russian bias against Germans couple that with constantly being the bottom tier in battle with 2 CVS and I get slaughtered by the CVsgood upgrade if you want people to walk away in disgust! It has become quite clear WG is clueless about interacting with it customer base and is here only to do what it wants and bugger the rest of us cheers! Im off to play something else!
  12. BismarckKriegsmarine

    2 CV's per team is killing the game slowly

    I just played yet another match where I was a T7 cruiser in a T8 battle with 2 T8 CVs and got torn a new one if it keeps happening WG can jam it up their date Ive had enough of their crap! they have obviously forgetten a good business model means at least meeting some of your customers needs!