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  1. Is it just me, or is WeeGee missing out on a hell of an opportunity for a low-tier premium Russian BB with the Battleship Potemkin? I know it is a pre-dreadnought, but we have a couple of those in-game as it is.
  2. 68W38Witchdoctor1

    Ships that take to much energy to play?

    So, and feel free to judge me (hell, I do), but warm Corona and Captain Morgan mixed together tastes exactly like vanilla coca cola.
  3. 68W38Witchdoctor1

    Ships that take to much energy to play?

    By the gods, this is excellent. Had a chaplain who was a teetotaler (former Marine tanker and a drunk before he went Army Chaplain's Corps) and used to hang out with all of us lushes just to remind himself how fun it was and also how utterly ridiculous drunk Soldiers can get.
  4. 68W38Witchdoctor1

    Ships that take to much energy to play?

    More of a beer and bourbon kind of man myself, but I do love a good single malt on the rocks (I know, I gotta have my liquor a little watered down in my old age). The ship that I have the single most difficulty out of, and absolutely hate with a passion, is the T9 Seattle. I have no idea why, but TO ME it feels like a downgrade to the Cleveland and is vastly inferior to the Worchester. Damn thing drives me crazy.
  5. 68W38Witchdoctor1

    Who likes tacos?

    I could use some tacos right now. Starving.
  6. Bought 24 total crates (I am a whale and a [edited], sue me) and I got all four ships, 42 days of premium time, a buttload of doubloons and well over 200 of the new black camos; among a lot of free-XP and other goodies. To me, it was worth it simply because the value of four prem ships plus the prem time far outweighs the cost of the crates. Best turnout on crates I have *personally* seen.
  7. 68W38Witchdoctor1

    Drinking and World of Warships Randoms

    Typically, I end up very deep into a case of Yuengling or a bottle or two (or three) of cheap Riesling. Then again, pretty sure that has little to do with WoWs. During normal daytime hours, I usually substitute the alcohol for coffee or tea. A pot or two split between them seems to do the trick.