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  1. Was just in a game with Crash Zone Alpha Map. About 2/3 of us got frozen screen and had to 3 key to get out of WOWs. The game ended up being a race to see who had the fastest PC to get back in. Why is this happening so often? Two days in a row now I am crashing. Others are too. I have not crashed in 3 years before this most recent patch.
  2. megahugenoob

    6 more veterans that i knew quit the game last week

    Echoing this. I just dont care. The matches are bad and all they do is frustrate me. You just released a new line of ships and I could not care less. Its actually been that way for the last few lines (italians, etc..) The idea of grinding right now with the quality of the gameplay sounds about as fun as getting a massage with sandpaper.
  3. megahugenoob

    Puerto Rico just sitting there

    Mine still says 25,000 and i am 76% done.
  4. megahugenoob

    Puerto Rico just sitting there

    For 25,000 doubloons. I am talking about a % of what you completed. If they did do such a thing, then advertising fails because I saw nothing about it and I play daily.
  5. megahugenoob

    Puerto Rico just sitting there

    You know, if WG wasn't complete morons they would find a way to say "Complete now" and they would prolly makes thousdands of dollars on people who are 70-80% there and would spend a few thousand doubloons each to finish it.
  6. megahugenoob

    How many posts will it take

    Could have worded the bolded part better, but basically what I was referring to is Cv's launching rocket planes and outright killing or severely damaging DD's and other ships can really do anything. I stopped playing my CV's very early once I started seeing how broken they were. Its the same reason I stopped playing smolensk. I never bothered to play it long enough to become elite with them because it was not fun. It literally felt like cheating. Now I only play them if I have no other recourse to complete an objective.
  7. megahugenoob

    How many posts will it take

    Sure, I got a bunch of CV's and would gladly swap them for other ships. IF only ship trading was a thing. I got the OP editions you must have missed out on.
  8. megahugenoob

    How many posts will it take

    FWIW I have posted small novels. I have posted rants, I have provided screenshots and all of it goes ignored. While I appreciate the reply. at this point there is a level of frustration with the CC's and power's that be at WG as to why these problems persist. Players have spent the better part of a year screaming about the problems with CVs and it falls on deaf ears. I know, I am sure its talked about behind closed doors but the players do still not have an acceptable reply for why the state of CV's continued to be ignored. Why is it ok for 1 sortie to virtually kill 1 ship. Why is it the most vulnerable ships designed to cap and be pickets are the most vulnerable to Air strikes. Why is it players have to constantly react to CV's as opposed to the other way around. Why is the current AA defense mode so ineffective. Why are we only activating increased AA on 1 side of the ship in the interest of "counterplay" when its a complete joke to begin with? The list goes on and on. Sorry but many of us are done with excuses and want some real dialogue from the power's that be on why things are the way they are.
  9. megahugenoob

    How many posts will it take

    CVs are still complete garbage. They are wayyy too strong. Get them out of the game. This is absurd.
  10. I own the Yoshino. Its a fun ship if you enjoy long distance combat. Shes a sniper that sits at range and fires off her 20k torps and her 9 rail guns. Gotta be careful about when / where you choose to shoot because shes very squishy. Very capable ship. I like her far better than the smolensk.
  11. megahugenoob

    Yoshino vs Puerto Rico

    Yoshino is a blast if you like to play long range snipers. The 20km torps are full on troll too. I absolutely love Yoshino. Dont get close to other ships however
  12. megahugenoob

    How is the new improved German dispersion?

    Kremlin is absolutely OP. I have played hundred of games in my GK. ITs my favorite ship. I took out the kremlin yesterday for my first game ever and dominated. The Kremlin is a powerhouse. I suppose in a perfect scenario the GK *MIGHT* hold it own if secondaries are allowed to chew on the kremlin and they were bow on to eachother, but its amazing how much stronger the kremlin is.
  13. megahugenoob

    Which ultimate upgrades are worth it?

    That's the way I read it as well, I just want to be sure I get all my ships to that point so I have the rest of the year to get it done.
  14. megahugenoob

    Which ultimate upgrades are worth it?

    Just to be clear, the way I read your post is as follows: As long as we are on Stage 5 of 5 of the UU missions by Feb 12th of next year then we have the remainder of the 2020 year to complete stage 5 and WILL receive the UU. However if we fail to get to stage 5 by Feb 12, 2020 we will no longer be able to progress past what the current stage we are on is. Is that correct? Also, Will the current UU's be modified to copy whatever version the research bureau is going to have?
  15. megahugenoob

    Which ultimate upgrades are worth it?

    Do we know if they are going to take away the existing ones or just create "better" ones?