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  1. I owe you an apology, I Thought you were this guy: Like you he had 25k games and said something to the effect of hitting W and letting secondaries win the game for you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. And you are still a complete noob when it comes to secondary ships. your game history speaks to it.
  3. Hey! its you again! guy the who has like .002% of his games in ships that are secondary ships telling us how secondary ships work and how easy it is to play them! Good to see nothing has changed!
  4. Please show me examples of games where people are getting 80k secondary damage. I will wait. 1-2 MAYBBBBEEEEE a frequent event? Ya right....
  5. megahugenoob

    Love seeing WG finally getting some credit

    The reactions to your post seem to say otherwise.
  6. Bingo And the post above is exactly why there is no build diversity. People are not gonna spec for AA when its only useful part time. You only face CVs sometimes. Because of game mechanics there are some skills everyone has. People are always going to get fire prevention. You are kidding yourself after this announcement if you think there is going to be any variance to builds. You have have 1-2 skills different but the core of every build will be the same.
  7. Yep, its god awful and frankly the fact that they have not addressed this is inexcusable. Back to survival build for everyone!!!! Way to go WEEGEE! You tried to create diversity and drove everyone back to the same spot we started #fullpotato
  8. Exactly right. They used a battle axe to fix a hangnail.
  9. They wouldn't want to mess up any of the cash cows they have coming up. I used to spend on this game. The more underhanded they get, the less I spend.
  10. I keep saying that because we are on the WOWS forums. In case you haven't noticed gamers are very tribal. They do not forget companies that screw them.
  11. Thanks brother, its tough counting to potato for some people around here.
  12. Fully understand that we dont own the ship. Fully understand that nerfs must happen to keep balance. Its a cash grab because of the timing. They introduced all of these cool ships that had secondary power and then they nerfed them a short time later. They had no intention of leaving them as advertised. You just got done telling met he people at WG are not dumb. So clearly the "Vision" they had was to nerf secondaries. So they rolled out these ships an commanders, cashed in before the nerf and then destroyed what they had JUST RECENTLY sold. Thats dirty and unethical.
  13. Questions / Comments 1) why is a cruiser in brawling range of a BB? 2) Many cruisers have torps 3) Most cruisers have More Dakka Dakka than german BBs even in secondary builds 4) Some cruisers have noses that cannot be overmatched by most of the secondary ships (Russian line) 5) All BBs must expose plenty of broadside to get the secondaries to fire, thus exposing themselves to return fire. You cannot nose into a cruiser and let secondaries burn it down. 6) Most cruisers are faster than BBs They can outrun them . Cruiser will almost always win in a tail chase, if its a tail chase, secondaries wont be firing. 7) Many cruisers have smoke. 8) Most cruisers have detection ranges just above what the secondary range is, Stop shooting and hide? Sounds to me like you are asking for a ship line to be nerfed because you don't know how to play your ship class. Your carriers have been nerfed and now you want to burn everyone else down with you.