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  1. Noworriesderpy1

    And done...with all of it!!! LOL (PVE Thread)

    All I can say is
  2. Noworriesderpy1

    Gift Codes (for PVE Players)

    Following what my esteemed colleagues above have started I happened to have 8 left ( being I have 2 accounts).
  3. Noworriesderpy1

    how does farming potential damage help you win?

    You know WOWS encourages it by giving directives which calls for you to receive damage. Good gosh
  4. Noworriesderpy1

    I am only playing CO-OP

    Just bare in mind while in CO-OP 1. There will be times when an Influx of "specific type" PVP players who will bring their salty and up turn nose attitudes into the battle(s) which may in turn take the fun factor down whole bunch of notches. Words like this is CO-OP how hard can it be you cant lose. 2. There will be times when you run into a battle which your entire team consist of subpar BOTS and or totally clueless human player(s) facing the SUPER RED BOTS ( oh yes it is not a myth they are OUT THERE) ( all BOTS are not created equal)
  5. Noworriesderpy1

    Teammate TKd himself! How?

    LOL Yup what he said.
  6. Noworriesderpy1

    Sad life as a CV main

    Oh my goodness I cant count the number of times I have experienced what you have pointed out. It is frustrating specially with (C) but I also feel happy when it is done on the RED SIDE and I be pointed right to the CV .
  7. Noworriesderpy1

    Bots Auto-Detect/Follow

    Just remember in Co-op All Bots are NOT CREATED EQUAL. Eventually there will be a battle where you are the only breathing Green team member and the other green bots are like bumper cars running amok leaving you to catch the full wrath of those SUPER RED BOTS.
  8. Noworriesderpy1

    You can just buy Florida for $40 on the premium store

    Played the Florida in Nari and was extremely disappointed though it seems other players were liking it saying it was great for sniping. ( going to leave that one alone) 1. The reload of 33 secs is way too slow kinda scratching my head as it has the same caliber what is on the Tier V New York (30s reload). Of course the King George V (25secs) and Duke of York ( 29secs ) but being they are British it must makes a big difference. 2. Several folks have already eluded to other short comings 3. I did find it does hit hard once you find targets in the minus 9 - 7 kilometer range
  9. Noworriesderpy1

    [ALL] ModStation

    Any idea on mod for the air squadron cross hair will be done for this last update
  10. I noticed some weird stuff with the air torpedo drops while in COOP it doesnt happen every time. 20201004_164043_PASA108-Lexington_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  11. Noworriesderpy1

    Who have you seen in game

    Sorry but I had to do a double take as I thought it was only a Tier VIII match but I see each side had a poor Tier VI CV. Guess I have not been playing enough PVP to run into 2 CV battles yet. Sorry ... back to who have you seen
  12. Noworriesderpy1

    How is this guy's account possible?

    It is easy and I have been told may times to stick to COOP Take for example my alternate account which I use to dip into PVP once every now and then just so I can catch that salty breeze. ( of course mostly in CVs) Most of my ships in this alt account are premiums
  13. Noworriesderpy1

    WoWs Waterline - Snowflake Event

    I just saw this... I have to laugh as I am seeing this MORE and MORE lately as I sit in my favorite smoking spots. It gets WORSE during Naval Battles Fridays-Sunday. During Ribbon weeks you see more and more "Gatling gun ships" or BBs with lots of secondaries. Talk about seeing BBs where BBs usually venture in early .... you know its Naval Battles period when you seen them in the THICK of cap zones. ( this is where you also see folks that have not gotten the concept in ZONE capping and how it works). There is a reason some of us don't go charging into a zone as we may be going the the GREEN defended ribbons. If you sit right outside the zone and let the opposition get into the zone first and after clearing then out you can also get the capture or assist button. ( More XP) If a team mate enters the zone we get SQUAT... as all you are doing is negating each other. Also there is a function of reduction in the points accumulated by the opposition as they are getting hit... but that is getting way deep and more than just pew pewing which so many folks are just interested in doing. As they say there are things constantly evolving as nothing stays the same.
  14. Noooo Hey that is where I love playing my 3 Torp launcher DDs just lurking at the mouth of the channel. Nothing like striking them down one by one... ( BUT don't EVER EVER MISS) Too me the flip side of 2 Brothers is also one that you can LOSE easily as well when one side gets steam rolled and nobody is watching the middle. ( when you find folks may not have quite comprehended the concept\usage of the mini map )
  15. Noworriesderpy1

    Any stats on player age range?

    Retired from being in the Computer Field or now called (IT) after 45 years. 1. I started with patch panels and punched cards with holes were used run automated machines. I also remember dropping a few stack or two of those punched cards and then having to resort them. 2. First programming language I learned was FORTRAN I then moved on to Cobal which back in the days i encoded programs not thinking about it being in use beyond the year 1999. 3. Used a dollar bill to clean off crypto gear connectors < few former military in comm and computers might remember this. Spent the last decade of my career working to assist Lawyers in the nasty world of Email Discovery which eventually accelerated my decision to retire as I witnessed the erosion of personal privacy and intrusion through data mining.