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  1. Noworriesderpy1

    Italian Directives: The Road to Rome.

    NOOO I cant believe you actually stated line (4) under General Strategy Notes "Random battles are strongly recommended" … Blasphemy I say of our sacred CO-OP
  2. Noworriesderpy1

    Pink Forgiveness Idea

    Only PINK part am not fond of is when you turn PINK hitting a BOT. BOT of course will turn PINK if they hit a human … but please has ANYONE ever seen a PINK BOT at the start of any battle in COOP ?
  3. Noworriesderpy1

    0.8.10 Supertest has changes to Co-op

    Okay my bad guess I misunderstood your comment above.
  4. Noworriesderpy1


    You realize that with the Cruiser or DD in Smoke YOU are the next BIGGEST thing the BOTs see so of course they will fire upon you... Also SMOKE works both ways so unfortunately the smoke has limited whatever SPOTTING that ship may have provided prior to it laying down. So until they get into your sighting range your out of luck and need to start moving.... Sort of no different when a PLANE spots you... you will see shells coming your way.
  5. As the TITLE states I am protesting that ppl are advocating limitations within CO-OP of the number of DDs per battle. The nerve of it all. Now I have become a whinner as I am whining about the ppl whining about too many DDs in CO-OP
  6. Noworriesderpy1

    Capping the number of destroyers in Co-Op

    Interesting as you are stating mid-tiers which I will assume are referring to V-VII. While I will commend you as I see you have played more than half of your COOP games in DDs and yet advocating setting a limit of 1 or 2. Just asking are you stating this limit of DDs go across the board for all Tiers ? Just saying even in COOP there is a VAST difference when you enter the arena of Tiers 9-10. I see it a lot with the +2 probability in MM when you are playing VII and VIII ships.
  7. Noworriesderpy1

    0.8.10 Supertest has changes to Co-op

    Not to "stomp on your input" but I thought this thread is ABOUT COOP and not others such as Randoms and Operations\Scenarios. ( or RANKS) I am sorry if I missed if you stated it to be otherwise.
  8. Noworriesderpy1

    0.8.10 Supertest has changes to Co-op

    Normally I am don't say much in threads dealing with people who say this or that ship is too OP or there are too many whatever type of ships. I believe in too each their own on how they to play. It is funny as I was in a match last night in Tier X with 4 DDs ( one of the few games lately) and only 1 BB and stated so in CHAT. What was bad was that within a few moments only myself, a cruiser and the lone BB were LEFT to deal with the remaining BOTS. I was also in a games where we had 4 BBs and 3 Smolensks and I was the lone DD, thanks goodness on the BOT side it was not mirrored so imagine how that game played out. There are at times challenging aspects based upon the different ships players bring into COOP games and it may require adjustments by the said players. Inserting into COOP limitation on the number of ships such as DDs may not be as wide consensus as one may think but again I will say that is just IMO. .
  9. I for one will be waiting to see if this addition of 1 BOT (without any programming changes) has any impact as the frequency has increased significantly of battles ending with opponent BOTS still alive. When it comes we will have to just adjusted and carry on. As it has been said in ABOVE threads lets give it a chance and see.
  10. Noworriesderpy1

    0.8.10 Supertest has changes to Co-op

    The beauty of COOP was that it is quicker than playing in Randoms of course the results are that you will get less rewards. No arguments there and I am sure there not too many folks clamoring for a change in that arena. Most of the frustration has been since the last couple of updates the battles have been ending increasingly quicker with multiple BOTS left around. If nothing has changed due to the updates is it because we have more skilled players from Randoms coming into COOP due to the directives ? We have had directives way before these last updates and I do not recall having so many battles ending as quickly as they have been lately. I seriously doubt it is due to the influx of random players as a large number of those players are not acclimated to the COOP style and tend to play like they are in a random game. ( I will say there are exceptions for those that play both COOP and Random on a regular basis) I will say also Its annoying when we do have an occasional Random player who insist that this is COOP you cant lose no matter what is being done. Specially when it is stated there may be a need to consider the objectives. As for increasing the number of BOTs by 1.. so be it For those of us the play in non peak time frames I suspect that will mean increase in battles with 1-2 humans and the rest BOTS specially in the upper tiers. NO problem … just adjust and carry on we shall do
  11. Noworriesderpy1

    Best DD line for knife fighting?

    At the Tier 9-10 level ….I will take my Shimakaze and Harugumo in a heart beat.... followed by the Fletcher and Gearing. all of them will fare well in a 'Knife Fight". As for the Friesland… other than the fast rate of fire and possibility of setting fires at a distant... the problem occurs at the CLOSE range when you have no choice but the use TORPs which in the case of Friesland YOU HAVE NONE. I have a HUGE problem with the US DD line when at the VI -VIII and that 1 little IX DD which for what ever reason has UNDERPOWERED Torps.
  12. Noworriesderpy1

    Coop change is not quite enough

    Realize not all BOTS are created equal... Just to as point out few of the BOT behaviors I have seen over the years and it remains the same if they are either friendly or foe (REEN or RED) 1. You have your suicidal BOTS ( no explanation needed) 2. You have your sail right on by an opposing BOT and not fire BOT but seem to somehow manage to run aground 3. You have your fire torp or shoot towards the opposing side even if an island or a friendly ships may be in the way. 4. You have your BOT that will SAIL right into your smoke just enough and of course cause the opposing BOTs to fire upon in which results in your have to move as you are being hit as well. Let me add also a good possibility the BOT will be like the above #3 and launch torps. Though there are BOTS that will on occasion just outright beat everyone and come up in the TOP half of the team. Why I also state when I am in a battle where the BOTS outnumber the humans... I SURE HOPE OUR BOTS are Better then Thiers
  13. Noworriesderpy1

    Nice coal Crate

    Nice ! Would like to see more of those show up a bit more often … but figure it is like that roll of the dice for super container...………. only happens once in a BLUE MOON
  14. Noworriesderpy1

    Why Do you Play Destroyers (Diddys Quest To Understand)

    What they said EXCEPT playing CV.
  15. Good for you in the use of the ID.me to receive those benefits from establishments that provide veteran discounts. If you already have and account by all means use it and link it as you desire. Again I advocating use\sign up for ID.me only if an individual is comfortable in providing the said requirements. Thank you for pointing out the just a few things that makes some of us uncomfortable that we have so much PRIVATE information being DATA MINED on each one of us with and without our consent. Just because it happened does not make it okay and it is MORE relevant today as they are FINDING new ways to track your transactions in this digital world. By the way THANK YOU for your SERVICE