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  1. Noworriesderpy1

    Dailies and Low Tier COOP ONLY

    Wait Seal Clubbing\Tier Padding in COOP ? There are no Junior BOTS The problem is lower tiers XP and credits just dont cut for the time. Only reason is to do the lower tier Champaign's ( which I been putting of for YEARS) Though I have to admit it is kind of fun to go DIV up and do a few PEW PEWs every now and then.
  2. Noworriesderpy1


    Speaking of PTS it used to be good for receiving those flags which made it worth doing at least 3 COOP battles each round. Now with the Community tokens.... it has become sort of MEH.... Though let me preference first it could be just me but there seems to be NOTICEABLE difference between EU, RU and even Asian players vice NA play in COOP. ( could be that since I been sticking to CVs in PTS ) Maybe they are not use to aggressive CV play ?
  3. Noworriesderpy1

    RU CV's (PVE Thread)

    I have played the T4 , T6, and T8 Russian CV's. T4 CV is way better than the other CVs in that I found it can CARRY when all seems to be lost and you ( only human) are left to deal with the remaining RED BOTS. If you already are use to the use of skip bombers then it will not be an issue. T6 CV is suspect may end up being BANNED in Clan Battles as it is quite effective for Tier 6 CV. T8 CV for me at least is somewhat a tad on the need more side.... being there are quite a few T8 CVs which are pretty good and just outshine. You have to be a bit more cautious when attacking as you do not have the ability to do multiple attack runs. Also you may want to use the CV like the Zeppelin in attacking cap zones ... as the secondaries have a decent range.
  4. Noworriesderpy1

    Notice to PVE Clan Members

    Hey Hey ... Being the Mighty PVE CLAN members primarily do nothing but storm around and stomp on the measly BOTs in PVE ? ( ya know like not venturing in Clan Battles, PVP and Ranks unless by accident ...yes accidents do happen ) so why would it matter ? Plus the Clan-Related forum area... is like the deep dark dungeon
  5. Noworriesderpy1

    Narai, Wow

    Oh yea I can attest to that ... seems every BLUE MOON that DD seems to be a BOT super unicum from HECK. Last Monday evening I seen it take out the human Fiji ( who was at half health due to the Missouri. With no other CA around I took my Sharnie B around the corner and there she lay my secondaries are going off but we are so close I cant torp her BUT SOMEHOW due to BOT MATH it ( infamous instant BOT torpedo arming) can torp me as it laided double barrel launchers into my side. Had to laugh.
  6. Noworriesderpy1

    Submarine rentals - How it Works

    It gets real funny when you take out the subs first thing and after your 3rd battle in subs then NOTICE that you have not even past the 1ST daily ( 250 Base XP in a single battle).
  7. Noworriesderpy1

    Submarine rentals - How it Works

    This is just too funny... this morning I received all 3 of the sub bundles So after next 3 days of mucking around in COOP with the subs it will be nothing after that.... oh boy am I now reaching into that dreaded Whiner's zone mindset ? Oh yea .... forgot to mention... should have READ the original post a TAD MORE carefully. @iDuckman laid it out graciously how to muddle through till the 18th. Another notch on my Derpyness tablet.
  8. Noworriesderpy1

    LWM Needs Help Crowd-Sourcing Missouri Data #2

    LOL thanks forgot to add
  9. Noworriesderpy1

    LWM Needs Help Crowd-Sourcing Missouri Data #2

    COOP Battle WIN
  10. Noworriesderpy1

    Submarine rentals - How it Works

    Ugh all I got was 3 coal sacks.... sheesh So now I have to wait till next chance. Wonder who came up with this brilliant idea < (sarcasm) to spread out\randomize the ability to obtain these 3 day subs rentals\subscriptions.
  11. I realize that this is an arcade game and not in the sense realistic but why WOWS does not allow for SPOTTING and or even CAPPING while at snorkel depth?
  12. Well there are already DD torpedoes with those speeds. Notice those torpedoes detectability are on the HIGH end spectrum meaning Shimikaze like. Still have not addressed the surface battery recharge capabilities which is abysmal at best. Realize even the SLOWEST BB in T6 can OUTRUN the surface speed of these subs
  13. Noworriesderpy1

    I pictured Sub vs Sub Battle in my head...

    I had forgotten to mention in my previous replies... I felt the torpedoes are on PAR with those of from the CVs. (which they are averaged around 5K per torpedo). Thinking from my point of view after finally getting around to where I was actually able hit a target seeing how anemic they were the effort was disheartening. Like CVs sometimes it felt like what you are able to do is to give "Death by a thousand paper cuts."
  14. Noworriesderpy1

    I pictured Sub vs Sub Battle in my head...

    Yup and that is where you can ram a sub ( for any surface ship including subs)
  15. Noworriesderpy1

    I pictured Sub vs Sub Battle in my head...

    Yes you can ram in the PTS server I was able to sink several subs by ramming. ( you will survive ONLY if you are on the surface). You can put all kinds of flags on the subs and yes RAM flags will work. A. I could not hit the periscope with gun fire.... tried and tried and tried to no avail. B. With Subs you can ONLY capture a ZONE by surfacing.... C. Be prepared to surface in the MIDDLE of a battle zone as you will RUN OUT of battery no matter how hard you try not too. Also given the Battle time constraints I was NEVER able to energize my batteries on the SURFACE to anywhere near what I started with... ( 5-7 mins) D. Being the LAST HUMAN in a SUB sucks royally when you ARE BEHIND the bots in points and need to capture. They are Too SLOW so going from one zone to another is virtually impossible. I was never in a battle which it came down to sub versus sub.... but also every battle which the BOT won was always they were in the LEAD in points.