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  1. Crij

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    IIRC the USS Benham grind wasn't too bad, it was either you only had to login those 28 days. It was the prototype of the daily reward system, we have been seeing for the last couple months. Wasn't that the event that also released the T5 USS Smith? IIRC you were also given an additional tokens for her first battle of the day. I think the USS Smith was like $20us. Funny part was getting called a `wallet warrior' when she torped a T7 cruiser from behind an island... She is occasionally a fun ship, with her 11 second reload torps are fun but very short range. Personally I would love to get my hands on the Musashi. the Green Pickle (Iwaki Alpha) and maybe the Arkansas
  2. If you stay within 1-1.5 Freisland ship lengths, you should be too close for their torps to come to the surface if they are deeper than periscope depth. At periscope depth they might be able to shoot you if the torps instantly arm. Just keep just off the side of the sub (no more than a ship width) if they are at periscope depth, and quickly cross their otherside, if they start to turn.
  3. The Dutch HE Air Strike should work on subs, if they are on the surface or at periscope depth, just like HE Bombers on a CV. I have yet to try it with the Haarlem.
  4. Not sure if it is the same for the Halland/Smalland, but for the Freisland/Gronniger they fire about 3/4 to a full ship length ahead. So if the sub is running at full speed you want to run in the same direction and directly above it and fire when the marker is just off the bow.
  5. Thanks, Are the mortars functional or only modeled on the Halland/Smalland? I don't have either.
  6. Are the Freisland and her sister Gronniger the only DDs with forward firing depth charges? I thought I remembered one of the British DDs modeled with hedgehogs on the forward deck, but couldn't find her. Also it would be nice if WG enabled the port camera to zero in on the launchers like every other armament on the ships... Click on Depth Charge in the port list only expands and contracts the specifications list.
  7. And Radio Position, RTS CV, Flight Sim CV, Subs, Smoke Cruisers, 20km Torps, Russian Railguns ... ... ... ...
  8. Is this going to be available to rewatch (maybe as separate episodes) at a later time? Unfortunately there are museums I would like to see, that are either on when I will be sleeping or at work,
  9. Crij

    Premium Ship PREVIEW - HMCS Yukon

    Wouldn't Captain Tim Horton be better than Gretzky... Just have the guns produce smoke rings...
  10. Even Flambass has had Idiots pull U'es and collect his torps like Pokemon...
  11. Crij


    With Starlink, don't forget only 1000 satellites (concentrated over North America and Europe) are in orbit of the planned 12000 world wide, so they still have a few holes to fill in the pattern. I've reserved a spot in the second Beta/early release later this summer, as my internet is with a Cell phone and I'm lucky to get 2 bars of service at home, usually it is only 1 bar.
  12. Crij

    ST 0.10.2, changes to test ships

    Vampire II was actually the second HAMS Vampire. D68 was a V and W class DD, D11 was an Australian built Tribal class DD. So she needs to be named HMAS Vampire 2 (D11), as the HMAS Vampire (D68) is in the game T3. Unfortunately the V2 is the only survivor of her 4 sisters, she is preserved at the National Maritime Museum in Sydney. On the HMS Agincourt, with her layout, I wonder if she will play more like a USS Texas.
  13. Crij

    NERF CVs

    There is your problem, its not completely the CV. You got hit with the Redheaded step-child of the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch... An enemy team that is Cooperating, Working Together and Paying Attention to the situation, that is practically unheard of in Randoms...
  14. July 10 sounds like a perfect date to release the HMAS Vampire II... But will it happen?
  15. Crij

    I'm so done with this.

    I hear what you are saying, IRL no BB captain would waste a shot, of her main guns on a DD unless they found her anchored and shut down. The main guns were built for hitting other BBs, Cruisers and shore emplacements. The 5" and smaller secondaries would have gone after the DDs in addition to the Oerlikons, The Pom-Poms and 50cals might have also come into play when closer (mainly as anti-personnel). Not sure which tech they used in the Canadien Navy (based on your handle), if they were English or US computers, but in WWII the USN supposedly was the only one that had the ability to continuously plot with their predictors, and the gyros would delay the fire, until the ship was at the right angle (tilt) to get on target, so as long as the guys manning the spotting scopes could follow the target they would be dangerously close. In regards to the Massachusetts vs. Jean Bart, IIRC they way the JB was moored she was facing the Massachusetts bow on so she was presenting a small target. Even so there were at least 7 confirmed hits with the main guns out of ?? total salvos. I'm assuming you or your source is discounting the one that clipped the Quay but still penetrated the hull plating, ricocheted off the citadel and exited through the bottom of the hull and ended up in the mud and/or the one that deformed the bow plating, it must have landed within inches to create enough hydraulic pressure to do that. Then there was the one close enough to spray the AA gunners with concrete from the quay she was moored to. Most importantly on the first salvo, she was would have been killed if the 152mm magazine had been loaded with ammunition. On some of the entries it doesn't say how many rounds in a salvo landed, only that a salvo hit the JB. Can't find anything that says the distance between the ships at the starts or during the engagement. The longer the distance the easier the proverbial mouse fart would effect the trajectory. ------------------------------. #1 Massachusetts then engaged Jean Bart and at 07:25, scored a hit that penetrated both of the French ship's armor decks and exploded in the empty magazines for the missing 152 mm guns. #2 Another salvo landed close to Jean Bart's bow at 07:35 and deformed the hull plating. Another shell struck the quay a minute later, hurling fragments of concrete that injured anti-aircraft gunners and caused additional flooding. #3 At 07:37, another 406 mm shell hit the ship, passing through the funnel and striking the edge of the armor deck. #4 Another shell struck the edge of the quay, punched the outer plating, and was deflected down by the armor belt. It then passed through the bottom of the hull, burying itself in the sea floor, where it failed to explode. #5&6 At 08:06, another salvo struck the ship with a pair of shells. The first struck the operational main battery turret, pushing the front glacis down and jamming the turret, and the second hit the superfiring barbette. This shell broke up on impact, but fragments nevertheless damaged the armor deck. #7 One more shell from Massachusetts struck the ship at 08:10 on the quarterdeck, where it penetrated the sloped armor deck and exploded in the ballast compartment, causing additional flooding in the steering compartment.[17][18]