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  1. I guess she would be a Myoko or Takao (Atago) cruiser, based on her forward turrets?
  2. Space Battleship Musashi on the other hand...
  3. I haven't picked up the USS Salem yet, did they paint her Witch Badge onto the side of the conning tower? It would be on the main deck level. Her badge is very similar to the witch in the bridge window.
  4. Was working last night in the port, must have been one of those bugs that didn't work the first time it was tried, but repaired itself after reloading the game.
  5. Crij

    Premium Advice

    Gotta say I got my first Massachusetts because Battleship Cove is about 45 minutes from my house (wish WG did a donation thing like they did for USS Texas). Got the first one with the 10pt captain package, he currently is at 16pts, then during Black Friday, got the Black Mass in a container and put IIRC my Cleveland 10pt captain on her (currently at 11 pts). Both run great in battles with the 11.3km secondaries, just stay tight to an island on one side to limit who is shooting you. Though it is fun to see her firing on ships from both sides at the same time. I think I have had her shooting secondaries at 3 ships at the same time, talk about a wall of fire down both sides of the ship, just wish there was a smaller gap off the bow where she doesn't shoot anything.
  6. Nope hadn't tried it in battle, only noticed it when I changed my camo after the last battle for the night, as I had used the last of the previous one.
  7. All my camos are turned on, and i can see the Lunar Warrior on any other ship. Hood is the only one that does not render, she just appears in her basic grey paint scheme, as you can see above. How long have you had the Hood? I only recently received her through a recent mission drop, forget if it was from a Air Supply, Bismark or North Cape crate.
  8. Just found a minor glitch, the Lunar Warrior camo from this year's Lunar New Year's event doesn't map out on the HMS Hood. All the other camos I have on hand work OK.
  9. Crij

    Armada: HMS Exeter

    @TheURLGuy The writers forgot to put the machine gun AA specs on the Armada page, they show the picture of the Octo Pom-poms and the Quad guns but only show the specs for the Pom-Poms. @RoundsDownRange Agreed, Exeter is a good ship, knew I wouldn't have time for the marathon so purchased her for that great price. I place her fun level between the USS Texas and the USS Indianapolis, as long as you don't do anything stupid. I have citadelled her tier sisters and she is agile enough to avoid long range fire as long as you are watching for the gun blooms. I constantly terrorize BBs and heavy CAs that way at 13-15km in her.
  10. How did their performance compare to their CV and Land based competition/sisters? Or were they really only designed to go against other float planes?
  11. Being overpowered or not depends on how you play your cruisers and whether you are a Unicom or average player. I am definitely just barely the later and years away from the prior. I tend to stick my neck out too far too early, especially when playing as (or like) a USN DD.
  12. Sabot_100 After I wrote that I re-read your post, Will have to doublecheck about primary fighter role of any float plane. Extra drag of the pontoons would slow them down in a dog fight. Personally I would rather get rid of the float fighter mechanic and make them all spotters even if some don't extend the range as far as others, but to just be able to spot over a hill easier would be great. Add to that only an idiot would dogfight within the AA Cloud of a large ship.
  13. You might want to check the real world facts. Cruisers and Battleships don't have runways, thus there is no otherway to recover the planes if they are not float planes. All the current models that I have seen that show a catapult, did have them in real life even the ones they recently added where the catapult was mounted to the main gun turret like the USS Texas. All these ships had spotter float planes with the same armament as their land based sisters, but their primary job was still spotting where the shells landed in relation to other ships. Even more so with the IJN Fleet. In their operations NONE of the CVs carried spotter planes, their support cruisers carried long range spotter float planes for them. In the case of the IJN Tone & IJN Chikuma there were 6 carried at all times and they had 2 catapults on the stern to launch them. USS Texas: IJN Tone: USS Massachusetts:
  14. Maybe I am odd (definitely been accused of that before) but I find the Exeter a fun ship at that her level. In the play-ability ranking, for me, I place her between the Texas and Indianapolis, both of which I enjoy playing. She can Citadel other cruisers on her tier and ballistics have enough arc to shoot over medium hills. She has good agility and speed, so she can dodge a lot of incoming fire, if you keep them at arms length and watch for gun blooms. Spent half a game trading shots with a Texas and a Warspite, most of their shells missed because I kept them within 1KM of my max range to give time for evasion, while I was setting them on fire, and 2x citadeled an Emerald. IIRC that game ended with 1.5 million potential damage and over 100 shots landed. I do wish her turrets spun a little faster though. Definitely worth the $36 as I don't have enough play time available to complete the marathons.
  15. People seem to forget the IJN Tone & IJN Chikuma only carried long range spotters, 6 of them, so there would be no Hybrid game play. She is a Myoko with the 4th turret moved in front of the superstructure. The stern was all planes, so if WG brought her in, the most we would get is an extra/enhanced spotter, nothing else. Maybe to keep it interesting as was suggested earlier, since she had 2 catapults and 6 planes, spotter consumable sends up 2 spotters at a time that are always on opposing sides of the ship. Maybe since they were long range spotters double their distance from the ship for better spotting ability.