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  1. MaIacca

    Nominees for Ugliest Ship in the game

    Izumo. It looks like a DIY Home Depot boat with an unfinished strip mall on the back and the ridiculous turrets and bare deck are just....ugh. And for some reason, I don't see a lot of mentions of the worst looking CVs....Rhein and Weser. I mean what is that? A telephone pole tacked on top of a prefab temporary office trailer from a construction site?
  2. MaIacca

    Play is difference, but still...fun.

    I literally, just now, tried doing that in a Pommern. And got yelled at, ironically by a backline sniper..for...wait fo it...."hiding" because I was passing between two little islands. You simply cannot win. I pointed out how people yell "YOLO" at pushers but also spam "someone needs to cap" while they sit there. So the other classic conundrum: he says "well there is a time and a place to push." So lemme guess: If no one else is doing it, and I try to be the brave guy and inspire others, it's a "YOLO." If I just sit safely in the back like everyone else, waiting for the "safer" time to push, then I am a "backline BB sniper Deadeye loser." So apparently WG needs to install an indicator saying "ok it is socially acceptable to push now." Everyone loves to ask others to push but won't risk themselves and will be the first to armchair admiral second guess you if you try to do it for them then die alone cause they all just sit and watch it happen. You literally cannot please anyone. Also apparently the word "viable" in regards to builds means means "captain skills that allow me to succeed at no risk to myself." People confuse "selfishly protecting my own purple stats" with "doing the right thing for the team" when defining "viable." Kinda like how I previously posted a screencap of a game in which I came in first, won, and had 60 plane kills...but still had people tell me there was "no way to do anything against CVs" so like winning, coming in first, and killing 60 planes is not "viable" because boo hoo the carrier can still attack me so I can't have a 100% HP game. Not "viable" to win and survive despite it I guess, only "viable" if the purples can stay purple against it with no risk to themselves.
  3. MaIacca

    Play is difference, but still...fun.

    And, even more to that point, how many people cried that Yamato SHOULD be the ultimate in long range gunnery, and now that DeadEye Yamato is a thing that pretty much does that (putting aside Thunderer) are now mad about THAT too ;)
  4. MaIacca

    Play is difference, but still...fun.

    I'm going to take a second here to pre-defend myself from the attacks that I am sure are coming from people who will click on my wows munbers page and decide my opinion is worthless because I have a low-ish win rate. I can give some context that defends me and ties into this discussion as well.. There are four main reasons my stats are so rough. 1) Like everyone else, I still have a lot to learn, which I admit first and foremost. Remember I said that while you read the rest of this. 2)When I first installed this game a few years ago, I made (again I admit it freely now that I see the error of my past ways) the classic noob mistake...I installed the game cause I lke WW2 and I like US naval history. So I idiotically spent my first 1000 games at least grinding straight up the US BB tree. I admit this was a huge mistake. It cost me thousands of games of bad stats, and those are hard to overcome even though I am getting better now. 3) I encouraged some friends to play after I started to get better, and spent roughly 4 months divving with them when they were very new, and I am not blaming them for being new, but it definitely hurt my stats even more to prioritize friendship over stats. My WR dropped almost 10 percentage points during that time. They are better now and so am I but that was another 1000+ games in a bad - WR scenario. I was not willing to shun playing with my friends to protect my wows numbers profile. 4) Relevant to this topic, I prefer brawly, pushing, capping playstyle and will sacrifice my "safety sniping" stat potential to do it. So I paid in blood (e-blood) and stats for that too. If my only goal was to clean up my stats for pride points on these forums, I guess I could always start an alt account, get Thunderer, and just snipe for perfect pristine purple numbers. But that's not me so I didn't.
  5. MaIacca

    Play is difference, but still...fun.

    It's simple. Everyone wants to be Flamu or similar. He says "brawlers are memes" and shows how you can get 200K damage farming from the back (while ALSO picking on people who sit in the back) Ironic, no? So then everybody wants Flamu stats (and gets the attitude without the skills too) and spends 2 years sitting in the back sniping, getting purple stats, , simultaneously expecting everyone ELSE to cap for them, and at the SAME TIME calling it "YOLO" to do so. The irony. I'm not saying anyone made a specific request to WG for it. You're missing my point. But we have the situation as it was already through words and actions, then WG says "fine you all wanna be snipers, cool, here's a sniper skill" and everyone loses their mind like it came from nowhere. I have said 1000000 times I DID NOT WANT EVEN MORE REASON FOR SNIPING. I hate it. Read my links, I am VERY consistent on this. BUT to pretend that the players at large weren't already doing it, to have so much fake outrage about "the death of pushing" from a playerbase that largely laughed at/derided/discouraged pushing before 10.0, is ALSO frustrating to people like me that sacrificed our stats to push well before 10.0 was a thing and got crap for it. Maybe what you are trying to say is that I'm not alone and others felt the same? If so, great, but where were they this whole time? Before anyone says "don't blame the players, blame the game, the reason so many players like Smolensk or Thunderer is because it gives them the best chance to succeed despite what they may have felt was best for the game overall" I still can say, with wounded pride, that I put my money where my mouth is for years and slugged it out in the trenches trying to help pushes, instead of just running to the next "hot ship" to farm purple numbers from safety. So I feel I earned the right to say this, and my crappy stats sort of indirectly prove that. While also proving that I still have a lot to do to get better, which I also admit. So there. You could look at me and say "this guy isn't good" but I can also say well no one can criticize me for being a hide in the back guy. So there's that. .
  6. MaIacca

    Play is difference, but still...fun.

    That's why I said I may be misreading you. No worries, I'll take your word for it that you meant it as you say here. I still mean what I said about the people who did do what I described though.
  7. MaIacca

    Play is difference, but still...fun.

    Yes, that is part of my argument. Well before patch 10.0, a significant portion (NOT ALL, and certainly NOT ME) of the player base indicated through their words and actions that what they did in fact want was "Everyone hiding and getting incentives to stay far away from the detect range." And now the same people that spent the last two years dismissing brawlers as "memes" and tried to appear unicum by farming big damage numbers from safety are all pearl clutching about DeadEye, which does exacerbate the issue but did NOT create the issue. I already laid all this out in long form here. And here. And here.
  8. MaIacca

    Play is difference, but still...fun.

    I may be misreading you, but if not, this is a prime example of why I keep saying that even though I personally love brawling and pushing and capping and often sacrifice to do it, it makes me laugh that after this patch everyone else is suddenly "concerned" about all the sniping and the downfall of brawly ships. Either I am misreading you, or you are espousing the exact attitude I point out that existed before this patch and will exist even more after...the "I'm just here to farm and laugh at anyone who tries to push in their 'mem' BBs" while probably simultaneously lamenting in other threads that with DeadEye everyone just snipes now (which to me is arguably WG gave people that think this way exactly what they wanted) and now they complain about it.
  9. OK, fair enough, thanks guys, I still think they made it more confusing by choosing to use the specific phrase "STANDARD" or "basic" detectability range (implying stock) in the actual tooltip, and I assumed that was an intentional choice, but I guess not. but in any case the responses here do seem to answer so thank you. I feel a little embarrassed because I truly am a careful and thorough reader but for some reason I felt this hadn't been answered, a position which I now disavow.
  10. I didn't say that to rag on Hapa, he does his best with what he is given but what he is given by the dev team/ copy writers is often a confusing mess (likely on purpose to make it so he has plausible deniability and can manage the outrage storms), hence why I am calling on a dev to unambiguously and officially answer this specific question.
  11. I hope so badly that this can become a thing again. I really do. I got flamed last night for trying, which p'd me off seeing as how everyone is complaining about DeadEye, so I tried to push and got yelled at for that too cause everyone is scared to try anything but what the streamers tell them is "the thing." Been banging that drum big time, but with the additional concept of this not creating a problem but exacerbating one that already existed in the playerbase. And now everyone has faux outrage over DeadEye when they already were all about sniping and demeaning others for trying to polay secondary ships before this patch was a thing. That is actually the best suggestion I have seen yet regarding DeadEye.
  12. Hapa is not a dev, and I'm not the only one that is confused by this, even after his answer even 07 still can't figure out if it's really true, and I read threads on here every day. Thanks for your chiding though.
  13. The title says it now. the wait has already been too long. We need a definitive, specific answer to this question. Does CE affect DeadEye, or not? If yes, how? Not looking for a debate about whether DeadEye is good or bad for the game, plenty of threads about that already exist. I am asking, because regardless of our OPINIONS on Deadeye, we cannot effectively make build choices without a specific, direct, and clear answer from devs on this point. And while we're at it some of the other new skills could use clarification as well. Please and thank you and I am sure I am not the only one with this question.
  14. MaIacca

    Here's why this rework sufferin sucks

    I'm with you and Ducky in spirit... as someone whose favorite ships tend to be the brawlers, I greatly prefer a closer-in, braver playstyle so don't take this as me necessarily disagreeing with your post, but as you can read in longer form with more detail here, I think it is ironic how a playerbase that over the past few years (encouraged heavily by the big streamers) has readily dismissed brawly ships, and has largely gravitated toward long range sniping already because they all wanna be the next unicum streamer and know that damage totals are the fastest key to getting a shiny purple PR to show off, now claims en masse that this is the death of capping and the dawn of the age of the sniper. Sure DeadEye exacerbates the issue, but it did not create the problem. I ranted HARD about the nerfs to secondary BBs, so I am not at all saying that anyone wanted brawly ships nerfed, but it's folly for the player base at large to now pretend that everyone cared about capping before last Wednesday. In a weird way, you could argue that WG tried to give the masses what they apparently want because this playstyle was already the rage and already the content of most (not all, but most) streams BEFORE this patch. I don't have the best stats so maybe no one will take me seriously, but a lot of that is attributable to a) starting off bad and piling up lots of bad games early on not knowing that it was bad to just go up one line, and b)then even once I learned and got better, still being wiling to sacrifice my "pristine "stats to go get my hands dirty and brawl. Anyway just my feelings, I'm not saying the rework is awesome or anything don't get me wrong. I'm just coming with the "hot take" that to some degree the playerbase in large part got what it seemed to indicate it wanted by its previous play and the media it popularized.
  15. MaIacca

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    This kinda dovetails into the point I was trying to make above though. Yes, Deadeye exacerbates the issue, but it's an issue that already existed before this update, i.e. most people just try to farm damage and are not interested in pushing nor in supporting pushes. The difference now is everyone is in a rush to blame it solely on Deadeye, as if before this everyone was all into capping and supporting. Which is simply not the case. I want to be perfectly clear here what I am saying and what I am not saying: I AM saying that before this patch, there was already a problem with people being obsessed with trying to get unicum stats and to a large extent, they believed that the way to do that was to sit back and farm. They already used to hit "get back" all the time (while complaining that no one was capping for them) and dismissed brawling ships as "memes." It's not like there weren't snipey ships already, Thunderer already existed, leg mod Yamato already existed, Slava, etc., and they did and still can play a legitimate role BTW....I remember when I first got a yamato, wannabe unicums would yell at me for, wait for it, ever venturing past the C line, urging that "Yamato should be played in the back you n00b". And on the other hand, there were and still are a host of brawly ships that is was oh-so-fashionable to dismiss as "memes" even though they did the dirty work for you (along with DDs). I am NOT saying that Deadeye is good for the game, but it's merely an aggravating symptom, not a root cause of the already-existing problem in and of itself. All of a sudden people that never capped before, were dismissive of those who tried/did, and didn't even play brawling ships are all united in grabbing of the low hanging fruit, the repetition of the streamer clickbait headline so to speak, the "game is dead because of Deadeye," the chorus to "save brawling ships." It's hard to look at ourselves (putting aside this very imperfect patch, which I am NOT SAYING IS GREAT) and ask what did we do to encourage this. It's easy, simple, and avoids guilt and self-reflection to just blame everything on WG/the patch/DeadEye and rest easy thinking/pretending that before the patch, everyone was all about capping and supporting. Most choose easy. Guess what...before DeadEye, and still AFTER DeadEye, pushing/capping/supporting were a choice. Sniping was a choice. These are all choices. Now I know the immediate response will be "but muh HP! I cannot push because DeadEye exists, and we cannot all just snipe because then no one caps!" Well, welcome to team games. If we only will allow one goal to dominate our thinking, i.e. "I must score #1 damage on my team or else I am a failure and I should uninstall the game" then yeah, I guess you only have one choice. Keep insisting on ONLY sniping and blame the game and/or teammates (because of course each and every one of us is a Flamu-level player and the only way we can lose is because of crap teammates! Right? Right?!) for your W/L record. But if you allow yourself to prioritize winning over gaudy personal stats, maybe consider that all ships have roles to play. Offensive linemen are not expected to throw passes. Quarterbacks aren't expected to block defensive ends. p.s. My very favorite ships to play are traditionally the brawlers. Putting aside the hundreds of bad games I played when I first started, even after I started to learn and get better I still had a lot of tough games trying to lead pushes or being willing to die supporting them, so even though I am alot better nowadays, unless I reroll I will probably never have those all-purple stats everyone wants so badly. I don't like that secondary ships took a hit and some other changes from this patch are sub-optimal as well, so again I am not defending the patch wholesale and have offered many constructive criticisms of it here and elsewhere. But I actually earned the right to say that by having so many games of being the largely-unsupported "pusher" in my brawly ships before this update ever even was a concept. So now I find it ironic that in a world of people that never cared to push before, WG says ok fine here's a skill to help you backline players and everyone loses their minds as though there was universal support for capping and pushing before this.