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  1. DropBearAttack

    Update 0.11.1—Pan-Asian Cruisers: Part 2

    What happens if I have reset the Khabarovsk branch of the tree and I have permanent camo in inventory when Khabarovsk is moved to the armory?
  2. Random Battles are broken. There are too many blowout games in the upper tiers. The blowout games are making the game boring no matter which team you are on. Another issue with the game is T9 and T10 ships are now way to overpowering to play T8 ship. The link is to a video from Sea Lord Mountbatten that explains the issue really well.
  3. What is up with all the unbalanced ship distribution lately? So many games with 4 BB on one team and 3 on the other. It is always a blowout. Is this a new feature of Matchmaker. It sucks whether you are on the winning or losing team. All these missions are screwing up game play too. People are more focused on getting defended ribbons, citadels, fires, or any other number of tasks specified by missions instead of helping the team to win.
  4. DropBearAttack

    Earn Even More with Alienware Arena

    I did everything and it did not give me a key for the Shadow Lurker camo. It said 9220 were left. Par for the coarse lately.
  5. DropBearAttack

    Does anyone else feel ripped off lately?

    Colbert and Atlanta are junk now. Smolensk is meh now. Ever since the Puerto Rico event it seems like spending money is penalized. I don't have the Moskva, but I have stopped buy camo, because I don't trust this company anymore.
  6. DropBearAttack

    IFHE All Night Long

    The IFHE change made Colbert junk. I feel ripped off.
  7. DropBearAttack

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    When are there going to be more coal, steel, and Research Bureau ships?
  8. DropBearAttack

    Ranked Sprint: Arms Race

    WG would probably sell more Tier 6, 7, 8 premium ships if those tiers were used in ranked or clan battles again. Prizes are meh.
  9. DropBearAttack

    Doubloon Price Increase!

    3000 doubloons went up $.01 since 3/30/2020. Technically there has been a price increase for doubloons.
  10. DropBearAttack

    Infinite UK early access TOKEN bundles! Really?

    If this game is about skill and tactics why does WG keep putting in "try your luck" random bundles and "try your luck" crates for doubloons into the game? If I wanted to bore myself with gambling I would go to a casino. I also have a complaint about the "try your luck" marketing enticing kids to gamble.
  11. DropBearAttack

    Can we have some consistency in the matches?

    Maybe Matchmaker could account for player stats to even skills on teams. It does it for ships. Maybe adjust the Rigged Number Generator known as RNG for uneven skilled teams.😁
  12. DropBearAttack

    Problems with Match Maker

    1 two member div is put in against two 3 member div's. Maybe I didn't learn math right. If sync dropping isn't trying to cheat the system and get an easy win why aren't 6 ship div's just put into the game? If people are going to try and intentionally cheat the system for number padding why not make it part of the game? If we are just going win all the time make all mods legal. Participation trophies for all!
  13. DropBearAttack

    Problems with Match Maker

    Us 1 2/3 radar. Them 3+ radar.
  14. DropBearAttack

    Problems with Match Maker

    Burnt to a crisp.