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  1. gprix84

    Why You May Not Be Doing Good In Ranked

    I cant get past 10 i get 3 stars then back to 11 with no stars
  2. Its 2-5-19 Tuesday and the reverse bug has still not been fixed had my course plotted and cv went to first point then went in reverse to get to next one. That was set forward and south third point was set back west.
  3. Either way it would be nice to have an answer
  4. gprix84

    Naval Battles for oil?

    Yeah im looking for this also
  5. gprix84

    Full Ahead video

    That is the video from the 17th of January has been one every week for many weeks in a row now. Except at Christmas for RU long holiday
  6. gprix84

    Full Ahead video

    What happened to this weeks 1/25/19 full ahead video haven't seen one posted on Youtube yet or did one just not get made because of the postponement of 8.0
  7. gprix84

    New arsenal cuopon

    What are the plans that WG has to make us wait for 5 months for a new arsenal ship coupon. I thought they came with like every 3rd update that should be April wouldn't it?
  8. gprix84

    christmas in game sale

    Well the fact that we get a new coupon in the arsenal on the 24th there must some sale in there
  9. gprix84

    premium shop

    Ok this makes sense since i just check that way thanks for pointing that out never thought of it that way
  10. gprix84

    premium shop

    Has anyone else ever wondered why the pricing in the shop is so weird. With all the prices ending in odd number of change why all the .49 .39 .29 .85 .77. I always have small amounts let over on my cards that i have to transfer to new ones or just though a dollar and some change away just bugs me to do that.
  11. gprix84

    Thankful and Grateful Mission, part 3

    Just finished part 4 of this quest and I'm guessing I got ripped off by the RNG. The 5k free xp is ok but 2 type 59 camo seems like a cruel joke to me!!!!! The other 3 containers had 250 dub and 10 camos Didnt get a single ship out of any of the containers for missions
  12. gprix84

    Thankful and Grateful Mission, part 3

    The 4th part of this mission is 50k base xp not fun at all
  13. gprix84

    Musings of a Turkey

    Thanks BrushWolf didnt think about checking there
  14. gprix84

    Musings of a Turkey

    105 games as 226 had a blast doing this event. didn't get my stats but i know i died a lot
  15. gprix84

    Disappointing black bundles

    From how I read it you get the mission regardless. But if you do have the regular ship the mission can be completed on it as well. We may need a higher power for clarification. Never mind new article just posted on website the does say you need original ship for the mission.