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  1. gprix84

    Public Test of Update 0.8.9: Round 2

    Yeah thats what i got now also though yesterday it said damage to carriers also. think it was suppose to be "in carriers" so guess mow i dont even have to play the cvs that i do like to play
  2. One of my fondest memories are the 3 matches I got to play against Femennenly. Back in the rts cv days got my butt kicked in two of the matches and held my own in the 3rd and won that one. As for a gift i would love Siapan or doubloons
  3. Will there be a counter to confuse everyone with on this event also?
  4. Died late in match but still got the Victory. Haida please
  5. gprix84

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    You all are [edited] about this... and yet you think subs are a good idea. Its just another way for Wg to hide ships behind a collectable like steel and ranked tokens
  6. Having the same issue no personal mission tracker
  7. My best memory about playing world of warships was when i got my Experience Record 4625 and planes shot down 70 in my Midway. Back in March of this year after only having her for one month. That is my greatest memory.Other special memories I have are being a turkey and in the mardi gras events. I make new ones everyday i play for the past year and a half. Have a great time watching the twitch channels of different players from all over the world and learning about the new ships on youtube from the cc's and how to use some of the old ones. Though most of them videos are way out of date with how the game is now. Even after the rework i still play the midway and the other cvs and enjoy it. As for a gift I would love to see the Saipan, Enterprise,or the Georgia for ships in my port, would also take the premium camo for the Audacious. Just to cut cost of using her down
  8. Had the same problem didnt matter if i set path before start or after start of battle cv would not follow path 90% of the time. Or it would sit and spin trying to correct path
  9. Since when i loss alot of planes to ship fighters. As for this new AA system it gives surface ships one more thing they have to control. Though apparently its still to complicated to fly planes and control my cv at the same time.
  10. What is this about Old Ognevio in the French Destroyer event. Did I miss something on a New Ogenevio?????
  11. yeah had the same problem set before battle and cv just went in straight line
  12. Not the best I've done but will do for right now
  13. Right here is why I dont really use the fights anymore they have become useless
  14. Right now if there are only 4 or 5 planes in the squad they are all getting shot down and not making the attack. if its getting towards the end of the battle and you can only put one or two planes up they will die before they get in range of any ship