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  1. gprix84

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Great more tokens to collect :(
  2. gprix84

    One Simple CV Question

    Oooo look more paper ships that are cv for people to complain about comming soon!!!!!!
  3. The Siapan already has this with it extremely long plane reload compaired to all of the other cvs and its small compliant of planes in each squad.
  4. Got mine for midway right after 8.0 and it just sits in my inventory. Now we are on 9.1 and still nothing from WG on when they will be useable. Thats just over one year now but we did get all kinds of new ships since then 🙁🙁
  5. gprix84

    Ship's fighters...

    To complicated for players to do since i cant drive my ship and control my planes at the same time
  6. gprix84

    please help CVs

    From what i have read and seen on the streams WG thinks cvs are in a good place right now. I do feel the same as you when i drop torps and they miss because them ship turns and avoids them since they are soooooooo slow.
  7. I just left since im burned out with all these events. These UK heavys dont interest me right now. Did all of the first part of UK event and only got Hawkins with all the tokens not impressed with it. Not really a main of anything do like playing my CVs but not seeing profit from them earks me alot. When im top 3 all the time after battles
  8. gprix84

    So are the RNCAs DOA?

    Dont forget that we get the Swedish dds before the RU cruisers
  9. gprix84

    Your thoughts on British heavy cruisers

    Only got the Hawkins from all the free coins. Have played it a few times but not in any hurry to grind that line. Hawkins seems to be just as paper thin armor that the light cruisers have with a slow reload !!
  10. When did Cv become balanced?
  11. gprix84

    CV's are so broke it's not funny

    At what time in the match did this occur? Hold H down it will tell you how many of your AA guns are still alive at any given point in the match. Your AA guns are not invincible nor do they repair! As a cv driver some ships you stay away from until later in the match when HE has killed there AA guns.
  12. gprix84

    Premium Ship Review #136 - Puerto Rico

    Well that sucks tremendously!! Thanks for letting me know though Keep up the great work!!!
  13. gprix84

    Premium Ship Review #136 - Puerto Rico

    Great review as usual @LittleWhiteMouse Do you know if the PR is actually going to be a premium ship or just a reward ship. I have done the grind to get it and have it now. But very unimpressed with the amount of silver it makes? Feeling even more upset at WG if this grind was just for a normal Tier X ship. Thanks again for all the work you put into these great reviews!!!!
  14. gprix84

    PR Hall Of Fame

    Congratulations to the players that have made it to the hall of fame. Not even a day and a half after Directive 7 unlocked. Something smells fishy here?
  15. Yeah if the DDs would only learn that most of them have a 2.5 detectable range from the air i would fly right past them most of the time.