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    I was literally just in a battle with Arizona and all of a sudden my screen freezes but the battle continues, the camera will not zoom out and follow my ship, my ship goes away from my camera, and its starting to anger me, its has never done this before, there are literally NO animations, and it forces you to leave the battle or game, which is such [edited] cause you get penalized for it, and i'm already up to 12 misconducts that is the game's fault not mine! I'm not sure if this a update bug, or a glitch in the game, but its seeming to target me when i play my ships in any kind of battle, Random, or Co-Op doesnt matter. Also, when i return to port my ships are replaced by what seem to be wrecked flaming plane animation. RESPOND TO THIS PLS!!!! HALP! -ShadowHood
  3. Ships We Need In World Of Warships: 1) IJN Yamashiro 2) USS Nevada (1941 Profile) 3) USS Maryland (1941 Profile) 4) USS Utah (1941 Profile) 5) HMS Barham 6) HMS Prince Of Wales 7) USS California 8) IJN Ise Yamashiro, Barham, Prince Of Wales need to be added, why? Well, all their sisters are in the game, such as Queen Elizabeth, Warspite (Sisters Of Barham), Fusō (Sister ship to Yamashiro), And Prince Of Wales (King George Is already in the game). Barham is easy to tell apart from Queen E. and Warspite, place her at tier V or VI, Yamashiro should be the same tier as Fuso, she would NEVER be able to win in a tier 9 battle. So tier 7 is a no-go zone, And Prince Of Wales should also be the same tier as King George V.