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  1. Ha. I am enjoying the game so much that I'm seriously considering picking up a game pc just so I can play this at max graphics setting. I understand WOWS doesn't have the highest requirements compared to a lot of games out there. Any recommendation on a < $1000 game pc that can still play WOWS at max?
  2. I run with the wrapper on Mac Mini. I also notice the fan is louder while in port than in battle. Also, the number of on-screen objects is what seems to crash the game client on Mac, i.e., the more objects, the more prone it is to crash. 0.8.x.x made this worse, because of all the planes buzzing around. If I pan to the corner of the battlefield where there happens to be a lot of ships in close quarter combat and planes zooming above, the FPS will drop by a lot. BTW, it sounds incredible that you can get up to 45 fps on 2013 MacBook Air! With my 2014 Mac Mini, I rarely see 30+. Maybe boot camp is better than the wrapper?
  3. slider37

    What daily containers do you pick?

    Impressive stats. I see you are playing on Mac. Me too. What are your video settings, and how stable is it on your Mac? I run "Very Low" graphic details and will crash often if I don't log out every 2 games.
  4. slider37

    What daily containers do you pick?

    You get 6 consumables in each crate. 3 DCPs and 3 something else, usually smokes or speed boosts. That's 135k worth of credits.
  5. Before, I could be attacked by multiple squadrons at the same time. Yes, but those attacks were not manually aimed in the manner of 0.8.x.x. And often times it was not impossible to escape such attacks. I have survived quite a few double-drops of torps before 0.8. Death in your hand was not ensured at all. Now, I can be attacked by some real person, with expert aim, in 3 passes within a very, very short time frame. That's the difference. It is now impossible to escape with little damage. In an approach to carrier, a DD can very easily be attacked twice (thanks to the F key and very high speed of attack airplanes). That's 2 times of 3-manually-aimed passes. 6 manually aimed passes. Even at 50% hp, 6 rocket passes will sink you.
  6. Thank you for understanding where I am coming from. Again, I'm not saying ships and planes in WG's games are realistic. But the ships in WOWS feel like ships. I don't know how planes in WOWPS feel like; I hope they feel like planes. But the planes in WOWS sure don't feel right with respect to the ships in the same game. "The aircraft however, move around like a fruit fly at a salad bar" - I think you described it well.
  7. What I was trying to say is that both World of Warships and World of Warplanes are arcade games, and we can't expect real world physics. But, when you put planes and ships together in 1 game like WOWS now, you should model the physics of ships and planes so they play well together. A squadron of armed twin-engined torpedo bombers making a 180-degree turn right on top of a ship is not playing well together.
  8. If you think PT is overrated, then what do you pick for the 1-pt skill on a DD? You must pick one, after all.
  9. Watching Panzerknacker's replay of that Hakyryu 550k damage battle, I was struck by how unrealistic the flight physics was in relation to the ship's. I play surface ships only, so that video was my first time seeing how things look from the CV's end. A torpedo squadron can drop torps ~2 km from a ship, attacking from its 9 o'clock. Then, the squadron can wheel around and drop more torps again from the same ship's 12 or 3 o'clock, while the torps from the first drop were about to or just hit. Right after the 2nd drop, the CV player hits the "F" key. Immediately, the 2nd torpedo squadron takes off even before the 2 torpedo drop is yet to impact the ship. This flight physics is too unrealistic. Yes, I am aware the DD's rapid reload of torpedoes is unrealistic, too. Yes, I'm aware that has changed the F key speed a bit. But now I understand why the air attacks can feel so unrelenting... because in WOWS, twin engine torpedo bomber can turn on a dime. And it's not like WG doesn't know how to model flight. They have World of Airplanes after all!
  10. As a DD player, I agree DiddleDum is right. Really the only 2 things wrong with 0.8.0 were 1) Hakuryu being op; and 2) they put 3 CVs on each team. Fixing those 2 things would have been enough. Last night I was in a battle without CV. It was brutal for non-DD players. At the end my team won and our top 2 finishers were a Jutland and Kagero (me). That battle reminds me how OP the DDs are in general.
  11. slider37

    To WG, from a Mac user

    I'm on Mac also, and I echo everything you said, from gratitude to "hot enough to fry an egg." I make sure to log out and back in after 2 games, so at least I hardly crash in the middle of a game.
  12. slider37

    How many rocket attacks can planes make?

    I would like to know the answer to OP's question, too. Seriously. Assuming a full strength squadron. Assuming the squadron does not lose a plane during its attack run(s). Can the squadron vary the number of rockets it fires in a run? If the squadron always fires a fixed number of rockets per run, how many runs will it take to expend the ammunition completely? Does this number vary from CV to CV, tier to tier?
  13. The biggest problem of the CV rework is the brand new attack planes. They are too fast. Their turn-around is too fast. They can and often make 2 or 3 attack passes. The rockets hit too often. When hit, they cause too much damage on DDs.
  14. For DDs I have removed the 4-point Concealment Expert from all captains. No use for it now, with planes all over the sky. I use the 4 points towards SE and SI instead to increase survivability. Where I removed the CE captain skill, on high tier DDs I use the concealment modification upgrade instead.
  15. slider37

    DD main, 8.0 isnt that bad for dds

    I agree with the OP. I play DD mainly and don't think my win rate has suffered since 8.0. What has happened is that sometimes my damage can be way low, because the CV decides to focus on me and rockets me repeatedly throughout the game. When this happens I spend the entire game dodging, hardly ever using my guns or torpedoes. My only "damage caused" would be on airplanes only, and "damage suffered" from rockets only. As far as I'm concerned, it's ok by me. It's still exciting, just in a different way. If the CV attacks me, then it's not attacking teammates. A win is still a win. And just as often, CV would ignore me. In which case I can still reap huge (by my standard) damage.