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  1. slider37

    Not a single fighter was seen...

    This is very situational. I sometimes see a CV does this at the beginning to deter any un-spotted enemy DD from capping it. Remember you can see your teammates, so you know there is a or is not any friendly DD heading to the cap, but the enemy can't see anything that's not spotted, so he drops a fighter over the cap to pro-actively prevent capping. It is effective, because it certainly deters me from capping. Just getting near that cap (and the fighter) means I could get spotted and be subjected to instant fire from enemy cruisers. To me, when I see an enemy CV doing that in the first 90 seconds of the game, I know I'm facing a CV driver who knows what he's doing.
  2. slider37

    Lunar New Year Crate Sale

    From 10 std and 10 prem containers, I got: Premium: 24 days FXP: 70k Doubloons: 1000 Perm camo: 1 (Irian, which I don't have) Lunar camo: 30 Type 59 camo: 8 No ship. Was hoping for Loyang. Gambled, and lost.
  3. Duca D'Aosta or something like that. Already received Huang He and Perth from other SCs before, so I have lots of premium T6 light cruisers now. Don't think I'll take Duca out much.
  4. slider37

    Yahagi = Half Baked Effort

    Did the real Yahagi have this poor torpedo tube launch angle historically? Or is this attribute purposely set by WG to fit her in the tier 5? And speaking of tiers: T5 UK light cruiser HMS Emerald: commissioned in 1926. T5 US light cruiser USS Omaha: commissioned in 1923. T5 Jap light cruiser IJN Yahagi: commissioned in 1943. So I don't understand why WG placed her in T5 to begin with. Why not place her in T6 and specify her competitively in that tier? Being launched in 1943, I can't imagine she was such a weak ship historically. And in real life, she took 7 torpedoes and 12 bombs before sinking. Surely that's a testament of her durability survivability? Consider that historical fact when one reads the reviews of her having zero or weak armor. It's one thing to invent op, paper Soviet ships and specifying and placing them in high tiers. A bit of national pride is understandable. But let's not trash an actual, historically good and famous ship from other nations.
  5. slider37

    Tier VIII Ranked Predictions?

    In the 9 battles so far, BBs dominate. This is my very first time playing a BB in any ranked; I played DDs most of the times, and CAs occasionally. What an eye-opening experience for me. With my Bismarck in full 2ndary build, a 16-pt captain, and carrying premium consumables and flags, I hardly ever worry about DDs. 2ndary will kill them out to 11.3 km. Occasional torps will be handled by heal. I only need to keep my eyes open for the Mass B and Soviet BBs now. I was going to just try the Bismarck for a couple of games. Now I think I will attempt to rank out on just Bismarck.
  6. With multiple excellent radar cruisers and CVs available, what can a DD do in T8 Ranked? 1) Anytime a cap changes color, everyone will turn on the radar or send planes over. The DD will get spotted. 2) With a small team, once spotted, the DD will be guaranteed to get focused until sunk. 2 radar cruisers and a CV working together can keep an entire area cleared of enemy, and nothing a DD can do about it... What can a DD do?
  7. slider37

    Help me choose my main ship for Ranked Sprint Tier VIII

    I have Cossack, Z23, Bismarck and Mogami in port. Seems Cossack is a popular choice. Mogami is too fragile I think. Some people like Bismarck, so I'll give her a try in the 2ndary build config. Am thinking about buying Prinz Eugen or Atago, since I have 19 point Cruiser captains for Germany and Japan. Has anyone tried Prinz Eugen?
  8. slider37

    Fire whoever made the new sounds

    The AA sound is too low. I can barely hear it when the AA fire goes off. That's about my only gripe.
  9. slider37

    I wanna get excellent

    I never understand the point of division. How does it change the course of a game? The chat already allows you to coordinate plan or action with the whole team or a certain team member. You also can choose to stick close to another ship for tactical reason (a DD staying near an AA cruiser, for example). So what does being in a division add to the game that you don't already have?
  10. slider37

    Unsinkable Sam---too cute.

    You get the credits, according to the description for the container ($5 each) in the Premium Shop.
  11. slider37

    New Bonus Code

    As of this posting, all 7 codes worked for me.
  12. slider37

    Coupons Thanks, But no thanks

    So you guys are getting this 30% coupon because you all have been playing for 4 years?
  13. slider37

    New Bonus Code

  14. slider37

    Now this was a first (1v1)

    Last month I was in Mogami and ended up in a 2 vs 2 fight. It was me and a BB vs an ARP Takao and another BB. It was a fun fight.
  15. slider37

    New Bonus Code

    Both codes worked. bdaycakenotincluded and 404BONUSCODENOTFOUND