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  1. slider37

    Is "Railgunning" illegal?

    I would like to see those streamers showing how they exploit this bug in a random / rank game, instead of training room The bug is real, but I am not convinced that people are using it successfully in a meaningful way in a real battle.
  2. I would have thought at some point a tester must have thought, "hey, let me try firing some torps..."
  3. Do you hear the torpedo launch on the Halland? On my Schlieffen, the torpedo launch sound effect is almost 0.
  4. 1) After the update, can barely hear the sound effect when torpedoes are launched. 2) When NOT in binocular mode, moving the mouse up and down shifts the horizon up and down also. This actually gives me a little motion sickness...
  5. slider37

    Phantom collision?

    Yes, I've had that, too, now that you mentioned it.
  6. slider37

    Phantom collision?

    Since this new update, has anyone else experienced a phantom collision during game play? Like, you're in binocular mode and all the sudden you hear the collision sound. You leave the binocular mode to see who hit you, only to see no ships around you at all. I didn't check the mini map, but I think 2 ships did collide and somehow I got the sound effect, too. I'll try to remember to file a ticket the next time I hear it. But usually at the end of the battle, I'm either too happy / upset that I just won / lost a game, so I forget about the audio bug.
  7. slider37

    Love the econ rework!

    I forget, how are level 3 and 4 bonuses obtained going forward?
  8. slider37

    Is Balao hard to hit with depth charge?

    Thanks. I was not aware T10 subs are so much faster and more maneuverable UNDERWATER. That explains it.
  9. Just had a random game where a Balao was wreaking havoc. I had the toughest time hitting him with depth charges. Later after I died, I watched him repeatedly surfacing between a Musashi and Thunderer. It would surface very briefly, then disappear again, firing salvos of torps with unbelievable short interval. The 2 battleships were depth-charging the area like crazy for little effect. It took a long time for the Balao to finally die. I have played against subs many times, always finding them just a nuisance, and always able to hit it with at least a couple of bombs in each depth charge attack. Is there anything special about the Balao?
  10. slider37

    My best game ever: Ranked, 6 Kills, 346k

    watched it. very nicely done.
  11. I always wonder if those land features are to scale with the ships, because they seem way to small even next to a destroyer.
  12. slider37

    Selling bronce-silver cammos

    All those "Special" camos (like the gold / silver / bronze camos you earn in Ranked) will be able to be sold later.
  13. This page does it automatically for you: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/economic-bonus-calculator/
  14. https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/economic-bonus-calculator/
  15. slider37

    Base XP Question

    "Base XP" is the "XP Received" without any modification. Look at the grayed out portion on the left side of the screen cap. XP Received is 518 and that is your Base XP. 855 is the XP Received with the premium account. Having a premium account is a modification. So that is not your base XP.