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  1. I think T6/T7 Bronze League is fun. I enjoy it.
  2. Without offering free re-spec, does WG expect many players will spend the elite CXP or doubloons to try the newly adjusted skills? How does WG expect to collect meaningful amount of data before autumn? I never picked Fearless Brawler because of the detection penalty. Now I'm tempted to try it, but I don't think I'm that tempted to want to spend that much CXP for re-spec. I can wait until September.
  3. slider37

    WG: Please fix Immelman Stealth Plane Bug

    What option did you adjust?
  4. slider37

    WG: Please fix Immelman Stealth Plane Bug

    The minimap mod should only mod the minimap, no? How could the mod affect what I see in the main window during game?
  5. slider37

    WG: Please fix Immelman Stealth Plane Bug

    I see this bug and I run mods, all from ModStation.
  6. I just reported the same bug with Immelmann. In addition the skip bomber, the fighter is also invisible in the sky and minimap.
  7. When the bomber squadron flies overhead, you only see the HP bar and text / number. On the mini map (I use Autospy mod), there is nothing displayed at all. With fighter, you don't see anything at all in the sky. I am not sure about other plane types. Too busy fighting to be staring into the sky much.
  8. slider37

    F2P Tips that won't cost you a Dime

    I see 'em fine in Firefox.
  9. slider37

    Cashback 200%/Receive Triple Benefits

    I guess I should have said, once you've used the coupon, you won't ever get one again.
  10. slider37

    Cashback 200%/Receive Triple Benefits

    Nothing is random in this game. It's a coupon that a player can only get once ever. And you get it, because you have been actively playing for a while, yet have not bought anything with cash. So WG gives you this coupon as an incentive for you to crack open your wallet for the first time. I guess the theory is, once you do it for the first time, you will likely become a repeat customer. The theory worked on me for sure. I was a f2p, too, until I got this same coupon. I used it to buy T-61, because I played a lot of German DDs. I made a lot of silver with that ship, and started buying more stuff, first with the "free dubs" I got with the coupon, then with cash. I've tried to limit myself to $20 to $40 per year, though.
  11. slider37

    [ALL] ModStation

    Surveillance radar action range does not display for allied and enemy ships.
  12. slider37

    [ALL] ModStation

    AutoSpy Minimap is still buggy. The custom settings in the AutoSpy map and the default settings in the game native map are superimposed on each other. For example, on Shimakaze: On the game's native map, the AA range is marked by a yellow circle. If I install the AutoSpy map and change Shimakaze's AA range to red circle, then both red and yellow circles are displayed on the AutoSpy map. If I disable the AutoSpy map, reload the game, unchecked the yellow circle for Shimakaze's AA, exit the game, re-enable AutoSpy, and reload the game, then only the red circle will appear.
  13. slider37

    USS Johnston found!!!!!

    Doesn't get more concrete than this.
  14. slider37

    Math behind secondaries nerf

    It should be obvious to WG that the 2ndary nerf breaks the BB game more than the Deadeye allegedly does. Because the 2ndary is an automated skill, its nerf is a definite, automatic and constant nerf for everyone who plays a 2ndary BB. In comparison, Deadeye is a situational skill; its use is only sporadic. Further, it depends on the player's aiming skill. Aiming accurately a moving ship at 20 km or farther away is a skill that frankly not too many players have. People watch Potato Quality's youtube and fancy themselves doing the same thing. In reality, they just camp back and contribute not much to the battle.