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  1. slider37

    Do well in CV = INSTANT Neg-Karma

    How come I don't get notifications post battle when I get reported??
  2. slider37

    Where can I view a list of what ships have Radar/Hydro?

    This is for radar: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Surveillance_Radar_Data I have this list open in the browser in the background when I play WOWS.
  3. slider37

    Current Ranked, Observations

    I hate the lack of irrevocable ranks. I am unable to experiment freely with different ships because it takes me many games to learn the tactics for a particular ship to succeed in a ranked game. Thus, lack of irrevocable ranks and fear of losing streaks keep me to one ship that's I am good in. This leads to boredom actually. Otherwise I like ranked because you are guaranteed to play ships of the same tier. Actions are more intense. And if you disregard the rank, it’s just the more fun version of random.
  4. slider37

    Fixing CVs. How would you do it?

    1 CV per team, given the current map and team size. Leave T4 and below CV-free.
  5. I'm at work so haven't tried this in person. But, I don't understand what difference does this make? As an example: the smoke consumable still binds to the "R" key, no matter where in the order you place it, as far as I can tell. So why is this desirable??
  6. slider37

    Aircraft Damage Counter

    I'm guessing here, but maybe: 1) The damage counter during game play shows how many HP points you are actually taking off the planes. 2) In the Result screen, the damage number is the sum of the HPs of the 20 planes. Were you next to other AA ships during the game? Maybe their guns actually did most of the damages, but your guns sort of stole the kills...
  7. slider37

    Wg server or ISP?

    today its been ok so far.
  8. slider37

    Wg server or ISP?

    And now when the battle is over, the battle result is not displayed. "Can only display results from the current session." I didn't log out, so somehow the WG server thought I logged out and back in. As said before, on Comcast, NJ, USA.
  9. slider37

    Wg server or ISP?

    You might be on to something. I've been running tracert to WOWS server ( multiple times over the last 2 days, and the results all looked something like this: After getting to Chicago, the 14th and 15th hops always got timed out. I wasn't sure if that indicated a real problem, since I read that some routers ignore tracert.
  10. slider37

    Wg server or ISP?

    There was a fellow earlier in the thread. He had the lags and he's on Spectrum ISP, located in New England.
  11. slider37

    Wg server or ISP?

    I do. In NJ.
  12. slider37

    Wg server or ISP?

    it was pretty bad playing dd too.
  13. slider37

    Wg server or ISP?

    The lags have been bad for the past 48 hours. Rebooted modem. Ran the wg check tool, which is just a graphical interface for tracert. Anyway, I think it's neither the ISP nor the WG server. Somewhere in the US internet network is acting up.
  14. slider37

    21 German containers and no CV.

    I have completed Directive 4 and opened its 6 containers. Total of 40 German containers -> zero CV mission