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  1. SuperCustodiam

    What’s up with Yudachi?

    I responded to this question in depth a while ago so here's the copy n' paste answer below. The short answer is she sacrifices a lot to get 12km torpedoes (I say 12km because TA is mandatory!) and TRB + smoke combo. Let's see, she trades: Lower DPM on her guns due to a longer 9(!) second reload Higher detection range of additional 0.33 km/0.23 km 1,600 less damage on her torpedoes (17.2k to 15.6k) Lower Flooding Chance of 28% Torpedoes move 5 kts slower 0.3 km higher detection range on her torpedoes Both of the above lead to a theoretical 2.9 sec increase to the time it takes to react to the torpedoes at 12.8 sec(!) 140% reduction to her AA DPS from 119 to 21 1 sec slower rudder shift time What She Gains: 0.81 km extra gun range 15km range on her torpedoes Faster torpedo tube reload by 1 second 400 extra HP Ability to slot both smoke and TRB So yeah, she loses a lot of offensive potential in that her guns have sub-cruiser levels of reload times, her torpedoes can be seen and dodged so easily, has worse concealment... all for extra gun and torpedo range, a little extra HP, and the ability to slot TRB with smoke. Buying her and sailing her is like handicapping yourself: if the enemy knows what they're doing, they'll easily dodge or mitigate your torpedoes, and out-trade you in gunfights. The torpedo reload simply increases the number of torpedoes the enemy is going to dodge, so it's not a game changer. This is made even worse by the fact that she's a tier VII, which gets screwed over by Tier VIIIs and IXs all the time. Honestly the state she's in now makes me wonder if she'd be better at tier VI, as she is no where near competitive enough for tier VII at all. This also makes me wish for the day that the IJN can reclaim their throne of having the best torpedoes in the game, as for right now, the only thing IJN torpedoes have going for them is their damage and that's it... and even Yuudachi doesn't have that either with those 15.6k torps which is like the damage tier V Mutsuki does.
  2. After playing both of them, I'd say Musashi for sure, as her guns are far more consistent and lolpen 32mm. Gerogia has only x6 guns, and to me, they do a lot of damage sure, but they never seem to behave in my experience. Still, when they citadel something, it's a great feeling, especially when you've been fishing for a solid hit for the whole match and finally just do a third of a ships HP bar with just 2 shells. Secondaries are also nice, but I don't have MFSA yet. Probably the other thing, as you need a 18 pt captain for Georgia to really be scary with them secondaries.
  3. SuperCustodiam

    Anyone else think the Smaland guns are not great?

    For a open-water hybrid torpedo boat with no smoke? Not great but not bad. Higher velocity would make them more comfortable. For a ship that sits in smoke that lasts for 2 minutes? They're god tier. That's the difference between tech tree/Smalland and Friesland: they have two different playstyles in which one is more of a open-water hybrid torpedo boat with really good AA and radar, and the other is a smoke-n'-spam AA light cruiser without a citadel. It's way easier to punish a Smalland because it doesn't have smoke. And yes, I don't like the Friesland if you couldn't infer, but I totally understand If someone likes it, I just don't like fighting against one, as it's really hard to punish it effectively If you don't have a radar cruiser. But yeah, to answer your question summarized: Smalland has far more risk behind shooting it's guns as it can't smoke up, where a Friesland can happily sit in smoke and use it's amazing RoF to it's fullest without a risk, as it also has hydro, and has cruiser level of AA, and a DD at the end of the day. that's probably what your experiencing: one is easier to play, while the other requires a bit more skill to use.
  4. The way I see this whole economy "balance" is to reduce the amount of players from reaping the amount of credits and FXP. Why? so that you spend more time grinding out credits and FXP in randoms, ranked, and clan battles. Why PvP? Because Tier VIII-IX premiums cost 60$-80$, and things like premium camouflages cost doubloons. On top of that, things like 1 Million FXP Ships usually take a long time to get, increasing the desire to spend money exchanging doubloons for FXP via XP conversion. I'll also put my tinfoil hat on here and say that the reason Missouri was removed and will never come back was because she printed credits by the millions, and was removed because they didn't want players credit farming too fast. Notice how Kronshtadt and Musashi don't have the same extra credit income? Or none of the new FXP ships for that matter. And to sort of to get back to OPs, notice how they are at tier VI and VII, which premiums aren't too expensive, and don't cost as much to repair and rearm. This is also the reason not many mid-tier premiums get introduced anymore, as they're far cheaper than Tier VIII & IXs. It's also kind of why Low and Mid-tiers don't get much attention at all frankly. Now why do people get so much FXP and Credits from operations? Simple: they mount all the special economic flags they've saved up, and all the really good economic camouflages, such as the oriental ones that give like +200% FXP, and then work with a division for a guaranteed win. Hell, I'd say 75% of the time you'll succeed an operation as long as everyone communicates and don't do anything stupid. That and if it's not Operation Newport. That Operation just plain sucks. That's what they want to stop. They want to reduce the profits to be even worse than CO-OP gains so that even when you do put all these really good camos and flags on, you don't get that much in return. So what would the other option be? PvP. So the idea that comes to my mind, is why waste those super good economy flags and camos in randoms, where it's going to be 50-50 for a win or a loss? I'm far more likely going to waste all these very limited economy camos and flags unless I do really well, do a lot of damage, AND win. I'm no super unicum player by any stretch, so I'd say I'm not confident enough to use these super good economy camos and flags in PvP where I'm highly likely to lose a game and waste them. This is why operations are so nice: you have a far better chance of doing well, doing lots of damage, and winning the battle in operations, giving you almost a guarantee to get the most out of these limited super economy camos and flags. I understand the debate for this, as some would call it a loophole, and I understand where they're coming from, but keep in mind you can't do it all the time. If you run out of economic camos and special economy flags, you obviously don't get as many big gains from it. Like I played operations for a while since I had a lot of good economy camos saved up, but stopped once I ran out. Still, that's my gripe with this whole pending "balance" of operations economy. To me, it's a place to use these nice economy camos and flags with relative guarantee to get the most out of them compared to using them in PvP, as well as to just take a break from PvP and just enjoy playing mid-tier ships.
  5. I was studying weak spots in the armor scheme viewer for tier X BBs and noticed this with Kremlin Every other BB I've seen is pretty straight forward when it comes to armor in that it descends accordingly: Deck Armor/Plating Citadel Armor + Armor Plating or Turtleback (If applicable) Citadel Torpedo bulkhead + Torpedo Protection - which are underwater Yet, Kremlin's goes: Deck Armor Citadel Armor "Torpedo Protection" - Which it says torpedo protection but it's listed as "Armor belt" Citadel Torpedo bulkhead + Torpedo Protection - which are underwater Can someone explain how this counts as torpedo protection, but at the same time as an armor belt? Is it just really, REALLY thick torpedo protection or something?
  6. SuperCustodiam

    Secondary Gun firing Range Is A Joke

    I would like to see secondaries to good as well someday. Currently, they're equivalent of short ranged ship shotguns with atrocious 1.0 sigma. Secondary skills is the equivalent to putting a shotgun choke on all your secondaries so they disperse in a smaller, tightened oval instead of a massive oval. The way I see it, Secondaries should be a deterrent to hostile ships from closing to torpedo range, so when secondaries have 3km-5km range, they are almost pointless in their job in that by the time a ship with torpedoes get that close, the torpedoes have either already been fired or the enemy will be so close that the damage they take from the shotgun secondaries will be moot when they crush you with all their torpedoes. Now, I don't want secondaries to be laser accurate long range machine guns either though, no-one wants that. That's sort of the tricky part in balancing secondaries though in finding that perfect balance between useless short ranged shotguns (unless the secondaries have better than average dispersion and range, such as the ones on the USN Secondary BB Trio), and long range laser death machine guns. This is the way I would envision it: Different Secondary guns have different ranges based on gun caliber, so smaller, more rapid firing guns have a shorter gun range, lower accuracy, while bigger, cruiser caliber guns fire slower and traverse slower but have more range When Secondary guns lock-on to a target, their sigma starts at 1.0, but every time they fire, the sigma goes up by 0.1 if they're 75mm-139mm, and 0.2 if they're 140mm-20mm, and have a set limit on how high their sigma can go up to That's at least my speculative way to sort of improve secondaries but not make them overpowered, and have counter play in the form of staying undetected, using vision mechanics to reset the accuracy, and if they're not manually controlled, fall back and allow a teammate to switch the secondaries fire, resetting their accuracy. Basically, the main issue is range, with shotgun accuracy sort of being a byproduct balance factor to prevent them from being too accurate. If the base secondary ranges were normalized to something like ~5km for low tiers, ~6km for mid tiers, and ~7km for high tiers, that would at the very least be a good start. I just hope one day secondary builds can exist more often instead of having to buy a premium ship that has a main selling point of having long range secondaries and tighter dispersion.
  7. SuperCustodiam

    Any reason to use the 420mm on the Kurfurst or no?

    Compared to FdG, whose, 406s get down to a 22 sec base reload with MBM3, GK only gets down to 25.5 sec base reload with MBM3 with 406s. Other than that, the potential DPM difference is 13,137 damage (35,8307 vs 34,5170) with MBM3 on both types of guns. Honestly, 420s are a better deal on GK compared to FdG that just has an insane RoF with her 406s that work better for her compared to the 420s since FdG has only 4x2 guns compared to GKs 4x3, so you're throwing out more shells every broadside compared to FdG.
  8. The Shimakaze line has really been power-crept over the years by all the other far more competitive DD lines: the line is focused entirely on delivering the mammoth 610mm torpedo on a very stealthy but fragile platform. I think that IJN 610mm torpedoes should be more respected instead of torpedoes that you can see and react to in 10 seconds or more compared to every other nation that averages about 7-8 seconds, and are more versatile. Basically, if IJN DDs should specialize only in torpedoes, the only thing they have going for them, then they should be the best damn torpedoes in the game, right? Without further ado, here's my proposed changes to the 610s: Type 8 610mm Torpedo: Type 8 Mod 1: 1.7km detection, 7km range, moves at 67 kts, and does ~14.6k damage with a reaction time of ~9.4-9.0 sec Type 8 Mod 2: 1.5km detection, 10km range, moves at 59 kts, and does ~15.6k damage with a reaction time of ~9.4-9.0 sec Type 8 Mod 3: 1.6km detection, 8km range, moves at 63 kts, and does ~16.2k damage with a reaction time of ~9.4-9.0 sec Type 90 Mod 1 610mm Torpedo: 1.5km detection, 10km range, moves at 62 kts, and does ~17.2k damage with a reaction time of ~9.0-8.5 sec Type 93 610mm Torpedos; special effect: have no bubble trail while moving through the water Type 93 Prototype: 1.3km detection, 15km range, moves at 55 kts, and does ~17.75k damage with a reaction time of ~8.8-8.4 sec (7.7 Sec with TA & TTM1) Type 93 mod 0: 1.2km detection, 20km range, moves at 50 kts, and does ~18.5k damage with a reaction time of ~8.9-8.5 sec (7.7 Sec with TA & TTM1) Type 93 mod 0 DW: 0.8km detection, 20km range, moves at 50 kts, and does ~18.5k damage with a reaction time of ~5.9-5.6 sec (5.1 Sec with TA & TTM1) Type 93 mod 1: 1.4km detection, 15km range, moves at 59 kts, and does ~19k damage with a reaction time of ~8.8-8.4 sec (7.8 sec with TA & TTM1) Type 93 mod 2: 1.4km detection, 10km range, moves at 62 kts, and does ~20.9k damage with a reaction time of ~8.4-8.0 sec Type 93 Mod 2 DW: 0.8km detection, 20km range, moves at 55 kts, and does ~20.9k damage with a reaction time of ~5.4-5.1 sec (4.7 Sec with TA & TTM1) F3 Experimental: 1.7km detection, 8km range, moves at 75 kts, and does ~21.3k damage with a reaction time of ~8.4-8.0 sec Type 93 mod 3: 1.5km detection, 12km range, moves at 67 kts, and does ~23.7k damage with a reaction time of ~8.3-7.9 sec So, I've done the math on the reaction times, and I've tried to keep the early 610s at a 9.5-9.0 second time, to be a little better but not too much better than they currently are. The Type 93s on the other hand, are a different story, as the earlier ones have more range but are very slow stock, but if you take TA, you can sacrifice all that extra range to make them a little faster and have less time to react to, but you have to specialize your captain for TA, which won't work that well at the higher tiers since the range progressively goes down as you get more powerful torpedoes: sort of a balancing idea I came up with myself. I also don't know if the early Type 93s should do a little less damage, as 18.5k is based off Shimakaze's 20km Type 93s, which might be a little on the high side for mid tiers. Still I tried to keep their reaction times around 8 to 9 seconds, which is still 1 second higher than the average 7 to 8 seconds most other nations have. The other thing to mention is that the no bubble trail is not only a nod to history, but to allow you to discern Type 93s from regular torpedoes. That way when you're in a game with say a Yugumo and a Z-46 on the other team, and you see a spread of 8 torpedoes with no bubble trails coming at you, you'll know that they're Type 93s, and you REALLY need to dodge as many as you can, as they will hurt a lot more than a Z-46s torps. Other than that, I suggest that IJN ships get new options in each tier respectively: Tier IV: Yuubari: Type 93 Prototype (also give us a alternative hull with 2x1 2x2 140mms please) Tier V: Mutsuki: Type 8 Mod 3 stock -> Type 93 Mod 0 as upgrade (Also please give Mustuki a facelift with shatter shields for her torpedo tubes please) Furutaka: Type 8 Mod 1 stock -> Type 8 Mod 2 as 1st upgrade -> Type 93 Mod 0 as final upgrade Yahagi: Type 93 Mod 1 Tier VI: Fubuki Ayanami: Type 8 Mod 1 stock -> Type 8 Mod 2 as 1st upgrade -> Type 93 Mod 0 as final upgrade (Give this one a facelfit too, as she isn't actually Fubuki, but Ayanami class) Shinonome Fubuki: Type 8 Mod 3 or Type 93 Mod 0 Hatsuharu: Type 8 Mod 1 stock -> Type 90 Mod 1 as upgrade Aoba: Type 8 Mod 2 stock -> Type 90 Mod 1 as 1st upgrade -> Type 93 Mod 0 as final upgrade Mutsu: Type 8 Mod 1 Tier VII: Akatsuki: Type 8 Mod 2 stock -> Type 90 Mod 1 as 1st upgrade -> Type 93 Mod 1 as final Upgrade Shiratsuyu: Type 90 Mod 1 stock -> Type 93 Mod 1 as upgrade Yuudachi: Type 93 Mod 0 or Type 93 Mod 0 DW (Not too sure how powerful this would be to make Yuudachi into a tier VII Asashio, but it would be better than what she currently is IMO) Myoko: Type 90 Mod 1 stock -> Type 93 Mod 1 as upgrade (Also please revert the changes on Myoko, and make it 2x4 Hull A, 4x3 Hull B, and 4x4 Hull C) Tier VIII: Kagero: Type 93 Mod 0 as stock -> Type 93 Mod 1 as 1st upgrade -> Type 93 Mod 2 as final upgrade Yukikaze: F3 Experimental Asashio: Type 93 Mod 2 DW or Type 93 Mod 0 Harekaze: Type 93 Mod 1 Akizuki: Type 93 Mod 1 stock -> F3 Experimental as upgrade Mogami: Type 90 Mod 1 stock -> Type 93 Mod 1 as upgrade (Again, revert changes and make it 4x3) Atago: Type 93 Mod 1 Kii: F3 Experimental Tier IX: Yuugumo: Type 93 Mod 1 stock -> Type 93 Mod 2 as 1st upgrade -> Type 93 Mod 3 as final upgrade Kitikaze: Type 93 Mod 1 stock -> F3 Experimental as 1st upgrade -> Type 93 Mod 2 as final upgrade Ibuki: Type 93 Mod 0 stock -> Type 93 mod 1 as 1st upgrade -> Type 93 Mod 3 as final upgrade Tier X: Shimakaze: Type 93 Mod 1 stock -> F3 Experimental as 1st upgrade -> Type 93 Mod 3 as final upgrade Harugumo: Type 93 Mod 2 stock -> F3 Experimental as 1st upgrade -> Type 93 mod 3 as final upgrade Zao: Type 93 Mod 1 stock -> F3 Experimental as 1st upgrade -> Type 93 Mod 3 as final upgrade Yoshino: Type 93 Mod 0 or Type 93 Mod 3 Last but not least, nerf torpedo reload: Change it from when upon activation you reset the torpedo tubes reload time to 5 seconds to upon activation, reduces torpedo reload time by 60%. This way the consumable is not super powerful anymore, and makes it so you can't just spam 16 torpedoes in the water. That way, we can have torpedo reload booster and smoke be a thing for Kagero-Yuugumo and Hatsuharu-Shiratsuyu without it being so blatantly overpowered that they had to separate and make you have to choose between smoke and torpedo reload booster. Well, what do you think? I think this will make IJN DDs a little bit better, and sort of allow them to reclaim the throne for best torpedo boats in the game, giving them more threat in games, making them a bit more comfortable to play, while still retaining that high skill floor they require. They will still be hard, don't get me wrong, but by lowering the reaction time average by about a second will probably help them a lot, compared to the 9 to 10 second reaction time they currently have. I do understand that cruisers having longer range torpedoes might make them a little bit more powerful than they need to be, but I've always found it criminal that you don't break 10km range until tier X, when the Italians get 12km/13.5km torpedoes as early as tier VI.
  9. My only complaint is that long range AA guns both sound and look like they're firing like machine guns, unlike pre-rework where they sounded and looked like they fired every other 4 seconds, but I'm sort of nit-picking. On that note, with the way the system is now, we'll never see Dual purpose guns ever to be animated to shoot at aircraft since DP guns magically "ghost" fire at aircraft while they're clearly firing at a ship. Makes me wonder if they'll ever change that?
  10. SuperCustodiam


    Get "Historical Splinter Camouflage" in Aslains if you can. It will make a lot of the camouflage a lot more bearable. Another one that I've also liked when Splinter camo was not up to date for the current version is "Chilled Special Camos", which turns all non-premium/doubloon camo into mono colors, which looks pretty nice, as most of the colors are blacks, blues, and whites.
  11. SuperCustodiam

    Mass Speculation time

    Russian Imperial Navy: Bogtayrs. Nuff said. Well, Knyaz Suvorov's are horribly innacurate with 1.5 sigma, but make for great tanks United States Navy: St. Louis ACRs are not only are flamethrowers, but have a lot of HP to add to their teams HP pool, combine them with Wickes smoke and they can be quite a threat. SCs are also the most accurate with their 1.9 sigma. Imperial German Navy: V-170, Kolberg, and Nassau are all solid ships, plus the Germans AP bites hard Imperial Japanese Navy: Tenryus and Wakatakes are sneaky ships, and their torpedoes will definitely catch some ships off guard with proper smokeplay from the DDs being escorted by say x2 tenryu's per flank. HE on Kawachi is almost as good as Bellerophon's, but their railgun AP can do good damage to bigger ships at the right angle, especially with their lower dispersion. French Navy: Friant's are good like Bogtayrs benefiting from AFT/BFT, but Fusillier's lack of smoke is a determent in their teamplay with the other ships; they'll defiantly put up a fight, but will lose to smokescreens as their Turnene's get burned to a crisp Royal Navy: Caledon's complete lack of HE and Smoke make them practically worthless. Granted, the Bellerophons will be pulling most of the weight, as x6 Bellerophons that focus fire with HE can possibly blap a ship out of existance, and burn anything that survives their focus fire. However, since the cruisers are just dead weight, and short duration smokescreens from the DDs, it's a loss for sure as the Bellerophons get worn down. That's my take on it. God this makes me wish ultimate admiral dreadnought's would come out of alpha faster.
  12. Yep. BFT + November Echo Setteseven is all we have left minus modules. Making an AA build these days is taking AAM2 in Tier IX-X ships with BFT and November Echo Setteseven. BFT is important though, as it counteracts Aircraft Armor skill, which is an essential part of a CVs captain skills to have. Without BFT, your AA does -10% less DPS. Still, AA builds are a far cry of what they used to be, with MFAA actually being worth 4 points for +100% DPS instead of being completely garbage, and AFT increasing your AA range instead of just increasing the flak damage (which can be good if it hits, but...). Not sure why they seem so keen on making AA skills/modules less and less worth it...
  13. SuperCustodiam

    New Upgrade Modules

    Yeah, I do miss that extra x2 flak bursts on my NC AA build for 10 flak puffs instead of 8. Now they moved it to tier IX-X ships with the new combined AAM2 mod but only when DF is active, which means mostly tier IX-X cruisers benefit from this... and Thunderer if it takes AAM2 lol. We'll have to see how well this new AA mod works in practice, and either or not it's as bad as MFAA now, or if it's actually worth it. On paper, it doesn't really seem like it. I would like to see Flak be useful, but I guess having it be realistic is too much. I mean, can you imagine if Neptune, Atlanta, or Smolensk fired 12+6 /14/16 flak bursts?!
  14. SuperCustodiam

    DD's get [edited] yet again

    Take TTM1 + TA for 12km Type 93 DW torps that go as fast as F3s at 75 kts! Damn the torpedo detection mod! Those are still torpedoes that do 20k damage to BBs that are going 75 kts! You have long range DW F3s now! Besides, if they take that mod and do spot the Asashio's torps at 1.8km, they're gonna have the same reaction time as Type 93 Mod 3s anyways.
  15. It's not so much as an issue of Tier VIIs having no plating to even bounce shots from even each other, but more in that these 457mm/460mm guns do so much damage when the overmatch. You get overmatched by either of these, you take ~5k damage per shell, where 406mm/410mm does about ~4k damage per shell. This is more of an issue of some tier VIIs not having any 32mm plating (though not that wouldn't help against Musashi anyways) to bounce 381mm-457mm AP, and shatter HE that can penetrate 25mm-27mm. Like, Colorado/Nagato/Ashitaka/Poltava/KGV/DoY have pretty much all 25mm plating, meaning it's relatively hard to angle against AP that can overmatch. Compare this to Sinop (100mm & 75mm upper belt + very minimal superstructure), Scharnhorst Class (50mm Upper belt & Deck), Nelson (32mm upper belt & deck), Hood (127mm upper belt + 51mm deck), and Lyon (180mm Upper belt & 30mm deck) which all have more than 25mm all the way up to the upper belt and deck, making it a lot harder to overmatch these ships when they're well angled. All tier VII BBs do have soft 25mm bow & sterns however, though Sinop and the Scharnhorst class have extended belt armor that goes all the way to the bow to make this rather tricky from the front and rear. I find this disparity of Tier VII BB armor to be kind of unfair honestly, as you have to play way more reserved in the Colorado/Nagato/Ashitaka/Poltava/KGV/DoY, as you just get penetrated from almost any angle from Battleship AP, Heavy Crusier HE, Light Cruiser HE with IFHE, and even DD HE with IFHE. Meanwhile, Sinop/Scharnhorst Class/Nelson/Lyon can be far more difficult to kill if they angle well, position themselves well to avoid dying to HE spam, and manage fires. Hood is kind of an exception to this due to her superstructure being enormous and easy to farm damage off of, and her rather lackluster turret angles