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  1. Old_Baldy_One

    Again.. why no skill based MM?

    MM isn't the problem. As is said above, good people get screwed or do stupid things sometimes too so any matchmaking that evenly divides the teams based on skill, goes out the window at that point. The gameplay is the problem. In most matches, something happens on one team that swings the balance. After that balance has swung - a ship dies early, a group decides to hide instead of push, etc - it gets progressively harder to come back. IMO, the only way to make steamrolls less of a problem is some sort of comeback mechanic - give the losing team buffs, allow for respawns, something like that. Otherwise, steamrolls will happen no matter what they do. The other problem is perception and the amount of time games take. If you are playing an FPS (one without same game respawns), the games are generally pretty short. They may be a steamroll, but the shortness of the game means not many people care and its expected. Here, games take 10+ minutes at least, and so its like watching a train wreck. You can see it coming, but there's not always anything you can do. Independent changes that would make this less of an issue: 1. Arms Race style buffs for the losing team. 2. You respawn at spawn after X minutes dead. 3. Make it so that once you are dead, you can't chat to those alive, and you can not move your camera from a set point of view (maybe make the camera go up in the sky so you can still watch). This prevents the toxic chat from dead people. 4. Hide stats from public view. Ever wonder why people like Arms Race and special modes? No stats. FPS games in the old days didn't have stats, and nobody cared if they lost. Hide all stats, and allow an individual player to share their stats link somehow if needed (guild invites, etc).
  2. Old_Baldy_One

    stuck on invisible rock, cost star in ranked.

    The game should never make it so that you can't move. It should give you an u stuck option, trigerable by the player. Said option should have some sort of penalty or downside so as to avoid abuse in some way, but despite how realistic it may be, you should never be stuck on terrain.
  3. WG stated a while back that they would never sell T10 premiums...so that could be why they are flagged as special. They messed around with the premium/special flags a while ago, primarily in order to try and get around the "no changes to premiums" policy. Unfortunately, they have trouble sticking to their own policies. It was "supposed" to be that special ships were the ones you could earn in game, for coal, FXP, steel, etc and could not buy outright. "Premium" ships were the ones you had to buy, or at least, could be bought and may be available for other resources. This was also before they began selling T10s.
  4. Old_Baldy_One

    Dunq B Deal

    If you have Dunk already, you get 2500 1500 back also. So if you have it, you get an additional ship (albeit identical to one you have), and all that for whatever that comes out to.
  5. Old_Baldy_One

    My 2021 Black Friday haul

    Just go to the premium shop and you can. https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/?utm_content=cm-top&utm_source=global-nav&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wows-portal
  6. Old_Baldy_One

    My 2021 Black Friday haul

    I bought 5 Premium containers and a couple regular ones. 70k FXP, and Pommern B (I have Pommern, so thats 2500 back) and Atago B. Can not complain.
  7. Special note and not sure when this changed, but you can complete these missions in EITHER ship. I know previously it was only the regular version of the ship that was qualified for the mission, leading to hundreds of forums postings. Now you only get the mission if you have both and both can complete it.
  8. There are so many cool camos in the game that are just wasted, because people can only use them once or twice, or the method to obtain them is gone. I really wish they would allow you to select a camo skin from your library and be able to use it instead of another camo (basically like the "costumes" that players get in MMOs these days). You select camo A, but you look like you are wearing a different one. Just think of all the consumable camos that never see use....thats a decent amount of effort spent on those for basically nothing.
  9. Old_Baldy_One

    New Years Certificates?

    Rest assured....the missouri credits will not be impacted. Rest assured, subs will never be in the game. Rest assured, ships with smoke and rapid firing guns won't ever have access to HE. Rest assured, the Puerto Rico can be obtained for free... Can't imagine why anyone has trust issues ;) As long as you can see whether you have a snowflake or not, I'm good. If I burn through them all and don't think I was given enough, I'll just send a ton of screenshots.
  10. I have a feeling they know that people are going to be massively grinding snowflakes in co-op, and don't want to give people a ton of free tokens on top of the other rewards for doing so. Some of these ships are just silly OP, so any limits are good limits. Conde for example is brutal...
  11. Be happy...this missions layout is a vast improvement over the old. The old layout just had all the missions in a list, with no separation (if I recall correctly). Anyways, not sure its that hard to just ignore that mission section. As a side note, those Novor missions really aren't that hard, even for a casual. They are able to be completed in a variety of game modes, in a wide array of ships, and there isn't anything overly specific about them (like forcing a specific class or type ship). I can honestly see people completing this without even realizing it. For example, the first set of missions: *2.4m potential damage - Thats 1-2 games in a high level BB. 3-4 games for most people would take this out. *Spot 35 Torps - 3-4 games. *47k commander xp - this may take a while if you dont have a ton of flags, but honestly, 5-10 games. *750 ribbons - 2-3 games, maybe a few more depending on ships you have access to. 19k base XP - I could see this take a bit, especially if you play co-op. Random and PVP players, this is about 20 games or so. *700k main or secondary battery damage - 4-5 games in co-op maybe. 2500 bxp in one game - this obviously is tough and its only ranked or randoms....most people won't get this. * Focus on these missions and you'll be done in about 10 games, maybe more if coop only. And you really don't even have to try very hard.
  12. Either make it permanent, or make a permanent "Casual PVP" mode that doesn't impact stats. I think more people than anyone would care to admit avoid randoms because of stats in some way. Make a casual ransoms mode with no stats....PERFECT for testing stuff like subs and super ships. As for Arms race, I think it will be a fine addition to randoms rotation. I think most people would be find if it replaced Epicenter completely :)
  13. Old_Baldy_One

    Superships, I'm missing something?

    Really hope XP from ranked goes towards the XP needed to get the super ships. Playing 8+ coop games each day is annoying if you dont play a ton of coop normally.