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  1. Old_Baldy_One

    Complete and comprehensive list of all tier IV ships with good AA.

    Could you try again? I think the forums ate your post, cause there is nothing li.......oooooooo.
  2. Old_Baldy_One

    Montana price - 247K or 352K?

    There are certain modules you can not skip over, usually the hull(s). If you look at the module tree for the ship you have, there is a line going down to the next ship. You must research (you don't have to buy) each module in that line. If you try and research the next ship without it, it adds it all up into the new cost.
  3. Old_Baldy_One

    Naval battles...

    I don't think they are doing a regular rotation. The last 2 weeks was base XP if I recall correctly. Damage and Ribbons are pretty easy, the only "catch" being games that end early or really fast (which caused me to get only 9/10 this week). Base Xp means co-op clans are basically out of luck (getting more than 500 base XP in coop is a challenge on a consistent basis due to the amount of factors that are out of your control). 900+ would require you to be bottom tiered and basically kill everything and do most of the damage alone. Even for random clans, base XP after 1200 or so means if you don't win, you are almost assured of missing the goal. IMO - remove the win bonus from the base XP calculation and the re-curve the XP based on RAW XP instead, and recalculate the coop XP based on what it would have been in a random (for naval battles ONLY)....and it would be pretty much perfect.
  4. Old_Baldy_One

    Question about Clan invites.

    I want the bot stats posted like regular players. Need to know which are the stronger bots to target first.
  5. Old_Baldy_One

    Located before i move

    Oo....idea for new game mode. Map is so small that everyone is detected. No islands. BB only free for all. Muhahahahaha. 12 Georgia's enter, game instantly crashes on start.
  6. Old_Baldy_One

    Did not receive my research points somehow.

    I can only imagine how many Colberts would be in games right now if the tokens were given on reset directly. Hell I would probably reset the US BB, US DD, and maybe a couple others that have been less useful these days due to power creep.
  7. Old_Baldy_One

    Can we get MM to try and balance teams now?

    There are a few easy things they could do, but they won't for some reason. Nothing would be perfect but things could be a lot better on average.
  8. Old_Baldy_One

    Important dates for the Community

    This is a work in progress/first draft for sure, but does anyone think something like this would be useful to the community? https://calendar.google.com/calendar?cid=djlnMjZtb2syNHAwbXJtMHMwaDQzMnMyNWtAZ3JvdXAuY2FsZW5kYXIuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbQ Would think if the dates and times are know, they could be added in and then auto adjust to each time zone.
  9. Old_Baldy_One

    French Missions

    Someone should really make a Google Calendar for all this stuff....
  10. Old_Baldy_One

    Legion of Honor event and tokens

    I don't consider myself a hardcore grinder and am at best, an average player. I've played 264 games in the last 21 days, which is roughly 12 games a day i guess. I also am in a clan that does decent at clan battles, which helped with the hall of fame. I've spent basically no money of consequence to this scenario on the game. I was able to complete all the directives fairly quickly utilizing flags and camos when appropriate to make it easier. I even completed the CV ones, and I am not good at CVs. I do have a decent number of lines ground out and a bunch of premiums (all free except Tirpitz). There was a lot to do in this event but most of it was finished during normal gameplay. The hall of fame I thought might be a struggle, but I easily finished in the top 10%. I don't think this was a "put your life on old" event on the level of some others. But that's just my opinion. People need to understand this though: If they make the event easy, they are FORCED to make the rewards minimal, because a large portion of the community will complete it. If they make it harder, then they can make the rewards better because not everyone will do it. This event had a fairly decent middle ground in that if you didn't finish, you could still get premium time, camos, etc. The captain will be available for coal at some point.
  11. What ship did you get as a duplicate?
  12. The only people constantly uptiered are players who haven't played 20 battles at that tier. Everyone else is forced to an equal share of top and bottom tier games. That said I dont get why they dont go to a 1 tier spread but....they have their reasons (that the will never explain to us peons).
  13. You are probably seeing a roll down effect. Since t8 and t9 need to have more top tier games now than before, they fill those games with t6 and t7. Basically if you haven't played 20 battles in any specific tier and mode, you are going to get screwed. Those first 20 games could be entirely 100 percent bottom tier. After that it will balance itself out.
  14. Old_Baldy_One

    The greatest game ever queued

    Some people just want to watch the world burn.