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  1. Old_Baldy_One

    First directive 20/3/19.....can be done in co-op only?

    Well, you can not get achievements in co-op either, so 2 of them are random battle only. If you don't have one of the special ships, you'll need to do at least 1 of those in randoms to move on. If you are a PvE main, you should be used to that by now.
  2. Old_Baldy_One

    Ship of the Week: T7 Cruisers - 18th to 25th

    Not my best effort, but a win and qualifies ;)
  3. Old_Baldy_One

    WG's Match Maker fair?

    I read things like this and then fondly think back to the games in which the red team was 60 percent and we were 40, and we stomped them.
  4. Logic has no power here. :)
  5. Divs also play a part I believe. It will try and spread the divs as evenly as possible (each div counting as 1 group, regardless of number of players). I have never seen more than a +/- 1 quantity difference in div counts on a team. :)
  6. Old_Baldy_One

    Re spawning and more repairs.

    Respawns work best in fast paced games. In slow paced games like this, i don't know that it is going to work without making the game last forever. Even if you can capture checkpoints, you are still dealing with certain boats that can shoot a really long ways with very few obstacles. It might work for a DD only mode or something I guess. We shall see how it works for space battles, which as I understand it, is a offense/defense mode.
  7. Old_Baldy_One

    Make me a: Map - 11th to 18th

    I have an urge to buy a gateway PC too ;)
  8. Old_Baldy_One

    Shards as a T10 map. It is not fun at all.

    Make all maps available for all tiers, just change the scaling to suit the tier if needed. More maps can never be a bad thing. I'd even go for a ":random" map, where it just creates a completely random map.
  9. Old_Baldy_One

    Bought George Doe lost skill on John Doe

    The + marks should be on Expert Loaded and Expert Marksman, but they are on Expert marksman and Adrenaline Rush. Very weird.
  10. Old_Baldy_One

    Make me a: Map - 11th to 18th

    Map 1: This is a rough idea of something I had in my head. Basically, very cramped quarters, pushing people to fight more directly from shorter ranges. Middle area protected by 4 mountains - these could be blocking mountains or possibly mountains that are low on the edges to shoot over but go high towards the center. East and West caps fairly open with maybe a few small islands nearby, easily accessible for each side. The center would be the danger zone, being exposed from 4 sides and able to be torped with little area to move around. Rest assured, this would be a DD friendly map with the large islands favoring speed, Options: - Slight adjustments could be made if you don't like the symmetrical look. You could also tilt the middle islands a bit so that people don't just send torps straight to the enemy spawn. - For an epicenter map, the islands could be made larger, forcing everyone into the channels so to speak in order to cap. Map 2: Spawns at the sides (teams split between) with the bases in the middle. The idea of this map would be to stress coordination about who is staying and who is going. If everyone attacks and a flanks falls, things get messy fast. This map could also be used in a new gameplay mode, LOL/DOTA style. Each red circle spawns artillery boats that can damage the other teams base. Each team must escort the boats through the sides to get them to the enemy base. Boats respawn every 2-3 minutes and automatically take one of the 3 paths to the enemy base, with minimal secondary defenses to defend themselves. Players can attack the base, but do less damage to encourage getting the AI boats involved. Forts could be put on the walls. As a domination mode, cap points could be placed right through the middle of the map. Epicenter would be in the middle. A path could be pushed through both large mountains to facilitate easier crossing. yes, I know my paint skills are lacking :)
  11. Old_Baldy_One

    X Salem or IX Jean Bart

    Don't convert steel to coal. Coal is too easy to get for the conversion to ever make sense.
  12. In 60 games as an event maskarado, I can say i haven't seen this. The rewards are nice for basically playing the game, but not so extreme that people will go full tilt in going for it. Sure I get focused by people in the area, but I have not seen any suicide missions or anything. I am right around 50 percent win rate so it's pretty even for me. I used to think the same as you guys, justifying bad play by thinking people just went crazy for the event. But playing the other side has opened my eyes a bit.
  13. Old_Baldy_One

    New Version of WOW and the hacks are still on

    Any sufficiently advanced skill is indistinguishable from hacks.
  14. Old_Baldy_One

    Fly Strike Win "crowns"

    From what I understand from other posts, you can get Hermes and Furious free by doing most of the dailies and all the directives they give you. You will be on your way, but just short of getting the Implacable if you do everything and buy the Exeter. Unless they increase the values in future directives or something, you will be just short of getting Implacable free and will need to buy containers for the remainder (as many as 14 I have heard). Seems to be a slight change from the way they have done things previously. They really should state up front that Implacable can or can not be obtained for free, instead of making it "appear" that it can and then not.
  15. Old_Baldy_One

    Secondary Guns nerfed?

    Any nerf to a premium would be met with hellfire....you would know if it was.