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  1. Old_Baldy_One

    Public Test - 0.9.2 - Part 1 - Bugs Report

    Not sure if this is intended or a bug but the research points you get from resetting lines seems to be heavily reduced. I think you can get about a total of 1k RP from a full reset (with the 2x bonus), and it should be 20k. This may be intended to keep the number of Colberts and Ohios lower....
  2. Old_Baldy_One

    Blowouts.... something need to change soon

    I don't see it changing, even with massive matchmaker shifts. Too many variables to try and balance games by matching up and balancing players. Since WG is dead set against any major shifts in philosophy towards matchmaking (even extremely simple ones, like balancing specific ships across teams), I doubt its going to happen. Steamrolls happen in ranked too, so its not a matter of using a ranking system to get better games either. The only solution I can see is artificial ones...like a respawn mechanic (one ship respawns every 2 minutes or something) or a comeback mechanic (losing team gets buffs when ships die). I think this might push a bit far into the "arcade" style than most people are comfy with though.
  3. Old_Baldy_One

    WG has Nerfed my Battles

    No no guys, he is right. I heard it on the WoWs stream the other day. They specifically called out this guy and said that he was playing SO GOOD lately, they had to nerf him specifically, just to keep the game fair.
  4. Old_Baldy_One

    Looking for a mod that

    MX Stats is a mod and a seperate program that reviews your replays and gives some stats. Not sure if its being updated anymore, but it was pretty cool when I used it. You have to get around the terms WG uses though to figure things out - they use a number of credits terms for example and you have to find the specific one that tells you what you actually took home.
  5. Please note though - just because you are at the top of the leaderboard, does not always mean that you were the best player on the team. There are many ways to get to the top of the leaderboard for XP, especially in losses, that hurt the team more than help. Damage farming in the back, killing the wrong targets, not playing the caps (going for damage instead) are all ways to get more XP while hurting your team. If you are one of the last ships remaining on the losing team (which also doesn't always mean you were better than others), this is even easier as the winning team often just comes at you with reckless abandon, trying to get the kill. You have to play differently, no doubt, when bottom tiered. But, as is implied above, except for T10, WG has to fill these games and their preference is to do so as fast as possible (they have stated this on multiple occasions - no "conspiracy theory" needed). Tier spreads make that happen. That said, the recent changes have made for far more T10 only games, and other tiers are benefitting. Most of the time, its simple confirmation bias that tells you that you have been in a lot of bottom tier games - when the reality is, you probably haven't.
  6. From what I recall, its a specific TIER, not a specific ship.
  7. Old_Baldy_One

    3+ Day Suspension / ID 122534757: World of Warships

    It literally says on one of the screens exactly what the issue is - You are not banned - you are being penalized for unsporting conduct and can only play a few modes. As the people above have said, stop shooting teammates, stop going afk in battles, and stop being a jerk. After you work off the orange status in coop, if you do this, you'll be fine.
  8. Old_Baldy_One

    Just reinstalled game. Big mistake

    Ah, gotcha.
  9. Old_Baldy_One

    Permanent Camo

    I don't know about sales. I think they did have a sale a while back but usually the sales are more focused towards doubloon purchases. They have been fairly generous over the last 5 months or so with giving out free camos. I think I have 5 free ones able to be assigned to any ship, and then the halloween ones for T8, T9 and T10. This is outside of the ones that come with early access ships.
  10. Old_Baldy_One

    Just reinstalled game. Big mistake

    If the bots were the top ships on your team......the game isn't the problem.
  11. That's fair but regrinding lines, playing ships unrelated to the upgrade..seems odd. I'd rather get an upgrade during normal gameplay on that specific ship than be forced to play other ships to get it. Should be some way to get cake and eat it here.
  12. Not really sure what was so wrong with the original system. Moving it to the research bureau means that to get them, you will have to play other ships instead if the one you want it on. Redo the upgrades so they are all good and useful, and just leave the original system of getting them alone.
  13. Old_Baldy_One

    AA Attrition vs CV Plane Attrition

    I just look at it as a rampage timer. The longer the battle goes on, the strong the CV becomes (if one exists). Technically, to a lesser degree, DDs become more powerful the longer the battle goes on too (less ships to detect them, less radar charges and radar ships, etc). The fallacy about unlimited planes has been addressed, but the main contributor to this is that CVs lose very few planes, and they can recall them at will - so people think regenerating planes + recalled planes = unlimited. It certainly seems like it. Either add regenerating AA mounts (or an option to repair them), OR make planes take time to repair (not just regen, REPAIR), i think would be a good change. The CV doesn't regen planes, say it regens parts (IE hit points) and the planes get healed for a bit every time they land (over time). If you took a lot of damage but didn't really lose any planes, those planes would still require time for repairs or else they launch damaged. Not sure how that would be coded for the UI.
  14. Old_Baldy_One

    Another ship setting sail...