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  1. For the love of all that is holy - Why limit the free respec to just those playing clan battles? The first time you did it for everyone. You've said that was a mistake, but do you know how much good will you got from that? People were thrilled at the good gesture. It allowed people who wouldn't normally do it, to give a new spec a try or correct an error they made long ago, but didn't want to spend a ton of points correcting a minor error. From then on, its been restricted to only clan battles (no other event). From what I hear and read, clan battles is actually fairly unpopular, due to the restricted time scheduling and such...which makes it harder for people to do it (especially if you aren't mapping your life around WoWs schedules). Please reconsider. Its only for like 6 days, so people will have that long to figure things out. I really can't imagine you make THAT much money off respecs that this would really ruin anything. For the record and to stem possible responses: yes, I know this is a multiplayer game. I know how to join a clan, I know it is only 1 battle (during a specific time frame) and those who are in active clans probably find this requirement so simple as to have no concept of why people would dislike this. People with multiple 19 point captains probably can't see the problem either, but thats fine.
  2. Old_Baldy_One

    Premium Time - A Better Way

    I was thinking about this last night too, when I got a Steam container with 24 hours on it and would have liked to have used it another day for sure. What I think may be a better idea is, give the player a 100% off coupon for 1 day of premium time. WG is probably thinking though, that they have a better chance of selling you more premium time by giving you a taste of it, and what better way to entice you than to give it to you on a random day so you can't use all of it.
  3. Why is there a charge of doubloons or XP to respec a captain that can ONLY be used in the event, and that is not permanently available? This seems a bit on the extreme side for WG. This didn't impact me much with the subs as there are really only a couple viable options and they don't make a huge difference, but in other events and upcoming events, it seems like a necessary money grab. I think the cost should be removed or eliminated for those special captains.
  4. Old_Baldy_One

    MM needs tweaking

    There is no way to define skill that is not manipulatable or remotely accurate. Stats can be lowered if needed, some things that win or lose games are not measured by stats...etc. The only true balancing they can do us looking at the ships capabilities and player divisions and try to better split them up.
  5. Old_Baldy_One

    MM needs tweaking

    Most of the good players, deep down, dont want to be matched against other good players. They want to steamroll through and pound their chest. There are ways to make matchmaking better but they dont want to in fear of it taking too long for a game to start. So here we are...sitting in games with 2 Iowas on one team and 2 Missouris on the other, etc.
  6. Said like a true paper fanboi. :)
  7. I played around 4-5 Halloween battles yesterday, and I would say at least 3 of them had a guy that went afk at the edge of the map after the first kills (which are stupidly easy kills - just line it up with the suggested path). No point yelling at them, as they are gone and not looking. Takes them about 2 minutes, and then they can netflix and chill. Hit W, wait for torps to load and get in range, fire 2 torps, go to edge of map. Profit.
  8. Hi. I play Rock and enjoy it. I personally think Scissors is fine as is. You need to nerf Paper though.
  9. Old_Baldy_One

    so WG will give you doubloons for your CV?

    Well, this is the group that said Missouri would be sold permanently, and that subs would never enter the game. Once the words you say start meaning nothing, everything you say is a "rumor" till it happens. I wonder though, if you could take advantage of the Free XP part. IE, if you have enough XP for the next in the line, research it and buy it, just for the free XP conversion? Hmm.
  10. Old_Baldy_One

    Sportmanslike behaviour

    You understand that there is more than just a disconnection that can cause the penalty? Team Killing, Damaging friendlies, leaving games early, being AFK....all these count towards your penalty. Nobody expects that emergencies and crashes wont happen. The bar is high enough though that you are only going to get a penalty if it happens pretty often, and even then, that penalty is being pink for a couple games.
  11. Old_Baldy_One

    Sportmanslike behaviour

    The people who were in that game, short handed, trying to win, deserve some justice also. More than likely, they all just took a loss because of 1 guy. Going pink makes 0 difference really...its a warning. If you keep crashing or whatever, then you'll go orange and need to play co-op. I believe that is a fair solution across the board. I believe there are games that treat this sort of things much more severely.
  12. Old_Baldy_One

    Turkey Shoot SignUp Not Working?

    The answers to one of the questions is messed up. It only gives one option, and its Yes;No., instead of a Yes and No. Thanks for fixing it :)
  13. Old_Baldy_One

    Turkey Shoot SignUp Not Working?

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/gobble-gobble/ I'm guessing it's just a bad URL in the form. Have to wait for an official response.
  14. Trying to apply for the turkey shoot thing, and I keep getting that the page is forbidden? Has anyone else been able to sign up for this? @Radar @Gneisenau013
  15. Considering all the calculations are done server side, like the above guy said, most of it is just a bug in your display or just bad RNG. There are things that skirt the line but its hard to call them cheats. This isn't like a FPS , where an aimbot makes you hit the target regardless of what happens (it can't, because shells take longer than bullets to arrive).