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  1. American Cruiser Collection

    You go into collections and click a blank collection item. It will then offer to let you get it for 5 duplicates. I would suggest not buying any till you can finish the entire collection as it takes 5 duplicates to get 1. It is more efficient to wait till you have gotten all the originals you can first, then use the duplicates. You also get 15k credit when you get a duplicate
  2. The rewards for getting inactive players back are getting better, or I guess you could say more desperate. They must be hurting. I don't mind these types of offers because I understand the business model. Throwing freebies at an inactive account has little downside, as long as the freebies are enticing but have little impact on gameplay. That said, I think the rental ships idea is an AWESOME idea to try and lure people to buy premium ships. I would love to test drive a Mass.
  3. Deal of the Day, good deal

    Those of you who were around for the last summer sale.....was it only cash shop purchases? I bought some doubloons during the blowout and I'm loking at a tirpitz....would love to avoid spending 12k on it and then have it go on sale if possible....
  4. Slowly Decreasing crate rewards - Coal

    I believe on the test server, there is another crate type you can choose from. So instead of stealing a normal resource slot, you pick the new crate. Probably balance it a little better.
  5. How many times do you report people for bad behavior, playing poorly, afk, etc in an average gaming session? 1 time every couple games maybe? Makes sense considering how obvious these things are. Many people who play a decent session are probably blowing through all their reports for negative behavior, and are totally justified. How many times do you report people for being good sports, or playing well or having a great game, or doing what it takes to help the team despite their stats suffering? Probably not as many and that too, is justifiable. it is a lot harder to see this, as these people are not generally going to brag about it. The Challenge To You! This isn't a contest, it's a personal challenge for you. Every game you play (up to 7 I guess), hand out 1 compliment. Low tier guy did really well? Give him a "plays well". Guy kindly tried to direct the team to a plan or worked really well with someone else? "Good Manners". Working together, we can maybe turn the community around a little, encouraging good behavior instead of just focusing on punishing bad behavior. who knows, maybe someday we will be able to go an entire gaming session without someone going off the rails? One can dream.
  6. A Benson in a T10 Battle

    That is awesome. Now, that said, and not that i want to make things even WORSE....but as a team,, you should be able to see when people have radar active. I know its a team game and what not and communication is key, but it would make sense. Course as I said, this would make DD life even more hellish.
  7. A Benson in a T10 Battle

    While I can understand your frustration with radar, it is obviously something here to stay. So the game has changed. It is no longer a race tot he cap to see who can smoke first. Now, its a race to the edge of the cap, trying to bait out a radar or 2 (not everyone is coordinated...so if you see 1 radar detection, you may have gotten a couple). Then you can go back in a little while and try to cap. Radar impacts all DDs, so a specific DD does not get better or worse based on radar. I believe the stock Benson has 6km torps maybe...but upgraded it definitely has 9.2.
  8. I like your tracers mod. Assuming its a mod cause I don't think the brits have captains with blue tracers do they?
  9. trolling the lower tiers or what

    What I meant though is that the biggest difference will be that the player is a lot more experienced if he has a few 19 pointers laying around. The legit T4 person is going to get owned by the person that has 19 point captains, even if they don't bother to load one in.
  10. trolling the lower tiers or what

    19 point captains really won't make a huge difference at those tiers. Some, but not significant. The real bonus from a 19 point captain is that the person who owns it probably has 3-4k battles under their belt at minimum, and has played higher tier ships. In short, they are probably MUCH better than someone that only has T4 ships. Practice against bots and watch youtube videos from streamers. You'll get better and learn from mistakes.
  11. Relatable gifs

    Star Trek: Generations. They just exploited a Klingon ship to force it to cloak. Then BOOM. if I could put the entire thing in a gif, it would be something like: "Destroyer in smoke gets radared" "FIRE!" "yes!"
  12. Relatable gifs

    When you are a bottom tier cruiser and a top team battleship comes around the corner with their guns toward you: When you sink the big talking loud mouth on the enemy team: The current WoWs meta with cruisers hiding behind islands:
  13. Relatable gifs

    When a good secondary ship comes around the island right next to you: What you feel like in an Atlanta: What you hope happens when Atlanta's bullets come toward your battleship: What actually happens: When ships ambush you from the sides: That one guy at the start of the match that has a plan, and everyone goes the opposite way: When the superstar with the 60% win rate dies at the beginning of the match and decides to tell everyone about it:
  14. Not sure how the paying customers for the ship would feel, but maybe a "catchup" mission could be added each weekend, with higher requirements (within reason) but maybe less rewards and only available to those who missed a mission that week? I don't know. I get the idea they are trying to push - daily logins - but its also a pretty tough pill to swallow when you can only get to 20/26 or something.
  15. There were 26 missions, and you had to complete 21. They could have easily said "you have to complete them all, or gave you 1 day to do them instead of 2-3. Things like this are just carrots on a stick, to keep you logging in every day, and they have to balance them with the fact that many people paid for this ship with real money. I missed 2-3 due to vacation I think, but i have her now. If you did well in Pensa and New Orleans, she can be very comfortable for you. if you are used to other cruiser lines, you may struggle. She also does not print credits like a T8 premium sadly enough, so I'm back to deciding if I want to spend the cash on a T8 premium (I need credits...I have 3-4 high teir ships unlocked bu can't buy them, and am playing Iowa stock for the same reason).