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  1. Davy_McJones

    Conqueror — British Tier X battleship.

    I haven’t earned my 457s yet, however 8 barrels without the caliber to overmatch seems somewhat of an odd choice. Also, are the 457s more accurate? I hadn’t seen that in the stats.
  2. Davy_McJones

    Conqueror — British Tier X battleship.

    Disclaimer: it is common knowledge that the 12x419mm layout is better. for the 8x457 vs 12x419 issue, the 12x419 is better in terms of both damage and fire chance the draw for the 457s is their close resemblance to yamato's 460s in terms of caliber, decieving others into believing she can overmatch bows. but she can't, and here's why. Overmatch is determined by the condition (caliber)/14.3 > (bow plating) in this equation, yamato has 32.16mm of overmatch, whereas conqueror only has 31.95mm. standard bow plate is 32mm, which means yamato has 0.16mm to spare, while conqueror comes up 0.05mm short. those 3mm in caliber difference matter. in terms of total alpha damage, as can be readily assumed by glancing at the statistics, the 419mm guns win. 419mm = 156,000 (AP) and 86,400 (HE) 457mm = 119,200 (AP) and 65,600 (HE) as for the probability of a salvo starting a fire, according to the survivor sum law, (using my measly 36% accuracy with her) the results are as follow: 419mm 1 turret = 44% 2 turrets = 69% all 4 turrets = 91% 457mm 1 turret = 41% 2 turrets = 65% all 4 turrets = 88% this was achieved using the survivor sum rule, specifically the ballistic vulnerability equation as presented by Deitz et al. from the US AMSAA Ps(total) = 1- {[1-PE1] x [1-PE2] x ... [1-PE(final)]} where each "E" stands for "Event", in other words, in this case, the probability of hitting AND causing a fire, which was in turn calculated by survivor sum, using accuracy multiplied by fire chance (NOTE: this was done using a captain with Demolition Expert). as can be clearly seen in the above results, the 457s are consistently inferior in terms of both overall damage and probability of fire. I hope this math can finally prove WHY the 419s are better, and show that the 457s have no real advantages, and are a considerable downgrade. even the game itself knows this, giving a 457mm conqueror a -2 to artillery.
  3. Davy_McJones

    Noacuracy's Shipgirl Icons

    Well, thanks for checking. She looks cute. Got any higher def or larger versions of Montana, Moskva, or Texas? Btw thanks for the prompt response.
  4. Davy_McJones

    Noacuracy's Shipgirl Icons

    @Noacuracy, love your mod, the destroyers especially are adorable. I was wondering if you have a larger or higher def version of Henri IV to share? Thanks!