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    Roma Needs Some Love

    So I got Roma last night and if my name is any hint I love Italy, Rome, and most certainly the Littorio Class battleship, which is why I was so disappointed when I took her out. I may have been over hyped for my favorite Battleship class of World War Two but it completely undershot most of my expectations. First off tho i'll get the pros out of the way so everybody knows Im not just hating Pros Maneuverability - No battleship I've ever used responds as well as Roma does to commands and you can easily torpedobeat, her acceleration and deceleration are quite good except when your going full then of course it does take a bit to stop. Concealment - Unless a dd is spotting a Roma won't be detected unless it either wants to be or closes to fast. HP Pool - very nice 65,400hp which comes in handy cause the armor is blah Looks - By far (IMO) the sexiest battleship in the game, to include the peppermint flavored bow which is historical :P Torpedo Protection - Not sure why but Roma has 40% Torpedo damage reduction Cons AA - I dont mind this much since there are not many CVs and it was said that itd have terrible AA. Had trouble shooting down T6 planes yesterday but again Im okay with this. Armor - I have some issue with the armor, that being the 130mm plate which eats more citadels then I care to confess and had me literally yelling Mamma Mia when a Colorado decided that he wanted a piece of my angled Roma. It seems to take more damage then my Alabama and Amagi but I think that is just me. Range - Here is where I start have serious problems with the ship, the range is 18.1km which is quite terrible and less then every other tier 8 battleship including Tirpitz and Kii which are not exactly snipers and WG literally said on the post(For people who like to engage at range) So 20km please and ill be good. Willing to bring torp protection and concealment to get that 20km range cause 11.2km detection with full stealth in unnecessary. Guns - Sign this is my biggest issue, like wth I thought Italian BBs were being marketed as having very good AP and yet here is Roma. I can deal with the 18km range and the armor and the AA but this is the part that I hate the most. The dispersion on these guns is absolute terrible at 10km+ and even at 4.6km when I was firing at a Bismarck trying to hit Superstructure my rounds when over and under the ship but none where hitting. Then when the rounds do hit the AP is quite terrible on the penetration damage. Due to the 15inch guns and mm you'll get up-tiered to T10 a lot and you'll struggle of course but even when youp tier I get more pens that do no damage then any other ship and overall landing hits is quite hard. Broadside Nuremberg at 10km, all bb drivers love this, fires full broadside and gets 1 pen -2000(um what?) 2 over pens(seriously) the rest went high or low. RNG played its part(my thoughts) and reengaged and basically the same thing. In conclusion buff the range and dispersion. You can nerf concealment and torp protection all you want but please at least the dispersion and maybe a tweek to how the AP works so it doesn't bounce as often. Overall I would rate her a 6/10. The guns and range really hurt the ship. Yes if you check my stats I did get a Kraken with Roma last night but I was top tier and 3 of those kills were pretty much somebody else did the majority of the damage and I just secured(my most shameful kraken ever at 106k damage). Im averaging around 67% wins but im at around 15 battles now and most of those I had to be carried cause the ship doesn't perform well. Around 60k per battle, for comparison my North Carolina gets me around 92k a match and has 88% wins. Thank you for the read and have a great day!!!