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  1. I was away for 2 weeks returning around noon EDT on Monday, so I was unable to activate the respec. I submitted a ticket explaining things and they denied my request for the reset. Oh well.
  2. Hi Everyone... Anyone use the above combo? I was able to set everything up, but when I switched to the cable box, it would switch the output type of the soundbar to TV instead of optical connection. I have tried setting up ARC, which works with the cable TV, but the firecube doesn't recognize the soundbar that way (whether the firecube being plugged into the soundbar or the TV). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. __Dave

    puerto rico premium boost refund?

    I believe it ended on December 26th. I remember submitting a ticket and realizing I was really close to the last day.
  4. __Dave

    Nine Bundles, No Ships.

    It's funny...I got the t5 and t6 on bundles 2 and 3 of the non-premium ones, but nothing since. That said, I received those after buying the t5 from the premium bundles, which was my first option.
  5. __Dave

    Never before seen shenanigans

    My first bundle was the t5 ship (for 1,000 doubloons). It also includes the premium camo.
  6. Played with the chappy, lost to a Prinz Eugen and a Terrible. Terrible zig zagged all the way to me and I had no chance. Did beat a Graf Zeppelin because he let me too close and I torped him.
  7. __Dave

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    I was away for a week and a bit, and I'm only at 17.5 million with two of the premium boosters, directive 1 complete, and about 479 points per minute. I'm not sure of the exact finish date, but I'm guessing if I even buy the third premium booster today I will be nowhere near complete. I should probably submit a ticket to refund the first two premium boosters, correct?
  8. __Dave

    Santa containers new rule

    Last year, you would only get doubloons if you held onto multiple crates and then opened them all at once. If you bought 10 and opened them, you weren't getting duplicate ships - you would only get ships you didn't have. I was able to get 16 ships this way with no duplicates. At the rate I was going, of 4 per crates bought, I would have had the complete set with one more set of crate purchases (but they stopped selling them a day earlier than I expected).
  9. I did the same thing about a week ago, with about 276 containers. I don't know how many supercontainers I had, but it was more than 20. I did get the dunkerque and the boise, although I received only about 90k coal and no steel. Did use the coal to buy the smolensk though.
  10. __Dave

    Sold Friesland - After One Battle

    I prefer mustard as well...however, when I'm having egg salad sandwiches, I have both ;)
  11. __Dave

    8.8.1 Sound Improvements

    I actually preferred the sounds in 0.8 as opposed to today's update. I found them more robust. I now find my guns really muted, for one. Oh well (and yes, my gun slider is maxed).
  12. __Dave

    Alabama Bundle Buyer Beware

    Tirpitz....Tirpitz b...two different names. Why think they are the same?
  13. I would rather t8 in a t10 vs. A t7 in a t9...
  14. It took me 25 crates to get all 4 carriers. Received three in the 20 then got the Graf in the next 5. Took a chance and it worked...
  15. __Dave

    Premium CV Upgrades

    I'm in the same boat, literally. Playing the premium CVs on coop and thanks for the insight on upgrades and captain skills. Any additional comments would be greatly appreciated.