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  1. __Dave

    Alabama Bundle Buyer Beware

    Tirpitz....Tirpitz b...two different names. Why think they are the same?
  2. I would rather t8 in a t10 vs. A t7 in a t9...
  3. It took me 25 crates to get all 4 carriers. Received three in the 20 then got the Graf in the next 5. Took a chance and it worked...
  4. __Dave

    Premium CV Upgrades

    I'm in the same boat, literally. Playing the premium CVs on coop and thanks for the insight on upgrades and captain skills. Any additional comments would be greatly appreciated.
  5. __Dave

    15 minutes out from NA CB tonight....

    Let you know in 20 minutes.
  6. Where's the proof that it was because of cross servers? My clans first battle of the evening was lag free on the NA server. In addition, there did appear to be any lag in any of the other testing sessions. Others also indicated that there was lag in random as well.
  7. __Dave

    Clan Battle Ping Issue

    The hamsters are on their last legs....
  8. __Dave


    hehe....does that make you skippy?
  9. __Dave

    New Kobayashi Camo coming for Yamato?

    Is that the hotdogs eating guy?
  10. __Dave

    Exeter - 7 achievement mission

    Yes...weird game. Took me all weekend to get the 7, did the 750k pretty quickly today. I was close a few times getting the three kills but did it in 6 battles. Took 4 battles to get the 20 cits, after having 19 in the first two battles. Used the Fiji for the citales.
  11. __Dave

    Hood, the best rammer

    Does it work in coop?
  12. __Dave

    Exeter Marathon is ridiculous.

    My only issue is trying to get the 7 achievements. The rest is pretty easy in my opinion.
  13. Hi all... I joined wows when it appeared on steam in November, 2017, and I would like to run the game outside of steam as there are some mods I would like to use but don't appear to run with steam. Any idea how to do so? Thanks in advance...
  14. I'm not complaining, I just didn't recall seeing an end date.
  15. I didn't finish the asashio missions either...I thought I still had them for the Chinese new year crates and it was gone.