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  1. Hi All.... Has anyone gotten matchmaking monitor and steam to work together? I get the error message that I'm not selecting the right directory. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Aslain's modpack works so I have the right directory selected.
  2. __Dave

    Premium Ship Review #117 - Irian

    Thank you for the review. As an aside, anyone know how many doubloons the Irian lunar new year perma camo is worth? i received it in one ot the strike! crates and have not purchased the second set of lunar new year crates where the camo is included.
  3. I received the irian permanent camo....
  4. Just to confirm...you get the doubloons for the ship even if you have the ship? That could make it worthwhile to spend the 17;600 doubloons to get the remaining crates as I already have the Irian (and will get 11,500 doubloons back). I am only missing the irian perma camo and any additional ships in the remaining crates will be doubloons.
  5. __Dave

    PSA: Tier 9 Perma Camos on Sale

    Thank you for pointing this out.
  6. Results will vary....to be fair, I did have the Loyang, Huanghe and the Anshan. I received all of the following in the first set of crates, spending 8,888 doubloons. Results: 36 lunar camo 6 mosaic 6 type 59 3 asian lantern 1500 doubloons 16 days of premium Huanghe perma camo Loyang perma camo Anshan perma camo Irian + commander I've been obviously very lucky and see no need to purchase anymore crates for this event.
  7. We've been getting these cold temp in northern Ontario for weeks now...lol.
  8. I sort of know the feeling. I wanted the Mo as well and only needed 5 ships on the list to get it. I was buying 40 crates a pop and was typically getting 4...too bad.
  9. __Dave

    Legal Notice to All Forum Participants

    You guys obviously have not played WWIIOnline. That was their trademark 15-18 years ago :).
  10. My credit card company hates you, but my bank account My credit card company hates you, but my bank account loves you :). I'm on the fence, especially only requiring 5 ships to have the entire list.
  11. __Dave

    PTS 8.0 Round 3 Starts Today

    I am glad they confirmed it. After 42 years, I still wasn't sure.
  12. __Dave

    Izumo - Worth the Grind?

    I really enjoyed the Izumo for some reason...it may not be as bad as you think.
  13. Nope...only bought 20... Thanks to all who replied...
  14. Hi Folks... I haven't seen anything indicating when the santa crates will be removed from the store. Any idea when this may happen?
  15. I enjoyed the Izumo.... I hate seeing the Worcester....not because the of the damage, simply by how annoying it is....