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  1. I believe you need to finish 5 ship lines to tier 10 to be eligible (corrected)
  2. __Dave

    How Much Steel Is Possible To Earn in 1 Year?

    It sure looks sweet. I do have the Stalingrad and the Bourgogne so I'm thinking of the Yamato chrome camo :)
  3. __Dave

    Starter Pack Question

    Thanks for the responses.... Dave
  4. Hi folks... Can you please provide some clarity on the starter pack purchase for 8k in the dockyard? My question is with regards to the wording "you can purchase the starter pack until phase 1 is complete". Does that mean before I get my first phase badge or before I get the second phase badge? Thanks, Dave
  5. __Dave

    9 kills in 1 game

    I"ve had 7 in a Yamato. The funny thing is that between myself and one other player, we had 11 kills....and we lost. Dave
  6. I'd like the ability on certain days only to play people who are statistically worse than me. You know, when you're having a crappy day and need a pick me up? Dave
  7. So...those of you who can afford it FXP wise and say it's too expensive, what are you going to spend your FXP on? I do have enough to afford one or the other, but haven't decided which one yet. Dave
  8. I know when I rush into a cap with CVs and radar, I get wiped out. If I'm patient, I stand a better chance of surviving. DDs are killed quickly because they do rush into caps and they are more dangerous as the game goes on. Providing respawns is a very bad idea IMHO.
  9. I'm at 2.1M or thereabouts. I'm having a hard time not getting the Smaland, but I may free xp to the Halland to get me below 2M again... Dave
  10. Everyone complains about T8 in a T10...I think T7 in a T9 is significantly worse. Very few radar ships in T7, short range guns and long reloads...significantly worse than T8 in my opinion.
  11. __Dave

    Signal Flag Shenanigans

    Those who have less than 21 different flag type (typically the economic and the bottom level) only show the max number they can mount. IE first row I could mount 8/8, the second 6/6 and the third was 5/5 for a total of 19 flags.
  12. __Dave

    New Ships this next patch?

    Hate to correct you, but it wasn't rocket planes...it was secondaries.
  13. __Dave

    April Fools Day :(

    We had it 5 clan brawls in a row...joke was definitely on us...lol. That said, I really enjoyed the clan brawls, both for the two nights at 5v5 and last night at 4v4. I liked joke of the BB spawning on the other side...it was different.
  14. __Dave

    April Fool's Joke on me

    Actually, while the event continues to the 8th, there was a maximum number of containers (something like 23 I believe) that you could get...that said, you only need one duplicate to grab the ones you are missing.
  15. __Dave

    Clan Brawl: 4v4 at T8

    I concur...it was a blast, although, like you, I was stuck as the cv operator for most our battles.